Malling parkrun to resume on 24.07.21

YES!! We're back.

It'll be parkrun, mostly as you know it but with a few small changes to make it as safe as we can. We'd really appreciate your help:

  1. Follow all national and local guidance. Please do not come if you feel unwell noting that COVID and common cold systems can easily be confused.
  2. Please check our event risk assessment and be aware of the mitigations in place. Assess your personal risk noting that no events are 100% risk free
  3. If possible walk to the Country Park to avoid crowding in the car park. Please note TMBC car parks are using the Ringgo app for payments and charges may have increased since your last parkrun
  4. Please try to maintain social distancing wherever possible. We appreciate this might be hard before and after the event. Note that our volunteers are limited to "gentle encouragement" and are not responsible for the "policing" of people's behaviour.
  5. Please be kind to our volunteers and supportive of anyone who needs or wishes to wear items of PPE.
  6. Pre-run briefings will be kept short to minimise the time during which people are gathered at the start. Please help us by not talking during the briefing, and by paying careful attention to the information given. Regretfully we will not be doing "shout outs" for milestones, birthdays etc.
  7. There will be no refreshments. Please bring plenty of fluids with you - and take home again after!
  8. Our start area is not massively wide, therefore we kindly ask you to "grade" yourself so that faster runners are to the front and slower to the back. This will allow the start to "flow" with less congestion.
  9. During the run please don't shout or spit. Do be aware of other park users who have just as much right to be in the park and may be concerned to see higher numbers than usual.
  10. Please slow down as you approach the finish funnel, walk through and collect your token on exit by holding out your open hand at arms length. The finish token volunteer will drop the token into your hand, also at arms length to maximise physical separation.
  11. If you’ve smashed your run but are huffing and puffing a bit, please do consider moving away from the finish area to regain control of your breathing before getting scanned.
  12. We will have more barcode scanner volunteers than before - please join the smallest queue, again remembering to keep your distance where possible and don't block the course itself.
  13. Please have your personal barcode ready and present with the finish token at arms length to the scanning volunteer. Once scanned, drop the finish token into the bucket in front of the volunteer. Remember barcode scanning is to be contact free.
  14. It is your responsibility to present a scannable barcode. If your barcode doesn't scan it will not be possible for your time to be recorded.
  15. After scanning please move away from the start/finish area as quickly as possible.

Helping us by following the guidance above will make compliance with the parkrun COVID framework easier for us and we thank you in advance!

We would also appreciate you sharing this information with anyone you know that is not either on social media or have access to the internet.

Our volunteers will be using the new updated Virtual Volunteer App (video tutorial here) instead of dedicated stopwatches and opticon barcode scanners. So if you are considering volunteering please download from the apple or android app stores.

We're all very excited to welcome you back on the 24th but are still looking for additional volunteers, so if interested please get in touch.