Macclesfield parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

#98 International Women’s Day 2020

Put your feet up, grab a drink- it’s time to relish in the success of Saturday’s IWD parkrun at Macclesfield!
So unless you’ve been out of the country, you will be well aware that on Saturday 7th March, Macc parkrun was extremely excited to celebrate International Women’s Day. All around the world women are celebrated for overcoming their challenges and achieving unimaginable things. To us, some of these things may seem quite menial. However, many women and girls around the world don’t receive the same level of respect and care that we take for granted.
After a week long build up, the buzz around the band stand on Saturday morning was starting to build! with the main questions being ‘How many first timers have we got today’ ‘Will we beat our current record of 399 participants?’. Run Directors Annie and Amy had been working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly this week. With lots of help from Tim, Jim and myself. Mike organises our fantastic Duke of Edinburgh students.
parkrun teamed up with the THIS GIRL CAN campaign to encourage as many women to get involved.
The volunteers arrived, the pacers arrived and everyone was taking selfies with our special THIS GIRL CAN selfie frame.
Active Cheshire had delivered a box full of T-shirts. for us to hand out to our first time participants! So thank you to them!
We welcomed 38 first timers, lots of the newbies facing a different sort of challenge- carrying a little human on them! Welcome to our new walkers and thank you to Jenny Neill for encouraging mums down, who may not have been introduced to parkrun yet! Everyone seemed pleased with their T-shirts :)

We had a little extra info for the run brief. A shout out to Lauren who celebrated her 8th birthday! Heather Self celebrated her 50th parkrun at Macclesfield- well done Heather, we really appreciate you as a key member to our parkrun family! There was a shout out for Anne-Marie Jones, who is our current age grade record holder ( it means she’s faster than most of her peers!)


Minnie and Emmaline has made super awesome GIRL POWER posters, to cheer on the runners!!

Due to the weather being so kind to us, everyone got off to a great start! We Facebook live streamed it so if you haven’t already, try and find yourself whizzing past me shouting ‘Stay on the path!’

JJ Wood tailwalked for us this week and was joined by some ladies from the Women’s Union.

We had an all-women line up pacing and they all shot off to a great start! One of our pacers, Janet, was representing the Tytherington Treacle’s WI!

The finish line was buzzing with people congratulating each other and it was great to meet so many new parkrunners and hear how much you enjoyed the morning! We really look forward to seeing you next week! It only takes one or two weeks to get hooked on the Saturday morning parkrun buzz BUT it will take you longer to catch up on all the lingo :) A PB will be the first one you hear... That’s personal best. Because parkrun is a run not a race, you are only ever trying to better yourself!

Our first 3 lady finishers this week were:

Angela Markley who has completed 57 runs.
Fiona Blags who has completed 21 runs.
Emily Bartram who has completed 4 runs.
Well done ladies!

There were cakes galore for our parkrun family, kindly baked by Amy and one of our pacers Sarah Price and they went down a treat!

After packing up, we all headed to the Park Tavern, who host us for post run coffee and breakfast every week. It was packed! Please come and join us there one week, we love to hear about your parkrun experience.

We hope to see you all return this week. Please remember to use the designated car park at Macclesfield Academy. If you turn into the college, from Park Lane, and head to the left. By using this, we keep the neighbours of the park happy. And the area less congested! We do encourage you to walk or cycle to parkrun wherever possible.
Please follow us and tag us into your pics on our social media sights- Facebook, Twitter and our new Instagram account.

And one last plea, if you haven’t given back to our amazing parkrun community, please consider volunteering in the month of March. We will be celebrating our 100th Macclesfield parkrun on Saturday 21st March so please get involved how you can!!

Thank you for reading my super long Run report ( I could sit and talk about parkrun and how amazing women are all day!) As a busy mum of 2, who is currently enjoying maternity leave, I’m regularly at lots groups and I LOVE meeting like minded women who work tirelessly for their families and still manage to make time for themselves! parkrun is just one of the self-care, ME TIME activities a women can enjoy! Of course it’s even more fun when the whole family join in!

Have a great day!
Holly Bamford

Macclesfield core team RD x

Female stats this week % if women for each age category!
Juniors 3.8%
11-14 1.9%
20-24 1.4%
25-29 8.1%

30-34 7.2%
35-39 14.8%
40-44 18.7%
45-49 14.8%
50-54 12.4%
55-59 4.8%
60-64 5.3%
65-69 5.7%
70-74 1.0%



Macclesfield parkrun #97 Leap Day 2020

So, did you manage to participate at all 5 February parkruns?

The Leap Day parkrun 2020 is the first ever and the next opportunity won’t be till 2048 - someone joked on Twitter this week that I’ll be Run Director that day and that I’ll be 101 then!! Only one of those things can actually be true!!

I ran 4! 3 at Macc and 1 at Stamford Park parkrun - the only reason I didn’t run all 5 was that I was Run Director on the 8th Feb! I volunteered at all 5!

Which serves as a reminder that you can volunteer and still run - there are a few roles that offer you the opportunity to do this! We also always appreciate it when new volunteers offer to get involved, we are incredibly lucky to have some dedicated, regular volunteers and we don’t very often struggle to fill the roster which is great!! If you’ve never volunteered before then you can opt-in to receive volunteer updates by email - there’s a link in your results email - and then contact us to offer to help! You will always get a full briefing on the role that you volunteer for and if you want to find out more you can look here -

Anyway, back to today.... probably the worst condition we have ever seen the course in, which meant a couple of slight variations to try to avoid some of the worst of the muddy bits. Thanks to all the marshals for helping to make sure everyone stayed safe! I know there were a few fallers, but no injuries!

Let’s now hope for a dry week so that the course is in better condition for next week’s special occasion, more on that later!

Despite the weather recently we had 182 participants today and 11 even managed a PB - well done in those conditions! We had 12 first time visitors to Macclesfield and 4 of them were participating for the first time ever! Welcome to parkrun!

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Tim MARSH • Annie SMEDLEY • Amy MARSH • Tom MARSH • Ruth HUGHES • Lee SHAUL • Sid HARRISON • Gavin REYNOLDS • Chloe SWALES • Ethan SELBY • Trisha BARR • Mike UPJOHN • Fiona WILSON • Brian PUDDICOMBE • Christine TACON • Duncan ALLEN • William TIMMS • Millie JONES • Janet JONES • Emma THRAVES • Naomi THRAVES • Gillian AINLEY • Daisy DIPPLE-JOHNSTONE • Heather CUNNAH • Frank NICHOLSON • Steve NICHOLSON • Christopher AINLEY • Martha FERN

Huge thanks to our #hivizheroes today!!

There were also a number of milestones today!! 4 people joined the 50 Club; Jack Burgess, Megan Simpson, Deborah Gibson & Dawn Barstow. 5 people joined the 100 Club; Kevin Roughton, Edith Munro, Annika Munro, Wendy Minshull & Andrew Minshull. Huge Congratulations to you all!!

SO, our attention turns to next week - a special occasion around the world at parkrun as #IWD is on Sunday the 8th March so parkrun is encouraging events to celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday 7th and we are planning to join the celebrations! We are encouraging as many women as possible to participate! We have a full line-up of female Pacers! We want to break our parkrun attendance record - currently 399! Let’s break 400 for the first time!!

parkrun research shows us that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. Despite the fact that females make 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. IWD parkrun is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to participate in parkrun events all over the world. 

This event will be supported by the This Girl Can campaign, and our partners Sport England.


We have received our This Girl Can selfie frame and welcome flag and Macclesfield parkrun appears on the postcode searchable map of events - so if you're not in Macclesfield next week you will be able to find a local parkrun if you want to join the celebrations.

We will be posting lots of content on social media this week, so if you don’t already like & follow us then look us up on Facebook, Twitter AND  NOW Instagram!! We have only just created our Insta account so please follow us on ‘the gram’ as we will be trying to get loads of great photos on there next week!

We will have our brand new #Pink #HiViz bibs for our volunteers next week!!


See you soon!



Co-Event Director & Event Support Ambassador (Volunteer)



Pavilion Update

Good News!! The inconvenience of having to close the conveniences has been averted!!

Thanks to Run Director Fiona Wilson, with her Town Councillor hat on, the Town Council and ANSA have agreed that the female toilets can be open as a unisex toilet whilst the male toilets remain closed pending repairs.

There will be signage in place and obviously we need to be aware, respectful & considerate of others. We appreciate that this situation is not ideal but necessary if we want this facility to be available.


Tim, Jim and the Core Team



South Park Pavilion

Unfortunately due to a fire in the Pavilion building the toilets are going to be closed until further notice. We were advised by ANSA Environmental Services who manage the park on behalf of Cheshire East Council. Fortunately for us, our equipment storage is unaffected but it does mean we don’t have any facilities available in the park.

However, the toilets at the Park Tavern will be available after parkrun as this is where we go for our post-parkrun social gathering. They open up early especially for us so this is a great opportunity to join us if you never have before!! Please only use their facilities if you are staying for a brew and a bacon butty..other food & drink options are available!!


Macclesfield parkrun #94

08 February 2020

Macclesfield parkrun #94

A very brief run report....

This week 246 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers - 10 of them completing their first ever parkrun!

There were 34 new Personal Bests, including Birthday Boy George O’Donnell who knocked 20 seconds off his previous PB on his 10th birthday! He was running his 11th parkrun and all of them have been at Macclesfield! This is known as being a parkrun Passionista!!

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Elaine PETTIE • James GIBSON • Tim MARSH • Annie SMEDLEY • Amy MARSH • Lee SHAUL • Maurice OLDHAM • Holly NETTLE • Jim NETTLE • Sid HARRISON • Alannah BIRTWISTLE • Chloe SWALES • Theresa HAYTON • Kathryn HUTCHINSON • Ethan SELBY • Oliver THOMASON • Barrie THOMASON • Mike UPJOHN • Sean BAILEY • Diana WALLER • William TIMMS • Millie JONES • Heather SELF • Naomi THRAVES • Daisy DIPPLE-JOHNSTONE • Nicola DEVANEY • Laura BLAIN • Helen HUTCHINSON • Frank NICHOLSON • Steve NICHOLSON • Martha FERN

It was a great pleasure to support Ethan Selby today who did a great job as Run Director! The Run briefing was very clear and confidently delivered, even getting a laugh for his comment about under 11s finding themselves a faster adult if theirs is too slow! This is a serious point though, it is one of the parkrun rules and we have noticed a few Under11s appearing to have run unaccompanied recently. Please note, we wouldn’t want to have to remove their result but that is what parkrun guidance says as we need to try to enforce this rule as it is an important health & safety and safeguarding issue.

We welcome volunteers who are completing their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, like Ethan, but at present we have a waiting list. Please email us if you, or your son or daughter would like to get involved.

We’re looking forward to International Women’s Day on 07 March and our 2nd Birthday celebrations at the end of April. Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information about both of these special occasions!!

Many thanks for continuing to support Macclesfield parkrun!!

Best Wishes,

Tim (A249035)

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