Event #199 – Happy Birthday!

A short and sweet run report this week... a good number of you came along in apricot to celebrate parkun's 15th anniversary and our own 4th birthday. No special celebrations as we'll be doing something "proper big" next year for our 5th! :)

We've given notice that we intend to run an event on Christmas Day this year - provided we can get sufficient volunteer cover. If you'd like to help out please get in touch ASAP. Many thanks!

Next week is our 200th event and to mark this occasion we're asking for food donations to the Trussel Trust food bank (you can read all about their good work here - https://www.trusselltrust.org/).   We've been asked to share the list of items they are most in need of (below) and we'd really love to see how much we can contribute to this worthy cause. You just never know when you, or someone you know, might be need of their help - in fact after announcing the collection during this week's pre-run briefing, ED Darran was approached by someone who knows first hand what a life saver food banks can be....

"You never know when you will need the use of a food bank. I never dreamt that I would need to use one. However, this week I found myself in that position.

My doctor helped put me in touch with someone who could help me. I was told they would supply 3-4 days of food. What arrived is in the attached picture and made me cry. It has taken all the pressure off me for the time being at least. Cereal for breakfast, bread rolls and ham for lunch, meat, fruit, veg, pasta for dinner and more besides. They even supplied some cat food so our cat doesn't go hungry while we struggle to make ends meet. On top of that there were essential items such as toiletries and cleaning products.


There is a collection for a food bank at Malling park run next week. Please donate whatever you can. For a family in need their help is a lifeline, a godsend. For some of you, that extra bag of rice or pasta, or the extra tin of beans or sweetcorn may not mean much, but I promise you that to the person who receives it, it will mean the world.

This week my park run was powered by these donations. I hope you never have to face the same situation, but if you do find yourself in need there are good people out there who can help you xxx"

We're probably all guilty of taking so much for granted, but look around you - it's possible there is someone less than a few metres away for whom a food bank delivery has made the difference between eating or going hungry. If you would like to bring some items of food along, here's the shopping list that the Trussel Trust have sent us:

Tinned sponge pudding
Tinned fruit
Tinned fish
Tinned veg & potatoes
Instant mash
Fruit juice - long life
Milk - long life
Powdered/dry milk
Pasta Source & cooking sauce
Macaroni cheese
Tinned spaghetti
Desserts eg Angel delight, jelly, rice pudding
Custard - ready made
Sugar - 0.5kg please
Treats - sweets, chocs, crisps
Ketchup, brown sauces etc
Washing powder, liquid (small)
Shower gel
Deodorant - esp for men
Washing up liquid
Toothbrushes & paste
Shaving foam
Kitchen roll
Nappies - Size S and above


Malling parkrun
Event number 199
5th October 2019
This week 250 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 28 were first timers and 61 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 15 volunteers:

Callum BROOKS • Laura KILVINGTON-SMITH • Vanessa LAWRENCE • Darran POTTER • Caroline HARPER • Dan TRUMAN • Wilhelmina DRAYTON • Katrina TUCK • Paul TAYLOR • Liam ELLIS • Josie RATHBONE • Keren MORRIS • Edward KNIGHT • Jill DRAYTON • Jacob LANGLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Malling parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Laura-Jane DAY who recorded a time of 18:05 on 29th December 2018 (event number 160).
The male record is held by George DUGGAN who recorded a time of 15:46 on 29th June 2019 (event number 185).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 91.97% (18:41) on 26th December 2015 (event number 13).

Malling parkrun started on 3rd October 2015. Since then 7,317 participants have completed 38,235 parkruns covering a total distance of 191,175 km, including 7,463 new Personal Bests. A total of 422 individuals have volunteered 2,661 times.