Manor Field parkrun, Whittlesey is cancelled on 2021-04-17 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

“Not Parkrun #6″ – “Not London Marathon”

Having never run a London Marathon and being completely reliant on Google for my knowledge, the Not Parkrun Fun Zone entrusted me with the route map.

Jane was ready and waiting with her pom poms to set us off. “Well here I am again...I asked my husband to find me something with Marathon on it so I could put it on my hat. He said they didn't have any marathons so I bought you a picnic. Doh!”


Our first runner of the day set off from Greenwich Park. Sarah gallantly started us off with the first 26 minutes before starting her shift (much love and appreciation for all you and your colleagues do, my brother is also a member of the ‘greens’). Sarah would have just passed Charlton house before passing (the flag, batton, loo roll, sausage roll - you pick) to Penny.


Penny completed the longest distance of the day in what can only be called really hot conditions. Passing the Royal Artillery Barracks, no gun-salutes today I’m afraid. Instead Penny had a lovely view across the Thames. The perks of running more than a parkrun distance meant Penny got to see the historic Cutty Sark.

Carly took the reins after a very busy week organising her “co-workers”. Her senior co-worker has trouble motivating the junior co-workers by all accounts, and the office assistant (the dog) “has continued his quest to inform and/or remind ALL the passers by that they should be IN ISOLATION.” Carly was lucky enough to experience the thrill (I’m crying here, for those that know me well, I don’t do floating concrete), the thrill of running across Tower Bridge. At this point, if Google is keeping me on track, Jane would have cloned herself 100 times as it’s a very popular spectator spot.

One half of Team Nicholls moved the baton past the Tower of London, but due to social distancing no Beefeaters were seen, and they crossed the halfway point. Phew. The other half of Team Nicholls could gaze off into the distance at the Canary Wharf views. No football at Millwall Park……..come back Nicholls no. 2 that’s not our small lap at Manor Fields, yes I know the white lines look the same. After running under and through some very tall buildings (nope I’m not looking up, that’s nearly as bad as looking down) the Baton was passed to Team Jiffy (the Markham family).

Team Jiffy was a man down today but the 3 members brought us over the finish line. They got to enjoy another bridge over Blackwall Basin - not quite the Bower but quite pretty. A quick glance to the right - no Eva that’s not a spaceship that’s the O2 arena. They travelled under Blackfriars Bridge and under Waterloo Bridge. I hope you wanted some hill training.

Team Jiffy finally reach the sights of Big Ben and a view of the London eye, the cheers are getting louder now. Oh look the Royals are out on the balcony to give you all a wave. One last bend and you’re in the Mall. No need to worry about social distancing today……’re the only ones out there.

Whoops, Cheers, Flag Waving. You name it we have it as you cross the finish line.

Such a momentous “Not Parkrun” and “Not London Marathon”. It was so good that we thought we’d keep going for a lap of honour. Marie, Amiele, Ryan, Jess and Paula all pushed that up to the 20 mile mark. So close for the double but Paula's legs gave out.


Finally, the Core team would like to say it’s great to see you all out there maintaining your exercise whether that is running, walking or something else. The Manor Field has ‘healed well’ to quote Chris I think it was and we need to think of a new name for “Not Muddy Corner” so get your thinking caps on.

Stay Safe and let’s hope we get to do a real Parkrun during the summer months.

Julie (the “Not Parkrun” wardrobe artist) - come visit us on the Whittlesey Parkrun Volunteers page and that will make sense.



“NOT parkrun #1″ – 21/03/2020

NOT Manor Field parkrun #01

Saturday 21st March 2020  – Social Isolating Special


I’m ‘social isolating’ but as I’m not one to be put off I have completed my first virtual parkrun. Conditions were almost ideal at 09:00 this morning; once I had hoovered the plaster dust etc. off the course (the man cave is currently being redecorated). Temperature mild and no wind(!) or rain to battle through, so the trail shoes had a rest today.

I missed the volunteers & marshals with their encouragement and music but managed a 28:56 so happy with that especially when it counts as a PB in this particular event!

Not Manor Field parkrun, Whittlesey started on 21st March 2020. Since then 1 participant has completed 1 Not parkrun covering a total distance of 5 km, including 1 new Personal Best.
Female record holder: None (sorry)
Male record holder: Steve RICHARDS – 28:56 - Event 1 (21/03/2020)

By Steve Richards (timekeeper etc.)



Whittlesey Parkrun Report #82 – 14th March 2020

Today was our 82nd Whittlesey parkrun, just 18 more ane we will reach 100!

Last weekend we had the International Women’s Day parkrun and the previous Saturday was our once in a lifetime Leap Year Run – so what happened today – well it was Julie’s birthday so Happy Birthday to Julie who was lurking in the far corner waiting to take photos and videos. Julie does a fantastic job each week of recruiting and encouraging volunteers and she got a well-deserved wave from everyone on the start line!
This week the course had dried out and there was no mud and no slippery patches whatsoever. Instead we got lots of pbs! This has been a small victory for us parkrun volunteers as we now have a total of 200m of woodchip paths along what used to be the muddiest sections, and, after lots of pressure and polite requests, Anglia Water have drained the large flood by cleaning out drains and underground pipes. This means that everyone who uses the park will benefit from more grass and less water, and everyone will benefit from a more hygienic park as the stagnant water wasn’t the best, unless you were a heron searching for frogs!
Today our first male runner home was Graham Chapman from Ely – he is in the 60-65 age category and just managed to hold off the challenge of the 6 junior runners who were just a few metres behind. This was Graham’s 330th parkrun and his 15th at Whittlesey, so Graham has been round the block a few times. But he did say how much he enjoys our grassy laps as he can wear his spikes! One of the 6 junior runners just behind him was Grace Randall who was also first lady for the 5th time in only 13 parkruns – so Grace has made a remarkable start to parkrunning!
Our first junior male today was Tobias Goodwin, coming in 2nd place overall. It is great to see so many junior runners enjoying the parkrun and then each week finishing off with a big football game on the grass.
Finally thank you to all our volunteers, for supporting the runners and walkers in their enthusiastic and generous way. Today we had 58 parkrunners which means that we have had very consistent numbers for the last 3 weeks- 58, 63 and 59!
We also had 19 volunteers + our 3 wonderful ladies opening the pavilion and providing tea coffee and kindness.
Below is the official report from HQ.
This week 58 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 1 was a first timer and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Tracey BOUSFIELD • Geoff HOWES • Ainslie BOUSFIELD • Penny ROWE • Marie WILLIAMSON • Sandra GRAY • Marcel WILSON • Christopher ROWE • Jez BANGS • Julie SMITH • Esther GOODWIN • Tracy MOORE • Vicki REED • Grace RANDALL • Jill WOTTON • Rudy MILLER • Jane POBGEE • Paul MARKHAM • Natalie MARKHAM

Manor Field parkrun, Whittlesey started on 8th September 2018. Since then 1,632 participants have completed 6,926 parkruns covering a total distance of 34,630 km, including 1,292 new Personal Bests. A total of 278 individuals have volunteered 1,790 times.
Please keep an eye on the Whittlesey parkrun website for coronavirus updates.
Geoff Howes (set up volunteer and marshal)


Whittlesey Parkrun #81 – 7th March 2020

Manor Field parkrun 81 – parkrun celebrations International Women's Day 2020

For me, International Women's Day is a chance to celebrate the achievements of both inspirational women as well as men

Like many people, in my mind we are all equal.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by positive role models, both women and men... my family, friends, colleagues, training partners, coach. I looked around parkrun today and was grateful to have an event put on by these enthusiastic people... Erica Cave, Julie Smith, Penny Rowe, Chris Rowe, Geoff Howes, Adam Rolls, Petra Ellen, Steve Ellen, Esther Goodwin, Nathalie Palmer, Nicola Parker, Tracey Bousfield, Marcel Wilson, Jane Pobgee, John Palmer, Paul Markham, Sarah Andrew, Rudy Miller, Chris Brudenell, Sandra Gray, Carly Vine, Jill Wotton and Katie Henson. Many thanks to each of you for your time and support!

The results themselves reflect how parkrun is available and appealing to everyone... 31 females and 32 males completing Manor Field parkrun this morning. With that in mind, I would like to highlight all of the top 20 finishers today...

  1. Laura Whitton (PB)
  2. Danny King (PB)
  3. David Hudson
  4. Joe Maylor
  5. Charlie Jeffery
  6. Joshua Willmott
  7. Keaton Neacy
  8. David Ardron
  9. Martin Dawson
  10. Shay Markham
  11. Adam Jepson (PB)
  12. Jayne Conner
  13. Joe Brewin
  14. Luke Bougaardt-Palmer
  15. Daniel Neale (PB)
  16. Harry King
  17. Thomas Gray
  18. Peter Ridley
  19. Natalie Markham
  20. Zoe Crozier

International Women's Day for me highlights how we should see everyone as equals. Allow yourself to be inspired by strong women and men.

Who runs the world? All of us.

By Laura Whitton (233 parkruns, 193 times volunteered)


Leap Year Day Run Report 29/02/20

Manor Field Parkrun #80 – Leap Day Special
Saturday 29 th Feb 2020 was a very special day. It’s the first time a Saturday Parkrun has fell on a leap day, and the next time this will happen, will be 2048, so it was a chance to run on a very special day.
We wanted to celebrate this fact and so a few weeks ago we decided to run the course in reverse. The local Co-op were also again very kind to us and donated banana’s, apples, oranges and pears for all to enjoy post run.
As per previous weeks when storms Ciara, and Dennis didn’t want to join us, storm Jorge, also didn’t show meaning our runners, walkers and volunteers stayed dry – at least until the event was over.
The reverse course was well received, Jane enjoyed a different view for a change, and people really enjoyed the long finish. It made for some fabulous sprint finishes, and chases to the end. 4 people recorded PB’s so at least 4 of you really loved it – well done !
The mud however was not so well received, and made for tricky conditions for all participants, whether they were on 2 legs or 4. Some took to laying in it (unintentionally) and some juniors at the end loved splashing in the muddy grass, and covering Geoffs number check sheet in mud splatters !!
There were 5 first timers, let’s hope they come back to enjoy the course going the “usual” direction another week, one of whom completed his very first Parkrun, what a great day to start !!!
First over the line this week was Shay Markham, one of our 15-17 juniors, completing his 51 st run, and very closely followed by Josh Wilmott, another one of our 15-17 juniors. First senior male was Phil Neacy, and his trusty canine companion Coco, and they came in third place. First female home was Marie Williamson, in 12 th place, and first Junior female home was Courtney Harding, who’s in the 11-14 Junior category, and completed her 5 th Parkrun. She was also by far the cleanest
participant of the day, not collecting any mud on her laps around the field.
Our amazing volunteers this week who made this Leap Day Mud Special Parkrun happen were Sarah ANDREW, Ainslie BOUSFIELD, Tracey BOUSFIELD, Chris BRUDENELL, Erica CAVE, Geoff HOWES, Natalie MARKHAM, Paul MARKHAM, Rudy MILLER, Chloe MOSCATIELLO, Nathalie PALMER, Nicola PARKER, Jane POBGEE, Vicki REED, Adam ROLLS, Marie WILLIAMSON, Nicola WILLIAMSON, Alexander WILSON, Marcel WILSON
Next week in honour of Intl Womens Day, next week is a special Parkrun, encouraging female participation. We even have a photo frame, for selfies, so come along, have a run, and take a selfie !!
This week 59 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 5 were first timers and 4 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.
Manor Field parkrun, Whittlesey started on 8th September 2018. Since then 1,622 participants have completed 6,805 parkruns covering a total distance of 34,025 km, including 1,274 new Personal Bests.
Female record holder: Chloe FINLAY - 19:15 - Event 23 (02/02/19)
Male record holder: James MCCRAE - 15:55 - Event 8 (27/10/18)
Age graded record holder: Rachael WHEELER - 81.59 % - 23:27 - Event 42 (15/06/19)

By Vicki Reed (funnel manager)

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