Event 151 run report

Event 151 run report

Morning parkrunners!
Well....I can't be certain it wasn't a dream, but...I think we may have had a warm sunny parkrun today! Lydiard was looking just beautiful and so were all our runners too :) The sunshine also brought a very mellow atmosphere; everyone was still giving 100%, but there was even more support for our runners than usual....all in all a lovely morning.
We had 240 runners today and lots of first timers choosing the perfect day to start their parkrun journey. The great thing is that our new runners are able to hear how many of you are earning 10, 50 and 100 run T-shirts. It should make us all proud that so many of our Swindon parkrunners are committed to parkrun, living a healthy lifestyle and becoming club members.
Don't forget that we will be holding an un-timed freedom parkrun on 6 May (Bank Holiday Monday) as part of the Swindon Festival of  Literature and would love for you to come along and run/volunteer. For more information on the Swindon Festival of Literature follow this link:
A Message for Emma Rolfe (or anyone that knows Emma), If you can remember your finishing position we found your barcode out on the course and can add your result if you contact us at swindonoffice@parkrun.com and confirm your athlete ID and the finishing position.

Teaser alert....you may remember that we requested donations to replace some of our parkrun kit...well I'm reliably informed that you'll see the said "new kit" very soon....watch this space.

Happy running and we'll see you all next week!

Sally @ Swindon


May bank holiday freedom parkrun

Hello Swindon parkrunners!

It's that time of year again where the Swindon Festival of literature and Swindon parkrun team up for a freedom run and talk at Lydiard park.

This year the guest speaker is Jason Lewis.

After joining us on the Freedom parkrun, author and adventurer Jason Lewis, a travel writer and regular contributor to sports and fitness magazines, will show amazing pictures and talk about his book The Expedition, which chronicles his epic 46,505-mile journey round the Earth using only the power of his body.

Walking, cycling, running, and roller-blading the landmasses, and kayaking, rowing, swimming, and pedalling a boat across the seas, Jason set four world records. His book charts one of the longest, most gruelling, yet uplifting, and at times funny journeys in history.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible on the 6th May 2013.

Michael @ Swindon



Matt Holland sent through a really nice flyer, but I can't figure out how to get it visible on-line.


Thanks for the idea Neil. :)



No parkrun at Swindon this weekend

Hello Swindon parkrunners, this is just a reminder tothose of you who haven't been to a Swindon parkrun for a couple of months:

There is no parkrun in Lydiard Park this weekend (10th Nov 2012)

We'll all be back on the 17th so we'll see you there.

We have mentioned this at each of the pre run safety andinformation briefings for the last couple of months - it's one of the reasonsyou should try and listen to the briefing. If there are parkrunners around youchatting please politely ask them to be quiet, failing that move closer to thefront.

See you all soon:

Michael @ Swindon


Run2 Remember

Hello parkrunners,

I wanted to bring this event to your attention. Run2 Remember is on Saturday 10th November. 

Charlotte Forristal will be along on Saturday to say a few words about the event.

See you all soon.

Michael @ Swindon


Swinfon half volunteer request

Hello parkrunners!

As we are part of the Swindon running community I would like to forward this request for help from the Swindon Half Marathon team to you.

Please reply direct to Helen if you'd like to know more or think you could help out.

Michael @ Swindon 


Hi all.

Swindon Half Marathon, 5 mile Multi Terrain and Fun Run – Sunday 14th October 2012

Feeling Inspired by the Games Makers?

Thank you to the Leisure staff that have already put themselves forward to help out at this year’s Swindon Half Marathon, your support is hugely appreciated, however I still require more!

It’s quite a task sourcing approx. 180 volunteers but without them the event simply would not happen.

Our marshals play a tremendous part in encouraging the runners around the various courses which is always apparent in the feedback wereceive post-race from the entrants.

 If you could help the team out on the course or the registration team in the race village, please let me know.

I also require bike marshals for our more ‘scenic’areas.

Many thanks for your time.


Helen Maine (hmaine@swindon.gov.uk)
Event Manager
Leisure Services
Delta Tennis Centre
Welton Road

Tel: 01793 465403

Web: www.challengeswindon.org.uk& www.swindonhalfmarathon.co.uk

Leisure Services,  encouraging the residentsof Swindon to be more active, more often.



No Swindon parkrun on Saturday 9th June 2012

Hello parkrunners,

Just a quick note to remind you that there is no parkrun this weekend at Swindon. Race for Life are taking over the park for the day.

See you all soon!

Michael @ Swindon




Message from Vivienne Wise

Hi there,
I’m on the committee for the Commonweal 5 – this is a new UKA 5-mile race for established runners and recreational/novice runner/walkers taking place on Sunday 27th May, from Commonweal School at 10.30. I wondered whether there are any opportunities for us to raise awareness of this event with your runners, as it is a slightly longer distance and may be a good progression for those looking to step up to running a 10K. I see you have links to several running clubs on your website and wondered whether you would consider including a link to www.commonweal5.co.uk which is a local event raising money for a local school. As this is our first year, we desperately need to spread the word – we have a month to go, we have 25 entries so far and a race limit of 250 so we have some places to fill! I also wondered whether we could come down one Saturday morning and hand out small fliers at the finish line?

I have attached some background information about the Commonweal 5 which include the route, race details and an article taken from the school magazine. We are sponsored by Run Swindon in Old Town and Thrive Personal Training in Wroughton. I also have a press release but I’m just waiting for final approval from Run Swindon so I can’t forward this yet.

Several of our committee members are also involved in organising the Lethbridge 10K, at www.lethbridge10k.org.uk which starts from Croft sports centre and takes place on Wednesday 13th June  at 19.30.

The Park Run concept has really taken off and it’s great that it has gone from strength to strength! As an aside, I am starting a Run England mixed ability running group on Wednesday evenings from the Swindon Borough Council offices. This is initially just being marketed to SBC employees but depending on take-up I may be able to extend the remit. I will keep you posted in case this might be of interest to park runners too!

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,
Vivienne Wise

If you'd like to contact Vivienne, please e-mail us at swindonoffice@parkrun.com and I'll forward your message

Michael @ Swindon




This week is the first week where we are 100% scanned bardcodes only.

We warned you all about this last week and this week we go live. You need to get us a barcode in good condition at the end of the run - or you won't get a result.

Up until now we've done a lot of results by hand each week; but that takes us a lot of time and often delays the processing of the results. We have been directed by parkrun HQ to adopt the global policy of 'NO BARCODE; NO RESULT'.

Last week there were fewer manual entries than normal - but still too many. This week there will be no manual entries at all.

If your barcode regularly fails to scan please reprint it. It's your responsibility to get a good barcode to us for scanning at the end of each run!

Pat has very generously offered to laminate barcodes for parkrunners who don't have access to the technology, please print a spare barcode and hand it in at the end of this weeks parkrun if you'd like us to laminate a barcode for you and we'll get a laminated card back to you as soon as we can.

See you in the morning!

Michael @ Swindon





We all knew it was only a matter of time, but we have now been instructed by parkrun HQ to strictly enforce the no barcode - no result philosophy that is present at all other parkrun events.

From now on there will be no paper recording of athlete ID's at the end of the run.

If your barcode doesn't scan or you have left it at home - you don't get a result. We've been fighting this on your behalf for months now - but have been directed to tow the parkrun line.

Please make sure your barcode is clean and dry when you present it for scanning. The best way to protect your barcode is to laminate it - but if you don't have access to a laminating machine any waterproof pouch (small ziplock food bag for example) will do the job.

If your current barcode doesn't scan on a regular basis please print another - make sure your printer isn't running out of ink as a poor print from a nearly empty machine may not scan correctly.

There will be a reminder of this at the start of each run, you have been warned!!!

Michael @ Swindon



Number 100

Hello parkrunners!

This week is our 100th parkrun and we are looking to get 100 new runners on board. If you know anybody at your club or work who has been putting off coming to parkrun, or somebody that hasn't yet heard of us please get them to register and bring them along on Saturday.

I'm looking forward to seeing if we can make it!

Michael @ Swindon


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