Swindon parkrun, Event 438, Run report

Swindon parkrun

Event number 438

23rd February 2019

“Excuse me, sorry, could you just check to see if my car keys are in your jacket pocket?”

I said to the baffled looking man in the cafe.

It was probably the most English thing I’ve said this month.

What I was trying to say is… “You’re holding my coat and I want it back.”   


Minutes earlier I had been fighting back mounting panic as I stared at the spot on the blue tarpaulin sheet previously occupied by my down jacket - which more importantly also contained my car keys. I had tried briefly looking away, rubbing my eyes and then glaring harder at the same spot, but even this failed to work - my jacket was still very much not there.


I turned to the wisest person I know - fellow parkrun writer Matt Holland - who was sympathetic to my plight: “This is indeed an emergency. Ask a woman. That’s always the best thing to do in this sort of situation,” he advised.

I asked one, who suggested ‘actually looking for it’ - incredibly, it worked! Thanks Emma and Matt.


Personal drama aside - what a splendid parkrun it was - sunny as you like, a gentle breeze and the faint whiff of manure hanging in the air.

There were a robust 587 participants this time around, including visitors from Bicester, Colchester and South Africa.


Celebrating his 200th run was parkrun regular Volunteer Coordinator Martyn Joyce who was rightly singled out for praise for his hard work in the background helping to ensure that the engine driving Swindon parkrun ticks over smoothly.


This week also saw an excellent generational effort, with three members of the Manley family taking on the 5k route - ranging in age from 80s to 11 - neatly encapsulating the parkrun ethos in one fell swoop. You are amazing!


Crossing the 10th parkrun barrier this week were Jack Hurley, Katie Newport and Daniel Busby - well done you lot.

And qualifying for the 50 t-shirt was Ryan Ward, Robert Hawker, Ellie Styles. Congrats.


Let’s talk dogs.. another reminder that runners should only run with one dog (on a short lead), no packs of baying hounds please!

And on the subject, parkrun is cancelled on the 16 & 17 March to make way for a Cani-X event…

It’s Swindon parkrun’s 9th birthday next week - and to celebrate, parkrunners are invited to wear what you like (apart from each other’s jackets.. that is) to mark the occasion. Got a vintage diving suit? Or perhaps there’s a pantomime horse champing at the bit in your attic? Anything goes!


That about wraps things up.

Cheers volunteers

Ben Fitzgerald