Lydiard parkrun, event 471, run report

Lydiard parkrun

Event number 471

16th November 2019


It was a slightly quieter one this week, with 393 hardy souls turning up to sploosh about in the mud - no doubt due to the birth of the much anticipated Sevenfields parkrun - which attracted 154 runners. It’s great that Swindon now has a noisy and healthy bouncing baby parkrun sister, it will be wonderful to see how she develops her own personality!

Snapping back to focus on Lydiard; a shout out for a last-minute volunteer 20-minute pacer was met with a few wry smiles from the section of the parkrun faithful where I was hanging out. It’s one thing to run at a challenging pace of 20 mins, but quite another to do it as a pacer! Well done to whoever picked up that particular gauntlet!

Race director Tim shared the news that Swindon parkrun was the top sports team for this year’s Beat the Street competition - smashing the national record by more than 100,000 points and scooping a £350 cash prize for equipment. Go us!

Cautionary tale: as runners, it’s often the case that we find ourselves out and about, alone and underdressed.

Recently, while training for the Amsterdam Marathon, I felt the need to go for a run along the Ridgeway - it soon got dark and the light drizzle quickly turned into heat-sapping driving rain. Luckily I had my phone with me and was able to call for a lift before I became even more miserable.

It prompted me to do a little research. There’s a decent free location app that might be worth your consideration if you are as foolish as me - it’s called what3words and is recognised by the emergency services. The app divides the entire globe up into 3m by 3m squares and assigns three unique words to each location - far easier to remember than a list of numbers if you need to tell someone where you are in a hurry.

Not only that, but it also seems to have some kind of poetic insight. Look up the start line of Lydiard Parkrun and you will find that the bit just outside the cafe comes up as ‘reckons.regret.corrosive’ and a bit further back along the start line we have ‘snooze.huddling.mainframe’ and right up at the front we have ‘humid.waddle.acquaint’ - try it out, it might get you out of a tricky spot or reveal something deep and meaningful about where you live.

Milestone legends this week are Neil Mercer and Julie Cawley who are now 100 parkrunners and Jamie Absalom who has crossed the 50 barrier. Well done everyone!


Stay awesome (urg!)

Ben Fitzgerald


Lydiard parkrun, event 470, run report

Run report for Lydiard parkrun, event number 470
One thing’s for certain – we parkrunners had the best of the weather today! Setting up was a fresh experience after the slight overnight frost. It had made a difference to the trees, noticeably less leafy in the cold.
Then parkrunners began to gather for the second Lydiard parkrun, including tourists from Barry Island, Eastville, Norwich, Southend, and Worcester. We hope you enjoyed your change of parkrun scene. Runners from Operation Fit joined us too, to run a Virtual Poppy Run and raise money for the Royal British Legion.
Two people passed milestones today – Mark Luffman ran his 100th (thanks for the cakes), and Ian Wallis his 250th. Great achievements – well done, now sign into your parkrun profile to claim your T-shirts.
Ross Betts started his 40th birthday celebrations today with a parkrun – sensible chap – and we had a big cheer for all those taking part in Runvember this year. There was applause, too, for Phil and Janet Jefferies, Co-Event Directors at Seven Fields parkrun – it’s starting soon!
Team parkrun came out as top sports team at the end of Beat the Street, which finished this week. Congratulations to Greg Wells, gatherer of a huge number of points to become overall winner.
And then off for our two lap run, jog or walk around the course – through puddles that had a little ice in them – and back to have our barcodes scanned. The rain held off until everything was cleared away, something to be grateful for after the soggy equipment that’s been packed away lately!
Numbers were back up this week to 507, with 56 first timers. In the still conditions, 65 people had new personal bests – congratulations to them.
There’s one cancellation coming up for Lydiard junior parkrun on Sunday 1st December. A Santa vs Rudolf fun run is taking part in the park on that day.
Finally, thanks our 40 volunteers today:
Emma SPERRING • Simon LANSDOWNE • Peter GILDER • Michelle ELSE • Stephen HEAVENS • Martin MATTHEWS • Alethia REID • Andrew YOUNGMAN • Mandy YOUNGMAN • Simon SPERRING • Stuart HENDERSON • Pete EDWARDS • Ralf TUPPER • Anne GRIFFIN • Ed JACKSON • Noel M HOWLETT • Ben BERRY • Joanne STILLMAN • Jane STEPHENS • David CAWLEY • Colin GUNNEY • Paul HAYDON • Graham MCDERMOTT • Erica MILSOM • Alan CULLEN • Lawrie TONKIN • James BOOTH • Richard CURTIS • Craig HALLETT • Luke SPERRING • Julie CAWLEY • Ben ELLWOOD • Craig BEATTIE • Anna CARRIERO • Kirsty HODGSON • Derek WHITTLE • Gary WEBB • Grace SPERRING • Ben KIMBERLEY • Lorraine PRESTON
Keep well until next week, when we can parkrun all over again.

Lydiard parkrun, event 469, run report

Lydiard parkrun # 469 - Run Report (02/11/2019)

The very first Lydiard parkrun was an eventful one. A number of things contributed to our lowest attendance number since early 2014, 183 character-building parkrunners.

It could be the horrendous weather, England playing in the Rugby world cup, or the final Seven Fields trial run. Or maybe a mixture of all three.

An almost 30mph wind was what today’s runners had to face, hence the fact we had just 12 personal bests today. It’s an amazement there were any today at all! But thankfully, we just about avoided the heavy rain, however the course was massively populated by puddles.

It was the first run of the month today, which means we ran the original anti-clockwise route. Fittingly so, as the first Lydiard parkrun must start in similar fashion to the very first Swindon parkrun, way back in March 2010!

Today was the upcoming Seven Fields parkrun’s final trial run, ready to launch soon. For those who don’t know, this is the reason we have re-branded to Lydiard parkrun, as we won’t be ‘the’ Swindon parkrun any more.

During the pre-run briefing this morning, Alethia welcomed the few tourists we had today from Melksham, and little Emily from Wales (we don’t know where in Wales).

We also congratulated Daisy JOHNSON and Rosie JOHNSON for joining the 10 club, and Hyeyoung HAM and Charles CLERCK for both racking up 50 runs.

Well done to everyone mentioned above!

Christmas & New Years parkruns

It’s still quite early, but some people may already be thinking about Christmas and New Year plans, so for your information, Lydiard parkrun will not be doing an official run on Christmas Day, as Lydiard Park is closed. The nearest parkrun which has confirmed it’ll be doing a Christmas run is Chippenham. 

We will however be doing a New Years Day run at 10:30am, so slightly later than normal. This is also to allow people who are doing ‘the double’ to come from another nearby parkrun.

The full Christmas Compendium can be found here:


We still need some more volunteers for junior parkrun tomorrow, if you are willing to help out just email in to

And finally, our run today wouldn’t have been possible with out the help of today’s 35 volunteers, so a big thank you to all of them:


Have a great week everyone,

Hope to see you all next Saturday, where hopefully the weather will be slightly kinder to us…



Swindon parkrun, event 468, run report

Swindon parkrun

Event number 468

26th October 2019

As England Rugby began their own battle this morning, “we happy few, we band of” 300 parkrunners faced our own challenge.  

Not only was the weather was poor but then Emma made the startling announcement that this Saturday marked the end of Swindon parkrun.  Those of us who had spotted Phil and are aware of the new event exchanged grins whilst others looked genuinely confused and saddened.  She swiftly put everyone out of their misery in sharing the news that the new look Lydiard parkrun will be launched next Saturday at the usual time.

Great news for those of us who indulge in parkrun tourism as we can now tick off ‘S’ and ‘L’ from our lists.  It may also mean that today’s tourists who hailed from Aberdare (ironically my old stomping ground), Abingdon, Ashton Court, Burnley, Marlborough, Glossop, Abingdon, Torbay and Wythenshawe may have to return to Lydiard, maybe just for the ‘L’ of it!!!

Despite the worsening weather, 20 brave first timers joined us and 35 of the brave 300 recorded new Personal Bests.  There were also several milestones including Jackie Moss reaching an impressive 250th run, Peter Higginson completing his 50th run on his 50th birthday, Gemma Mumford also completing 50 with Gemma’s 6 year old nephew, Malik Djaled, completing his first  5k Parkrun today.  Well done to all of you!

Whether we sprinted, jogged, chatted or strolled our way around today’s course, we must thank the 38 volunteers who made it possible.  More recently, there have been several occasions where volunteers have been needed last minute to ensure parkrun can go ahead and there are more roles than you think that allow you to help out and run.

Another way we can help out is by bringing donations of clothing, toiletries and sleeping equipment to the first “Lydiard parkrun” next week as there is a collection taking place to help Swindon’s homeless.

It is also the Halloween fancy dress run so get creative and enjoy the launch of Lydiard!

Laura P


Swindon parkrun, event 467, Run report

RUN REPORT for Swindon parkrun Number 467




It was one of those wonderful mornings - clear, fresh, dry, sunny, and bright -  perfect for a run in the park.




And today’s Run Director, the equally sunny Tim Howe, welcomed 451 of us, including 34 First Timers and tourists from Bedford, Birkenhead, Bristol, Chippenham, London, Monmouth, and Morton in the Marsh.  Hope you all enjoyed your run in our lovely Lydiard Park.




In his usual snappy and upbeat intro, Tim made time to refer to rugby, saying ‘on your way round, please don’t mention the score, to anyone, especially not audibly on Colin’s Corner . . ‘ – but, thankfully, he steered clear of Brexit.




Steering clear of big puddles was one of our challenges today but that did not stop 58 runners getting themselves new PBs and our congratulations.




Well done too to the following three people who reached T-shirt rewarded parkrun running milestones.




Junior Freddie Hearn has made it to 10 runs; Amanda Moore to 50; and Carolyn Townsend to 100. Well done one and all!




And reaching milestones at parkrun is not just about running. There are volunteering milestones too, and today, one of our most dependable, delightful, quiet, shy, and retiring volunteers, Joanne Stillman, hit the big 100. For that, and the brilliant encouragement she gives to all runners, Jo deserves more than a T-shirt. And what did she do? Brought us all cakes! Cheers Jo, and many thanks for all you do!




Also meriting a mention are today’s other 41 volunteers, who made our run possible. In the same way that everyone can run, jog, or walk parkrun, everyone can also help. Today, with his happy mum keeping a watchful eye, a seriously industrious three year old, too young to run but not to help, was carefully sorting the finish tokens into their respective trays. A joy to behold!




Another joy will be Swindon parkrun’s 10th anniversary in March next year.




To mark it, we may do all kinds of things. Your suggestions welcome!




One thing that has already been proposed is that we put together a little 10th anniversary book. It could contain the story of how Swindon parkrun started, some personal stories, lots of pictures and captions, a parkrun quiz, parkrun cartoons, running jokes, amazing parkrun statistics, etc. etc. etc..




If you like the idea, please approve these or make your own suggestions for what might be included in the book.  Also, if you can offer practical help – we’ll be looking for assistance with and expertise in design, photography, editing, and printing – please get in touch, via




Someone who got in touch, when we asked for new run report writers, was Laura P. Next week, she will be hitting the keyboard, running, and reporting on Saturday’s run. Enjoy Laura!.




Talking of running and report writing, one of our regular but mischievously unpredictable scribes  – that is, mischievous in what he comes up with in his reports    Ben Fitzgerald, will be running the Amsterdam Marathon this Sunday. We wish him well. Gaan Ben!




The next time we can all run, jog, or walk a slightly shorter distance is Saturday 26th October.




Till then, keep well, keep running, and keep wishing, for whatever you like.




Matt Holland












Swindon parkrun, event 466, run report

Swindon parkrun

Event number 466

12th October 2019


As we were arranging ourselves into position at the start line, the world’s greatest long distance runner Eliud Kipchoge was stretching the definition of ‘impossible’ by becoming the first person to run a sub two-hour marathon.

At the finish line in Zurich, and looking inexplicably relaxed, Kipchoge explained that part of his motivation was to prove that ‘no-one is limited’. In other words, to show that many of the barriers that exist in running (and perhaps in life generally) are the ones that we set ourselves. 

When Roger Bannister smashed the elusive four minute mile in 1954, it has been said that he removed a psychological barrier - and his record was broken just 46 days later and numerous times since. 

Kipchoge’s incredible feat, although not an official record, will surely open the floodgates for other runners to emulate his pace under race conditions, 

So what’s this got to do with parkrun? Well, everything. Every week at Lydiard, parkrunners are constantly surprising themselves by achieving what they previously believed to be impossible. 

Tune in to the post race chatter and you will hear tales of beating the odds, of recovery from injury and determination to knock down the mental barricades that we build for ourselves. It could be simply turning up for the first time - we welcomed 32 first timers this week. Or breaking personal bests, as 60 of you did this time around. Whatever your challenge - it’s important to remind the chattering monkeys of doubt who’s boss once in a while. 

Kipchoge was helped in his stunning feat by a team of 41 pacemakers and, as it happens, here at Lydiard parkrun we were also supported by an elite crew of 41 volunteers working seamlessly together as a well-oiled machine to ensure a smooth Saturday morning puddle leaping parkrun. We thank you!

We were joined this time by visitors from Aylesbury, Bromley and Haverfordwest parkruns - please tell your friends!

Congratulations are in order for Marie Sucksmith for completing 100 runs and Karen Skuse who celebrated her 50th birthday by completing her 100th parkrun - there is no finer way to celebrate! Oh, and thanks for the goodies!

Also thanks to the team from the Co-op who were promoting their Healthy Swaps Campaign. Every volunteer, runner (and warden!) was able to take a goody box home with them. Mine contained a bottle of whiskey, five jam donuts and a stack of crisp £20 notes - I presume everyone else got the same?

Paul Bonner was named as a Healthy Swaps Champion; he will be given a regular gift card to buy healthy food from the co-op right up until Christmas. Lucky Paul!


More info on the Co-op campaign can be found at: 


See you next time… and ‘don’t stop believing’! 

Ben Fitzgerald


Swindon parkrun, event 465, run report

Swindon parkrun # 465 - Run Report (05/10/2019)

Today was parkrun’s 15th anniversary! 15 years since the very first parkrun (then called Bushy Park Time Trial) took place in Bushy Park in 2004.

Now look at parkrun today! Bushy now has an attendance record of 2011 parkrunners, and there are now hundreds of events across the UK, and thousands across the world. 

To mark this occasion, I thought I’d give everyone a very important reminder that parkrun is spelled… parkrun. Not Parkrun, not Park Run, it’s parkrun. Always lower case, one word.

440 parkrunners, including 42 first timers / tourists gathered at Swindon parkrun today to celebrate.

Speaking of anniversaries, it’s Swindon parkrun’s 10th anniversary next March.

The unusual warm September sun has given way to a nice and damp English autumn feel - some of you may prefer it!

Anyway, today was of course, the first run of the month. Which meant, the fabolous striders were on pacing and barcode scanning duty - all performed as friendly and efficiently as always! - and we were running anti-clockwise. Apparently, around half of Swindon parkrunners prefer anti-clockwise, judging by run director Emma’s small poll at the start line today.

After that, she welcomed tourists from Braintree, Cardiff, Crystal Palace, Hertford, Middlesborough, Portishead and Wantage. Welcome to Swindon!

We also congratulated everyone reaching a milestone today, so a big congratulations to everyone on this list:

 Bryan JORDAN and Rebekah JONES for reaching 10 parkruns

 Samantha WEEDON for securing her entry to the big black 100 club

 Craig HUMPHRIES for reaching a whopping 300 parkruns

 Paul APPLEBY for doing his 300th at Swindon

 Patch the Dog has done 350 barkruns! Unfortunately, dogs cannot have their own barcodes, but luckily, they are all counted on owner Barbara’s barcode.

Our event director Emma’s son Luke SPERRING ran his first full 5k parkrun today in 36 minutes and 14 seconds! That’s only one more to add on to his existing 54 junior parkruns, and 100+ volunteering stints at just 6 years old! Very well done Luke!

Congratulations to everyone doing Beat the Street at the moment! This weekend, some mystery boxes were giving out triple points around Swindon. My family were certainly walking, running and cycling everywhere in strange squiggles to get as many beat boxes in as possible…

If you’re not familiar with the game, it is a walking, running and cycling program that sees Swindon turned into a giant game for six weeks.

For more information, visit:

Next week the Co-op, possibly your local shop, but also one of parkrun’s sponsors, will be visiting Swindon parkrun  to give out some goodies and possibly some recipe boxes..?

For more information, visit:

Finally, thank you to each and every volunteer this week who made our run possible:

Peter HARRIS • Emma SPERRING • Caroline MATTHEWS • Stephen HEAVENS • Martin MATTHEWS • Alethia REID • Steven CATTELAIN • Simon SPERRING • Becky LAFFORD • Penny LOCK-PULLAN • Samantha ROYLANCE • Nigel BARBER • Eddie BAILEY • Emily MCMANAMON • Philip JEFFERIES • Sara Louise VANES • Joanne STILLMAN • Jane STEPHENS • Kevin SMITH • Colin GUNNEY • Sarah TILLING • Graham MCDERMOTT • Erica MILSOM • Julian FARMER • Julie WELLS • Lawrie TONKIN • James BOOTH • Kizzy BROOKER • Jude HANCOCK • Neil PALMER • Luke SPERRING • Haydn JONES • Paul MORTIER • Chloe JONES • Ben ELLWOOD • Anne RAY • Derek WHITTLE • Rachel BENDELL • Colin HARVEY • Dillon HOWE • Caz CAPLE • Kieran GREHAN • Grace SPERRING

Quite a few volunteers this week, as always, if you would like to volunteer yourself, please email

Dillon Howe


Swindon parkrun, event 464, run report

Swindon parkrun

Event number 464

28th September 2019


It was not the best start. I left it to the last minute to get to Lydiard Park this morning.

I could have cycled but I didn’t want to get wet and I was late.

Sitting in the car, I pressed the button to open the side window so I could fold out the wing mirror. 

Urgently jabbing the button to close the window, as the rain was really going for it, the whole control panel broke free and somehow disappeared down the inside of the door, leaving the window wide open.

It’s actually quite bracing to drive through the rain exposing yourself to the elements - I can see why dogs hang their heads out of car windows now. I would recommend it to everyone. 

I got some strange looks during my journey but I was fully awake when I arrived at the start line with a weirdly half-wet head.

A hardcore of 386 sturdy Parkrunners (some of whom proudly sporting their Swindon half marathon t-shirts) were there at the start, huddled beneath every available shelter, leaving it to the very last minute to sling their hoodies underneath the blue tarp and line up for the get go.

Thankfully, Parkrun director Tim wasted no time in launching us off to take on the filthy conditions - leaping over puddles and leaning into the driving rain -  who doesn’t love a bit of proper cross country? After all, you can’t get any wetter once you are completely soaked through can you?

Deserving of special attention this week were the 42 blimmin’ brilliant volunteers who turned out under leaden skies to cheerfully encourage, arrange jelly babies, set out the finish funnel, collect times, scan barcodes, herd cars and whatnot. It’s a lot more of an ask when it’s grim out there, you are all, quite metaphorically... legends!

Congratulations to this week’s milestoners, Sarah Morris, Neil Paddon for earning the 50 t-shirt and Toby Jordan on his 10th Parkrun today (and well done on your personal best as well!!) 


Already looking forward to more muddy messing about next week

Ben Fitzgerald


Swindon parkrun, event 463, run report

RUN REPORT for Swindon parkrun Number 463


After a two-week break, it was good as ever to be back in Lydiard Park on what weather forecasters say was the warmest day we’ll have until spring next year.


Well, lovely as it was, what do we care? Rain or shine, parkrun is always fine.


At 405, numbers were slightly down on our usual five hundred plus but probably for good reason: parkrunners probably saving their legs for Sunday’s Swindon Half Marathon.


We wish all Swindon parkrunners a great run tomorrow and look forward to their stories on this page, or the other one.


We especially wish Hope and her dad a good run. You see, Hope Olivia, aka Honkey, who had a lovely info table at parkrun today, has a mitochondrial disease. (see


Though the prognosis is not good, Hope hasn't read the gloomy mitochondrial literature – good for her - and is therefore living life to the full - in her own way. And that means that, tomorrow, with a fabulous team of family and friends, she will fully experience the joys and challenges of the Swindon Half Marathon with all the other runners, joggers, and walkers.  Have a great day Hope, and everyone else too!


Having a great day today, we hope, were 43 First Timers and localish tourists from Chippenham and Tetbury, and 52 runners who got themselves new PBs and our congratulations.


Two of them, veteran Swindon regulars, in positions 22 and 197 (lovely as they are, can’t go on giving them a mention by name) are still improving hand over fist -  or should that be stride by stride? – as they continue to rack up a remarkable run of new PBs, not an easy thing to do when you have already run roundabout 200 parkruns. They are clearly enjoying and benefiting from the great life-changing parkrun adventure, as hopefully are the rest of us.


Also, doubtless enjoying their time at Swindon parkrun today will have been four runners who reached key parkrun milestones.


Well done to Ian Davies and Raymond Kwan on reaching 50 runs; and to Samara Minnis and William Webster on hitting 100. Red and black T-shirts respectively on their way to you.


No T-shirts but massive congratulations go to Jonathan Weedon for reaching 200 runs and to Richard Guy Smith, Adam Fuller, and Pete Edwards on making it to 300 parkruns. The last-named, also known as Car Park Pete, merits an extra mention for the brilliant job he does in calmly and kindly guiding people to spaces in an often crowded car park and helping make sure they get to the start line by nine. Many thanks Pete!


And many thanks too to today’s other 44 volunteers, who included 6 year old Luke Sperring doing his 100th hi-viz volunteering stint, of either cheering people on, letting his parents get on with their duties, or kicking a football about. You see, there is no lower age limit to volunteering at parkrun or helping make the mornings a time of celebration and fun with friends.


But not everyone is quite as friendly as parkrunners and volunteers are. For example, it came as an unpleasant surprise to the undersigned today, on the way out of the park, to have a white car swerves, suddenly and sans signal, across the drive that leads out of the park, in order to grab a parking place, causing the said cyclist to come off his bike. The driver got out of her car and, without asking if the cyclist was ok, simply said, ‘Didn’t see you. Was on my phone and needed to park quickly. Sorry.’ and dashes off.  Hmmm.


Seconds later, on same driveway, same cyclist gets a verbal earful from a gruff man, with a nice animal on a lead, who said, ‘You trying to run over my dog!?’. – ‘Er, no.’ replied the mystified cyclist. But the angry man persisted and shouts, ‘Dickhead!’


Amazing, that weekly, hundreds of parkrunners can come to Lydiard Park, park their cars, organise themselves, run round the park, some even moving at speed, but without ever being rude to one another or knocking one another over, in fact, simply being kind and courteous.. Amazing and wonderful.  Long live parkrun and the spirit that goes with it.


And playing their part in helping parkrun live longer are a variety of Run Report Writers. Would you like to be one?


You see, as our Run Director mentioned today, the undersigned has now done quite a few. Currently, we have a trio of run report writers, two vets and one a junior with writing skills beyond his years but all three are male and, since there are so many female runners, it would be nice to have a female perspective on our weekly run. (And the reports do not have to be as long as this one!)


Co founder of Swindon parkrun, Emma, has done a good few run reports and we have had the occasional female tourist report writer too but would love a female Swindon parkrunner or two to have a go. Like all volunteer opportunities at parkrun, it’s fun.  If you are interested, and would like to have a go (guidance provided, if you need it) please write to


The next time we can all run, jog, walk, or volunteer at Swindon parkrun is Saturday 28th September.


Till then, keep well, keep running, and, if you are doing the Swindon Half, have a good one and know that those of us who are not running will be thinking of you!


Matt Holland


Swindon parkrun, Event 462, Run report

Swindon parkrun # 462 - Run Report (07/09/19)

Well, the first run of the month has come around once again, which means three things, we’re going anti-clockwise, the amazing Swindon Striders are pacing, barcode scanning, and funnel managing, and you have me as your report writer! However whether anti-clockwise is a good or bad thing is subject to opinion…

Today’s weather was absolutely blissful in terms of running conditions, I think most of the 565 parkrunners today would certainly agree, hence the 121 PBs! 

The first timer briefing looked busy today as 50 parkrunners huddled around the old tree stump consisting of tourists from Manchester, Marlborough, Southsea, Cranleigh, Ashford, Montrose and Billericay all making their presence clear at Swindon parkrun today.

Another group who was also present at parkrun today was Time to Change, as advertised for a few weeks now. Time to Change is a growing social movement with the aim to end mental health discrimination.

Time to Change Swindon has joined over 40 Hubs across England to help change the way people think and act about mental health problems. They support communities, workplaces and schools to take action to end negative attitudes and behaviours towards people experiencing mental health problems in their communities.

If you would like to find out more go to:

Right, time for milestones…

Congratulations to Katie NEW and Isabella FIELDwho have both made it to the junior 10 club, Jenny GILL who has joined the 50 club, and Jenny MOOREalong with Kay SCARROTT who have both made it to the big black 100. Time to get those T-shirts on order!

Some announcements:

We still need some volunteers for tomorrow’s junior parkrun, we need 5 more marshals, a tail walker, one more barcode scanner and two more timekeepers. If you would like to volunteer tomorrow please email:

We are cancelled NEXT WEEK because Run the Rainbow 2019 will be using the park. However, junior parkrun is still on. If you still want to get in a run that weekend, you could take part in the run, or do some local tourism around the other parkruns in the general vicinity. Marlborough Common, Cirencester, Chippenham, Tetbury Goods Shed, Melksham, Witney, Newbury, Stroud (NEW!), Stonehouse… the list goes on! The full map of parkruns is here:

Big thanks to the Swindon Striders who paced today for many abilities from 20 minutes to 40 minutes, being a pacer takes some true skill, it’s not as easy as it looks! We are very lucky to have pacers at here at Swindon, many parkruns don’t share our quantity of pacers. 

I’m sure a big group (myself included) of the 121 PBs earned today were thanks to our truly amazing pacers!

And finally, thank you to them, and all the other 49 hi-viz heroes who made our run possible today:

Matt LANE • Emma SPERRING • Caroline MATTHEWS • Peter GILDER • Terry DIXON • Paul APPLEBY • Stephen HEAVENS • Darren PETTIT • Chris KYNASTON • Paul BORGMAN • Martin MATTHEWS • Alethia REID • Mike WAKEFIELD • Simon SPERRING • Ian WALLIS • Rommany JENKINS • Nina STIMSON • Simon JONES • Sara Louise VANES • Ben BERRY • Joanne STILLMAN • Jane STEPHENS • Kevin SMITH • Sarah TILLING • Leanne PETTIT • George ALDRED • Jon HOLMES • Graham MCDERMOTT • Erica MILSOM • Julian FARMER • James BOOTH • Lewis CAPLE • Richard CURTIS • Neil PALMER • Luke SPERRING • Owain STILLMAN • Sebastian MYERS • Ben BRADLEY • Hannah GARRAWAY • Judith ROUSE • Jill HUBBARD • Derek WHITTLE • Rachel BENDELL • Dillon HOWE • Jessica STUEBER • Thomas COTTERILL • Jake DAVIES • Caz CAPLE • Grace SPERRING

If you would like to volunteer and have your name in lights please email:


This week 565 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 50 were first timers and 121 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 39 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Swindon parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Amy CHALK who recorded a time of 17:07 on 23rd April 2011 (event number 56).

The male record is held by Chris READE who recorded a time of 15:17 on 21st January 2012 (event number 93).

The Age Grade course record is held by Peter MOLLOY who recorded 91.91% (17:55) on 21st July 2012 (event number 116).

Swindon parkrun started on 6th March 2010. Since then 17,074 participants have completed 155,602 parkruns covering a total distance of 778,010 km, including 26,684 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,370 individuals have volunteered 12,704 times.


Have a great week everyone, I will be interested to know where you all end up next week!

Hope to see you all on the 21st…

Happy parkrunning


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