It’s coming home

*Fingers crossed*. there's only one more virtual parkrun before we are all back at The Prom at 8.58am on 24th July for our briefing before for the first parkrun in 16 months!


Gordon is so excited that he has been hugging every tree on our course (whilst he measures up for the new kilometre markings).

Here are the results from this week, no PB's unfortunately.

1 Carl Harper 00:25:41 Maldon Prom practice, getting ready for the restart
2 Stacy Hembet 00:26:24 Ran at Thorndon for the Essex 10k seres, very hilly course but nice
3 Craig Burgess 00:26:36 First 5k of a longer mid week run
4 Kate Priest 00:26:59 Penultimate 'virtual' run- how exciting! Pleased to get 26 at the start (just!) The slight drizzle was refreshing! Thanks as always, parkrun team. x
5 Kevin Lagan 00:27:18 Lovely to see the team today. Huge thanks for all you do.
6 Steve Carter 00:28:41 Looking forward to getting back at it soon. Cant wait for Parkrun to re-start, too.
7 Julia Bawden 00:29:40 An "undulating" park run for me this week in Thorndon Country Park as part of the Essex 10k Series :)
8 Jan Hutchinson 00:29:54 Did the run and rewarded myself with a piece of my daughter's home made cheesecake.
9 Tracy Page 00:29:57 Hard-going this week
10 Lisa Burgess 00:29:57 Not feeling it today.... not been feeling it all week but managed under 30..... just about!!
11 Nicola Martin 00:30:17 Ran the new course - bonus - there is one less 'mountain'. Lovely to see all the core team finalising the finish funnel. Not long now :-)
12 Belinda welton 00:31:45
13 Julie Lee-Ranson00:32:04
14 Frederick Baker 00:32:44
15 Gordon McAulay 00:34:35 Pyramid Training with Maldon Soul Runners :-)
16 Patrick Hinchliffe 35:15
17 Julie Bennett 00:35:17
18 Abigail Lagan 00:35:56
19 Lisa Campbell 00:35:56
20 Barbara Hammond 00:36:02 Looking forward to restart. Thanks to everyone keeping this going in the meantime.
21 Alison Hughes 00:39:37 Only two more weeks to go! Excited and actually nervous at the same time!
22 Greg Krzyzanowski 43:20 Not bad after my knee operation
23 Beryl Munro 00:44:18 Early am run in calm conditions
24 Michelle Lamarre 50:36 It's coming home. It's coming. Parkuns coming home It's coming
25 Elaine Vaughan 00:51:32
26 Philip Page 01:20:00 In Malvern rather than Maldon, A bit more hilly!

See you all at The Prom on the 24th!