Event #232

This week 203 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests.. all made possible our 12 super volunteers! Well done to everyone :-)

We have some photos from this weekend which can be found in our google photos album

This week we have not one but two contributions from fellow parkrunners. The first is from tourist Karen Cole:

"On turning up at the start line, we found a cheery band of volunteers, who were massing and being briefed as to their duties which lifted our spirits as they do each parkrun morning. The parkrun fairies had been kind to us today and managed to keep the rain clouds away and even some wintry sunshine tried to come out towards the end of our run. 

What a beautiful course you have as it winds itself around the perimeter of Leybourne Lakes Country parkland. It's a 5km path with twists and turns at every step, just as you think you must be there another twist turns you away again. This type of course provided opportunities for the faster runners to receive and indeed give encouragement as they whipped past us slower mortals as they were finishing their second laps. Mind you although still rock solid today, I can see more challenge to this course when cooler and wetter conditions prevail. The park area for the young or indeed young at heart, which is just by the start and finish area, provides the perfect opportunity to burn off some of that extra energy too.

Today, tourists from St Albans, The Leas, Havant and as far away as Maidstone to name but a few were using Malling as their tourist venue. There were a couple of seasoned tourists at Malling, today which allowed the perfect opportunity to catch up on where we had been over the last couple of weeks and where we were heading off to in the next coming weeks. Owing to footpath improvements over the next 3 weeks, Malling parkrun is cancelled. How many of you will take the opportunity to do some tourism if your own or are you going to relish some cheeky Saturday lie ins?

Tracy, our RD for the day gave a big thank you to the volunteers, who gave up their time to ensure that we were able to run this morning. There were certainly a cheery band of marshals by the finish funnel area, all supporting by giving encouragement and clapping. Don't forget if you are unable to run, have a race coming up or are just generally a good egg, then volunteering is a great way to give back to the parkrun community. Head over to the Malling parkrun webpage for details of the next few weeks roster and sign up for a position that suits you- you get to wear a pink hi- vis jacket! -what more incentive do you want? 

First timers, as mentioned above, are always warmly welcomed and are on the start of their parkrun journey and working towards their first milestones. The trick when working towards your milestones is #DFYB- Don’t Forget Your Barcode they all count towards those milestone tees. Just like David who was completing his 250th parkrun today, whilst his son, Max, was completing his 10th! Fabulous achievement well done! That’s the great thing about parkrun isn’t it, that each person has their own individual journey to talk and share about. 4 finishers out of 203 forgot theirs today though, which means no barcode- no result, were you one of them? Especially pertinent though to also remember to hand in your finish token, parkrun needs them for next week as they unfortunately are not a souvenir, medal or indeed your own version of Bingo!

There were a fair few people staying at the finish to cheer in their fellow runners. This easy and relaxed finish though, allowed perfect opportunity to catch up on how all of our runs had gone and what we thought of the course.

Thank you again Malling parkrun, for getting our weekend off to a great start. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

By Karen Cole (Havant parkrun)."


The second contribution is from long time regular David (aka Dr David):

"Hello Malling parkrunners! I have been wanting to write a run report for a while now, and for this week it seemed as though it was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. Saturday was my 250th parkrun, and I was lucky enough to share it with my 6year old son who also reached a milestone when he ran his 10th.

Reaching this milestone has made me reflect on how much parkrun means to me and my family. I did my first parkrun seven years ago, but at this time I only dabbled in the occasional one. We moved to Kent in 2014 when our first child came along and as a small family we sometimes went to the Maidstone event. However it was only when the much closer Malling parkrun started on October 2015 that I really started to attend regularly. I was fortunate enough to do my 50th and 100th runs at Malling where I have now done a slightly mind boggling 175 Malling parkruns….

More often than not on a Saturday morning I'm enthusiastically supported by my wife and my three children who are always cheering and giving high fives, and more recently volunteering and running themselves. The second and third attended parkruns a few days after they were born, and the oldest has been one of the youngest parkrunners ever, having completed an event on his 4th birthday! We are regular attenders at Manor Park juniors where the boys run most sundays and my wife is a regular volunteer.

Some people may also know me as a local NHS GP. In 2019 we committed the surgery to being a ‘parkrun practice’ and have been promoting parkrun as a ‘treatment’ to anyone who will listen to me. We have promoted parkrun at Primary Care events in West Kent and even managed to organise a couch to 5k programme for some of our staff and patients.

I am very heartened to see a number of my patients now attending regularly. I know of some genuine success stories for treating long term health conditions such as diabetes through regular exercise and weight loss that have been attributed to parkrun.

On a more personal level I can attest to the benefits of the social aspect of parkrun as well as what regular exercise can have on mental health. I found the loss of this in the 18 months or so parkrun didn’t happen made my anxiety levels higher and I was l much less happy in myself. Conversely it has been brilliant to be back, to see our parkrun friends and chase down that milestone!

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to Tracy, Brian, Darran, Wilhelmina, Will, as well as all of the other volunteers and regulars who make our event possible and special. Well done everyone and here’s to the next 250…!

By David Patterson"

We would just like to add our congratulations to David and Co. and our thanks for their continued support at both Malling and Manor Park Junior parkrun.  We've got a number of locals knocking on the door of 250 and hope to bring you more "special guest contributions" in future run reports :-)



A quick reminder that we are now cancelled for 3 weeks (returning on the 23rd October) while flood-prevention works to install culverts under some of the course are underway. Hopefully this small inconvenience now will mean that come the heavy rains we won't have to cancel as in previous years!


Yes we are still very keen to have additional people join. For the event to be truly sustainable long into the future we need a pipeline of RDs in training who may one day even become Event Directors here or elsewhere.


Malling parkrun
Event number 232
25th September 2021

This week 203 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 12 volunteers:

Tracy BROOKS • Brian BROOKS • Asif BOSTAN • Ian MURRAY • Darran POTTER • Gary COOK • Jenna WHITECROSS • Debbie KING • Finn SNOWDEN • Edward KNIGHT • Catriona STRINGER • Molly GOBLE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Malling parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by George DUGGAN who recorded a time of 15:46 on 29th June 2019 (event number 185).
The female record is held by Nicole TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:17 on 15th February 2020 (event number 218).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 91.97% (18:41) on 26th December 2015 (event number 13).

Malling parkrun started on 3rd October 2015. Since then 8,634 participants have completed 47,569 parkruns covering a total distance of 237,845 km, including 8,839 new Personal Bests. A total of 478 individuals have volunteered 3,225 times.


Event #229

Hello everyone and welcome to last week's run report - better late than never right? #oops

Last weekend we had great weather for running with 207 finishers, of whom 22 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.

Despite looking a bit staged, this is just ED Darran caught in the act of gesticulating in the general direction of the route.

For no real reason at all.. here's a collage of runners with buggies and dogs. Everyone say "ahhhhhh"

This coming weekend Maidstone is cancelled so we expect to be quite busy and the car park a bit full. If you walk or cycle down or perhaps even park over in Lunsford Tesco it may not be a bad idea. Please don't park on outside of allocated bays in the car park or you'll risk getting a fine. You can pay for parking by cash or the Ringgo app.

We have a pretty full up volunteer roster this week, but almost empty for next week (18th) so please consider offering to help out. Drop us a line with your ID to malling@parkrun.com.

We say this a lot but we are very keen to grow our team of run directors. Here are some common misconceptions about run directors:

  1. You have to be mad. You don't.. but it might help ;-)
  2. You have to volunteer EVERY weekend. You don't  - only when you can
  3. You have to do the talky bit. You don't - only if you want to
  4. You have to do lots during the week? Nope - the Event Directors do that stuff
  5. You have to do the results. Guess what? No you don't!

You do need to know how each role is done in order to successfully manage the event but delegation is allowed! For this reason "on the job" training shadowing more experienced volunteers is recommended for a period of time until you feel confident.

Why might you want to consider being an RD?

  1. It will give you a buzz knowing you did something that impacted positively on 100's of people. For some it might be their only regular social contact
  2. It will give you an opportunity to develop as a person - from organisational to communications skills and more. Volunteering always looks good on the CV.
  3. You'll definitely make new friends. Additionally, runners will sometimes see you out and about and smile/wave at you like you've known them for years!
  4. You get to hold a clipboard and boss people about. What's not to like? ;-)

If interested, speak to the RD any weekend to find out more - thank you.


Malling parkrun
Event number 229
4th September 2021

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Tracy BROOKS • Sarah HAMPSHIRE • Tereza FRANCOVA • Jill STEPHENS • Ian MURRAY • Darran POTTER • Gary COOK • Jenna WHITECROSS • Helen LILLYMAN • Debbie KING • Laurel TOWNEND • Neil GUNN • Martin COFFIN • Gillian COFFIN • Finn SNOWDEN • Will MERRIFIELD • Edward KNIGHT • Catriona STRINGER • Molly GOBLE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Malling parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by George DUGGAN who recorded a time of 15:46 on 29th June 2019 (event number 185).
The female record is held by Nicole TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:17 on 15th February 2020 (event number 218).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 91.97% (18:41) on 26th December 2015 (event number 13).

Malling parkrun started on 3rd October 2015. Since then 8,540 participants have completed 46,876 parkruns covering a total distance of 234,380 km, including 8,735 new Personal Bests. A total of 475 individuals have volunteered 3,176 times.


Event #227

Welcome to this week's run report! On Saturday we had near perfect running conditions that were enjoyed by 241 walkers, joggers and runners, 35 first timers (of which quite a few were tourists) and all made possible by 15 hi-viz heroes.

Thankfully this week was incident free although we did receive some comments from participants who said as they came around to complete their first lap the course at the start/finish area was obstructed by earlier finishers. Can we please remind finishers to find  the shortest queue for barcode scanning and please, please keep off the course itself - imagine being on for a PB but then having to slow down or stop because a crowd of runners has decided to congregate right in front of you.

Let's continue to show ALL park users the same respect we'd like to be shown to us :-)

This week we sent out a lead bike because we could only put a single marshal out on the course. We'd really really like to have more marshals to help ensure everyone's heath and safety but we can only do this if enough people volunteer.

It's always hard to find volunteers during the holiday month of August, but please do consider lending us a bit of your time. It's easy and fun. In the first two weeks of September Tracy, Brian and Callum are away for a much deserved holiday and so we'll be very short those weeks. Offers of help to malling@parkrun.com please!

We also have our facebook group for volunteers should you wish to stay in the loop for updates.

As always, we're still looking to grow the core team of RDs to make the event sustainable into the future. It's not as scary as it might look so please do consider it, especially if you fancy a new and ultra-rewarding challenge.

Malling parkrun
Event number 227
21st August 2021

This week 241 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 35 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 15 volunteers:

Callum BROOKS • Tracy BROOKS • Brian BROOKS • Carole FISHER • Ian MURRAY • Darran POTTER • Kate PATTERSON • Christine KENT • Richard LEE • Finn SNOWDEN • Will MERRIFIELD • Elaine EYERS • Edward KNIGHT • Molly GOBLE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Malling parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by George DUGGAN who recorded a time of 15:46 on 29th June 2019 (event number 185).
The female record is held by Nicole TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:17 on 15th February 2020 (event number 218).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 91.97% (18:41) on 26th December 2015 (event number 13).

Malling parkrun started on 3rd October 2015. Since then 8,482 participants have completed 46,398 parkruns covering a total distance of 231,990 km, including 8,655 new Personal Bests. A total of 469 individuals have volunteered 3,143 times.




Event #224

Well done to all the 161 of you who walked, jogged or run last weekend. We had 58 first timers and 31 of you recorded new Personal Bests!
We had near perfect running weather and so hope you achieved whatever targets you'd set yourself!

On a happy note, Nigel Hidson hit his 100th parkrun this week... well done Nigel!!

No description available.

On a less happy note there was an incident involving a possible collision between an elderly lady and our runners. We can't stress enough that other park users have right of way along the paths and that runners MUST slow and be prepared to STOP if there is not sufficient space to pass safely - remembering that what you consider to be enough may not be to the other person!!

In light of the above we will need to field more marshals at future events to ensure everyone's safety - but this will require additional volunteers so please consider offering to help if you can.


Retuning to happier topics, this week saw little Luke join his "big" brother Max and dad David complete his FIRST EVER 5k parkrun!! Mum Kate and lil'sis Emma were providing much needed volunteer assistance :-)

This week we have LOADS of great photos thanks to Sarah, so why not check yourself out via our google photos album?

Please give it up for your hi-viz heroes... not all of which are captured below. If you'd like to get involved please check out the future roster and email via malling@parkrun.com


Lastly...This week we were joined by Tracey Open who has been running 5K every day throughout July to raise money for an ASD assistance dog for her grandson who has autism. If you'd like to support Tracey she has provided us with this link.


Malling parkrun
Event number 224
31st July 2021

This week 261 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 58 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Callum BROOKS • Tracy BROOKS • Brian BROOKS • Sarah HAMPSHIRE • Cheryl ROBERTSON • Jill STEPHENS • Darran POTTER • Gary COOK • Helen LILLYMAN • Debbie KING • Archie MITCHELL • Kate PATTERSON • Christine KENT • Finn SNOWDEN • Will MERRIFIELD • Edward KNIGHT • Molly GOBLE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Malling parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by George DUGGAN who recorded a time of 15:46 on 29th June 2019 (event number 185).
The female record is held by Nicole TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:17 on 15th February 2020 (event number 218).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 91.97% (18:41) on 26th December 2015 (event number 13).

Malling parkrun started on 3rd October 2015. Since then 8,377 participants have completed 45,652 parkruns covering a total distance of 228,260 km, including 8,506 new Personal Bests. A total of 466 individuals have volunteered 3,104 times.


Event #223 – It did indeed, come home

Well, after much anticipation and some false starts along the way - Malling parkrun event no. 223 finally happened last Saturday!!

It was lovely to see familiar faces after such a long time and everyone looked to be having a great time. In total we had around 175 finishers which was the perfect number to get a nice buzz without being too busy.

Our "spaced out" barcode scanning area:

There's loads more pics on our google album if you wanted to look or upload your own!


There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available so please check the roster and consider lending us your time? We're always on the lookout for more people to join the "core" team and perhaps even become a future run director - could that be you?

Aesthetically Pleasing & Spot On Times

00:24:00 Stephen WHITING 
00:24:42 Glen BAKER 
00:27:27 Teresa ROGERS 
00:32:00 Dylan SCOTT-HALL First Timer!

Malling parkrun
Event number 223
24th July 2021

This week 95 people ran, 67 people jogged and 6 people walked the course, of whom 14 were first timers, 11 were visitors and 21 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part. The age breakdown was 8 juniors (4-17), 34 seniors (18-34) and 126 veterans (>35).

Unfortunately 7 people forgot their barcodes this week.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Archie MITCHELL • Brian BROOKS • Christine KENT • Darran POTTER • Edward KNIGHT • Finn SNOWDEN • Ian MURRAY • Mo O'BRIEN • Molly GOBLE • Natasha SPENCER-JONES • Paul KIDD • Samantha LEDNOR • Sarah HAMPSHIRE • Tim PARRETT • Tracy BROOKS • Will MERRIFIELD

The event graphs can be found at: http://runtables.me/malling/runreport/


Malling parkrun to resume on 24.07.21

YES!! We're back.

It'll be parkrun, mostly as you know it but with a few small changes to make it as safe as we can. We'd really appreciate your help:

  1. Follow all national and local guidance. Please do not come if you feel unwell noting that COVID and common cold systems can easily be confused.
  2. Please check our event risk assessment and be aware of the mitigations in place. Assess your personal risk noting that no events are 100% risk free
  3. If possible walk to the Country Park to avoid crowding in the car park. Please note TMBC car parks are using the Ringgo app for payments and charges may have increased since your last parkrun
  4. Please try to maintain social distancing wherever possible. We appreciate this might be hard before and after the event. Note that our volunteers are limited to "gentle encouragement" and are not responsible for the "policing" of people's behaviour.
  5. Please be kind to our volunteers and supportive of anyone who needs or wishes to wear items of PPE.
  6. Pre-run briefings will be kept short to minimise the time during which people are gathered at the start. Please help us by not talking during the briefing, and by paying careful attention to the information given. Regretfully we will not be doing "shout outs" for milestones, birthdays etc.
  7. There will be no refreshments. Please bring plenty of fluids with you - and take home again after!
  8. Our start area is not massively wide, therefore we kindly ask you to "grade" yourself so that faster runners are to the front and slower to the back. This will allow the start to "flow" with less congestion.
  9. During the run please don't shout or spit. Do be aware of other park users who have just as much right to be in the park and may be concerned to see higher numbers than usual.
  10. Please slow down as you approach the finish funnel, walk through and collect your token on exit by holding out your open hand at arms length. The finish token volunteer will drop the token into your hand, also at arms length to maximise physical separation.
  11. If you’ve smashed your run but are huffing and puffing a bit, please do consider moving away from the finish area to regain control of your breathing before getting scanned.
  12. We will have more barcode scanner volunteers than before - please join the smallest queue, again remembering to keep your distance where possible and don't block the course itself.
  13. Please have your personal barcode ready and present with the finish token at arms length to the scanning volunteer. Once scanned, drop the finish token into the bucket in front of the volunteer. Remember barcode scanning is to be contact free.
  14. It is your responsibility to present a scannable barcode. If your barcode doesn't scan it will not be possible for your time to be recorded.
  15. After scanning please move away from the start/finish area as quickly as possible.

Helping us by following the guidance above will make compliance with the parkrun COVID framework easier for us and we thank you in advance!

We would also appreciate you sharing this information with anyone you know that is not either on social media or have access to the internet.

Our volunteers will be using the new updated Virtual Volunteer App (video tutorial here) instead of dedicated stopwatches and opticon barcode scanners. So if you are considering volunteering please download from the apple or android app stores.

We're all very excited to welcome you back on the 24th but are still looking for additional volunteers, so if interested please get in touch.


It’s Coming Home!

Hello everyone!

As of Friday 11th June, parkrun UK said it had received enough landowner permissions to resume English events on June 26th - subject to the Governments announcement on Monday regarding Stage 4. As we know, that didn't happen but it now looks very like that July 24th will be the date we re-start.

We have permission from TMBC subject to and depending on any remaining Government guidance in force at that time. This means we have to wait just a little bit longer to know whether we need to give up our Saturday morning lie-ins in a couple of weeks!

It's very likely we'll be resuming under the COVID framework and we encourage everyone to take a look so that you know what changes to expect. In summary, the key points are:

  • Minimising the time people are spent grouped together. Short briefings, no post-event socialising, 1 barcode scanning volunteer per 50 finishers
  • Longer finish funnel
  • No high-5's, no spitting
  • Sanitiser made available for volunteers
  • No sharing of equipment between volunteers
  • All events to use the virtual volunteer app instead of stopwatches and scanners. If you've not installed it, why not give it a try? Available in both the iOS and Android app stores.
  • Contact-free barcode scanning - finishers to hold out both barcodes to be scanned with finish token dropped into container on the floor. To keep queues to a minimum the no-barcode rule will be very strictly enforced and extend to damaged, wet/soggy  un-scannable barcodes.
  • Bibs, lanyards etc to be quarantined for 72hrs post event

And more than ever, we need to be very mindful of other park users, many of whom may have only starting using the Country Park since lockdown and hence might be quite concerned to see hundreds of runners, joggers and walkers.

If we can keep the above in mind and try to ensure both our own and other's safety that would be greatly appreciated :-)



Happy New Year!

Dear Malling parkrun family!

With it being the last day of 2020 we thought we’d get in touch to wish you, your friends and family the very healthiest and happiest 2021 possible!

It goes without saying 2020 won’t go down in history as one of the better years although as ever, from great adversity... can come great things and despite the bad we discovered a new sense of community and appreciation for the simple things.

With luck and a following wind, we could be back park running, jogging and walking in just a few months. In the meantime there’s (not)parkrun where Kent is leading the way in national results table and the new 8 week #parkrunresolution initiative (starting Jan 4th) which aims to help us all make positive improvements to our health and well-being.
To finish off, some personal thoughts from the core team:

ED Tracy:

“Well, I'd never thought I'd go 9 months without rocking up at a parkrun somewhere. I'm sure many of you have thought the same.

Not living locally to the lakes, as a family we have been running around Medway which has meant not seeing you, our parkrun community, out on your runs.

It felt very strange to start with not having to get up early on a Saturday but has now become the norm. Not sure how we'll cope when we start back again!!!!

We will be back one day and when it does I can't wait to reconnect with my "parkrun family".

I hope you are all keeping yourselves fit and healthy and I hope to see you soon.”


ED Darran:

“I still recall my last parkrun back in March where I met up with other Kent region ambassadors at Canterbury. It was a typically cold and wet run and after we huddled in the University coffee shop with a sense of foreboding about the inevitable lockdown, which of course came soon after.

It’s all been a bit of a blur since then with great ups (second grandson born under lockdown) and great downs - loosing my dad to COVID just before Christmas.

While under the “rule of six” I created a facebook group to encourage local runners to organise ad-hoc micro events. Sadly going into Tier 4 pulled the rug out from under it, although I would still urge anyone feeling lonely or just in need of a fresh pair of ears to reach out.

I’ve bumped into a few familiar faces over the last 9 months and each time it’s like meeting a long-lost friend even if the only connection was just that hour on a Saturday morning! That’s the magic of parkrun I guess and also what I miss the most."


RD Will:

"Probably like many of you I've kept up the running, finding new routes and running with one other friend as permitted with the Covid rules.

I've missed much more than the running, I've missed the joy of volunteering, the buzz of scanning and saying "well done" to each person.

It looks like with the vaccine on the horizon that better days will come and I'm really looking forwards to seeing everyone again. I have now found a route around Hollingbourne that is exactly 5k, and if I give myself the briefing before I set off then I can at least pretend that I've done a parkrun whilst logging it as "not a parkrun".

See you in 2021."


From everyone at Malling parkrun, we hope you have the best New Year celebration you can!


Coronavirus Cancellations

As we're sure everyone will be aware of by now, all parkrun UK events are cancelled for at least the next two weeks.

Beyond that, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council have cancelled all organised events within their parks until further notice, which will sadly include us too.

As you'll also see, hear and read on parkrun social feeds, we're actively discouraging people from running around the Country Park (or any other parkrun location) at 9am on Saturdays while we are closed. To do so goes against all current advice to avoid social groups and risks both prolonging the shutdown and bringing the parkrun name into disrepute. Please do not do this.

In the meantime try to safe and healthy while keeping an eye out for each other.

Just like at the end of old James Bond films.... Malling parkrun will return!



Event #217 – Ciara calling!

Saturday was quite literally the calm-before-the-storm and an amazing 375 people came down to Leybourne Lakes Country Park to enjoy a spot of splashy parkrun fun before storm Ciara hit. Not so lucky for many junior parkrun events on Sunday that had no choice but to cancel faced with storm force winds.

An amazing 63 of you got a PB and we had 22 people attending for the first time! Well done to Andrew Theedom and Ali Farrall who were our first male and female finishers and we hope whatever time you achieved, it was somewhere near to what you were hoping for :)

We've lots of brilliant photos this week (thanks to Paul Taylor) on our google album but here's a small taster...

Here's some parkrun magic: two people who'd never met before Saturday..


Brilliant pacing this week from Catriona!







Gill Rogers - My 50th parkrun

Two years ago I didn’t run at all and had no intention of running despite my husband Geoff and other family members trying to persuade me to, that was until I saw that Malling parkrun were going to start a ‘parkwalk to parkrun’ course of 12 weeks starting on 28 April 2018.


I was nearly put off the whole idea as I saw my doctor about a week before the course started and mentioned that I was going to start running to improve fitness and the doctor responded saying “you shouldn’t even think of starting to run at your age” I was flabbergasted, but decided to give it a go anyway.

Darran was leading the course and he explained that for the first week we would alternate running and walking around the 5K course and each week we would gradually increase the amount we ran and reduce the amount we walked with the aim of running the whole 5K by week 12.

On 14th July I successfully ran the whole 5K and the feeling of achievement was fantastic, I was hooked!

Since then I’ve tried to get to parkrun most weeks and about a year ago I decided to join Larkfield AC running club - they provide great support for beginners and it means I now get two runs per week with great company. Last October I even ran the Larkfield 10K.

It seems unbelievable that I’ve just clocked up 50 parkruns - I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, but I wouldn’t have even got started running if it hadn’t been for parkrun.

Very well done Gill.. and also Roger for supporting her and PJ for taking Gill on through an intermediate running course (and for being a brilliant volunteer at Manor Park junior parkrun!)


Also, congratulations to a gaggle of juniors on reaching their 10th runs - Evan Brown, Tawana Chikopa and Lauren Tree.

NOT FORGETTING... Jilly Drayton (the smiley volunteer just before the turn for start/finish) and Silver DofE Josie Rathbone both achieving their 25th week of volunteering.

Sad goodbyes to Paige Harper on completing her 13 week bronze DofE award.

Last, but not least, thank you to all our amazing volunteers!

A quick reminder...
Could we please remind everyone that having finished, they try to keep the path clear for other finishers? We appreciate there are a lot of you and there is limited space but if we could encourage you to keep to one side this will reduce the risk of collision! We also need to leave enough room for other park users :)

Malling parkrun
Event number 217
8th February 2020
This week 375 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 63 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Brian BROOKS • Laura KILVINGTON-SMITH • Neal BLOUNT • Darran POTTER • Michelle BATSTONE • Alan TOWNEND • Laurel TOWNEND • Paul TAYLOR • Christine KENT • Debby SANDEFORD • Josie RATHBONE • Paige HARPER • Richard DRAYTON • Jill DRAYTON • Catriona STRINGER • Clair GOBLE • Molly GOBLE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Malling parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Laura-Jane DAY who recorded a time of 18:05 on 29th December 2018 (event number 160).
The male record is held by George DUGGAN who recorded a time of 15:46 on 29th June 2019 (event number 185).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 91.97% (18:41) on 26th December 2015 (event number 13).

Malling parkrun started on 3rd October 2015. Since then 8,083 participants have completed 43,667 parkruns covering a total distance of 218,335 km, including 8,233 new Personal Bests. A total of 457 individuals have volunteered 2,978 times.

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