Maidstone parkrun is cancelled on 2021-06-26 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We’re Back!

We've had a few weeks rest from the run report - thankfully we're back just in time for the rain to stop! Great to see that lots of you are still engaged in #notparkrun - we know numbers have dropped off nationally as we approach a potential return of Saturday parkrun. More on that in a moment....

To help motivate you all to keep logging we have a message from our Chief Cheerleader Gary Ludwin. Without Gary we would never have picked up the (not)parkrun baton and started our epic challenge with Witney and then across Kent. Gary is keen to keep you going until we return so check out what he's got to say below.

Now on to that all important return. Nothing is confirmed as yet so please keep an eye on social media and this run report as any announcements will be made here. The good news is we have our confirmed landowners consent to return - so thank you to everyone who has supported achieving this. It's a big step! Currently the proposed date for return is 26 June but this is yet to be finalised. Watch out for further announcements.


#notparkrun weekly stats

Last week we had 162 of you complete 452 (not)parkruns - with 4 first timers - welcome!

Congratulations to the 11 of you who achieved new personal bests. Why not use (not)parkrun to prepare yourself for the return of Saturday mornings!

#notparkrun spotlight - Gary Ludwin


So we all hope to return on the 26th June at parkrun which is great as it will be good to see everyone who makes our Saturday morning parkruns so social and fun.

But until then I’ll drop a thanks to everyone of you who have given up a few minutes of your week and taken the time to join our mission in making Maidstone parkrun one of the top parkruns in the country for (not)parkruns.

When I started in my crazy mission back in October of last year never did I think we could make too 10 let alone be number 1 a few times. You have all given great support to keeping many people going and motivated during the lockdown. Our weekly battles with Witney have become stuff of (not)parkrun legend I’m sure.

And finally...

Do you understand age grading? If not you may want to check out this article from our regular parkrunner Alan Newman - runABC coach Alan Newman explains how to use age-grading tables


I wanted to see if for the final few weeks we could all push each other to finish on a high as log any and every 5K. There is still time to pass that 325 number for participants but we need everyone to join in for our final few weeks.


Keep an eye out…

Whoops, where did this week go? We nearly ran out of time for the run report, but we'll keep it short and sweet this week. It's great to still see so many of you taking part in (not)parkrun, but we can also see the numbers dropping off especially with lots of talk about the return of parkrun! But why not keep going as this is a great opportunity to get back into the habit of parkrunning and we love to see you all involved.

On the return, you may have seen lots of communication from HQ and the date put forward of 5 June as a target return for parkrun in England. This is dependent on landowner permission and other questions. So please be aware this is a target date and not set in stone! You'll need to keep an eye on our social media and the parkrun website to find out any final dates.

Currently our course is still closed for building works so any date for Maidstone to return will be dependent on status of our course and not just permission from the landowner.

We want to get back as much as you do but please don't all rush to Kent Life on 5 June expecting parkrun without checking first!


(not)parkrun weekly stats

Last week we had 183 of you complete 511 5ks - it was the first time we've not passed 200 participants since the snow in Feb and we reckon you must be all exhausted with this level of activity, so congratulate yourselves on a well earned break!

Welcome to our 2 First Timers and congratulations to 11 of you who got a new personal bests. And welcome to the 100 club for Chris Bird and Wendy Spice.



18000 and still going!

This week we passed 18000 (not)parkruns - or should we say YOU passed that, an amazing 90250km has been completed by our Maidstone parkrunners. Wow. Well done to everyone that has kept going, kept logging - there is still lots of time to record a (not)parkrun so tell your friends and family to get involved.


We get asked lots of questions about what counts and what doesn't so here is a reminder:

You can record any 5k as a (not)parkrun - so if you've gone further, just take the 5k time. If you break it into parts, for example a walk to the shops and then a walk home, that's fine too.

Time doesn't matter - run, walk - no need for proof of time so if you don't have a sports watch just use a good old fashioned clock to work out your time.

You can record one per day - so there's a chance each week to do 7 (not)parkruns!

All times must be uploaded into your profile by midnight on Sunday. That's when the week resets and we start again....

(not)parkrun weekly stats

This week we had 202 people complete 577 (not)parkruns, finishing second in the UK friendly league.

For the first time we had no first timers! Tell all your friends and family about us....

15 of you recorded new personal bests! Well done....and welcome to the 100 club to Mandy Smith, Anne Crawford, Sheila Gillespie, Stephen Turpie and Tim Carr!

IMG_2702 177575653_10158189441371274_1188289310281595751_n 177877856_10224491696776447_4939668529815835115_n 178362229_10225556382927452_558375714594421001_n 178368911_4308174802526148_7487006681771097872_n


It’s all about you!

How are you? It's something you'd hear a lot if we were back together on a Saturday morning, catching up with friends for the week. Checking in with those who may have missed a few parkruns. But having not been together for over a year it's harder for us to all connect. This is why we love (not)parkrun.

It isn't about finishing top of the table (although yes, we do all enjoy that). It isn't about beating Bushy or catching Witney. It's about YOU!


We know it is hard to stay motivated and keep active, especially given the year we've all had, the weather....there are many reasons to stay at home but we want to celebrate the many reasons that take you all outside (or on your treadmill) for a walk to the shops, or to see a friend in the park. Or to gather on a Saturday in groups of 6 and run 5k. Just one 5k a week keeps you active and if you log it as a (not)parkrun it connects you with all those other people in Maidstone doing the same. You're part of the Maidstone parkrun family and you can picture all those people out there joining you in your 5k.


So keep going, maybe this week try adding one extra 5k to your week, keep logging and keep sharing your stories, pictures and milestones. It's (fingers crossed) just over 6 weeks until we hope to return on a Saturday and we'll be with you every step of the way!

(not)parkrun weekly stats

Last week 243 of you completed 691 (not)parkruns - amazing and we passed 17473 (not)parkruns in total. Wow, are you all exhausted?

A warm welcome to our 3 First Timers, keep going and logging your 5ks. Well done to 22 of you who recorded New PBs - do any of you think you will improve on your parkrun time when you're back?

HUGE congratulations to our three 200 club members, what an achievement - Gary Ludwin, Helen Cranfield and Timothy Samuelson - the race is on to see who will join them next!

And welcome to our new 100 club members - Stephen Payne, Kerrie Rees, Viv Sullivan and Gwen Moss - brilliant!

173937254_10225658083783244_1839315996552057428_n 174800330_10165300112335293_8187216656055606723_n 174850714_10158172557321274_6845602285151662229_n 175316226_10224434048455275_5324760831434295177_n


Happy 8th Birthday!

How much fun was last week? We loved it and by the photos, messages and general smiley nature around Maidstone you did too! If you didn't see our amazing birthday song video then check it out on Facebook or You Tube 

172083019_3829376350491043_364709945563022301_n 172238049_10225064789468927_1727655157970258941_n (1)

Great news in that we did indeed finish top of the UK chart for most participants to celebrate being 8 - we were so very close to topping both participants and number of (not)parkruns but Witney do like to record a lot of 5ks per person!! Remember you can do one per day and they can be walks, runs, jogs or hops and skips and you don't even have to have ever completed an actual parkrun.

We've got 8 weeks until we're fingers crossed back at Kent Life and we would love to stay at the top - but we also think we can reach a total of 20000 (not)parkruns before we return but need your help - so keep logging, get friends and family involved and share those photos!


On that note - no runner spotlight this week - just all your photos after the weekly stats...

(not)parkrun weekly stats

This week we had 279 of you complete 771 (not)parkruns  - enough to top the participants table! Wouldn't it be great to get back over 300?

Welcome to our 9 first timers! Keep on logging those 5ks each week. And congratulations to 28 of you who achieved new personal bests.

Congratulations to anyone who hit a milestone during the week - Felicity reached 100!



This weeks photo gallery:

170433844_1576381809228158_905074557149700563_n 170250740_10157630520616126_6405755455336597533_n 172623163_3830312777064067_6833088211644805686_n 172150238_3830312787064066_4159186928646342467_n 171979507_532155817771532_1051529500312360831_n 171968012_3830312750397403_4285744005556631590_n 171856496_532155937771520_2948398352048028466_n 171816206_3830312820397396_2946854978252366203_n 171795827_10157421463221525_8186401525787658259_n 171758236_10226396885170751_8829465322590953776_n 171749537_10219631944526095_629059139265186037_n 171203234_4262900403720255_6122392902321439458_n 171051780_10222525582345462_5072833963681198549_n 171003924_10219619243208570_9142772722004676146_n 170869738_10221265951332674_7720179175243071156_n 170805072_10224362069855855_5797813267909419841_n 170680399_10219616640423502_798027002459347171_n 170662588_10221261543382478_7348663155506212040_n 170560288_3821066844655327_8431880406704167825_n 170090040_3825030334249193_1640063293423212485_n

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