Event #213 – the one with the rain!

For our 213th run I've found a few more numbers to interest you!

327 runs for Dave Smith, our most prolific parkrunner

Dave on his way to his complete his 327th parkrun

288 walkers, joggers and runners out in the rain.

74 - the number of times Rob Barnes as been first finisher at Luton.

38 PBs - including Dwayne getting his 3rd PB in the last 4 weeks and Joeanne Guilfoyle going under 30 minutes for the first time.

Dwayne (on the right) hunting down another PB

27 awesome (and rather damp!) volunteers.

26 hardcore first timers who braved the rain to take part in their first ever parkrun!

Tourists and first timers wondering why they chose this week to come to Luton

25th time volunteering - Michelle Reeves.

21 'Unknown runners' - Don't Forget Your Barcode people!

10th parkrun - Ben Cohen.

9 - tourists - including Northala Fields and Panshanger.

And a few Magic Numbers amongst the results:
24:24 - Paul Burgess
27:27 - Christopher Eames
28:28 - Loiuse Brennan
37:37 - Ruth Sileshi

1 awesome parkrun community.

Drying off in the cricket club afterwards


Malcolm's wonderful #213 photos can be found here. For any historical photos you can spend a few hours browsing here.

Dates for Your Diary
June 29th - Chase the Pacer
July 27th - Chase the Pacer
August 3rd - cancelled because of the Zee Luton Mela


Event #212 – the one with the GPs

One year ago the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) began to collaborate with parkrun to enhance the many benefits of the whole ethos of parkrun. To celebrate this anniversary the RCGP have encouraged practices to encourage their staff to take part with their local parkrun. Just in case you missed us, Bell Medical Centre was represented in our subtle green T shirts.


A big thank you for everyone's support in getting us around. It was probably the safest parkrun we have had with so many doctors and their staff there.


With all the medical advances in the NHS, research has shown that for good health, you need good diet, exercise (preferably 5K), relaxation, sleep, community togetherness, Frank’s corner, Pete’s corner, Geoffrey under the conker trees, the four times up the hill and of course Leeroy’s hot drinks and biscuits (a few only) and cake (a small piece of course). Exposing yourself to this on a Saturday morning and the beautiful Wardown Park definitely keeps you happy and healthy.
Certainly my team enjoyed the run and found their new addiction/passion.


Keep up the excellent work Luton Wardown parkrun.

Dr Talib Abubacker

This week 348 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 39 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:
John YOUNG • Jan YOUNG • Anthony GREEN • Maria PETTS • Jillian RUSSELL•Malcolm RANKIN • Talib ABUBACKER •Vicki CROWSTON • Keith BARNES • UrsulaHEWSON • Marie HAYWOOD • PeterBROWN • Chris TRELEAVEN • Alan BARRY • Geoffrey WHITE • Frank GICQUEL • Keith DANIELS • Meriel ASCOTT • Alison HOWE • Stephen GOMERSALL • Lesley LAWRENCE • Kate POTTER • Hugo VEAZEY • Nicola ABUBACKER • Sileshi TESEMA • Durcan WORBY • Aiden WORBY • Janice KING • Teresa LOUGHBROUGH • Paul GILES • Peter THORNTON


The male record is held by Darren DEED who recorded a time of 15:00 on 2nd April 2016 (event number 50).
The female record is held by Rebecca MURRAY who recorded a time of 17:12 on 18th March 2017 (event number 100).
The Age Grade course record is held by Gail DUCKWORTH who recorded 92.63% (21:15) on 9th September 2017 (event number 124).
Luton Wardown parkrun started on 18th April 2015. Since then 6,515 participants have completed 53,302 parkruns covering a total distance of 266,510 km, including 10,299 new Personal Bests. A total of 691 individuals have volunteered 5,946 times.

For a full set of results and lots of other stats have a look here.
Malcolm's wonderful #212 photos can be found here.
 For any historical photos you can spend a few hours browsing here.

Dates for Your Diary

June 29th - Chase the Pacer
July 27th - Chase the Pacer
August 3rd - cancelled because of the Zee Luton Mela


Links to our photos by event and date

This page will get updated weekly once the most recent photos become available.

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Event #211 – the one with the Carnival

Hello, my name is James Avis and I am writing the run report for you today! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy…

Results and Volunteers

We had nice, warm weather on Saturday that welcomed our 372 people who ran, jogged, jeffed and walked. Heather had a very busy crowd listening to the first timers briefing as we had 45 first timers and tourists visiting us from other parkruns. We hope all of you had a great, fun experience and are sure to be joining us again soon, don’t be put off by the ‘hill’. Some of these tourists were from Houghton Hall (our friendly neighbouring parkrun), Norwich and Gloucester! As it was pacer week, 62 of our finishers got new Personal Bests. And finally, representatives of 20 different clubs took part.


Obviously, without the wonderful hi-vis heroes, parkrun just wouldn’t be possible and I think they all deserve a special mention for coming along and helping out, especially those who added their names down last minute to help Jen run everything as smoothly as possible. Here are the names of all the volunteers:

Aiden WORBY  •  Allan KIRK  •  Amanda RANKIN  •  Amber BAILEY  •  Annelies GERBER  •  Claire WORBY  •  Craig SWEET  •  Dave THOMPSON - TRACE  •  David BULL  •  Dean HAYWOOD  •  Deborah BAILEY  •  Durcan WORBY  •  Emma BUTCHER  •  Florence TOFFA  •  Frank GICQUEL  •  Geoffrey WHITE  •  Graham CROUCH  •  Heather CHANDLER  •  Ivor WEBB  •  James AVIS  •  Jennifer AVIS  •  Karen BULL  •  Kerry DEAR  •  Malcolm RANKIN  •  Marion NOBLE  •  Mark SMITH  •  Martin READ  •  Nick GILES  •  Nicola ABUBACKER  •  Paul BRADY  •  Peter BROWN  •  Reg BRETT  •  Sanjay ROY  •  Stephen AVIS  •  Taras HUZAR  •  Terence PHILPOTT  •  Vicki CROWSTON


Our first three male finishers were:

  1. Ian HALPIN (00:18:01, First Timer Tourist, Amptill & Filtwick Flyers RC)
  2. Edvin MAND (00:18:55 Regular top 3 Finisher)
  3. Tom HEMINGWAY (00:19:12, First Timer Tourist, Riverside Runners)

Our first three female finishers were:

  1. Hannah TURNER (00:19:46, Harpenden Arrows Running Club)
  2. Lucy STOREY (00:20:50, New PB and a very quick junior runner)
  3. Stacey HARRIS (00:21:59 St Albans Striders)

Today’s full results and a complete history can be found on the Luton Wardown parkrun Results Page.


A massive thank you and well done to one of our regular volunteers who completed his 100th volunteer stint on Saturday, it’s you Ivor!!! Well done and thank you for all of your help. Also, Paul Giles completed his 50th parkrun on Saturday, earning that well-deserved 50 red shirt. Last but not least, Wesley Thorne dressed up to celebrate his 100th parkrun, what a massive achievement. Wear that black 100 shirt with pride.



Special Mentions

As you may have noticed, the carnival was being set up whilst the run was taking place. Thank you guys for keeping our course clear for us and putting mats over wires and cables to keep our runners safe.

Also, Luton Wardown parkrun and Wardown juniors are currently fundraising together to be able to buy a defibrilator for the parkruns as the nearest ones are at the fire station and the LTICC clubhouse, which if you don’t know, they are quite a bit away from where the courses are and for juniors, they only have access to the one in the fire station. We are halfway through fundraising and even the smallest contribution helps so please, if you can help us with our fundraising appeal page.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

 A bit about me...


Me running (bib number 1419) in Hackney, London.

My name is James Avis and if you don’t know me I am a runner and RD at both Luton Wardown parkrun and Wardown juniors. I enjoy running because you don’t have to be an athlete to have fun. The best bit about the 5K is definitely the fact that afterwards there’s always tea and cake and all the people you meet and the core team are kind and helpful. I’m not that quick as I normally get around 33-34 minutes at parkrun but I enjoy doing tourist parkruns. My top 5 tourist parkruns that I 100% suggest doing are:

  • Bushy parkrun, the original parkrun is excellent for an entire day out around Hampton Court, the gardens, the mazes etc and this week they got over 1300 runners, the park is beautiful too.
  • Mole Valley parkrun in Dorking, around Denbies vineyard. This was definitely a tough run but an absolutely amazing experience running through the vineyard. It is close to Worthing and Brighton, so we had a nice day at the seaside after too.
  • Next up is Linford wood, in Milton Keynes. This is my favourite because of the fun route, the nice scenery and really easy to get to if you live in Luton.
  • Sunny Hill, in Hendon, North London was extremely difficult to run with the amount and the size of the hills. We did this with Mark and Martin, the kings of all tourists, who run Wardown a lot too. I kind of felt honoured doing a tourist run with them :-) All jokes aside, when you get to the top of the hill, the views across London and Wembley were phenomenal, also a short drive to get there.
  • And finally, Poole parkrun in Dorset, was really fun and flat, running alongside the lake. I was there because we were on a little trip away and thought we would go whilst we were there. I love Poole (right next to Bournemouth), it’s a really nice place and I enjoy it when we go.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed…

Official photographs from Event 211 can be found here.

All the historical photos can be found here.

Dates for Your Diary

June 29th - Chase the Pacer
July 27th - Chase the Pacer
August 3rd - cancelled because of the Zee Luton Mela



Event #210 – the one with Summer just around the corner


I am volunteering at parkrun as part of my bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s award (DofE). Luton Wardown parkrun has a program for DofE students to follow which challenges us but also allows us to gain new skills which pushes our boundaries. I have undertaken many roles at parkrun some of these include pre-event setup and barcode scanning and this week my role is to write this run report. I have enjoyed volunteering so much as I have been able to meet lots of amazing people that all have one passion, parkrun!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in parkrun this week, 366 people ran, walked and jogged the parkrun course today, 40 of these people were first timers and 66 people recorded new Personal Bests! Fantastic! (Don’t forget to ring the bell).


The first man over the line this week was Terence ATKINSON with a time of 18:29. Second over the line today was Tomasz SOLAREWICZ with a time of 18:35 and third was Edvin MAND with a time of 18:58. The first woman over the line this week was Julia SOLAREWICZ with a time of 21:54. Second over the line was Abi BROWN with a time of 22:54 and third was Tracey COTTON with a time of 23:40. Well done everyone!

Congratulations to Terry Philpott for running his 50th parkrun!


Thank you to all the 27 amazing volunteers:

Penny KILBEY • John YOUNG • Maria PETTS • Heather GRAY • Reg BRETT • Nikki COX • Emma BUTCHER • Peter BROWN • Bridget DRIMUSSIS • David BROWN • Graham CROUCH • Geoffrey WHITE • Tryphina COOPER • Frank GICQUEL • Keith DANIELS • Gail DEARING • Kate POTTER • Nicola ABUBACKER • Claire WORBY • Durcan WORBY • Teresa LOUGHBROUGH • Rodica OANCEA • Paul GILES • Hassan MARRIE • Angeline CUMMINGS • Deborah BAILEY • Florence TOFFA

As you might know were fundraising money for an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to be used for the Saturday parkrun and the Junior parkrun on the Sunday. Time is vital when somebody has a cardiac arrest and the chances of a positive outcome are hugely increased if an AED can be used quickly. We need to raise £900 and in just one week since launching the appeal we have raised over £400, so a massive thank you to those who have already donated.
Donating is really easy. Please click here and then click Donate to parkrun.


Although there was no official photographer on Saturday, all the historical photos can be found here.

Dates for Your Diary

May 25th - Chase the Pacer
June 29th - Chase the Pacer
July 27th - Chase the Pacer
August 3rd - cancelled because of the Zee Luton Mela

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