Macclesfield parkrun #108

At its 108th parkrun, Macclesfield welcomed 193 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 23 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.
Lee Shaul (100), Rob Leppard (50) and Paul Meagh (50) chose Macclesfield for their milestone parkruns.
Eight people had their very first parkrun. I hope this is the start of a wonderful journey - Saturday's will never be the same! My parkrun journey started a couple of years ago after losing 5.5 stone in weight by walking three miles a day.  I knew about parkrun as my friends were keen runners. I just needed to pluck up the courage to go and so chose one 40 miles away! I was so blown away by the inclusivity and welcome I received at Sheffield Castle that I became hooked. I went back a few months later to scan barcodes and to thank them for the wonderful impact they'd had on my life.
This was my first visit to Macclesfield and I really enjoyed the undulating course! It was great walking up the hill with a couple of hundred others to the start. I hadn't realised that I'd be running up it three times! But that's the joy of parkrun. Every single course is different and as a 'tourist' I love that anticipation of not really knowing the course apart from a brief look at the course page to see if I need trail shoes. On Saturday I chatted with people from Brighton and Dorset who were up for the weekend as well as people who I know from volunteering at Marple Juniors parkrun.  As much as I love visiting a different course each week, I can see why people come back to Macclesfield week after week. It's a fabulous course with enough undulation to keep it interesting. The views at the top of the hill are well worth it! 
The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Tim MARSH • Christine CARRINGTON-PORTER • Annie SMEDLEY • Amy MARSH • Gemma MOORHOUSE • Lee SHAUL • Jonathan WRIGHT • Maurice OLDHAM • Sara STONE • Ann WRIGHT • Chloe SWALES • Isabel DYKINS • David BANKS • Juanita JACKSON • Owen DAVIES • Monica CLEMENTS • Fiona WILSON • Brian PUDDICOMBE • Ian PRICE • Debra CASSAR • Martin RAYMOND • William TIMMS • Rob CARRINGTON-PORTER • Steve NIXON • Frank NICHOLSON • Steve NICHOLSON • Lindsay BELDERSON • Christopher DRAKE.

For home parkrunners and tourists alike, none of this would happen without the hi-vis heroes. I'm talking about those people who get up every Saturday morning to enable me and hundreds of others to take part. And they do it with great big smiles too! A special shout-out to the young man at the bottom of the hill who bowed as we ran to the finish line!
Debra Cassar (Wilmslow)

#22 To trail shoe or not to trail shoe?

With 10cm of rain in the past 24 hours, this is the first Saturday I can remember since Macclesfield parkrun started where we've seriously had to consider whether we should be wearing trail shoes or not. Now as we are approaching winter I’m sure it won’t be the last either. Given last night's rain you could have even been forgiven for wearing flippers.

I got here nice and early today to do the pre-setup, it’s such a lovely time of day in the park. So peaceful with only a few early morning of dog walkers to greet on your walk round. Highly recommended if you want to dip your toe into the volunteering waters.

Macclesfield Parkrun #21 15-09-2018

With the weather getting colder and wetter there is a noticeable shift to people turning up as close to 9 as they dare, 8:50 seemed the optimum time today. We’ve all been there, waiting in the car for the extra 5 minutes with the heater on.

I'd like to give a massive thank you to all the 32 volunteers who made today possible. It still amazes me how brilliant it is that so many people are willing to give their own time to make our parkrun possible each week, so thank you. A big congratulations to 2 of the core team on reaching some volunteering milestones today, Kathryn (25) and Annie (50), fantastic effort.

Macclesfield Parkrun #21 15-09-2018

It's never great when you lose something like your car keys or even worse your parkrun barcode on parkrunday. Today we had both. With both people frantically searching 2 marshals stepped forward to save the day, both had been handed in by people taking part. A great team effort all round meant someone could get home, but even better someone else could get a time recorded today. There were, however, still quite a few Unknowns in our results again today - make sure you register and print your barcode and then most importantly of all - bring it with you!! #DFYB

We all enjoyed Macclesfield's premier run/jog/walking event on the eve of Macclesfield's second favourite running event the Macc Half, 5K & Fun Run. Being a big event in the town I'm sure we will have a lot of runners there tomorrow so the best of luck. Can't wait to see all the finishers t-shirts on display next Saturday.

See you next week
Lee (A599852)


#21 The hills are alive with the sound of parkrun

One of my favourite things about our special Saturday morning get-together is the soundtrack; take a moment to soak it in if you haven’t already.

There’s the 8:50 buzz around the bandstand. Excited voices, nervous questions, cheerful greetings and a thousand, “Mornings!” all blend together into a wonderful sound of anticipation.

Then the quiet of the crowd for the briefing, today lifted by a double rendition of Happy Birthday to celebrate milestone birthdays for Helen Preston and George Edwards - 10th parkrun on your 10th birthday, George, nicely done! Kudos for being up and out early on your birthdays!
Macclesfield Parkrun #21 15-09-2018 Macclesfield Parkrun #21 15-09-2018

The chime of a hundred stopwatches accompanies the 9:00 countdown of, “3, 2, 1, Go!” Then the almost-hypnotic sound of 286 pairs of stomping feet rises, broken by the unlimited cheerfulness and encouragement of the marshals, and those people having a good catch up at a comfortable pace. It’s not long before the sound of heavy breathing joins, with people from the front to the back finding their own personal limits and trying to go beyond - that’s what I love about parkrun: it doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the pack, everyone’s pushing just as hard!
Macclesfield Parkrun #21 15-09-2018 Macclesfield Parkrun #21 15-09-2018
Finally, the buzz of the finishing area as we cross the line, congratulate each other, scan our barcodes and try to work out whether we mostly loved it or hated it. 73 people achieved Personal Bests this morning, so there was good reason for congratulations, and 57 first timers joined us - well done, I hope you’ll be back for more! Miriam Wilkie, Matt Evans and Rachel Dudley completed their 50th parkruns too, so hearing the word, “Cake?” was perhaps my favourite part of today’s soundtrack - well done all and thanks!
Macclesfield Parkrun #21 15-09-2018

At least, that’s my soundtrack to parkrun. Let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed anything!

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Andrea Elaine FROST • Tim MARSH • Christine CARRINGTON-PORTER • Annie
SMEDLEY • Amy MARSH • Bridget MARSH • Joanne Marie PRITCHARD • Matthew
• Gogs DAVIES • Barrie THOMASON • Trisha BARR • Mike UPJOHN • Katrina
• Pamela SIMPSON • Virginia MCDERMOTT • Martin RAYMOND • Abigail ASPIN •
Finlee RIGBY • Rohan RIGBY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the
Macclesfield parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Finley PROFFITT who recorded a time of 17:28
on 19th May 2018 (event number 4).
The female record is held by Vicki CRONIN who recorded a time of 19:12
on 21st July 2018 (event number 13).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ann-Marie JONES who recorded
89.02% (22:46) on 14th July 2018 (event number 12).

Macclesfield parkrun started on 28th April 2018. Since then 2,079
participants have completed 5,966 parkruns covering a total distance of
29,830 km, including 1,578 new Personal Bests.


Macclesfield parkrun Run Report #2 05-05-18

Wow! What a fantastic day for running; the sun was already shining when the set-up team arrived in South Park at 8am. Everyone was excited to see if the number of runners for the second Macclesfield parkrun would match the amazing turnout for the inaugural run. The park looked decidedly empty when the team met at the bandstand.
As the start time of the run approached, the park started to get very busy. Before the official briefings and setting out of the course began, there was a celebration for one of the run directors, Holly who got married the previous day. What an amazing show of dedication to parkrun turning up to volunteer the day after her wedding! Congratulations Holly, we all wish you a long and happy marriage!
Then it was down to business, with the marshals heading out to their places and Mike delivering the first timers briefing, using his own barcode as a prop to show how the system works. There were 93 first timers who had never been to parkrun before – well done for registering! I'm sure you enjoyed the parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you again.
The start time approached and all 355 runners, joggers and walkers headed for the starting area. The sun blazed down on everyone as Annie and Mike did a double act with the megaphone for the run briefing.
After everyone headed off into the sunshine, they negotiated the course well, climbing the hills and crossing the stream.

The first finisher was Finlay Proffitt in a time of 18:07 who also holds the current course record of 17:49 which he completed on the inaugural run. The first female finisher was Vicki Cronin in a time of 20:07 a brilliant time for her first Macclesfield parkrun, and a new female course record. There were 250 first timers altogether, 59 of the returning runners from the Inaugural event recorded PB's and representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The post-run meeting spot The Park Tavern is gradually getting more popular they have been great at letting us use the pub as a post-run headquarters.
A big thanks to this week's 33 hi-viz heroes (volunteers) – without them parkrun would not be possible:

Jimmy SHELDON • Fiona BOGUES • Eve TAYLOR • Ian TAYLOR • Robert HASLER • Tim MARSH • Saranya HASLER • Annie SMEDLEY • Amy MARSH • Lee SHAUL • Jonathan WRIGHT • Josephine WRIGHT • Julie SMITH • Harry NEWTON • Amanda WATMOUGH • Carol UPTON • Jim NETTLE • Robbie PEAL • Judith RITCHIE • Lynne GRAVES • Felix HASLER • Kathryn HUTCHINSON • Maria HAIGH • Barrie THOMASON • Rachel GILLILAND • Lynda COOK • Trisha BARR • Saffron TAYLOR • Mike UPJOHN • James SCULLY • Holly HOLLIDAY • Arthur HASLER • Amy THORNLEY
There are many different volunteer roles and if you would like to volunteer, please contact us via the Macclesfield parkrun webpage or by emailing

Well done to everyone who turned out to walk, jog or run - remember it's a run not a race!


Macclesfield parkrun – Inaugural Run Report #1 28/04/2018

The spring sunshine shone beautifully on a very excited team, for this morning's set up for the inaugural parkrun in Macclesfield. As the buzz began to grow, so did the number of arrivals. People started to pour in from all four corners of South Park, descending down on to the bandstand meeting area.
Inaugural Park Run Macclesfield

Kathryn gave a warm welcome to our 88 first timers - WOW! Well done for registering guys! Inaugural Park Run Macclesfield
There was a slight hiccup before starting, with finish token numbers 224-450 dropping all over the floor, but with the true spirit of team parkrun - every one pulled together and the situation was rectified in time for the start! The sun decided to bow out to give our Fantastic duo Event Directors- Jim and Tim- their time to shine!

367 runners, joggers and walkers shot off to an enthusiastic start! It was a joy for the finish-line-team to watch the participants stretch across the paths, hills and horizon.

First over the line was first male finisher- Finlay Proffitt. Well done to Finlay who has officially set a course record of 17 mins 49 secs.
Our first female finisher was Elizabeth Leason- 21 mins 25 secs. Well done!
After our first event our average finish time is 30 mins 30 secs

We received an overwhelming amount of positive comments and feedback, with runners enjoying the tough hills of the golf course. This is certainly a course to improve your PB on, week by week!

Thank you to everyone who met for coffee ( or gin!) in our weekly post run meeting spot - The park(run) Tavern. The core team certainly enjoyed thawing out over a delicious hot chocolate.

A huge thank you to this week's 34 hi viz heroes (volunteers) who make this event possible:

Adam RICHARDSON • Adrian SELL • Amy MARSH • Andy BURGON • Annie SMEDLEY • Barbara HURRELL • Brian PUDDICOMBE • Bridget Patricia MARSH • Daniel BUNDRED • Eve TAYLOR • Fiona BOGUES • Fiona WILSON • Holly HOLLIDAY • Ian TAYLOR • James SCULLY • Jim NETTLE • Jonathan TIDESWELL • Kathryn HUTCHINSON • Kim CROSKERY • Liz TIDESWELL • Lorraine JACKSON • Mike RICHARDSON • Mike UPJOHN • Neil GUNN • Oli NETTLE • Olly SMYTH • Paul JOHNSON • Rachael MOAT • Richard AINLEY • Thomas TAYLOR • Tim MARSH • Trevor H MORRIS • Trisha BARR • Will NETTLE
Inaugural Park Run Macclesfield
Thanks to Paul, Neil & Olly for all the photos - you will be able to see these on our webpage and also on Flickr

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us via the Macclesfield parkrun webpage or by emailing

Well done to the tail walkers- James and Barbara- who made sure that no parkrunner comes last. Remember... it's a run not a race! You're lapping everyone on the couch!

We had a couple of Finish Token Magpies - this is an official parkrun name for a parkrunner who accidentally (or otherwise) takes their Finish Position Token away with them rather than leaving it at the event. If you have accidentally, or otherwise, taken home token number 291 & 337 please could you return them next week.

We can't wait to see you all again soon!

Thanks for reading our first run report by Holly Holliday.
Core Team - Co-Event Directors - Jim and Tim.
Run Directors - Annie, Kathryn, Eve, Ian, Holly, Lee, Mike & James

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