Mansfield park run # 326 – 26/1/2019 by Oliver Harvie

102 runners rolled out of bed this morning to do their regular running activity at The Manor Sports Complex !!!!!!!!

As you will of noticed these past few weeks it has been pretty cold on the Saturday mornings but well done to everyone who turned up today. It definitely was a mild one apart from the back straight which was really really windy.

We were nicely met by the Run Director at the start who gave us our short run briefing to tell us what has happened and all the important information we need to know and if the course is ok.
So thank you run director for doing that especially in the cold mild weather

He also introduced us to the brilliant volunteers who did their job extraordinary well . For all their hard work we thank Jem Baxter, Racheal Chadwick, Garry Checklin, Scott,Collier, Clair Foulstone, Steve Garner, Vicki Hair, Lynn Hazelton, Caitlin Hazelton, Trevor Hiscox, Kerry Lucas, Aurther Nicol, Liam Probert, Chalkey White and myself Oliver Harvie. Without these volunteers Parkrun would not of happened this morning so thank you to the volunteers very much . Just remember if you would like to volunteer then please let one of the core team know via email or tell them on a Saturday that you would like to volunteer the next week. It would really help us out these next few weeks.

And best of all when you volunteer 25 times you get a free volunteer purple t - shirt!

As some of the runners today might know that today was our founder Rachel Chadwick had her birthday today so happy birthday and a massive thank you for getting the laptop so you could do the results.

Now for best of all ..... THE PERSONAL BESTS !!!!!!!!!

No. 22 - Aden Rowlett, No. 36 Joe Troman, No. 37 Craig Priestnall, No. 43 John Leigh, No. 44 Stewart Sharp, No. 46 Ben Melling, No. 48 Robert Brentnall, No. 51 Ashleigh Blount, No . 70 Mary Hind, No. 82 Paige Fisher, No . 84 Ian Wolley, No.92 Sam Bellamy, No. 93 Wendy Woolley, and No . 94 Sarah Roberts

Well Done to everyone who got a PB today !!!!! Great achievement!!!!!

Welcome to Mansfield Parkrun to the 19 New runners !!!!!

Well done to Paul Wright who came first in the run today, although remember it's not a race!!!

I don't think there were many visitors today but thank you for visiting, we hope to see you next week!

I hope we see you all next week at Parkrun at 09:00.

Just A Little Note:

I am a Scout at 4th Mansfield Woodhouse. I have noticed lots of litter dotted around The Park whilst running. And in order to complete one of my scout badges I have decided to pick up litter. This badge is called The Community Awareness Badge and I have been picking up litter since the new year around the Manor Park. Every day there is more and more litter and this needs to stop. Today before the briefing a runner took his jacket off and I could not help but notice he dropped some litter. This is very sad please stop. What is worse is that there was a bin right next to him so he could of easily put it in there and there are lots of bins dotted around the park. So if you can do your bit and put rubbish in the bin or come with me to collect it I will be doing an extra lap for the next two months. Thank you for your support.
Thank you.

Thank you for reading and see you next week.

Oliver Harvie

Age 11

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