Swindon parkrun, Event 444, Run report

Swindon parkrun

Event number 444

13th April 2019


It’s parkrun 444… on the 13th. If you’re of a superstitious nature this might give you pause for thought. In Chinese culture, as I understand it,  the number 4 is considered unlucky - in the same way that 13 in the west is thought to be.

But perhaps the two cancelled each other out - because the sun was shining, the birds were twittering and everyone seemed to have an extra spring in their step. I certainly did, after two years of hard chasing, I finally managed to beat my personal best…  by a comfortable full second!

Sporting the parkrun director’s tabard today was Tim Howe, who turned the spotlight on Martyn Joyce for clocking up 100 volunteering stints at Swindon parkrun - not to mention seven years of parkrunning (yes, it’s now a verb - I parkrun, you parkrun, I have been parkrunned...) He first took part virtually seven years ago to the day and in that time has completed 192 in Swindon and 202 overall. Martyn, we salute you!

Saturday’s event saw the successful return of McDermott’s popular double funnel - inspired by the system at Swindon dump (or should that be the household waste recycling facility?) which seems to be working like a dream, with a distinct lack of queuing after passing the finish line.

As Tim put it, it’s just like the tip, but you don’t have to show your id on the way in!

Flocking to Lydiard this week were tourists from Sheffield, Colchester and Leighton Buzzard not to mention Wales and South Africa… oh and Purton - hope you had fun, and (assuming that you did) please invite your friends (even if they are from Purton, I suppose).

There were 551 people taking on the 5k course this time, with 70 first timers and 116 of us recording personal bests - some even beating their old time by margins of multiple seconds!

Thanks, as always, to our utterly brilliant team of 46 volunteers who devote their time to improving our Saturday mornings. Speaking of volunteers, we are seeking helpers for junior parkrun on Easter Sunday if you are about.

Smashing the 50 barrier this week are Cerri-Anne Santos, David Millard, Maxine Waldock and Sarah Tilling.

And achieving treble figure glory with 100 runs under their belts are Michael Townsend, Neil Palmer and Craig Tiley. Outstanding effort everyone!

Until we meet again...

Ben Fitzgerald