#88 A very happy Macc parkrun Christmas morning

Wow, what a parkrun morning and what an amazing start to everyone’s Christmas Day. I don’t intend to waffle on now as I’m midway between Christmas dinner courses but I don’t think there are many words anyway that can describe what a great few hours we all spent together in South Park this morning. From the moment the core team and first group of volunteers arrived in the park for set-up, to the end when the results had been processed at the house of ‘chez Nettle’, it was a simply wonderful bringing together of our extended parkrun family. Those of us who have been parkrunning for over 10 years, to those 8 brand new to parkrun (and what an amazing introduction to parkrun you got!) all shared in what has become our very special Macc parkrun family.

We had a whopping 364 people who joined us, together with 36 incredible volunteers (totalling a satisfactory 400!) plus plenty of spectators around the course. Needless to say we had a plethora of visitors from far and wide – a volunteer from Copenhagen, a visitor and first time runner from the Caribbean (but originally from Malaysia), some footie fanatics from Plymouth, visitors from Cheltenham, Southampton and Folkestone to name a few. We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your parkrun morning with us and we hope to see you back on another occasion.

Right that’s it. My Christmas pudding is calling so I’ll sign off with a copy of our Macc parkrun ‘Jingle Bells.’ A very happy Christmas to you all.

Jingle bells, jingle bells parkrun on Christmas Day
Oh what fun it is to run round South Park all the way
Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells parkrun on Christmas Day
Oh what fun that we can run not just on Saturday

1 Dashing through the park
Some are fast and some are slow
It matters not the speed
Just ready, steady, go
The roster ev’ry week
Is full of volunteers
They’re always here to keep you safe
SO give them one big cheer (HURRAH!!!!!)

2 There’s lots of things to do
Course set-up and the like
We open up the loo
Have Amy on the mic
We have the runners’ brief
To put you all at ease
Not listening causes too much grief
So pay attention please

3 Round the park we go
Some even try to talk
Come rain or shine or snow
We run or jog or walk
Heroes round the course
Are all in hiviz vests
Getting to the finish line
We hope for personal bests

4 We want those milestone Ts
They’re red and green and black
We want to run each week
To keep us all on track
So get down to the start
We’re here to have some fun
To each and every one of you
Happy Christmas from parkrun

Eve Taylor A37284


Christmas Day parkrun

Here's some long-awaited, exciting news to bring you some festive cheer.

Macclesfield parkun will be holding their special CHRISTMAS DAY parkrun at 9:00am.

Hurrah we hear you all cheer. However, we could still do with a few marshals to add to our extra special hiviz hero team to ensure that we are fully covered to go ahead. If you can help, please email us at macclesfieldhelpers@parkrun.com

If you have any non-parkrunning visitors staying with you, why not get them to register with parkrun and get them to join in either walking, jogging, running or volunteering or of course, they could just come and spectate.

Fancy dress will be encouraged!


Run Report #84

Event #84
30 November 2019
What a nightmare I had at parkrun! The run director didn’t welcome anyone (and there was no shoutout for my 50th); there was an injured seagull on the course; no marshals so I got lost, and the famous “upwards flat section” was so steep I had to crawl up it!
Luckily the nightmare was just that - I woke up and got ready to head out early to help with set up for event number 84. My plan was to get my 50th run and 25th volunteering stint on the same day! But the morning was cold and frosty, and Run Director Mike was concerned about a patch of black ice on the far side of the course. After some anxious discussions, it was decided we would go ahead with some minor diversions in place - which did make the route slightly longer than 5k this week!
The cold weather meant numbers were slightly lower than usual, but we still had 178 participants who ran, jogged, or walked the course, including 29 first timers. Despite the frosty conditions, we had 6 personal bests recorded - and the first finisher, Andrew Douglas (running for the first time at Macclesfield) was only 12 seconds away from setting a new course record!
According to the full run results, there were quite a few milestones this week - most of whom did not put their hands up at the beginning of the run, so here’s a shoutout now:
Running their 50th parkrun - Ben Tatlock, Dale Barnett, Neville Hilton, Heidi Evans, Thea Sullivan, Ruth Hughes and me (Heather Self).
100th - Jennie Martin and Rachel Riley
And last but not least, thanks to all the volunteers who made this event - and all the weekly events - possible:
Neil GUNN • Alison GUNN • Fiona BOGUES • Ian TAYLOR • Andrea Elaine FROST • Annie SMEDLEY • Amy MARSH • Bridget MARSH • Emma MASON • Lee SHAUL • Maurice OLDHAM • Jim NETTLE • Sid HARRISON • Gavin REYNOLDS • Paul SIMMS • Aidan REYNOLDS • Andrew HAIGH • Kathryn HUTCHINSON • Maria HAIGH • Annabel REYNOLDS • Barrie THOMASON • Mike UPJOHN • Helen BRADLEY • Emma GALLEYMORE • Rob CARRINGTON-PORTER • Steve NIXON • Heather SELF • Helen HUTCHINSON
Come and join us next week - as a runner, volunteer or both! Many of the volunteer roles, such as set up, tail walker or report writer, can be combined with taking part in parkrun.
Heather Self

Macclesfield parkrun #83

It's been a few weeks since we had a run report so I thought I'd write a few words....

Run Report Writer is a volunteer role that you can do even if you're running and we can provide you with all of the event info so that you can say well done to first timers, PBers and THANKS to all the volunteers!!

So, here we go....

First Timers at Macclesfield today = 29 and although they didn't make themselves known during the briefings we had 4 first time ever parkrunners today.
Welcome & Congratulations to; Rosie Cairns, Antonio Mion, Kady Hewitt & Katy McCarthy

That means we had 25 first time visitors to Macclesfield, we hope you enjoyed the course and were made to feel very welcome! We hope to see you again soon!!

A special mention has to go to Graham Holland for his 327/365 5Km a day for Alzheimers Research UK - #ARUK is an official charity partner of parkrun UK and Graham has a JustGiving page - for details see his post that we have shared on our Facebook Page.
Graham Holland 5K a day for ARUKCongratulations also to Jo Gibson for running her 50th different parkrun venue!! #tourist
p.s. Sorry about my daughter, Amy, photo-bombing you!!

We did also have 27 PBers this morning - including our First Finisher, Alex!
Well Done Alex on your first First Finish and your PB - sub19 is possible!!

Today's parkrun was made possible by 30 volunteers, some of whom stepped up at the last minute so many thanks to them especially!!

Elaine PETTIE • Neil PETTIE • Fiona BOGUES • James GIBSON • Tim MARSH • Annie SMEDLEY • Amy MARSH • Sid HARRISON • Maria HAIGH • Barrie THOMASON • Trisha BARR • Mike UPJOHN • Jemima GIBSON • Phil GASKELL • Diana WALLER • Michelle CARTER • Emma GALLEYMORE • William TIMMS • Anders TIMMS • Heather SELF • Helen EDDIE • Mark WILKINSON • Birdie WRIGHT • Lucy KEENAN • Daisy DIPPLE-JOHNSTONE • Nicola DEVANEY • Honor ROWLANDS • James MCKEOWN • Frank NICHOLSON • Steve NICHOLSON

Another first first today was Helen who stepped up for the first time to do our First Timers Briefing!! Another volunteer role that you can complete and still run!!
If you want to try a new role we will provide plenty of info and support so please let us know if you want to have a go at something new!!
We also welcomed Will Timms for his first time as a Marshal - he's joined us to do his volunteering for his Duke of Edinburgh's Award so he'll be volunteering for at least the next 3 months!! If you're interested in volunteering for your D of E let us know, we've had volunteers with us for Bronze, Silver and soon we'll have our first Gold volunteers!!

If you'd like to volunteer in future simply send us an e-mail and if you 'opt-in' to receive e-mails from us you will receive an appeal from time-to-time when we are short of volunteers. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.

We also had 3 milestones today too, apologies for not giving a shout-out to Martha Ireland (JW11-14) for her 10th parkrun and Ann-Marie Jones for her 50th parkrun.
Well Done to you both and Congratulations again to Jon Wright for his 100th parkrun
I think we might have a bumper week of milestones next week!! A big double that we already know about but there is one of our regular parkrunners on 99 and 6 of today's runners are on 49!!

Final mention of the day has to go to Victoria junior parkrun, Macclesfield!!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!

If you haven't experienced junior parkrun yet tomorrow would be a great day to start!! There's always a great atmosphere and we have a good number of volunteers who either don't have kids or whose kids are now too old for junior parkrun but still love being involved because of the incredible positivity of seeing 100 kids from 4-14 out running round Victoria Park every Sunday morning at 09:00!!

We all hope you have a FANTASTIC CELEBRATION!!


Tim Marsh
Co-Event Director



Macclesfield parkrun #73

What a glorious morning for parkrun #73 – crisp and clear, with a hint of Autumn in the air.  It’s my weekend for a Big Birthday so I volunteered to write this week’s run report; originally I was hoping to hit my 50th parkrun but a broken wrist earlier in the summer put paid to that – but I’ll get there soon, and in the meantime have clocked up an extra 5 volunteering turns!  

(If you haven’t volunteered before, please do – if everyone volunteered once every 6 to 8 weeks, we’d have plenty of volunteers every week.  Some of the roles allow you to run as well – pre-event set up, tailwalker and report writer to name a few!)

There weren’t any milestones this week but I see from the results that 3 people have done their 49th and one is on 48, so there’ll be some cheering soon!   The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Macclesfield parkrun Results Page.

This week 259 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 37 were first timers and 39 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.  Rob Wood continued his run of first places, with a new shorter haircut helping him along this week!  It was lovely to meet the Webb and Clarke families, with 6 first-timers between them all coming along to Macclesfield this week – and making the acquaintance of our famous Upwards Flat Section.

We also had at least two families volunteering as marshals, and I snapped a couple of photos as I jogged (slowly) past.  Altogether, 31 volunteers made the event possible:

Eve TAYLOR • Ian TAYLOR • Rachael MOAT • Joe HARRINGTON • Annie SMEDLEY • Bridget MARSH • Tom MARSH • Maurice OLDHAM • Alison CLARK • Jim NETTLE • Will NETTLE • Sid HARRISON • Gillian AINSLEY • Cormac FRAZER • Mike UPJOHN • Hannah YOUNG • Juanita JACKSON • Andy PEET • Fiona WILSON • Alexander MASTIN • Anne SACALA • Steve NIXON • Heather SELF • Claire ASHBERRY • Isobel ASHBERRY • Manon HIGGINS • Mark WILKINSON • Daisy DIPPLE-JOHNSTONE • Kata KOLOZSVARY • Honor ROWLANDS • Rachel SNOWDON

The female record is held by Vicki CRONIN who recorded a time of 19:12 on 21st July 2018 (event number 13).
The male record is held by Finley PROFFITT who recorded a time of 16:38 on 23rd March 2019 (event number 48).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ann-Marie JONES who recorded 89.02% (22:46) on 14th July 2018 (event number 12).  Macclesfield parkrun started on 28th April 2018. Since then 3,926 participants have completed 18,614 parkruns covering a total distance of 93,070 km, including 4,055 new Personal Bests. A total of 471 individuals have volunteered 2,335 times.

See you again next week!  (And I’m looking forward to being in the next age bracket – that’s one way to improve my age-related results).

Heather Self



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