Event #323: 12th October 2019 – Lord of the wings!!

We're delighted to have this week's run report in poem format, courtesy of Tim Gardiner...thanks Tim, fab job!

"On a rainy October morning, 266 athletes descended on Prom Park for a bracing parkrun. It was World Migratory Bird Day, a very fitting occasion as the parkrun loops around the statue of Byrhtnoth (try spelling his name after a few drinks!). Here runners and walkers gain majestic views of the mudflats and salt marsh of the Blackwater Estuary and Northey Island, teeming with overwintering birds such as curlew, godwit and redshank. On my last run at Maldon, a flock of lapwings passed above us at the statue, a truly awe-inspiring sight which led me to write this short poem:

lapwing flock
over Byrhtnoth
the display flight
of a tailwalker
on the prom

The title of this report is partly inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien who, in addition to writing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, studied the famous Battle of Maldon poem about good old Byrhtnoth and even wrote a follow up poem. This is of course supplementary reading for any hard-core Maldon parkrunner and of scant use when going for a personal best. As my son frequently says, my run reports have very little to do with running! But for a poet, a horde of orcs rampaging around the course is too good a metaphor to resist! Another migratory bird to look out for is the inspiration behind this short poem:

the dark belly
of a brent goose
rises from the creek
like a balrog shadow
without flames

But without further ado, the parkrun itself! Nikki Hills (21:59) and Aaron Graves (18:00) excelled as first finishers. Despite the rain, 36 personal bests were achieved; congratulations to all. This week, 126 athletes beat the poet (27:49), a sorry state of affairs for the waffling wordsmith on his way back from injury. Last time I was here (December 2018), my son managed to lose his jumper! It wasn’t handed in, so good tidings to whoever ended up with an extra Christmas present…..

‘twas the run
after Christmas
when all along the prom
not a jumper was stirring
except my blue one!

This desecration of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic poem, leads nicely on to the Santa marshals that we had today who are involved in organising the Santa Fun Run at Great Notley Country Park on 15th December, raising money for Hope House, a charity aiming to break the cycle of homelessness. I couldn’t resist a cheeky “Ho – Ho – Ho” in the style of Alan Rickman as thanks! Well, we did “come out to the coast, get together, have a few laughs!”

We also had several runners from Young Minds, whose aim is to help young people with mental health problems. Check out #HelloYellow on twitter. The event was well supported by 21 fantastic volunteers. Lastly, I must thank run director Sue Smith, for inviting me to write this run report.

Tim Gardiner aka the parkrun poet (twitter: @timgardiner3)"

See you again next week.

Sue Smith
Run Director
Maldon Prom parkrun - Facebook - Twitter

Your Core Team:-
Sue Smith - Bob Gear - Belinda Amner - Elaine Vaughan - Alison Hughes - David Stokes

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