Happy New Year!

Dear Malling parkrun family!

With it being the last day of 2020 we thought we’d get in touch to wish you, your friends and family the very healthiest and happiest 2021 possible!

It goes without saying 2020 won’t go down in history as one of the better years although as ever, from great adversity... can come great things and despite the bad we discovered a new sense of community and appreciation for the simple things.

With luck and a following wind, we could be back park running, jogging and walking in just a few months. In the meantime there’s (not)parkrun where Kent is leading the way in national results table and the new 8 week #parkrunresolution initiative (starting Jan 4th) which aims to help us all make positive improvements to our health and well-being.
To finish off, some personal thoughts from the core team:

ED Tracy:

“Well, I'd never thought I'd go 9 months without rocking up at a parkrun somewhere. I'm sure many of you have thought the same.

Not living locally to the lakes, as a family we have been running around Medway which has meant not seeing you, our parkrun community, out on your runs.

It felt very strange to start with not having to get up early on a Saturday but has now become the norm. Not sure how we'll cope when we start back again!!!!

We will be back one day and when it does I can't wait to reconnect with my "parkrun family".

I hope you are all keeping yourselves fit and healthy and I hope to see you soon.”


ED Darran:

“I still recall my last parkrun back in March where I met up with other Kent region ambassadors at Canterbury. It was a typically cold and wet run and after we huddled in the University coffee shop with a sense of foreboding about the inevitable lockdown, which of course came soon after.

It’s all been a bit of a blur since then with great ups (second grandson born under lockdown) and great downs - loosing my dad to COVID just before Christmas.

While under the “rule of six” I created a facebook group to encourage local runners to organise ad-hoc micro events. Sadly going into Tier 4 pulled the rug out from under it, although I would still urge anyone feeling lonely or just in need of a fresh pair of ears to reach out.

I’ve bumped into a few familiar faces over the last 9 months and each time it’s like meeting a long-lost friend even if the only connection was just that hour on a Saturday morning! That’s the magic of parkrun I guess and also what I miss the most."


RD Will:

"Probably like many of you I've kept up the running, finding new routes and running with one other friend as permitted with the Covid rules.

I've missed much more than the running, I've missed the joy of volunteering, the buzz of scanning and saying "well done" to each person.

It looks like with the vaccine on the horizon that better days will come and I'm really looking forwards to seeing everyone again. I have now found a route around Hollingbourne that is exactly 5k, and if I give myself the briefing before I set off then I can at least pretend that I've done a parkrun whilst logging it as "not a parkrun".

See you in 2021."


From everyone at Malling parkrun, we hope you have the best New Year celebration you can!

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