17th July 2021 – testing 1,2,3 and virtual event #67

One more week!

Well no times recorded for me for this Saturday, as I was Run Director at our test event at the Prom.
A small gathering of volunteers and runners attended the prom in preparation for next week.
As we now have a new start and finish we had to make sure that we could get everything set up in time, although we were unsure to start off with, we did manage to in the end.
It was actually quite stressful, we had people protesting about us and blockages en-route, but I am so pleased that we will all back again next week for our first parkrun proper in 72 weeks! Yes it really has been that long!
We have a new start and finish, part of the course is new as well, there's a new double finish funnel with two people handing out tokens (which some of us ran up seven times, just to test it out!) and a slightly different way of dealing with the scanning of finish tokens. There will be no stopwatches or barcode scanners, instead we will be embracing technology and we will be using apps on our phones. Apart from all that the rest of the course remains the same.
Please bear with us as it will take all of us a while to get used to the new way of doing things, for now at least.
A few tweaks to be made here and there ready for next Saturday, when I will be your Run Director proper, but it's great to be able to finally say
"See you all again Saturday!"


Here are your comments & photos on this week's virtual parkrun....

Name Comment
Andrew Lager Happy to be involved in the trial run today as we won't be able to make the first two 'proper' runs. Have fun next week with the new funnel!
Beryl Munro SUNNY run at Whitstable
Bob Gear Finish funnel is looking good. :-)
Carl Harper Great to see the preparations for the return of ParkRun next week
Craig Burgess More tail walking the dog. Thank you Parkrun team :-)
Fiona Griffiths Maldon team, thank you so much!
Frederick Baker Thank you Parkrun.
Gordon McAulay Fastest time since Lockdown ! Ready for the return now :-)
Julia Bawden So looking forward to Park Run coming back. Thank you PR team for keeping us going for the last 16 months :)
Kate Priest Last virtual parkrun and what a hot one!!! I think I have only missed 1! Thanks for doing the results every week, keeping everyone motivated! Greatly appreciated. Can't wait to see everyone for real next week!! XIMG_20210717_125613
Lisa Burgess Run/Walk .....saving myself for next week :-)
Michelle Lamarre A warm run followed by test event for next week. Everything crossed.
Neal BEAUMONT A weekend away exploring Bristol, so I cadged a lift out to Bath, and had a very hot, sweaty, and slow mid-day jog back to Bristol along the old railway. Loads of cyclists, quite a few electric scooters, but very few fellow runners.20210717_132622
Nicola Martin Ran the new course again. Pretty warm even at 7.30am. Next week is going to seem very strange.
Philip Page Out with a bang - sort of - last Saturday (not) parkrun before official Parkrun restarts, maybe?!
Stacy Hember Having to self isolate as hubby and daughter have COVID and I couldn't miss a (not) park run considering I've completed them all.
Steve Carter I've got this.
Tracy Page Hopefully the last Not Parkrun! Walked it due to the heat.

and a couple more pictures from NEAL BEAUMONT



...and here are the results.

Position Parkrunner Time
1 Andrew Lager 0:19:35  
2 Bob Priest 0:22:27  
3 Philip Page 0:24:02 PB! :-)
4 Neal BEAUMONT 0:24:15  
5 Carl Harper 0:26:08  
6 Kate Priest 0:27:32  
7 Julia Bawden 0:28:04  
8 Steve Carter 0:28:14  
9 Gordon McAulay 0:28:30 PB! :-)
10 Nicola Martin 0:30:23  
11 Bob Gear 0:31:55  
12 Frederick Baker 0:32:32  
13 Heather Davies 0:34:47  
14 Julie Bennett 0:36:02  
15 Colin Matthews 0:37:51  
16 Colin Matthews 0:37:51  
17 Stacy Hember 0:39:28  
18 Greg Krzyzanowski 0:41:30  
19 Michelle Lamarre 0:42:15  
20 Beryl Munro 0:47:27 PB! :-)
21 Lisa Burgess 0:49:27  
22 Elaine Vaughan 0:53:14  
23 Craig Burgess 0:54:26  
24 Fiona Griffiths 1:00:47  
25 Tracy Page 1:05:28

Hope to see you all at the ACTUAL park next week :-)