Maldon Prom parkrun is cancelled on 18 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Virtual event #14 11th July 2020 Angry v Friendly Birds and a family Martinez flock

Congratulations to the (at least) 73 runners who took part in our 14th virtual parkrun this week and to the 70 of you who remembered to send your results in before you went to bed.

Sorry Kimberley, Louisa and Glen, I made an early start on the processing today. I did go off on a bit of a tangent though so ifyou just want to see the results, please scroll down (quite a bit) and ignore my ramblings....

Six PB's this week;

Well done to

Aidan Kelly, Stacy Hembet, Kate Priest, Joscelyn McInnes, Harry Martinez and Clare Martinez

and to Bob Gear too on his virtual parkrun PB.

This week I'm personally more in the Paul Dobson and Grant Wells camp and "not feeling it"/ "struggling" but there's alway next week.

It was great to see a few people doing their first 5K, their first run for a while, their first parkrun or virtual parkrun.

Well done Lee Brace and Craig Burgess. and welcome to the Maldon prom parkrun family,

Will McAllister, Claire Martinez and Harry Martinez!

Im quite envious when I hear about familes taking part together as Ive been unable to pursuade any of my own to join me.

On that note, I was wondering;

what the collective name for a family of parkrunners might be.

Keeping with the bird theme, Ive gone with flock in my report header for this week. A gaggle would be more appropriate for my own family who definitely talk more than run.

what the largest family collective taking part in a single Maldon event has been or a combined run total.

Its an impossible one to work out though. 4 of the Martinez family ran together for the first time this week. Tony has volunteered at our event on lots of occasions and having completed 47 parkruns might have been celebrating a milestone in different circumastance. Oliver has done 75. Any suggestions/takers?

Not quite in the same league, but I did manage to convince my dog, Roobarb to join me on my cool down this week. She will sadly never be a barkrunner though as she has a bad back and doesn't other dogs.


Not many of you sent in pictures this week but, interestingly, there were a couple of bird pictures. The resident swans at the prom appear to be more welcoming to us parkrunners than the ones in Heybridge.

sun, swans and tinkerbelle


Thanks to core teammates Gabi and Bob for sending these in.

Jonty the lockdown foal gets more and more handsome every week.


Thank you for sharing him with us.

Finally, another picture from my own Heybridge parkrun. No angry birds.


Have a good week everyone.

Results table immediately below, comments below that. Hope to 'see' you all again next week :-)

Position Parkrunner Time  
1 Paul Dobson 0:19:22  
2 Paul Connell 0:20:47  
3 Nicholas Dobson 0:21:04  
4 Paul Jewiss 0:21:47  
5 Simon Priest 0:21:57  
6 Neal BEAUMONT 0:22:53  
7 Bob Priest 0:23:07  
8 Aidan Kelly 0:23:32 PB! :-)
9 Ian Lucas 0:23:39  
10 Bob Gear 0:23:49  
11 Dave Ferris 0:23:49  
12 Oliver Martinez 0:23:58  
13 Wendy Aldridge 0:24:32  
14 Stacy hembet 0:25:10 PB! :-)
15 Amanda Hudson 0:26:00  
16 Lee Brace 0:26:39  
17 Mark McKinnell 0:26:41  
18 Andy Byrom 0:26:58  
19 Kate Priest 0:27:18 PB! :-)
20 Steve Carter 0:27:21  
21 Nicola Martin 0:27:36  
22 Steven Martin 0:27:36  
23 Julia Bawden 0:27:44  
24 Philip Page 0:27:54  
25 Ann-Marie Bearne 0:28:15  
26 Kathryn Taylor 0:28:21  
27 Paul GREGORY 0:28:30  
28 Tracy Page 0:28:46  
29 Craig Burgess 0:28:47  
30 Philip Read 0:28:57  
31 Jess Priest 0:29:26  
32 Leah Jewiss 0:29:36  
33 Dawn Pepper 0:29:38  
34 Joscelyn MCINNES 0:29:47 PB! :-)
35 Kerry Harding 0:30:06  
36 Will McAllister 0:30:10  
37 Julie Lee-Ranson 0:30:40  
38 Lisa Burgess 0:30:51  
39 Jacki MUNDY 0:31:17  
40 Fiona Griffiths 0:32:00  
41 Gordon McAulay 0:32:00  
42 Caroline Hare 0:32:06  
43 Elaine Ferris 0:32:10  
44 Belinda Welton 0:32:16  
45 Grant Wells 0:32:24  
46 Sasha Rush 0:32:37  
47 Ella Priest 0:32:43  
48 Heather Davies 0:33:00  
49 Harry Martinez 0:33:03 PB! :-)
50 Tony Martinez 0:33:03  
51 Kirsty Davies 0:33:07  
52 Suzie King 0:33:17  
53 Frederick Baker 0:33:50  
54 Barbara Hammond 0:34:07  
55 Clare Martinez 0:34:46 PB! :-)
56 Tracey Plane 0:35:33  
57 Anita Leaver 0:36:14  
58 Patrick Hinchliffe 0:36:22  
59 Michelle Lamarre 0:38:16  
60 Clare Dove 0:39:00  
61 Alison HUGHES 0:39:20  
62 Ann Cardus 0:39:48  
63 Colin Matthews 0:40:27  
64 Sue BREWSTER 0:41:05  
65 Lesley Hyland 0:43:12  
66 Barbara Hobbs 0:43:15  
67 Gabrielle Boland 0:54:08  
68 Jan Buchanan 0:55:16  
69 John Buchanan 0:55:16  
70 James Skillern 1:10:33

And here are your thoughts on your virtual parkrun....

Name Comment
Alison HUGHES Thanks team for keeping us all motivated!
Amanda Hudson Lovely run by the river taking in the surroundings
Andy Byrom Friday night run this week so can spend Saturday morning with my grandchildren - hope everyone has a great weekend! As always, thanks for arranging
Anita Leaver Hello to all my friends from Maldon Prom parkrun! I miss you all! xxx
Ann Cardus Bootiful
Ann-Marie Bearne :-)
Barbara Hammond Best time this year
Barbara Hobbs Would have been quicker if Nell hadn't decided to take a dip in a stream :-)
Belinda Welton Another glorious run through the woods but still getting slower :-)
Bob Gear After finishing the Maldon Soul Runners 5k training weekly sessions with the aim of getting back under 24 minutes I achieved a Lockdown PB of 23.49!!!
Clare Dove A lovely run from Heybridge Basin to Osea and back.
Clare Martinez My first ever 5K, feeling inspired!!
Craig Burgess First run after pulling my calf, think i still need to rest it a bit!
Fiona Griffiths New route today. (Forgot to send time last week)
Gabrielle Boland The sun, 2 swans and tinkerbell were all at the start to see me off, what an honour. Thanks for keeping us all virtually together :-)
Gordon McAulay Time for a Bacon Sandwich
Grant Wells Well is this getting easier for everyone? I'm struggling.
Harry Martinez My first virtual parkrun and I loved it so much I took my mum out for her first ever 5K run
Ian Lucas Nice to do today's run with a few friends
Jacki MUNDY Beautiful day for my 10th non park run. Delighted with a best time this year
Jess Priest I'm so happy with the result!! Sub 30!
John Buchanan Inaugral running with Jan of Northey Island parkrun. Managed without getting our feet wet and fortunately we didn't run into any angry Vikings. Route ended up being a there and back rather than a loop as sea wall is under repar. (Permission to be on the island can easily be got from the National Trust Northey Island site)
Joscelyn MCINNES A lovely warm, still, afternoon in Burnham Park. We did the 'proper' course this week, so had to contend with the mountain in the middle of each lap, but (unlike last week), I didn't fall over. A very pleasing PB for the Burnham course: yippee!! Thanks to our parkrun chums at Maldon xx
Julia Bawden Another lovely Saturday morning run through Prom Park.
Kate Priest Yes! Quicker than last week! Lockdown PB (not official parkrun PB). Thanks to the parkrun team as always x
Kathryn Taylor More off road running today after a kettlebell session! Heavy legs, but sometimes can improve training!
Kirsty Davies Still regretting wearing the wrong trainers last week. The blisters have done my time no favours this week.
Leah Jewiss Lovely run in the prom, running the parkrun route - first time in months. I've missed that headwind haha! And fab running with Adele :-) Chit chatting all the way and a sub 30 which is always a bonus :-)
Lee Brace Finally back after couple of months of injury. Loving this
Lesley Hyland Hard work today but Beagles enjoyed it :-)
Lisa Burgess We had two virtual parkrun tourists on our course today...... only because they wanted coffee and cake with us afterwards at the finish - which happens to be Papermill Lock!! :-)
Michelle Lamarre Beautiful morning. Swimmer in the river. Sunshine. Blue sky. Red face, puffing like a steam train and feeling sluggish.
Neal BEAUMONT No cheating this week: we did the real Burnham Parkrun course. Lovely warm sunny afternoon, lots of spectators. Thanks to the Maldon Team!!
Nicola Martin Lovely run this morning. Perfect conditions around beautiful Maldon.
Oliver Martinez Thank you :-)
Paul Connell Love the prom, first time here since lockdown, good to briefly see the brilliant Paul Dobson
Paul Dobson Not really feeling it this morning but still pleased! :-)
Paul Jewiss Thank you Parkrun Team :-)
Philip Page Well chuffed!
Stacy hembet Really pleased with a virtual PB! Getting closer to my best time which was before my operation last year!
Steve Carter Wet Wednesday
Tony Martinez A family first of all four of us completing the virtual parkrun this week
Tracy Page Pleased with my time :-)
Wendy Aldridge Great to see lots of runners out there today
Will McAllister First park run :-)

Virtual Event #13 4th July 2020 New Zealand is back

Thank you all for sending in your results and pictures from you 5K adventures this weekend. Virtual volunteer 'report writing' and 'photographer' credits to you all.

We didn't reach triple figure this week but still a good turnout and I know that some people have now switched to recording their results on the (not) parkrun results page instead. It is great to see your comments and pictures here but as long as you are enjoying your parkrunning, it is all good.

Congratulations to Tim Huxtable and Kate Priest on their PB's and to Adele for remembering to add her finish time this week.


I'm particularly pleased to see some 4 legged parkrunners this week in amongst the pictures.

Woof, woof to prom regulars Nell and Tracker and to Blake who appears to be offering cool down support.

I'm wondering if anyone else is running in a personalised Apricot shirt too?


Have a great week and see you all again soon.


Results table immediately below, comments and photos below that. Hope to 'see' you all again next week :-)

Position Parkrunner Time  
1 Paul Dobson 0:18:45  
2 Nicholas Dobson 0:21:22  
3 Simon Priest 0:21:47  
4 Neal BEAUMONT 0:22:40  
5 Ben Turnbull 0:22:41  
6 Bob Priest 0:23:06  
7 Wendy Aldridge 0:24:03  
8 Aidan Kelly 0:24:13  
9 Geoffrey REDDIN 0:24:44  
10 Amanda Hudson 0:24:51  
11 Libby Watson 0:24:52  
12 Tim Huxtable 0:25:11 PB! :-)
13 Greg Krzyzanowski 0:25:22  
14 Oliver Martinez 0:25:32  
15 Craig Campion 0:25:44  
16 Kerry Harding 0:26:10  
17 Stacy Hember 0:26:10  
18 Kimberley Harding 0:26:11  
19 Tony Martinez 0:26:22  
20 Adele Bovingdon 0:26:55  
21 Andy Byrom 0:26:56  
22 Kate Priest 0:27:34 PB! :-)
23 Ian Lucas 0:27:35  
24 Jackie Robinson 0:27:58  
25 Julia Bawden 0:28:04  
26 Ann-Marie Bearne 0:28:17  
27 Tracy Page 0:28:47  
28 Meryl Dobson 0:29:01  
29 Jackie Burton 0:29:14  
30 Nicola Martin 0:29:16  
31 Steven Martin 0:29:16  
32 Joscelyn MCINNES 0:29:17  
33 Julia Coppen 0:29:42  
34 Jenny Layley 0:29:45  
35 Tracey plane 0:30:19  
36 Julie Lee-Ranson 0:30:43  
37 Lisa Burgess 0:30:55  
38 Leah Jewiss 0:31:20  
39 Claire Emptage 0:31:29  
40 Kirsty Davies 0:31:54  
41 Jess Priest 0:32:02  
42 Frederick Baker 0:32:30  
43 Grant Wells 0:33:06  
44 Siobhan Humm 0:33:06  
45 Ella Priest 0:33:15  
46 Ruth Francks 0:33:17  
47 Caroline Hare 0:33:38  
48 Sasha Rush 0:34:26  
49 Heather Davies 0:34:34  
50 Barbara Hammond 0:34:42  
51 Steve Carter 0:34:46  
52 Ann Cardus 0:34:54  
53 Stephanie morgan 0:35:03  
54 Sue Greenhill 0:35:16  
55 Suzie King 0:35:34  
56 Belinda Welton 0:35:42  
57 Julie Bennett 0:35:56  
58 Patrick Hinchliffe 0:37:18  
59 Michelle Lamarre 0:37:39  
60 Tim Gardiner 0:38:53  
61 Colin Matthews 0:40:06  
62 Alison HUGHES 0:40:26  
63 Sue Brewster 0:41:20  
64 Lesley Hyland 0:42:43  
65 Barbara Hobbs 0:42:58  
66 Clare Mitchell 0:49:32  
67 Katrina Mitchell-Morgan 0:49:32  
68 Gabrielle Boland 0:54:14  
69 Eddie Brewis 0:54:35  
70 Jan Buchanan 0:56:04  
71 John Buchanan 0:56:04  
72 James Skillern 1:08:28

And here are your thoughts and pictures from your virtual parkrun....


Name Comment
Alison HUGHES Love that we can still take part in "parkrun". Miss you all though!
Amanda Hudson I don't think I've another PB in me but still great being out. Thanks for doing this
Andy Byrom All done early to beat the rain, but breezy though - thanks as always for arranging
Ann Cardus Hubby beat me 10 minutes so he is putting the kettle on
Ann-Marie Bearne Bit windy out there! :-)
Barbara Hammond Cleared the cobwebs! Pleased overall with my run
Barbara Hobbs Good to see NZ back parkrunning - hopefully us in the near future. Thanks to core team for continuing to provide us with our virtual parkrun till then.
Belinda Welton Oh dear getting slower but Tess the pointer was too lazy today to come and help pull me round :-)
Ben Turnbull Great conditions! Went out too quick though!
Caroline Hare Caught myself smiling after struggling up Abbey Turning :-)
Clare Mitchell A breezy 5k around the common, warm and mizzly.
Eddie Brewis Lovely 5k walk around the common on a busy Saturday morning.
Gabrielle Boland A grey but beautiful morning, I could imagine you all running past me at great speed :-)
Geoffrey REDDIN Midday at the Prom is too busy to run a parkrun quick.
Grant Wells Thank you for organising this. Each week the runs get tougher and slower for me. Can't wait to be back with all the Maldon Prom parkrun family.
Greg Krzyzanowski ... and I'm feeling good :-)
Ian Lucas Nice gentle run with a couple of friends
Jackie Burton Thanks again to the team for giving us a reason to run on a windy humid day :-)
Jackie Robinson Lovely evening trotting with Welly dog and a socially distanced bunch of us up and down Felixstowe sea front followed by a swim and picnic from the campervan- happy times are returning!
Jan Buchanan The wettest ever here in Wales!
Jess Priest Disappointed as wanted a sub 30....
John Buchanan Inaugural parkrun at St Brides near where i am still working in South Glamorgan. Bit of everything- farm, woods, hill, rain and sheep!
Joscelyn MCINNES Very happy with that time, particularly as I fell over towards the end (got a nasty graze on my left arm: ouch!). We ran along Marsh Road, Burnham. Thanks!!
Julie Bennett Lovely route round the sea wall and canal. Still missing Parkrun Saturdays as much as ever!
Kate Priest YESSSSS!!! Sub 28 this week! Not an official parkrun PB, but definitely a lockdown PB!! SOOOOO pleased!! Thanks as always to Maldon parkrun team x
Katrina Mitchell-Morgan A steady 5k with George the miniature schnauzer.
Kimberley Harding Followed it up with some strawberry picking!
Kirsty Davies I wore the wrong trainers today and now I have two very large blisters! Oops. A mistake I will not make again.
Leah Jewiss "Easy" run as part of my training plan to get a quicker 5k. Enjoyable run - cool, drizzly, cloudy and a light breeze. Just the way I like it!
Lesley Hyland We love doing these 'freedom' non parkruns - off our leads again today - Nell & Tracker, the 5k Beagles.
Libby Watson A more leisurely run this morning, enjoyed it a lot. Usual parkrun course and saw a few other runners out bright and early :-)
Lisa Burgess New Not Parkrun route today, still just about in the 30's too so happy with that.
Michelle Lamarre A not(parkrun) PB but not a virtual run PB
Neal BEAUMONT Another windy day, so I cheated (again), by running east to west along Marsh Road, Burnham, starting at the top of the railway bridge. Spinnaker all the way. Thanks again to all fellow parkrunners: be careful in the pub tonight!
Nicola Martin Breezy, humid and drizzle but a lovely run nonetheless.
Paul Dobson Delighted!
Ruth Francks 1st lockdown not a parkrun - was nice to be out again!
Siobhan Humm Fab trail run with Steph! hopefully not too long before we see you all ,thanks as always for keeping us going xxx
Stacy Hember Really struggled today and the wind didn't help!
Stephanie morgan A new trail route :-)
Steve Carter Slow start helping Mrs C with her C25K, then picked it up a bit. Good to be out, but can't wait for a "proper" Parkrun. Thanks guys.
Sue Brewster Bit of a breezy one today!
Tim Gardiner I decided on a freedom crawl of Great Yarmouth North Beach parkrun in the wind and soft sand - dystopian parkrun purgatory with 38:53 (official pb 33:41) after 29:26 at Harwich earlier in week - it will tear your soul apart.....a guy on a bench laughed as I passed him on both laps, encouraging me with 'go easy fella!' Hilarious chap!!! Think the average time is only gonna head south on this one, which has just been ranked as the hardest parkrun in the UK with an average run time of over 36 mins! I'll never moan about the Maldon Prom slopes or off-road section ever again....promise
Tim Huxtable Thought it was too windy for a fast run today but smashed it equalled my PB
Tony Martinez Not quite a PB but a 5yr best so I'll take that. Thank you for the motivation :-)
Tracey plane Well done ever
Tracy Page Pleased with this time after not running for 2 weeks.
Wendy Aldridge Thank you preparing our results!

Virtual event #012 – 27th June 2020 – a change of weather

The weather this Saturday was changed though it looks like some of you did your run earlier in the week while it was still hot, hot, hot! Disappointingly only one photo this week, of the lovely foal Jonty and his family. It was good to see you on Sunday Kirsty :-)

It is, however, always great to read your comments. We love to hear where you've run, who and what you've seen along the way, and how much it means to you that we're all keeping in touch. Many of you have commented that you're looking forward to being back in the Prom soon and we all echo that sentiment. The reality is that it's unlikely to happen until restrictions on group gatherings are lifted completely. This is because the policy is that events won't re-start until all events in that country can be included, to avoid putting pressure on other nearby events. This means that until Bushy parkrun, with its 1,000+ runners is free to re-start, I'm afraid you'll have to content yourselves with our virtual events.

Sooo, pleeease do keep your results, your comments and your photos rolling in each week, they keep us going just as we keep you going :-) Let's see if we can get our numbers back to three figures, if you know a parkrunner who isn't joining in, why not challenge them to some friendly competition, or offer to make them a post-run brekkie that they can't resist! See if you can help them find their mojo ;-)

I look forward to checking those numbers next week :-)

Name Comment
Aidan Kelly We celebrated the 6th Birthday of Great Notley Parkrun by running the course
Amanda Hudson Wasn't sure about running as back been bad but this gave me the push I needed to get out. Thanks again for doing this - hopefully real Parkrun soon...
Andy Byrom Early start, drizzle and a breeze - lovely! Thanks again
Anita Leaver I am really looking forward to when we can all meet again in the Promenade Park!
Ann Cardus Cool run in the rain. Lovely.
Barbara Hammond Wet and windy. Disappointingly slow
Barbara Hobbs Yay - course PB for Team Beagle today! :-)
Craig Burgess Got caught in the rain!
Craig vernon First run in 21 days
Gabrielle Boland Thanks for keeping us virtually together on a Saturday morning :-)
Gordon McAulay Lockdown & Heaviest Weight PBs. I need to Social Distance from the Fridge !
Heather Davies Evening run to celebrate my birthday in lockdown - not how I would usually have spent it!
Jacki MUNDY Fastest time this year :-)
Jackie Robinson Thank you Maldon Prom parkrun core team
Jess Priest I'm so happy with my time! I knocked 5 mins off from last week. Sub 30 next week!
John Buchanan Great to accompany Jan on her 2nd ever full parkrun. Fantastic route into the park, along the prom to pay our respects to Byrhtnoth, past the quay and the Queens Head, past Maldon Salt and the shipyards where Pudge is just now, up market hill and a quick diversion into Farmers Yard to pick up some beer for the afternoon before the finishing straight along Park Road.
Joscelyn MCINNES Phew!!! That was very hard work today, with very strong southerly wind.
Joseph Gardiner Run with dad around the Rendlesham UFO Trail. No aliens, but it was a fun run through the forest.
Julie Bennett Managed to miss the rain!
Kate Priest Gutted I still didn't quite manage a 27 at the start!
Thanks as always to the parkrun team. Missing everybody!!
Kerry Hyland Glad of a bit of cooler weather to run in! Thank you park run people
Kevin Lagan Lovely jogging weather again.Good to see so many people jogging around Maldon this morning.
Kimberley Harding So muggy!! We had a chatty plod today :-) :-)
Kirsty Davies Happy birthday Mum (Heather) xxx
image0 (3)
Lesley Hyland Cooler weather and cool Beagles!
Libby Watson Tired legs today! Always good to get out though, and early prom run just before the rain came.. Thank you :)
Lisa Burgess Happy with my time today. Great to get out but got caught in the rain. Really missing the real Parkrun now and can't wait to get back to it :-)
Lisa Campbell Ran today's 5k as part of a 10k. A bit wet at times.
Martin SERGEANT Refreshing rainy run.
Maurice Keane Harder than I thought with the wind!
Michelle Lamarre I love where I live and my Heybridge parkrun but I'm missing the Prom now, the support I get from other parkrunners as I make my way down that final bit, past the amphitheatre and then all the way to the funnel. Definitely miss my post parkrun cake.
Neal BEAUMONT Burnham Parkrun course: seriously strong southerly breeze today. Thanks yet again to the virtual team.
Nicola Martin A very humid run but also very lucky as just arrived home and rain started.
Oliver Martinez Just very hot. Too hot!! : )
Paul Dobson Not ideal conditions but still pleased :-)
Paul GREGORY Rainy run kept me cool
Sasha Rush Being chased by the rain :-(
STACY Hember Training out my new insoles fingers crossed they help! Thanks guys for for your support
Steve Carter Much cooler this week, but well off the pace today.
Steve Robinson I jeffed it but I jeffed it 8 mins faster than my last jeffing attempt :-)
Tim Gardiner A run with my son Joseph around the Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail, which is around 5k. We didn't see any aliens, but enjoyed the sandy glade running! A haiku for the run from the parkrun poet:

the remains
of Britain's Roswell
trail of ice cream
Tim Huxtable Did the Park Run course at 2:30 so nice to be out on the course
Tony Martinez What was I thinking, hottest day of the year so far!! :-)
Wendy Aldridge Thanks Jamie for helping me get my Southminster lockdown pb :-)
Jamie Aldridge Does this mean I can have a dog now?

Results table immediately below.

Position Parkrunner Time  
1 Paul Dobson 00:19:28
2 Maurice Keane 00:19:31 PB! :-)
3 Martin SERGEANT 00:20:21
4 Simon Priest 00:21:44
5 Dave Ferris 00:23:13
6 Bob Priest 00:23:16
7 Jamie Aldridge 00:23:26
8 Wendy Aldridge 00:23:26
9 Neal BEAUMONT 00:23:33
10 Libby Watson 00:23:36
11 Aidan Kelly 00:24:10
12 Amanda Hudson 00:25:24
13 Jackie Robinson 00:25:25
76 Barbara Alexander 00:25:25
14 Oliver Martinez 00:25:43
15 STACY Hember 00:25:55
16 Tim Huxtable 00:26:00
17 Craig Burgess 00:26:56
18 Kevin Lagan 00:27:12
19 Andy Byrom 00:27:19
20 Tony Martinez 00:27:20
21 Joseph Gardiner 00:27:48
22 Tim Gardiner 00:27:48
23 Julia Bawden 00:27:59
24 Kate Priest 00:28:04
25 Nicola Martin 00:28:06
26 Steven Martin 00:28:06
27 Kerry Hyland 00:28:22
28 Steve Carter 00:28:54
29 Julia Coppen 00:29:19
30 Paul GREGORY 00:29:30
31 Gary Maynard 00:29:38
32 Gordon McAulay 00:29:40 PB! :-)
33 Kirsty Davies 00:29:42
34 Jackie Burton 00:29:46
35 Leah Jewiss 00:30:07
36 Kerry Harding 00:30:18
37 Kimberley Harding 00:30:19
38 Lisa Burgess 00:30:36
39 Jess Priest 00:30:38
40 Joscelyn MCINNES 00:30:40
41 Julie Lee-Ranson 00:30:41
42 Elaine Ferris 00:31:02
43 Claire Emptage 00:31:04
44 Jacki MUNDY 00:31:14
45 Jeremy MUNDY 00:31:14
46 Sasha Rush 00:31:22
47 Heather Davies 00:32:14
48 David Stokes 00:32:29
49 Fiona Griffiths 00:32:50
50 Grant Wells 00:33:25
51 Ella Priest 00:33:35
52 Craig vernon 00:33:38
53 Suzie King 00:34:34
54 Steve Robinson 00:34:52
55 Sue Greenhill 00:35:14
56 Frederick Baker 00:35:19
57 Lisa Campbell 00:35:20
58 Sarah Lane 00:35:23 PB! :-)
59 Barbara Hammond 00:36:00
60 Abigail Lagan 00:36:12
61 Julie Bennett 00:36:17
62 Anita Leaver 00:36:39
63 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:37:18
64 Michelle Lamarre 00:39:34
65 Sue Brewster 00:40:26
66 Tracey Plane 00:40:42
67 Ann Cardus 00:40:51
68 Colin Matthews 00:41:15
69 Lesley Hyland 00:41:20
70 Barbara Hobbs 00:41:21
71 Clare Dove 00:47:15
72 Gabrielle Boland 00:56:08
73 James Skillern 00:57:15
74 Jan Buchanan 01:00:01
75 John Buchanan 01:00:01

Virtual event #011 – 20th June 2020 –

Despite the launch of HQ's (not)parkrun this week, 72 of you still entered our virtual event in Maldon, thank you for continuing to support us. Going forward from here, we are happy to put on our local virtual event alongside (not)parkrun, for as long as you want it. Most of all we enjoy reading your comments and hearing how you find ways to motivate yourselves to keep going.

So for that reason, we're posting your comments and photos first, as they're really what this is all about. Supporting each other and staying in touch so we don't become strangers. Hope to 'see' you all again next week :-)

And here are your thoughts on your virtual parkrun....

Name Comment
Thank you Maldon Prom Parkrun Core Team :-)
Amanda Hudson Another hot one. Thanks again for keeping the park run spirit alive
Andrew Halling Nice conditions early at 07.30, and broke the 27 minute barrier for the first time!
Andy Byrom Nice early start to the weekend - thanks again for arranging
Ann Cardus Unloopy route with a few pavement dodges
Ann-Marie Bearne :-)
Barbara Hammond Lovely morning with fresh breeze
Barbara Hobbs Thanks again for providing this for parkrunners-and of course the dogs :-)
Craig Burgess Ran Virtual 5k with Nadine
Fiona Griffiths Accidentally paused Strava, so missed the first 0.6miles, realised and started recording and my parkrun from there. That was disappointing and made it hard. I know others warm up by running, I can't comprehend this.
Gary Maynard Good run today and a new PB
Geoffrey Reddin Burnham-on-Crouch parkrun
Glen Laing New haircut and nice run with Louisa Laing.
Gordon McAulay Where's Tufty the Squirrel when you need him!
Gordon 1

Gordon 2

Greg Krzyzanowski Hard work is paying off :-)
James Obank Fastest 5k ever! Going for a top 5 finish!
JAmie Aldridge Well done mum!
Jill McKinnell Thank you Park Run team!
Joanne Dennis Walked
Joscelyn MCINNES It was a tad hot today and I was wearing the wrong trousers (that's my excuse for not getting a pb). We did however do the actual Burnham parkrun course today and even with dodging the humans and dogs it was a pb for the course .... :-)
Julia Bawden Should have tried the birthday cake diet before to get a PB!
Julie Lee-Ranson Thank you Parkrun Team. :-)
Kate Priest Virtual parkrun PB!!!
Kimberley Harding Burning off the giant ice cream I ate yesterday!!!!
Kim H
Kirsty Davies Not my speediest one today but it is nice to be back out in lovely sunshine.
Lesley Hyland Another opportunity for a bit of 'off the lead' parkrun for Nell & Tracker :-)
Libby WATSON Thank you to the guy in the blue top running the course ahead of me - super pace!
Lisa Burgess Tail walking with Tracy P!
Michelle Lamarre I was really not feeling like running when I woke up this morning. Glad that we still have our virtual runs happening on a Saturday as it motivated me to put on my parkrun tee and flatband and get out there. Missing my post run cake stop today.
Neal BEAUMONT We did the proper Burnham parkrun course at miday. Lovely and sunny, but lots of tourists wandering around. It's been a heavy week training: so happy with the time. Thank you!!!!
Paul Dobson Pleased with that as felt slower!
Paul Jewiss Very hot! Happy with the time. Hope we can all get back to Parkrun soon :-)
Stacy Hember A bit hotter out there than I thought. These virtual park runs certainly help me to keep motivated, so a big thank you to guys :-)
Steve Carter Lovely slow meandering 5K non Parkrun today around leafy Ewell with two miniature dachshunds - Frank & Stein - and one mini grand daughter.
Tracy Page Tail walking with Lisa B!
Wendy Aldridge Well done Jamie!
Position Parkrunner Time  
1 Paul Dobson 00:19:07
2 James Obank 00:21:18 PB! :-)
3 Libby WATSON 00:22:01
4 Dave Ferris 00:22:05
5 Matthew Coppen 00:22:10
6 Paul Jewiss 00:22:15
7 Simon Priest 00:22:23
8 Jeremy MUNDY 00:23:08
9 Neal BEAUMONT 00:23:20
10 Bob Priest 00:23:30
11 Geoffrey Reddin 00:23:52
12 Adele Bovingdon 00:23:59
13 Glen Laing 00:24:39
14 JAmie Aldridge 00:25:09
15 Wendy Aldridge 00:25:09
16 Amanda Hudson 00:25:15
17 Barbara Alexander 00:25:23
18 Stacy Hember 00:25:24
19 Greg Krzyzanowski 00:25:33
20 Andrew Halling 00:26:39 PB! :-)
21 Kerry Harding 00:26:42
22 Becky Edwarda 00:26:44
23 Andy Byrom 00:26:54
24 Kimberley Harding 00:26:55
25 Julia Bawden 00:26:57 PB! :-)
26 Kate Priest 00:28:01
27 Ann-Marie Bearne 00:28:17
28 Jill McKinnell 00:28:25
29 Mark McKinnell 00:28:25
30 Gary Maynard 00:28:35 PB! :-)
31 Julia Coppen 00:28:41
32 Craig Burgess 00:28:51
33 Paul GREGORY 00:29:50
34 Joscelyn MCINNES 00:29:51
35 Julie Lee-Ranson 00:30:17
36 Kirsty Davies 00:30:32
37 Leah Jewiss 00:31:01
38 Kerry Hyland 00:31:16
39 Heather Davies 00:31:28
40 Bob Gear 00:31:52
41 Jacki MUNDY 00:31:53
42 David Stokes 00:33:08
43 Frederick Baker 00:33:10
44 Tracey Plane 00:33:23
45 Suzie King 00:33:44
46 Caroline Hare 00:33:49
47 Fiona Griffiths 00:34:15
48 Barbara Hammond 00:35:00
49 Jess Priest 00:35:15
50 Viv Steele 00:35:17
51 Sue Greenhill 00:35:32
52 Ann Cardus 00:35:55
53 Ella priest 00:35:56
54 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:37:23
55 Alison HUGHES 00:38:46
56 Sue Brewster 00:39:42
57 Colin Matthews 00:39:55
58 Michelle Lamarre 00:40:10
59 Barbara Halling 00:41:32
60 Lesley Hyland 00:45:18
61 Barbara Hobbs 00:45:31
62 Joanne Dennis 00:53:46
63 Yvonne McAulay 00:55:19
64 Gabrielle Boland 00:55:32 PB! :-)
65 Gordon McAulay 00:56:02
66 Steve Carter 00:56:31
67 James Skillern 00:57:43
68 Lisa Burgess 00:57:45
69 Tracy Page 00:57:45
70 Clare Mitchell 00:58:27
71 Katrina Mitchell-Morgan 00:58:27
72 Eddie Brewis 00:58:32

Virtual parkrun #10 13th June 2020


Results table immediately below, comments and photos below that. Hope to 'see' you all again next week :-)

Position Parkrunner Time  
1 Paul Connell 00:19:34
2 Gary POOLE 00:20:54
3 Libby WATSON 00:22:06
4 Dean Coppen 00:22:28
5 Glen Laing 00:22:45
6 Dave Ferris 00:22:50
7 Geoffrey REDDIN 00:23:18
8 Neal BEAUMONT 00:23:37
9 Is. LUCAS 00:23:50
10 Bob Gear 00:24:00
11 Ben Naughton 00:24:18
12 Matthew Perkins 00:24:18
13 Wendy Aldridge 00:24:33
14 Amanda Hudson 00:25:30
15 Imogen GIDDINGS 00:26:07 PB! :-)
16 Rebecca RICHARDS 00:26:07
17 Craig Burgess 00:26:09
18 Tim Huxtable 00:26:09
19 Barbara Alexander 00:26:13
20 Sarah Naughton 00:26:15
21 Stacy Hember 00:26:24
22 Kerry Harding 00:26:34
23 Kimberley Harding 00:26:39
24 Kathryn Taylor 00:26:42
25 Steve Carter 00:26:49
26 Oliver Martinez 00:26:50
27 Tony Martinez 00:26:53 PB! :-)
28 Nicola Martin 00:27:40
29 Steven Martin 00:27:40
30 Steven Martin 00:27:40
31 Paul GREGORY 00:27:58 PB! :-)
32 Kevin Lagan 00:28:12
33 Nicki Jennings 00:28:12
34 Philip Read 00:28:12 PB! :-)
35 Julia Coppen 00:28:24
36 Paul Graves 00:28:25
37 Andrew Halling 00:28:29
38 Ann-marie Bearne 00:28:30
39 Kate Priest 00:28:31
40 Kirsty Davies 00:29:10
41 Kerry Hyland 00:29:13
42 Heather Davies 00:29:15
43 Jackie Burton 00:29:29
44 Leah Jewiss 00:29:35
45 Mandy Graves 00:29:38
46 Joscelyn MCINNES 00:29:45
47 John Buchanan 00:29:54
48 Adam Potter 00:30:01
49 Lisa Burgess 00:30:05
50 Jenny Layley 00:30:26
51 Julie Lee-Ranson 00:30:56
52 Julia Bawden 00:31:01
53 Jill wathen 00:31:05 PB! :-)
54 Siobhan humm 00:31:06
55 Charlotte Naughton 00:31:46
56 Jacki MUNDY 00:31:57
57 Jeremy MUNDY 00:32:02
58 Tracey Plane 00:32:48
59 Fiona Griffiths 00:33:15
60 Ellie Janes 00:33:25
61 Natasha Janes 00:33:32
62 Caroline Hare 00:33:48
63 Claire Emptage 00:34:53
65 Michelle Lamarre 00:35:25
66 Viv Steele 00:35:27
67 Barbara Hammond 00:35:36
68 Abigail Lagan 00:35:46
69 Lisa Campbell 00:35:46
70 Clare Mitchell 00:36:04
71 Anita Leaver 00:36:31
72 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:37:10
73 Susan Bannocks 00:38:39 PB! :-)
74 Alison HUGHES 00:38:54
75 Colin Matthews 00:39:40
76 Joanne Dennis 00:39:55
77 Barbara Halling 00:40:45
78 Ann Cardus 00:41:02
79 Linda Hickson 00:42:52
80 Lesley Hyland 00:43:22
81 Barbara Hobbs 00:43:38
82 Eddie Brewis 00:49:42
83 Katrina Mitchell-Morgan 00:53:51
84 Wayne Gould 00:53:51
85 Gabriell Boland 00:57:00
86 James Skillern 01:01:47
87 Gordon McAulay 01:03:18
88 Yvonne McAulay 01:03:31

And here are your thoughts on your virtual parkrun....

Jonty Virtual parkrun 10

Name Comment
13th Lockdown virtual
parkrun for me.
Imogen GIDDINGS A HUGE PB by over a minute! Mummy, Harlee, Sazza, Charlotte, Libby and Jodee are all super proud of you x
Libby WATSON A special one for me, a virtual parkrun and post-pregnancy PB and my timed 5k after the 8 week programme shared by Bob Gear on the Maldon Soul Runners page. Thank you Maldon Prom team for all your events and I look forward to when we can be back in person :-)
Clare Mitchell A steady run around the country park on a lovely day.
Katrina Mitchell-Morgan A very pleasant walk around in the sunshine! :)
Tracey Plane Amazing work everyone keep going :)
Kevin Lagan Another beautiful day
Barbara Hobbs Another course PB for Team Beagle today :-)
Kerry Hyland Another warm run along the St Lawrence sea wall. Thank you park run people :)
Is. LUCAS Beautiful day for a 5k
Nicola Martin Beautiful morning, very warm even at 7.30am. Enjoy your weekend everyone :-)
Kathryn Taylor Believe in yourself & amazing things will happen Hills & off road included in my parkrun this morning!
Ben Naughton Ben challenges himself to completing 20press ups after each 1km....managed a sub 25 min 5km & 100 press ups!
Gordon McAulay Best Foot Forward
Eddie Brewis Better than last week! :)
Jacki MUNDY Birthday run
Adam Potter Circular run from stanway via Eight Ash Green
Michelle Lamarre Doing some virtual tourism today and completed Great Notley treasure hunt too
Wayne Gould Glad to walk at my own pace, very relaxed and enjoyable.
John Buchanan Great early morning run around Heybridge Pits- virtually no-one about at 6 am!
Lisa Burgess Happy with This :-)
Ann-marie Bearne Hot hot hot
Lisa Campbell Hot one today. Nice to see the sun again. Thank you parkrun team
Joscelyn MCINNES Hot with a fresh easterly breeze, and we were heading east. Who did this passage plan? A lovely run.
Glen Laing HOT!!!
Amanda Hudson Hot, hot, hot today. Thanks again for organising this
Kate Priest Hot, sunny run and was part of my longest run since injury, so very pleased! Thanks parkrun!
Oliver Martinez I managed to drag my dad around and he got a new PB, he was very happy :) #vbucks #fifapoints
Anita Leaver I ran my "Bicknacre parkrun" clockwise this week, making the most of the shade where available.
Jenny Layley Is it too much to ask for the weather to be cooler while I run and then warm up for relaxing :)
Kirsty Davies It was lovely to be back out in the sunshine after the last few days or rain. It's all looking much greener again though now.
Steve Carter Lovely morning for it
Barbara Hammond Lovely morning!
Jill wathen Lovely sunny start
to the day :)
Lesley Hyland Lovely to have Nell & Tracker off lead for some of today at non parkrun. Life in the old dogs still :-)
Geoffrey REDDIN Maldon Prom parkrun course
Julie Lee-Ranson Miss Parkrun. Thank you Parkrun team :-)
Tony Martinez My son, Oliver set me a pace and I managed a 5 year PB chuffed to bits.
Neal BEAUMONT Oooh ..... hot and a bit slow today, in the mid-day heat. Lovely!!
Gary POOLE Phew...;-)
Leah Jewiss Pleased with this as I haven't done a sub 30 in a long time! :-)
Jeremy MUNDY Run with the Birthday girl
Linda Hickson Slower than last time but still my second fastest 5k. Nice that tha rain stopped!!!
Kimberley Harding So hot!!
Natasha Janes Thank you all. Beautiful morning for a run. Miss all you Park Runners. Keep running Maldon.
Gabrielle Boland Thanks for keeping us all together virtually, it means a lot :-)
Wendy Aldridge That was a hot one! Thanks so much for our virtual results
Colin Matthews This was my best since a knee replacement 10.5 months ago and 1st sub 40 mins
Stacy Hember Tried a new route today which made for a slower time!
Ann Cardus U-turns galore
Joanne Dennis Warm
Paul Connell Warm this morning, but a lovely day. Maldon Prom Parkrun, I miss you whatever the weather :)
Bob Gear Was aiming for 23.xx, Finished in 24.00, oh well, there's always next week!
Philip Read Wasn't feeling it this morning but am very pleased to have hauled my butt round 5k, thanks for giving me the virtual kick up the aforementioned butt, have a lovely sunny weekend :-)
Tim Huxtable Well done everyone it doesn't get an easier on our own can't wait until we are back to doing proper Park Run together miss it loads
Matthew Perkins Would have been a stunning Parkrun at the Prom today with the glorious weather but give it time and we will all be back together
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