Lyme Park parkrun 28th June 2014

This was Event number 19 on 28th June 2014. I mainly help out on tokens and timing, this week my volunteer role was back marker and run reporter.

A drizzly start to the day, I didn’t know what to expect, Lyme Park parkrun is reportedly the toughest and hilliest in the UK.

I’ve done a limerick of my experience

There once was a run called Lyme Park parkrun
The most beautiful, scenic run under the sun

Challenging and hilly
You won’t get chilly

I ran with Janet Grint
She is mint

We spotted a herd of deer at the cage
One who turned to stare then ran off in a rage

And there at the top were Dexter and Vikki
To keep going is tricky

Tumble turn corner, try and stay upright
No need to be polite

Hurrah for the nearly there sign
Lyme Park parkrun really does shine

Onto the results – first male Ted Mockett, his first appearance, second David Kelly and third Duncan Wilson. Females – first Andrea Booth, first appearance, second Mia Schultz and third Katherine Harvey.

In the annual points competition Michael Hayes is in first spot for the men and Rachel Dowle is in first spot for the ladies.

Since it first started on 22nd February 2014, Lyme Park parkrun has seen 1,000, yes 1,000 different runners taking part.

The women’s record is held by Caitlin Rice 20.39 which was achieved at event number one, the men’s record is held by Michael Cooke 17.24 which was achieved at event number 2.

The age grade course record is held by Bramhall parkrun event director Rob Downs 80.38% - beat those results if you can!

Well done to all who take part
Those who finish who aren’t taken off in a cart

We couldn’t have our parkrun without volunteers
Please come along and support and cheer

Every week we’re here
We need marshals, timers and scanners
It’s nice if you’ve got manners or even banners

If you’d like to help out
Give us a shout
Many thanks to all volunteers who get involved
And help make Lyme Park parkrun evolve

Please contact
They’re very friendly and have nice hair