Lydiard parkrun report 18/9/2021

Lydiard parkrun #495

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Close parkrun friends under the hidden sun

Conspiring how to take the course today

The grass bit maybe slowing down the run…

Well, how many others had the first line of Keats’ Ode to Autumn running through their heads today?

For the set up team, trundling shopping trolleys full of kit into the grey oblivion, there was an adventurous feel to the event field. We couldn’t actually see very far. Where would we end up?

We found ourselves just past the cricket pitch as usual, unloading stakes, tapes, tubs, buckets, flags and signs, setting off in different directions to put everything in place while the mist got thicker. And then the parkrunners began to arrive.

It’s always a heartening thing, setting up and watching parkrun come together. The colourful shirts looked wonderful in the autumn light. 

Once underway, to me, the first circuit seemed longer than usual. It seems mist can change the perception of distance.

But as we ran, jogged, and walked, the sun won out. By the end of the run, we were all bathed in the sun, with runners resting on the grass, some groups looking as if they were having picnics. What a wonderful sight!

Today, 302 people ran, jogged and walked Lydiardparkrun today, of whom 35 were first timers. Pleasecome back soon. Another 40  people found conditions favourable, achieving new PBs today. Congratulations to them!

All this running, jogging, and walking, for First Timers and new PB-ers, was made possible by the good work of the following 33 volunteers.

Emma SPERRING • Simon LANSDOWNE • Mark PALMER • Alethia REID • Mark GRATLAND • Simon SPERRING • Steve ROSE • Julia Louise GLENCROSS • Ralf TUPPER • Anne GRIFFIN • John GALLAGHER • Phil GRIFFITHS • Joanne STILLMAN • Jane STEPHENS • Colin GUNNEY • Gary WHITEHEAD • Helen GOODE • Julian FARMER • Christopher BROOKER • Steve JACKMAN • Richard CURTIS • Kanny SOMAL • Mylo STEPHENS • Owain STILLMAN • Anne RAY • Marichu COOPER • Derek WHITTLE • Liz HAREN • Joshua PARKIN • Christine PARKIN • Grace SPERRING • Neve RICHARDS • Maggie KITCHERSIDE

In case you have not seen them already, today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lydiard parkrun Results Page.

Jane Stephens


Lydiard parkrun report 11/9/21

Lydiard parkrun

Event number 494

11th September 2021

Run Report for Lydiard parkrun Number 494


After a long wait we’re finally properly on again.. It’s been a stuttering start, like a car that’s been left awhile.

Following a large period of inconvenient pandemic pause, we had a brief flickering of on and off before sparking back fully into life.

But now it feels like we are properly on.

And what a happy chatty crowd of 318 people (not counting our marvellous volunteer crew… and an assortment of hounds) were milling around at the new starting point - catching a moment to stretch in the September sunshine, chat with mates and (in my case) wonder why I always find myself having to jog to the start line rather than having the time to stretch in the September sun and chat with mates. 

Amongst our number, we welcomed 52 first timers swelling the ranks of the Lydiard parkrun faithful - plus a highly vocal canine who enthusiastically responded when parkrun director Emma Sperring asked the assembled runners ‘have we got any first timers here?’

And as we moved off, the tramp of 636 feet patting down the grass, snatches of half conversations and tinny bips of running watches merged into the familiar soundscape of our habitual Saturday morning.

It all seems very familiar - there are a few minor changes, the new start zone (which I reckon is actually better) and the lack of jelly babies (which I reckon is actually worse) the ban on high fiving (which I reckon is a bit a shame) and the ban on spitting (which - apologies to the Punk Community - is actually better) but in general it’s the same old parkrun, just wearing a new hat.

Numbers wise, there were 33 relentlessly enthusiastic volunteers working the parkrun machine this week. And 28 of us raised the bar, logging new personal bests (whoo!) with representatives of 36 different clubs taking part.


Many congratulations to the wonderful Sarah Fitzgerald (I’m declaring a personal interest here) and the quite possibly also wonderful Craig Gould, for achieving 100 park runs, entitling you to swap your red 50 t-shirt for the mighty 100 black.


Until next week, take care and remember ‘sweat is just fat crying’...


Ben Fitzgerald


Run report – 28/8/2021

Run Report for Lydiard parkrun Number 493

An autumnal nip was in the air across the Event Field this morning.

With no last-minute course changes this week on our Saturday 5k run, jog or walk, Junior parkrunner and volunteer Grace set us on our way with an impressive number of toots on the starting horn.

Down the back straight, a couple of people, who were happy chatting, overtook me. Funny, how one person’s easy run, out for a chat, is another’s pretty hard and breathless graft. But that’s fine, because there’s room for everyone at parkrun, no matter what the pace and what they are there for.

Today, 44 First Timers were inspired to give Lydiard parkrun a go. Let’s hope they enjoyed the parkrun experience, and, like many of us, will make it a regular Saturday ritual.

We had 298 people cross the finish line today, of whom 45 got themselves new personal bests – and our congratulations. Maybe they even felt a little like Dame Kelly Holmes did on 28th August 2004, when she won her gold medals in the 800m and 1,500m events.

Many thanks to today’s 37 volunteers. Hope you all enjoyed your good work.

Emma SPERRING • Simon LANSDOWNE • Mark PALMER • Alethia REID • Steve ROSE • Anne GRIFFIN • Nigel BARBER • Emily MCMANAMON • Nigel HARDING • Joanne STILLMAN • Jane STEPHENS • Colin GUNNEY • Gary WHITEHEAD • Howard THOMAS • Graham MCDERMOTT • Sally THOMAS • Erica MILSOM • Julian FARMER • Nick DYE • Sarah MCDERMOTT • Steve JACKMAN • Richard CURTIS • Samantha COXON • Adam COXON • Kanny SOMAL • Mylo STEPHENS • Marichu COOPER • Nicki SELLARS • Ann WISOTZKY • Paul PARK • Amelia PAGE • Gary WEBB • Christine PARKIN • Neve RICHARDS • Oliver FRY • Chris PRESTON • Maggie KITCHERSIDE

If you would like to enjoy what they did and have a go at volunteering, please check out the Future Roster page. It’s a great help to the Volunteers Coordinator if you offer your services as early as possible.

And please note everyone, because the Event Field is otherwise engaged next weekend, Lydiard parkrun on 4th September is cancelled.

If you fancy a bit of parkrun tourism, you will find other parkruns nearby, listed on the Lydiard parkrun home page.

Look forward to meeting again in Lydiard Park at or before 9am on 11th September.

Jane Stephens


Lydiard parkrun 492 run report

Lydiard parkrun Run Report number 492


What a great job the setting up crew do!


It is they who arrive on an empty field and, by the time the rest of us arrive, have created a start line, a finish funnel, and a colourful buzzy parkrun vibe.


And today, when they realised that, where we normally run, cars were coming in for a weekend dog-do, their morning mission was more challenging than usual. 


Quick thinking was required and, with mathematical measuring-magic provided by Graham, they re-routed the start to avoid cars, trailers, and doggy paraphernalia, and to get us quickly back onto our familiar parkrun track. Brilliant. 


The change did not phase today’s Run Director Alethia who was on song with her usual wry sense of humour. ‘The course is a bit different this week.’ she said. ‘If you wanna know where to go, just follow the leader!’ 


So 371 of us, including 59 First Timers, did just that, and all went well. No one got lost.


The start and finish were both still on grass, a few hundred metres of it. 


Clearly, a bit of grass suits some people, like Gary Whitehead who, after waiting more than half a century to get himself an over 70% Age Grading in Lydiard Park, did so both last week and this. Congratulations to him and to 29 others who got themselves new PBs. 


Once again, it was so good, on a somewhat grey summer’s day, with grim news headlines from near and far, to be among kind and caring parkrun people and to be reminded of how wonderful life can be, at least for some of us on Saturday mornings.


Familiar marshals on familiar corners were reassuring and encouraging too. And how good to see James ‘you’ve been framed’ Booth cooly-crouched course-side, able to smile, snap, and chat as we sped and/or plodded by. 


Furthermore, with barely time to get home, shower, and have a second cup of tea, how amazing today, to receive results by 10.55am. Well done Lydiard parkrun results processor and parkrun HQ!


And well done too to everyone else who helped make Lydiard parkrun run like clockwork today.


You are all off duty next week, at least in Lydiard Park, because parkrun there is cancelled. Other parkruns are available, nearby.


Till we meet again, keep well, keep running, and remember, you too to can volunteer, sometimes, please.


Matt Holland


Event 481 run report

Event number 491

7 August 2021

Oh parkrun, how good it is now you’re back. Three weeks in, and the normal Saturday routine has been restored. It’s just so good to see our parkrun friends and run together. Praise be.

Today, 361 people gathered to navigate our temporary course, and as they arrived in the bright and breezy conditions, the summer smell of crushed grass in the event field wafted around us.

The wide start line came into its own and the rain just about held off, as we ran, jogged and walked our way around the course. Running through the tiny puddles and brushing past the stingers, with a following wind down the back straight – all was right with the world. Colin was on his corner, and Jo at her junction kept us going for the second lap, and into the final push to the finish.

We had an amazing 69 first timers today, including first female finisher Claire Forbes, and look forward to welcoming them back for more parkrun happiness.

Congratulations to the 39 park runners with new PBs today, including first finisher overall Gabriel Dellar at 17:09.

The same number of people volunteered today. Many thanks to them. Thinks: maybe there should be PB times noted for setting up or staking the finish funnel…

Emma SPERRING • Mark PALMER • Martyn JOYCE • Alethia REID • Simon SPERRING • Rachel MCADAM • Claire JOYCE • Ralf TUPPER • Anne GRIFFIN • Ben WALTER • Heather Jacqueline Louise SMITH • Nigel BARBER • Greg WELLS • Joanne STILLMAN • Alex JONES • Jane STEPHENS • Colin GUNNEY • Gary WHITEHEAD • Barry BUTLER • Jon HOLMES • Graham MCDERMOTT • Andy RHOADES • Michelle ORME • Julian FARMER • Christopher BROOKER • Sarah MCDERMOTT • Steve JACKMAN • Anna JOYCE • Martyn DICKINSON • Anne RAY • Ann WISOTZKY • Keren FORD • Derek WHITTLE • Paul PARK • Amelia PAGE • Caz CAPLE • Neve RICHARDS • Iandra LUIZ • Mark JONES

Tell you what, let's meet up again next Saturday in the event field and do it all over again. (Please note: Lydiard is on next week, 14 August, but cancelled the week after, 21 August. Check out other parkruns in the area on the Lydiard home page for that week.)


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