0-5k group starts

Monday 6.30pm everyone welcome, no one to unfit or to slow.

There are two groups running at the same time, doing the same plan, anyone is very welcome at either.

Starts Monday 5th September 2016 - 18:30

Lydney Lake or Lakers School
Or Tuesday at Chepstow Leisure Centre at 18:!5
See for more information.

Chepstow C25K

"If you can walk a mile, we have you jogging with a smile!"

Next Beginners' Course begins for 9 weeks from Tuesday Jan 5th 2016. Perfect way to start the New Year, no previous necessary.

A 9 week course culminating in a 5k jog at the new Lydney Parkrun on March 5th.

Meet outside Homebase, Thornwell for 6.15pm on Tuesday Jan 5th. And it's FREE!!



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