Maldon Prom parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-15 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Virtual Event #57 – 8th May 2021

Run or walk 5km, any time, anywhere, this week.

Send us your results before midnight on Saturday and we'll publish a set of virtual parkrun results sometime on Sunday.

Submit your 5K results here

The link will be de-activated after the deadline. Once the results are up they won't be updated. So don't miss the deadline!

Enjoy and stay safe :-)


Virtual Event #56 – 1st May “May be warm next week !”

MLM 010521

This weeks opening pictures come from Michelle Lamarre who once again captured some spectacular shots of the sun rising over Heybridge on Saturday morning from the first of her two Virtual parkrun's. It was nice to see you and a few other familiar faces however fleetingly in the Prom just a little bit later on.

This Weeks PB's

It's hearty congratulations to Beryl Munro whose new PB of 46:06 was achieved on the day after her 80th Birthday :-) . Well done Beryl and Many Happy Returns too. You deserve some well earned Birthday Cake after that run !

There were also PB's for Patrick Hinchliffe in a time of 34:26 and Claire McAulay who power walked round with a time of 54:00.

Well Done All :-)

The Week in Pictures

We have one other picture to share this week from Gabrielle Boland.

"A beautiful start to my day, the rabbits were cheering but you were all missing, we will run together again. Thanks to the virtual results hot desk team, you all rock :-) "
GB 010521

This week's results table can be found below, along with all the various comments from your respective Virtual parkrun's.

With hopefully the imminent return of proper parkrun this may be my last stint at the "Virtual parkrun Hot Desk" (as Gabi refers to it), so before I go, I would just like to say Thank You, to all of you who have taken part in Virtual parkrun over the last year, and a bit, and to all who have shared their stories and pictures along the way.

Together you have kept the Maldon Prom parkrun spirit alive through what has been some truly extraordinary circumstances.

I'll handover to Bob now who will be back next week.

So until then Stay Safe and Well.


Position Parkrunner Time  
1 Neal Beaumont 00:23:13
2 Philip Page 00:24:01
3 Wendy Aldridge 00:24:14
4 Victoria Poole 00:26:27
5 Stacy Hember 00:26:31
6 Greg Krzyzanowski 00:26:41
7 Kevin Lagan 00:27:22
8 Kate Priest 00:27:43
9 Julia Bawden 00:28:20
10 Kimberley Harding 00:28:44
11 Kerry Harding 00:28:52
12 Jan Hutchinson 00:29:01
13 Lisa Burgess 00:29:28
14 Tracy Page 00:29:31
15 Elaine Osborne 00:29:48
16 Bob Gear 00:29:59
17 Joscelyn McInnes 00:31:48
18 Fiona Griffiths 00:32:50
19 Gordon McAulay 00:33:05
20 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:34:26 PB! :-)
21 Barbara Hammond 00:35:27
22 Suzie King 00:36:06
23 Colin Matthews 00:37:42
24 Anita Leaver 00:37:49
25 Yvonne McAulay 00:38:25
26 John Buchanan 00:38:28
27 Abigail Lagan 00:39:02
28 Clare Dove 00:39:48
29 Alison Hughes 00:40:51
30 Michelle Lamarre 00:42:23
31 Beryl Munro 00:46:06 PB! :-)
32 Gabrielle Boland 00:52:28
33 Claire McAulay 00:54:00 PB! :-)
34 Lesley Hyland 00:59:52
35 Barbara Hobbs 01:02:53
36 Craig Burgess 01:12:41

And here are your thoughts on your virtual parkrun....

Name Comment
Alison Hughes 5 weeks to go!
Anita Leaver Hopefully it will not be long now before we can
participate in the real event!
Barbara Hammond Lovely morning again.
Barbara Hobbs A walk at the Prom with the new 5k Beagle team :-)
Beryl Munro A PB day after my 80th B.
Well pleased.
Bob Gear Part of my Maldon Soul Runners 10k run from Thursday
Claire McAulay First time doing a virtual parkrun :-)
Clare Dove Tried an off road run and really felt the
difference. Think I will stick to
Colin Matthews First full 5k run/shuffle, no walking
Craig Burgess Nice tail-walk to the bluebell woods and back!
Fiona Griffiths Starting to run again.... Summery feeling.
Gabrielle Boland A beautiful start to my day, but you were all missing, we
will run toghter again. Thanks to the virtual results hot desk team, you all
rock :-)
Gordon McAulay Cold start warmer finish. Just like my running :-)
Jan Hutchinson Not a PB - yet again - but a better time than usual this
Joscelyn McInnes Not too upset with this time as I actually did the
parkrun route not just up or down Marsh road with the wind behind me
Kate Priest Thanks as always, parkrun team! Took it easy today as
have had a cold, had my 1st jab and also had a pint of beer before
Kevin Lagan Another enjoyable jog. Great to see so many fellow park
runners out and enjoying the Prom.
Lesley Hyland Lovely sunny day with solar powered Nell :-)
Lisa Burgess Thanks to Tracy for helping me get under 30mins. Really happy with this and a great start to
the bank holiday weekend :-)
Michelle Lamarre I prefer running before 9am but the company at 9am is way
Neal Beaumont Another breezy day, so a slow afternoon run round
Burnham's parkrun route.
Patrick Hinchliffe Colder than November, but the morning had a certain
apricity about it.
Philip Page Fuelled by the Adnams Brewery the night before......
Stacy Hember I just can't seem to get any quicker. Hopefully when we
are back running together I might get down to 24 minutes again
Tracy Page Great way to start the weekend :-)
Wendy Aldridge Can't wait to get back to parkrun
Yvonne McAulay Thanks team

Virtual Event #56 – 1st May 2021

Run or walk 5km, any time, anywhere, this week.

Send us your results before midnight on Saturday and we'll publish a set of virtual parkrun results sometime on Sunday.

Submit your 5K results here

The link will be de-activated after the deadline. Once the results are up they won't be updated. So don't miss the deadline!

Enjoy and stay safe :-)


Virtual Event #55 – 24th April 2021 “Finally Getting Warm”


I was unable to make it down the Prom this weekend, but from the Pictures sent in from Michelle, Siobhan and Lisa it looks like there was a good few runners out enjoying a socially distanced run, walk or jog it the park.

The weather was warm where I was and it looks like you all too enjoyed a nice day in Maldon and the surrounding area too. Hopefully that chilly wind of the last few weeks has gone for a while. :-)

This Weeks PB's

There was another PB for Neils Walter this week who shaved a further 17 seconds off his time from last week. Well done Niels, sub-20 must be a target now ;-) !

The Week in Pictures

Once again we have some fabulous picture contributions to share this week. Thank you all for each and every one of these.

Collage 1Collage 2
Collage 3Collage 4

SH2SH3SH5SH4Coffee and Teacake at Papermill Lock

Please keep them coming we'll always include whatever you send in.

This week's results table can be found below, along with all the various comments from your respective Virtual parkrun's.

Stay Safe and Well and I'll see you all next week for Virtual Event #56.

Position Parkrunner Time  
1 Gary Poole 00:20:11
2 Niels Walter 00:20:26 PB ! :-)
3 Neal Beaumont 00:22:06
4 Philip Page 00:23:43
5 Victoria Poole 00:26:09
6 Stacy Hember 00:26:20
7 Craig Burgess 00:26:20
8 Kevin Lagan 00:27:25
9 Clive Smith 00:27:28
10 Kimberley Harding 00:27:32
11 Kerry Harding 00:27:46
12 Kate Priest 00:27:55
13 Ann-Marie Bearne 00:28:18
14 Steve Carter 00:28:42
15 Tracy Page 00:29:37
16 Mary Simmons 00:29:51
17 Jan Hutchinson 00:29:55
18 Lisa Burgess 00:30:13
19 Joscelyn McInnes 00:31:10
20 Siobhan Humm 00:31:14
21 Julie Lee-Ranson 00:32:48
22 Frederick Baker 00:33:21
23 Gordon McAulay 00:34:07
24 Lisa Campbell 00:34:31
25 Suzie King 00:35:35
26 Julie Bennett 00:35:44
27 Heather Davies 00:35:48
28 Clare Dove 00:37:01
29 Yvonne McAulay 00:39:43
30 Maria Smith 00:39:54
31 Barbara Hammond 00:40:04
32 Alison Hughes 00:40:50
33 Beryl Munro 00:47:45
34 Michelle Lamarre 00:49:43
35 Gabrielle Boland 00:52:35
36 Fiona Griffiths 00:53:30
37 Lesley Hyland 00:59:36
38 Barbara Hobbs 01:03:04

And here are your thoughts on your virtual parkrun....

Name Comment
6 weeks to go!! :-)
Barbara Hammond Slow one today nursing a sore rib. Lovely morning though
and heard first cuckoo of the season
Beryl Munro Thank you Team for your dedication on compiling our
Clive Smith Best run since my pb of 27.26 five years ago now I am
ready for 5 June.
Craig Burgess Recovering from a cold, lovely run in the sun!
Fiona Griffiths Part of walking a marathon this weekend. Beautiful
Gabrielle Boland What a glorious day, thanks so much to this weeks
"results hot desk operative", I bet you'd rather be out enjoying
the weather than processing the results. You're all stars :-)
Gary Poole Lovely morning down the Prom - almost warm enough for
short sleeves. But not quite...
Gordon McAulay On Holiday this Saturday so this time was my Thursday
Soul Runners run down to Beeliegh Falls and back.
Joscelyn McInnes not a bad time after a 4 mile run along the sea wall to
hollywell point as a warm up!!
Julie Bennett Lovely run across Beeleigh Falls to make a change
Kate Priest Thanks parkrun team!
Kevin Lagan Slower than last week but absolutely lovely round the
Lisa Burgess Lovely run in the sun.
Trying to get under 30 mins, maybe I'll do this next week :-)
Michelle Lamarre Lots of parkrunning today :-)
Neal Beaumont Twas a bright, sunny
Saturday morning, with a fresh northeasterly wind blowing. So Joscelyn and I
jogged slowly out of Burnham, along the seawall to Holliwell point, admiring
the fleet of 16 Optimists, who were really going for it out on the water:
some impressive yound sailors out there. We then headed up the track to Marsh
Road to start our parkruns back to Burnham. Thanks, as always, to the Maldon
Niels Walter Another great run from Niels' this week , he's so looking
forward to doing a live park run and meeting you all ( Siobhan )
Philip Page All worth it for the chat with friends, coffee and
Siobhan Humm A wonderful run this morning, thanks all for keeping us
going not long now hopefully
Stacy Hember Lovely day. Tried to run the route but it got really busy
so had to finish the run outside of the park.
Steve Carter Used my Weds run as couldn't get out today. Enjoyed this.
Tracy Page Did it for the teacake
Victoria Poole Another lovely sunny morning, thank you parkrun team
Yvonne McAulay Thanks team

Virtual event #54 17th April 2021

Another fabulous week for running, walking and timing a 5K.

The park is looking lovely and the weather too. Congratulations to Niels Walter (picture below, crossing the virtual line as virtual first finisher this week) and to Patrick Hinchcliffe for their PB's this week and to all of the 41 finishers.




Quite a few of you chose to run the parkrun course and to wear milestone T's. To me at least it felt almost as good as an actual parkrun and I continue to remain cautiously optimistic that we will be back in 7 weeks.

The Event Directors and the core team volunteers have been looking at an alternate route to avoid the potential congestion on the first lap and hope that this and new measures set out in the parkrun framework will help everyone feel it is safe for us to return.

Thank you for sending some pictures in. I managed to capture one of the resident swans and a few runners too.



Stay safe everyone.


Here are your comments & photos on this week's virtual parkrun....

Name Comment
Alison Hughes 7 weeks to go!
Anita Leaver I did my Bicknacre #notparkrun yesterday morning. Looking forward to the real thing!
Ann-Marie Bearne Beautiful day for a run Ran with my daughter this morning I slowed her down! :-) Choosing a route without having to cross the road is difficult! So busy out there!
Barbara Hammond Lovely morning for an early run
Beryl Munro In remembrance
Craig Burgess Glad to get back to running after a break!
Fiona Griffiths I'll be running again in May, fingers crossed :-)
Gabrielle Boland Thanks, once again, to the results hot desk team keeping us all connected :-)
Gordon McAulay Fastest one this year and since November so improving still
Jacki MUNDY New shoes no gaffer tape required
John Buchanan Well done everyone- not long now! Just somehow need to be about 10 minutes quicker- maybe I should get a different watch??
Julia Bawden A lovely sunny run in Prom Park this morning :). Thank you for Maldon PR Team.
Julie Bennett Lovely walk in the sunshine this morning. Thanks core team and Parkrun for an excuse to walk with friends.
Kate Priest Beautiful day for a run. Didn't even need my running jacket today!! Thanks parkrun team x
Kevin Lagan Absolutely lovely today on our prom
Lisa Burgess Back under 30 mins. Happy with That!! :-)
Mia Lawes Run with mummy (Mia aged 9) :-)
Michelle Lamarre Almost felt like a parkrun 'proper'
Nicola Martin And we're back - first 5k achieved post Covid and it feels good :-)
Niels' Walter A great run for Niels' this week ,prom really is beautiful with the sun shining ( Siobhan)
Philip Page Really great to be running with friends again :-)
Siobhan Humm Beautiful day for a run today ,thanks all for keeping us together , not long now !!
Stacy Hember Ran the actual route today as it wasn't as busy - everyone must be shopping
Steve Carter That was a little more like it. Lovely morning for it. Want more of this.
Tracy Page Tail walking on such a beautiful morning!
Victoria POOLE Such a lovely, calm and sunny morning
Yvonne McAulay Thank you Team

...and here are the results.

Position Parkrunner Time
1 0:20:43 PB! :-) Niels' Walter
2 0:25:31   Philip Page
3 0:26:06   Craig Burgess
4 0:26:40   Kate Priest
5 0:26:49   Kevin Lagan
6 0:27:09   Stacy Hember
7 0:27:25   Victoria POOLE
8 0:27:32   Julia Bawden
9 0:28:33   Steve Carter
10 0:28:48   Kerry Harding
11 0:28:49   Kimberley Harding
12 0:29:38   Lisa Burgess
13 0:29:48   Jan Hutchinson
14 0:30:22   Elaine OSBORNE
15 0:31:04   Ann-Marie Bearne
16 0:31:04   Mia Lawes
17 0:31:05   Jacki MUNDY
18 0:31:18   Jeremy MUNDY
19 0:32:00   Gordon McAulay
20 0:32:04   Siobhan Humm
21 0:32:06   Steven Martin
22 0:32:06   Nicola Martin
23 0:32:52   Julie Lee-Ranson
24 0:33:07   Frederick Baker
25 0:34:37 PB! :-) Patrick Hinchliffe
26 0:35:46   Barbara Hammond
27 0:36:07   Heather Davies
28 0:37:01   Clare Dove
29 0:37:12   Anita Leaver
30 0:37:43   Colin Matthews
31 0:37:59   Alison Hughes
32 0:40:10   John Buchanan
33 0:45:39   Yvonne McAulay
34 0:48:16   Beryl Munro
35 0:49:01   Michelle Lamarre
36 0:53:02   Gabrielle Boland
37 0:54:00   Fiona Griffiths
38 1:01:33   Lesley Hyland
39 1:01:34   Barbara Hobbs
40 1:02:12   Tracy Page
41 1:05:55   Julie Bennett

and finally....

some more pictures







Hope to 'see' you all again next week :-)

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