Maldon Prom parkrun is cancelled on 31 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Virtual parkrun#029 24th Oct 2020

Another weather change!

Here are your comments & photos on this week's virtual parkrun....


Name Comment
Lovely early morning run,weather was good too!
Amanda hudson So great seeing so many park runners out this morning.Thanks for spurring us on
Andy Byrom Nice to run the usual normal Maldon parkrun course this morning with my eldest daughter and her other half. Lots of other like minded people doing the same and wishing
each other a good morning! Proud to be a member of such a great bunch
Clare Moyce I actually done my first 4mile run today in virtual parkrun, and I really enjoyed it too! :-)
Craig Burgess A walk with Phil to Papermill this morning to meet the girls!
Drew Symons Getting better
Elaine Vaughan Lovely walk at the beautiful Prom. Fabulous to see so many parkrunners out.
Fiona Griffiths The joys of half term.... Back under 30
Gabrielle Boland A beautiful sunrise and a very smug feeling today's virtual parkrun is done for me. A big thank you to the team on the results hot desk,you all do a wonderful job for
all of us :-)
Gordon McAulay Flu Round
Ian Lucas Nice run to try out the new trainers
John Buchanan Thanks again to the organisers for getting me out of the doldrums and into my trainers this morning! No excuses for my slow run other
than I am carrying some extra weight just now!
Julia Bawden Great to see so many out running in the Prom this morning.Thanks Maldon PR team :)
Julie Bennett And she ran right up to the top of the hill...and she ran back down again...and realised it was more like 7km than 5km!
Kate Priest Thanks again, parkrun team! After a 4am start today to drive to the Lake District, today's parkrun wasn't speedy, but was a very pretty and scenic walk, full of
interesting animals!!! (see photos!)
Kirsty Davies We took a new route today now that everything is getting muddy. We still ended up at the horses for a final photo before Jonty leaves his Mum and heads to live with
another foal for the winter. It's going to be odd to find something else to have a photo with after a run.
Lee Brace Drowned rat midweek
Lisa Burgess Not quite a PB but Sub 30 so I'm really happy with this :-)
Lisa Campbell Nice run round the prom. Nice to see familiar faces
Michelle Lamarre so happy being lapped by so many parkrunners today.
Neal BEAUMONT Yuk: a terrible time! My worst, by far, for over a year (and back then, I'd just come out of Addenbrooke's Hospital). My only excuse today: a very breezy day in
Burnham. Oh well ..... here's to being quicker next week! Thanks to our Maldon Parkrun friends.
Nicola Martin Happy with todays run.
Paul Dobson Great conditions this morning!
Philip Page Walking again as I'm visiting Injuryville again!
Siobhan Humm Absolutely awesome to see fellow park runners on our run this morning,including the wonderful vcore team ,well done all .thanks so much for all you
do every week . Hopefully Claire will put her time in this week and make it her first official parkrun x
Steve Carter Good to get out, didn't push it, struggling to feel it atm.
Sue M Smith Haven't run the full course in ages, I've missed it!
Tracy Page Blew away the cobwebs!
Victoria Symo s Ouch. Still needs some work!

...and here are the results.

Position Parkrunner Time
1 Paul Dobson 00:18:36
2 Gary POOLE 00:20:49
3 Amanda hudson 00:25:45
4 Stacy Hember 00:26:05
5 Neal BEAUMONT 00:26:32
6 Drew Symons 00:27:00
7 Ian Lucas 00:27:50
8 Lee Brace 00:27:55
9 Nicola Martin 00:28:22
10 Steven Martin 00:28:22
11 Lisa Burgess 00:28:31
12 Tracy Page 00:28:47
13 Julia Bawden 00:28:55
14 Kerry Harding 00:28:56
15 Steve Carter 00:29:09
16 Fiona Griffiths 00:29:15
17 Jeremy MUNDY 00:29:37
18 Jacki MUNDY 00:29:43
19 Sue M Smith 00:30:32
20 Victoria Symo s 00:31:10
21 Kirsty Davies 00:31:34
22 Ann-Marie Bearne 00:31:43
23 Julie Lee-Ranson 00:32:19
24 Gordon McAulay 00:32:39
25 Andy Byrom 00:33:40
26 Frederick Baker 00:33:52
27 Clare Moyce 00:33:59 PB! :-)
28 Siobhan Humm 00:34:01
29 Barbara Hammond 00:35:48
30 Heather Davies 00:36:07
31 Lisa Campbell 00:36:30
32 Abigail Lagan 00:36:55
33 Julie Bennett 00:37:32
34 Yvonne McAulay 00:39:06
35 John Buchanan 00:40:17
36 Alison HUGHES 00:42:23
37 Craig Burgess 00:50:00
38 Philip Page 00:50:00
39 Gabrielle Boland 00:56:44
40 Elaine Vaughan 00:59:34
41 James Skillern 00:59:34
42 Michelle Lamarre 00:59:35
43 Kate Priest 01:23:13

Hope to 'see' you all again next week :-)


Results for Vparkrun #28

Kate Priest is quite happy with her new PB, I think!

In fact her exact words were 'Cannot stop smiling!! CHUFFED TO BITS!! SMASHED my PB of 26.28 set over 6 years ago with 26.04!! Have been waiting for this day for soooo long!!! Thanks to the parkrun team. '

Kate 1
Kate 2

Kate 3
1 Paul Dobson 00:18:35 Very pleased with that!
2 Jeremy Dobson 00:19:15
3 Neal BEAUMONT 00:21:57 A dry, still, slightly cool, morning: perfect for a run along Marsh Road, Burnham. I'm absolutely delighted with my fastest 5k time since May 2016. Finished off with a relaxed jog back along the seawall via Holliwell Point. Joscelyn was looking good: I hope she remembers to post her result this week. Thanks to our Maldon friends.
4 Libby Watson 00:22:33 Thank you to yellow shorts guy for setting a good pace around the prom. Really pleased with my time today!
5 Bob Priest 00:23:08
6 Geoffrey Reddin 00:24:00
7 Matthew Perkins 00:25:03 Hard going but great running in a social distance group
8 Tim Huxtable 00:25:03 PB Great PB but gutted not to break 25
9 Kate Priest 00:26:04 PB Cannot stop smiling!! CHUFFED TO BITS!! SMASHED my PB of 26.28 set over 6 years ago with 26.04!! Have been waiting for this day for soooo long!!! Thanks to the parkrun team.
10 Stacy Hember 00:26:16 Great to see lots of other people running the park run route. Can't wait for us to all get together again
11 Drew SYMONS 00:28:00 First run back- definitely room for improvement.
12 Joscelyn MCINNES 00:28:15 PB lovely autumn day and our preferred 'faster' hills no puddles but the bad news is now I have to crack 28 minutes
13 Caroline Smith 00:28:38
14 Kerry Harding 00:29:10
15 Julia Bawden 00:29:31 We might be in Tier 2, but we still have virtual park run. Thank you Maldon Park Run team :)
16 Kimberley Harding 00:29:32 Chatty run :)
17 Nicola Martin 00:30:05 Seem to be getting slower but glad to still be running :-)
18 Steven Martin 00:30:05
19 Jeremy MUNDY 00:30:07
20 Jacki MUNDY 00:30:13 Thanks for organising as always
21 Julie Lee-Ranson 00:31:29
22 Gordon McAulay 00:31:45 Always nice when there is no Wind.
23 Fiona Griffiths 00:32:00
24 Siobhan Humm 00:32:10 Thanks as always, great to see so many runners today
25 Suzie King 00:33:50
26 Barbara Hammond 00:34:54
27 Frederick Baker 00:35:00
28 Anita Leaver 00:35:45 My usual route around the village - anti-clockwise this week!
29 Julie Bennett 00:35:54
30 Alison HUGHES 00:38:58
31 Gabrielle Boland 00:52:35 Thanks, one again, to the virtual results hot desk team, for keeping us all virtually connected once a week, it's so important to so many of us :-)
32 James Skillern 00:54:21
33 Michelle Lamarre 00:59:32 Very Autumnal at the park today. A pleasure as always to see some other parkrunners out and about.
34 Elaine Vaughan 00:59:36 Great walk around the Prom starting in the dark! Great to catch up with lots of Prommers! at a distance of course!

Michelle 1

Michelle 2




Virtual Event #28 17th October 2020

Run or walk 5km, any time, anywhere, this week.

Send us your results before midnight on Saturday 10th October and we'll publish a set of virtual parkrun results sometime on Sunday.

Submit your 5Km result here.

The link will be de-activated after the deadline. Once the results are up they won't be updated. So don't miss the deadline!

Stay safe :-)


Virtual parkrun 27

event 27







Thanks to Michelle for her collage of photos from her run at The Prom yesterday.

38 of you submitted results for the 27th edition of our virtual parkrun, well done all of you for getting out there!

Hope to 'see' some more of you next week!

Here are your results and comments.

1 Neal BEAUMONT 00:23:15 Another lunch time jog round Burnham parkrun route. A fresh westerly made it a
bit of a slog along the quay towards the marina (again), and a few spots of rain
added to the invigorating feel. Well done to Joscelyn, who was showing great
sprinting form from just by the skate board park to the finish (shoulders back,
head up, nice straight back, good powerful arms, great knee lift, and no over-
striding: excellent!). Thanks, thanks, and more thanks, to our Maldon Parkrun
2 Bob Priest 00:24:04
3 Geoffrey REDDIN 00:24:44
4 Philip Page 00:24:53 That was hard work!
5 Dave Ferris 00:25:17
6 Tim Huxtable 00:25:38 Solid Run well done to all those who went out today keep it going and hopefully
it won't be too long until we all back together on Saturday mornings
7 Kate priest 00:26:29 An agonising, excruciating, frustrating ONE SECOND off my PB from 6 years
go!!!! Feeling good though! Thanks as always parkrun team x
8 Stacy Hember 00:26:47
9 Kevin Lagan 00:27:31 Ran with an injury. Big mistake
10 Lisa Burgess 00:28:08 PB! A PB for me today ..... knocking 1min 13seconds off my old one. Can't
believe This!! :-)
11 Jan Hutchinson 00:28:25 Bright but chilly one today.
12 Kimberley Harding 00:28:54 good to be back out on a Saturday morning again!
13 Craig Burgess 00:28:57 On the treadmill in the gym!
14 Kerry Harding 00:29:07
15 Jacki MUNDY 00:29:39
16 Jeremy MUNDY 00:30:01
17 Nicola Martin 00:30:05 Felt quicker but never mind. Thanks for continuing the virtual runs, much
appreciated :-)
18 Steven Martin 00:30:05
19 Kirsty Davies 00:30:12
20 Jackie Burton 00:30:30 Thank to the team for keeping us going.
21 Fiona Griffiths 00:30:55 Good to be out.
22 Julie Lee-Ranson 00:31:11 Lovely to be back running.
23 Siobhan Humm 00:31:31 Thanks as always for keeping us going
24 Heather Davies 00:31:37
25 Elaine Ferris 00:32:31
26 Caroline Hare 00:33:07
27 Frederick Baker 00:33:41
28 Suzie King 00:33:53
29 Belinda Welton 00:34:20 Glorious start to the day although I don't think I'll ever do a pb again !
30 Lisa campbell 00:36:13 We did actual parkrun down the prom today. Lovely run just a bit of a head wind.
Thank you team as always for putting this together
31 Abigail Lagan 00:36:38 Lovely to actually run the Prom Park Run route today
32 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:36:58
33 Alison HUGHES 00:38:56 My best time so far on this route, knocked over 3 minutes off from the last time
I ran this route! Chuffed!
34 Colin Matthews 00:51:19
35 Jane Matthews 00:51:19
36 James Skillern 00:53:27 Meeting friends and followed by chocolate and cake, what better
37 Elaine Vaughan 00:59:52 Chilly, but picturesque walk at the Prom with great parkfaffing afterwards!
38 Michelle Lamarre 00:59:53 It was so fresh today that a post run heated scone was required. As lovely as
always to be out on a Saturday with likeminded people though.


Virtual Event #26 – 3rd October 2020 “Wet, Wet, Wet @ The Prom”

We would all be "Living in a World of Make Believe" and "Wishing we were Lucky" if we thought Marti Pellow and the gang were at the Prom this Saturday.

Unfortunately the only Wet, Wet, Wet Scotsman to be found was myself along with a few other hearty souls who braved the weather which can best be described as Dreich !

In the end a total of 23 Virtual parkrunners registered a Run, Walk or Jog which I think was partly down to the Weather and also because there is another significant Virtual Event in the Calendar for this weekend.

Good Luck to all taking part in the Virtual London Marathon.

This Weeks PB's
Unsurprisingly no one managed to register a PB this week but despite the rain Kate Priest came close with a time only 14 seconds off her all time PB set 6 years ago.

That's a PB time that's going to fall sooner or later when better weather prevails.

We Love a Photo :-)
Pictures contributions this week come from Gabi, Michelle and Kate whose Secret to Success is either her new Mystical Levitate Running Shoes or..... Beer !

I'll let you all decide on that one !


"I have attached my levitating photos !!  New shoes"

"I have attached my levitating photos !! New shoes"

 "With a beer of the same name to match !"

"With a beer of the same name to match !"

"PB - Coming Soon !"

"PB - Coming Soon !"


"A bit Quiet and Soggy"

"A bit Quiet and Soggy"

"But Its always Sunny in our Hearts"

"But Its always Sunny in our Hearts"


"Wet & Bon Voyage Emma"

"Wet & Bon Voyage Emma"

Virtual Event #26 - Results
This week's results table can be found below, along with all the various comments from your respective Virtual parkruns.

This marks the end of my two week stint and hopefully the end to the recent run of atrocious weather that seems to have followed me around.

Bob's back next weekend with hopefully a bit of sun in tow.

Rest assured I'll be back in a couple of months, just in time for Blizzard Season !

Stay Safe and Well



Position Parkrunner Time  
1 Neal Beaumont 00:22:42
2 Geoffrey Reddin 00:24:19
3 Bob Priest 00:24:28
4 Philip Page 00:24:36
5 Bob Gear 00:25:15
6 Ian Lucas 00:25:22
7 Tim Huxtable 00:26:27
8 Stacy Hember 00:26:28
9 Kate Priest 00:26:42
10 Julia Bawden 00:29:09
11 Lisa Burgess 00:30:00
12 Fiona Griffiths 00:30:36
13 Gordon McAulay 00:30:56
14 Jeremy Mundy 00:31:21
15 Jacki Mundy 00:32:07
16 Siobhan Humm 00:33:26
17 Barbara Hammond 00:34:55
18 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:35:37
19 Alison Hughes 00:38:33
20 Nicola Salisbury 00:42:00
21 Gabrielle Boland 00:54:50
22 Elaine Vaughan 01:03:00
23 Michelle Lamarre 01:03:00

And here are your thoughts on your virtual parkrun....

Name Comment
What a wet one today!
Barbara Hammond Wet one this morning
Elaine Vaughan A very soggy but chatty walk around the Prom with friends. Last one for Emma before she heads back to university.
Fiona Griffiths The weather wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. Although, if it wasn't for parkrun, I wouldn't have bothered. Thank you organisers!
Gabrielle Boland A soggy morning, but it's always sunny in my heart at Maldon Prom parkrun, virtual or in the flesh. Thanks for keeping us connected :-)
Geoffrey Reddin Wet (very)
Gordon McAulay Wet under foot !
Ian Lucas That was damp!
Jacki Mundy Soggy one but glad I went
Jeremy Mundy Bit wet
Julia Bawden Very quiet in Prom Park today - lots of puddles though!
Kate Priest This run was for Tracker and my mum.
Lisa Burgess Came home looking like a drowned rat but happy with this, maybe another sub 30 is on the cards!!
Michelle Lamarre Happy 16th anniversary to parkrun! On days like today I would not venture out to the park if it were not for parkrun spirit. Thank you Gordon for your weather magic. Now kindly move along please.
Neal Beaumont A lovely mid-morning jog round the Burnham course. A very slight, refreshing shower, with a light southerly breeze: perfect! Thanks to the Maldon team.
Nicola Salisbury Nice wet and rainy jog
Patrick Hinchliffe 3rd fastest 5k
Philip Page Woooaaarrrggghhh! Didn't expect that!
Siobhan Humm Wet soggy run, but such fun splashing through puddles releases the inner child #rmrnotparkrun
Stacy Hember A very wet park run today!
Tim Huxtable Better Conditions than last week solid run but we'll beaten by Neil
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