Maldon Prom parkrun #352

This weeks run report comes courtesy of regular parkrunner Julie Bennett

Maldon Prom parkrun race report 21/08/21
‘The first time you do a thing is always exciting’ Agatha Christie

My theme for this week is first times – inspired by chatting to one of our volunteers, helping out for the first time this week as 274 participants ran, jogged, walked (or a combination of the above) over our newish course which is fast becoming familiar to regulars. Happily a dry morning for once, although feeling distinctly muggy.
We welcomed 27 first timers this week to Maldon Prom and indeed our first runner to finish was a first timer, Liam Beavis, at Maldon Prom, with an impressive 50 second lead on the next fastest runner. A further 51 of you experienced a new PB – a faster result for the first time (see what I did there…?).
89 of you took part representing 32 different clubs, perhaps you might consider joining one of these for the first time? Or perhaps some Parkrun tourism for the first time? You could aim for PIED (Parkruns in Essex Done), or a Parkrun for every letter of the alphabet, the possibilities are endless!
Congratulations to Dianne Beer for joining the 50 club, another first timer at Maldon Prom! No 100 or 250 club milestones this week, but some runners very close to achieving this after the long hiatus.
Parkrun could not take place without our 28 volunteers this week. It was also wonderful to see 26 participants on the results page who have already joined the 25 club for volunteering – those are the snazzy purple t-shirts. Again, another first time opportunity - there are many volunteer roles where you can still run – writing this race report for example….

Thanks for that Julie.
Just a couple of photos this week courtesy of Michelle.20210821_080420




This week 274 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Bob GEAR • Maria SMITH • Linda ALLEN • Elaine VAUGHAN • Kevin LAGAN • Alison HUGHES • David STOKES • Jodee MAYER • Philippa SMITH • Sarah NAUGHTON • Lee BRACE • Gordon MCAULAY • Yvonne MCAULAY • Charlotte NAUGHTON • Jill MCKINNELL • Michelle LAMARRE • Gabrielle BOLAND • Julie BENNETT • Katie TREDOUX • Teresa TREDOUX • Nicola MARTIN • James SKILLERN • Joanne DENNIS • Adele BOVINGDON • Elliott LYLE • Dave FERRIS • Jenny LAYLEY • Steve SMITH

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Maldon Prom parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Scott COUSINS who recorded a time of 15:48 on 26th March 2016 (event number 137).
The female record is held by Elizabeth DAVIES who recorded a time of 17:49 on 25th June 2016 (event number 150).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ella Marie JONES who recorded 93.87% (21:45) on 13th October 2018 (event number 270).

Maldon Prom parkrun started on 31st August 2013. Since then 8,692 participants have completed 81,775 parkruns covering a total distance of 408,875 km, including 13,243 new Personal Bests. A total of 856 individuals have volunteered 6,166 times.


Maldon Prom parkrun #348

Here comes the run (again) – Maldon Prom parkrun #348

On a rainy July morning, 209 athletes descended on Prom Park for the long-waited return of parkrun due to the easing of lockdown restrictions. We owe a huge debt to all those involved in securing the restart particularly those at head office (including Tom Williams, Nick Pearson, Kirsty Woodbridge and Paul Sinton-Hewitt). The event team and volunteers at Maldon Prom also made every effort to ensure the restart went smoothly and deserve our gratitude.

After a difficult period of isolation I’m afraid to say I approached the return without my customary zest for parkrun. All of those doubts soon disappeared. The enthusiasm of volunteers, runners and walkers was inspiring around a rain-soaked Prom. Looping around the statue of Byrhtnoth (try spelling his name after a few drinks!), all was normal in parkrun world. The majestic views of the mudflats and salt marsh of the Blackwater Estuary and Northey Island were enjoyed. I was speed walking (as my alter ego Mike ‘The Shape’ Myers) rather than running due to a persistent knee injury obtained during lockdown. It can be lonely at the back of a parkrun but the comments from those lapping me and the volunteers provided the necessary motivation to keep going. Fortunately, my son Joseph didn’t lap me, falling short by around 100 metres!

It was good to see so many barkrunners (see postscript for Black Shuck!) in attendance along with a cheerful platoon from the Maldon Soul Runners, decked out in glorious red. Libby Watson (22:55) and William Radley (17:10, new PB) excelled as first finishers. Barbara Hammond and Mary Burns recorded their 150th parkrun. Richard Clarke receives the coveted 100 t-shirt. We were joined by 15 athletes new to parkrun which was lovely to see. This week, 206 athletes beat the speed walking poet (44:51), a sorry state of affairs for the waffling wordsmith on his way back from injury.

Tim Gardiner aka the parkrun poet (twitter: @parkrunpoetry)

Post-script I – Black Shuck A666

Although completely unrelated to Maldon Prom parkrun, a bizarre glow-worm walk occurred with my sister Vicky Quantrill at Sizewell parkrun on 17 July. After dark, we saw 6 glow-worms (a declining beetle) on the dunes along the parkrun route. However, the rest of the walk was like an M.R James ghost story involving a timid version of black shuck, the demon ghost dog of East Anglia. Seeing Shuck is meant to foreshadow an impending demise (but hey, let’s keep it light!). Walking past Sizewell B nuclear reactor we saw a silhouetted figure of a man on a gantry watching us, proper Hitchcock stuff! Then an eerie fog enveloped us on the dunes near Minsmere, before we were spooked by a silent black dog the size of a large collie standing behind us on our way back past Sizewell B. It was similarly surprised, made no sound and ran off towards Minsmere. Nothing too odd just a stray dog or so we thought. And it did not have Shuck’s glowing red eyes! Its appearance was accompanied by two loud whistles from someone nearby. I whistled afterwards to get the dog to return but it disappeared into bushes. The whistling person then ceased and we half expected him to run by and ask us where their dog had gone. But on checking the beach we were completely alone. No sign of anyone. Where the dog disappeared to, we’ll never know. And just who was the mysterious, unseen whistler?

Black Shuck is known from Maldon and the Dengie so late-night runners beware along those lanes and paths!!!

Post-script II

During lockdown, I’ve edited a new book with fellow running poet Elisabeth Sennitt-Clough, titled A Tussle of Clouds, which brings together running experiences from a wide range of parkrunners and other athletes. The book is available to buy from the publisher Stour Valley Press at

This week 209 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 36 volunteers:

Bob GEAR • Sue M SMITH • Elaine VAUGHAN • Paul DOBSON • Kevin LAGAN • John BUCHANAN • Meg VAUGHAN • Katerina MILLER • Alison HUGHES • Lynn RAYMOND • Phil KINSMAN • David STOKES • Jodee MAYER • Sarah NAUGHTON • Belinda WELTON • Ari HUGHES • Benjamin RAYMOND • Caroline HARE • Angela DELLAR • Rebecca CARROLL • Imogen GIDDINGS • Gordon MCAULAY • Charlotte NAUGHTON • Michelle LAMARRE • Gabrielle BOLAND • Julie BENNETT • Teresa TREDOUX • Deborah CUTLER • James SKILLERN • Tim GARDINER • Alison FLIGHT • Matt SELLORS • Joanne DENNIS • Adele BOVINGDON • Andrew MCGREGOR • Dave FERRIS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Maldon Prom parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Scott COUSINS who recorded a time of 15:48 on 26th March 2016 (event number 137).
The female record is held by Elizabeth DAVIES who recorded a time of 17:49 on 25th June 2016 (event number 150).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ella Marie JONES who recorded 93.87% (21:45) on 13th October 2018 (event number 270).

Maldon Prom parkrun started on 31st August 2013. Since then 8,580 participants have completed 80,706 parkruns covering a total distance of 403,530 km, including 13,091 new Personal Bests. A total of 841 individuals have volunteered 6,034 times.


It’s coming home

*Fingers crossed*. there's only one more virtual parkrun before we are all back at The Prom at 8.58am on 24th July for our briefing before for the first parkrun in 16 months!


Gordon is so excited that he has been hugging every tree on our course (whilst he measures up for the new kilometre markings).

Here are the results from this week, no PB's unfortunately.

1 Carl Harper 00:25:41 Maldon Prom practice, getting ready for the restart
2 Stacy Hembet 00:26:24 Ran at Thorndon for the Essex 10k seres, very hilly course but nice
3 Craig Burgess 00:26:36 First 5k of a longer mid week run
4 Kate Priest 00:26:59 Penultimate 'virtual' run- how exciting! Pleased to get 26 at the start (just!) The slight drizzle was refreshing! Thanks as always, parkrun team. x
5 Kevin Lagan 00:27:18 Lovely to see the team today. Huge thanks for all you do.
6 Steve Carter 00:28:41 Looking forward to getting back at it soon. Cant wait for Parkrun to re-start, too.
7 Julia Bawden 00:29:40 An "undulating" park run for me this week in Thorndon Country Park as part of the Essex 10k Series :)
8 Jan Hutchinson 00:29:54 Did the run and rewarded myself with a piece of my daughter's home made cheesecake.
9 Tracy Page 00:29:57 Hard-going this week
10 Lisa Burgess 00:29:57 Not feeling it today.... not been feeling it all week but managed under 30..... just about!!
11 Nicola Martin 00:30:17 Ran the new course - bonus - there is one less 'mountain'. Lovely to see all the core team finalising the finish funnel. Not long now :-)
12 Belinda welton 00:31:45
13 Julie Lee-Ranson00:32:04
14 Frederick Baker 00:32:44
15 Gordon McAulay 00:34:35 Pyramid Training with Maldon Soul Runners :-)
16 Patrick Hinchliffe 35:15
17 Julie Bennett 00:35:17
18 Abigail Lagan 00:35:56
19 Lisa Campbell 00:35:56
20 Barbara Hammond 00:36:02 Looking forward to restart. Thanks to everyone keeping this going in the meantime.
21 Alison Hughes 00:39:37 Only two more weeks to go! Excited and actually nervous at the same time!
22 Greg Krzyzanowski 43:20 Not bad after my knee operation
23 Beryl Munro 00:44:18 Early am run in calm conditions
24 Michelle Lamarre 50:36 It's coming home. It's coming. Parkuns coming home It's coming
25 Elaine Vaughan 00:51:32
26 Philip Page 01:20:00 In Malvern rather than Maldon, A bit more hilly!

See you all at The Prom on the 24th!


Virtual parkrun #60- 29th May 2021

Virtual parkrun#60

Here are your comments & photos on this week's virtual parkrun....



image1 (1)

image0 (2)



Name Comment
:-) thank you parkrun team
Tracy Page A 5km in Beaulieu and then Coffee Squared for breakfast
Gabrielle Boland Another lovely start to the day. A big thank you to the virtual results hot desk team, your support really has kept us together, we'll be running together soon :-)
Neal BEAUMONT Apologies for this rather late submission (we had an unexpected rush to Broomfield): don't worry if it's any hassle to include. A beautiful sunny, solo, run eastwards along Marsh Road.
Gary POOLE At last, warm eugh for short sleeves !
Steve Carter Couldn't run this morning cos I was under water so used the first 5K of my Weds run. Need more of this. Looking forward to the return of Parkrun. Bring it on.
Lesley Hyland Early walk so the 5k Beagles missed the eagerly anticipated heat wave :-)
Oliver Martinez First one in awhile, thank you parkrun team.
Andy Stewart Flying visit from the Isle of Skye.
Lisa Burgess Got faster as I went!! Under 30, I'll take that :-)
Alison Hughes Hopefully 4 weeks to go!
Michelle Lamarre It is almost mid summers days and finally feels like summer. The park looked as beautiful as ever as happy to see so many familiar faces.
Matthew Perkins Just so hot this morning!!
Nicola Martin Lovely conditions. A close meeting with the sweet chestnut low branches round the wooded area but all looks beautiful down the prom at the moment, including the Steam Fair :-) Have a lovely week everyone
Kevin Lagan Lovely run
Kate Priest Lovely running in the sunshine this week!! Thanks as always parkrun team!
Stacy Hember Lovely sunning day!
Lisa Campbell Lovely to see the sun again today
Paul Dobson Nice to see so many familiar faces out this morning! Really pleased with my progress!
Craig Burgess not Park not Run :-)
Walked with a couple of very short jogs and met friends for breakfast at the end!
Philip Page Rewarded with a Coffee-Squared BLT and coffee with friends. Felt 'normal' for once!
Jan Hutchinson Seaside run at Clacton prom
Julia Bawden So lovely to be running in the sunshine in our lovely Prom Park. Thank you PR team :)
Julie Bennett Sunshine at last!
Yvonne McAulay Thanks team. 60 virtual Parkruns ... who would have thought it
Jeremy MUNDY The hot one
Bob Gear This was the second half of my 10k at Great Bromley last Sunday
Gordon McAulay To tired on Saturday so time from Thursday Soul Runners run which did cover part of the parkrun route.
Tony Martinez Well a sunny run at a very quiet prom, lovely.
Jacki MUNDY West Country run
Barbara Hobbs Yay - under an hour! :-)
Fiona Griffiths Yay for half term!

...and here are the results.

Position Parkrunner Time
1 Gary POOLE 00:20:46
2 Paul Dobson 00:21:55
3 Neal BEAUMONT 00:22:01
4 Matthew Perkins 00:24:03
5 Jeremy MUNDY 00:24:05
6 Philip Page 00:24:45
7 Bob Gear 00:25:05
8 Oliver Martinez 00:27:10
9 Kate Priest 00:27:14
10 Julia Bawden 00:27:23
11 Kevin Lagan 00:27:42
12 Stacy Hember 00:27:52
13 Steve Carter 00:28:10
14 Kimberley Harding 00:29:02
15 Kerry Harding 00:29:06
16 Tony Martinez 00:29:06
17 Tracy Page 00:29:27
18 Lisa Burgess 00:29:44
19 Jan Hutchinson 00:29:58
20 Nicola Martin 00:30:39
21 Frederick Baker 00:31:00
22 Fiona Griffiths 00:31:10
23 Heather Davies 00:31:53
24 Gordon McAulay 00:31:54
25 Elaine Ferris 00:31:57
26 Jacki MUNDY 00:32:41
27 Clare Martinez 00:35:10
28 Lisa Campbell 00:35:34
29 Barbara Hammond 00:36:21
30 Julie Bennett 00:37:16
31 Alison Hughes 00:38:47
32 Yvonne McAulay 00:39:28
33 Craig Burgess 00:40:26
34 Michelle Lamarre 00:54:04
35 Gabrielle Boland 00:54:52
36 Lesley Hyland 00:59:56
37 Barbara Hobbs 00:59:57
38 Andy Stewart 01:26:36

Hope to 'see' you all again next week :-)


Virtual parkrun #59

Virtual parkrun #59
Not so wet and windy for some this week myself included! Hopefully not long now til we can all parkrun together again, but lovely to see lots of runners at the Prom yesterday.
The only photos for this week are all courtesy of Michelle. Keep them coming!

Here are your comments & photos on this week's virtual parkrun....
unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed

Name Comment
A 5km as part of a lovely walk along the Saltmarsh Coast
Neal BEAUMONT A lovely relaxed, early evening, solo run. Out along Marsh Road (that was the 5k), then a longer run back through the fields of glistening rape to the seawall.A few drops of the lightest rain added to the bucolic scene. Thanks to the Maldon Parkrun crew.
Philip Page A slippery, slidey, muddy 5km as part of a Half-Marathon Trail Race this morning
Jacki MUNDY At last a dry sunny run
Alison Hughes At least there was no wind and rain this morning!
Yvonne McAulay Best run this year. Feeling pleased and ready for real Parkrun. Thank you team
Gordon McAulay Fastest for long long long while
Lisa Burgess First 5k of a lovely walk from Maldon to Mundon .....walking off the Afternoon Tea we had :-)
Paul Dobson First 5km since Xmas post-surgery - great to be back at last (now to get fitter again!).
Michelle Lamarre Hard work today after my second Covid vaccination yesterday. Pleased the rain stopped for me though.
Craig Burgess Injury free 5k!!
Jamie Aldridge Last 5km before I head for the Falklands
Wendy Aldridge Last 5km with Jamie before his posting to the the Falklands (sad mum)
Beryl Munro Not in the mood for a run this week!
Jan Hutchinson Return to real parkrun is like running a 5k - I keep going, but somehow "getting there" never seems to get any closer
Kevin Lagan Slower runs this week- must be getting old!
Kate Priest Still aching after my first session back at the gym this week!! Thanks as always, parkrun team, looking forward to all being back together again soon hopefully x
Meryl Dobson Walk/jog but really enjoyed it!
Julia Bawden Well that was a real battle against the wind!

...and here are the results.

Position Parkrunner Time
1 Bob Priest 00:22:15
2 Neal BEAUMONT 00:22:20
3 Paul Dobson 00:23:20
4 Jamie Aldridge 00:24:15
5 Wendy Aldridge 00:24:16
6 Stacy Hember 00:26:42
7 Philip Page 00:27:27
8 Kevin Lagan 00:27:39
9 Kate Priest 00:27:48
10 Julia Bawden 00:27:54
11 Gordon McAulay 00:29:16 PB! :-)
12 Craig Burgess 00:29:21
13 Elaine OSBORNE 00:30:31
14 Jan Hutchinson 00:30:43
15 Frederick Baker 00:31:39
16 Jeremy MUNDY 00:32:34
17 Jacki MUNDY 00:33:10
18 Yvonne McAulay 00:33:29
19 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:34:49
20 Heather Davies 00:34:50
21 Meryl Dobson 00:38:42
22 Clare Dove 00:39:17
23 Alison Hughes 00:39:59
24 Barbara Hammond 00:40:55
25 Michelle Lamarre 00:49:56
26 A3701738 00:51:40
27 Beryl Munro 00:53:34
28 Tracy Page 01:13:11
29 Lisa Burgess 01:13:11

Hope to 'see' you all again next week :-)


Virtual event # 59 22/05/2021

Run or walk 5km, any time, anywhere, this week.

Send us your results before midnight on Saturday and we'll publish a set of virtual parkrun results sometime on Sunday.

Submit your 5K results here

The link will be de-activated after the deadline. Once the results are up they won't be updated. So don't miss the deadline!

Enjoy and stay safe :-)


virtual parkrun #58 – 15th May

Well, the fair has got back to The Prom before us, but they have left space for our new course.

Hopefully we'll hear this week whether we'll be back on June 5th.

Fingers crossed!

In the meantime we can bring you this weeks virtual results, and a few photos from some of our regulars.

58 1

58 3

1 Kevin Lagan 00:26:51 Much better this week
2 Stacy Hember 00:27:00 Hoped to miss the rain today but no such luck!
3 Julia Bawden 00:27:20
4 Steve Carter 00:27:50 Part of Weds run in the dry.
5 Kate Priest 00:27:53 A very wet one today!! Thanks as always parkrun team!
6 Philip Page 00:27:58 A nice chatty 5km (as part of a 16km run) with friends
7 Craig Burgess 00:28:24 First 5k of 10 miles.... Got a PB for the 10 miles!
8 Jan Hutchinson 00:29:39 Refreshing showers but wet feet
9 Nicola Martin 00:30:05 Wet Parkrun but very peaceful as hardly anyone else about :-)
10 Elaine OSBORNE 00:30:10
11 Tracy Page 00:30:21 A nice chatty 5km with friends
12 Wendy Simpson 00:30:26 First time running the actual course - puffing and panting the whole way!
13 Lisa Burgess 00:30:39 Rain didn't stop play on a new route and a cafe stop afterwards!
14 Jeremy MUNDY 00:31:07 Another wet one
15 Jacki MUNDY 00:31:43 We ran in the rain and missed the sunny bit
16 Gordon McAulay 00:32:40 Got a bit Wet
17 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:35:40
18 Abigail Lagan 00:35:46
19 Barbara Hammond 00:35:47 Not a good run. Wet and rainy
20 Clare Dove 00:37:12
21 John Buchanan 00:39:18
22 Alison Hughes 00:39:27 Well I should be saying 3 weeks to go, but who knows how long it will be now????
23 Michelle Lamarre 00:45:02 Another wet one.
24 Beryl Munro 00:45:58 PB Ran at Prom Park 6.00 am and bumped into Gabi so we took a selfie.
25 Fiona Griffiths 00:48:56 Thank you once again Maldon.
26 Gabrielle Boland 00:52:24 Thanks for a great virtual parkrun, but a bit disconcerting to be beaten by 3 snails :-0
27 Lesley Hyland 01:04:11 Another lovely walk with Nell & Scooter at the Prom :-)
28 Barbara Hobbs 01:04:15 Think little Scooter is getting the hang of this parkrun business :-)

58 4


Virtual Event #58 – 15th May 2021

Run or walk 5km, any time, anywhere, this week.

Send us your results before midnight on Saturday and we'll publish a set of virtual parkrun results sometime on Sunday.

Submit your 5K results here

The link will be de-activated after the deadline. Once the results are up they won't be updated. So don't miss the deadline!

Enjoy and stay safe :-)


Virtual parkrun #57 – Wishing I was lucky

I thought i'd try a Gordon style title today (probably not cryptic enough though!)

Firstly some photos from Saturday from Kim and from Michelle.

57 1

57 3

57 2


Results from this weeks virtual run, unsurprisingly no PB's to report this week.

1 Niels Walter 00:21:19
2 Neal BEAUMONT 00:21:26 I waited for the rain and gale to blow through, then, in the early evening, ran Eastwards for 5k, along Marsh Road. It was then a relaxed jog back, along the seawall, towards the sun setting over Burnham: lovely!! Thanks, as always to the Maldon Parkrun team.
3 Stacy Hember 00:27:30 Ran Essex cross country 10k series this morning in Hylands park in the rain. It was great to be running with lots of other people and can't wait to get back to park runs.
4 Steve Carter 00:27:56 Well hello again No27. Please try not to leave it so long next time
5 Kevin Lagan 00:28:00 Ran in rainy Norfolk. Still lovely and don't think I've ever ran an exact minute time before!
6 Kate Priest 00:28:14 That was a wet one today!!! Thanks as always, parkrun team x
7 Lisa Burgess 00:28:24 5k from Tuesday as I didn't run today. Thanks to the Maldon Parkrun team for doing this.... hopefully not long now until Parkrun returns :-)
8 Julia Bawden 00:28:31 Ran today in a wet, windy and muddy Hylands Park, but still enjoyed it :). Thanks Maldon PR team.
9 Kimberley Harding 00:28:51 Very wet!!!
10 Elaine OSBORNE 00:29:54
11 Jan Hutchinson 00:30:10
12 Gordon McAulay 00:33:16 Gave the Saturday rain a miss so my time is from earlier in the week
13 Jeremy MUNDY 00:33:39
14 Jacki MUNDY 00:33:50 Late run to dodge the rain
15 Barbara Hammond 00:33:57 A bit damp but a better time
16 Heather Davies 00:35:22
17 Julie Bennett 00:35:42 Thanks core team!
18 Patrick Hinchliffe 00:35:58
19 Clare Dove 00:39:08 Another run along the Estuary, it looked so lovely I had to stop to take a photo.
20 Alison Hughes 00:39:29 4 weeks to go!
21 Yvonne McAulay 00:39:48 Thanks team
22 Michelle Lamarre 00:42:23 WET
23 Beryl Munro 00:50:34 Oh, what a beautiful (Thursday) morning, oh, what a beautiful day
24 Philip Page 00:53:55 Only managed to walk today
25 Craig Burgess 00:55:25 Tail walking again!
26 Lesley Hyland 01:00:58 Another trip to the Prom for the 5k Beagles :-)
27 Fiona Griffiths 01:03:01 Ran last week, back gone again. Pleased to have completed this week.
28 Barbara Hobbs 01:04:00 Fortunately managed to dodge the rain :-)

Here's hoping we'll be back together soon at The Prom on Saturdays at 9am!



Virtual Event #57 – 8th May 2021

Run or walk 5km, any time, anywhere, this week.

Send us your results before midnight on Saturday and we'll publish a set of virtual parkrun results sometime on Sunday.

Submit your 5K results here

The link will be de-activated after the deadline. Once the results are up they won't be updated. So don't miss the deadline!

Enjoy and stay safe :-)

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