Mansfield park run # 326 – 26/1/2019 by Oliver Harvie

102 runners rolled out of bed this morning to do their regular running activity at The Manor Sports Complex !!!!!!!!

As you will of noticed these past few weeks it has been pretty cold on the Saturday mornings but well done to everyone who turned up today. It definitely was a mild one apart from the back straight which was really really windy.

We were nicely met by the Run Director at the start who gave us our short run briefing to tell us what has happened and all the important information we need to know and if the course is ok.
So thank you run director for doing that especially in the cold mild weather

He also introduced us to the brilliant volunteers who did their job extraordinary well . For all their hard work we thank Jem Baxter, Racheal Chadwick, Garry Checklin, Scott,Collier, Clair Foulstone, Steve Garner, Vicki Hair, Lynn Hazelton, Caitlin Hazelton, Trevor Hiscox, Kerry Lucas, Aurther Nicol, Liam Probert, Chalkey White and myself Oliver Harvie. Without these volunteers Parkrun would not of happened this morning so thank you to the volunteers very much . Just remember if you would like to volunteer then please let one of the core team know via email or tell them on a Saturday that you would like to volunteer the next week. It would really help us out these next few weeks.

And best of all when you volunteer 25 times you get a free volunteer purple t - shirt!

As some of the runners today might know that today was our founder Rachel Chadwick had her birthday today so happy birthday and a massive thank you for getting the laptop so you could do the results.

Now for best of all ..... THE PERSONAL BESTS !!!!!!!!!

No. 22 - Aden Rowlett, No. 36 Joe Troman, No. 37 Craig Priestnall, No. 43 John Leigh, No. 44 Stewart Sharp, No. 46 Ben Melling, No. 48 Robert Brentnall, No. 51 Ashleigh Blount, No . 70 Mary Hind, No. 82 Paige Fisher, No . 84 Ian Wolley, No.92 Sam Bellamy, No. 93 Wendy Woolley, and No . 94 Sarah Roberts

Well Done to everyone who got a PB today !!!!! Great achievement!!!!!

Welcome to Mansfield Parkrun to the 19 New runners !!!!!

Well done to Paul Wright who came first in the run today, although remember it's not a race!!!

I don't think there were many visitors today but thank you for visiting, we hope to see you next week!

I hope we see you all next week at Parkrun at 09:00.

Just A Little Note:

I am a Scout at 4th Mansfield Woodhouse. I have noticed lots of litter dotted around The Park whilst running. And in order to complete one of my scout badges I have decided to pick up litter. This badge is called The Community Awareness Badge and I have been picking up litter since the new year around the Manor Park. Every day there is more and more litter and this needs to stop. Today before the briefing a runner took his jacket off and I could not help but notice he dropped some litter. This is very sad please stop. What is worse is that there was a bin right next to him so he could of easily put it in there and there are lots of bins dotted around the park. So if you can do your bit and put rubbish in the bin or come with me to collect it I will be doing an extra lap for the next two months. Thank you for your support.
Thank you.

Thank you for reading and see you next week.

Oliver Harvie

Age 11


Run Report #322 by John Kilcoyne

Its's all very familiar...

It's halfway between Christmas and New Year. Not a bad day- a bit of a breeze, but temperatures are mild for this time of year, and it's dry. What shall we do this Saturday morning? If you're reading this report, the chances are that your answer to this question may well be the same as mine. If it's a Saturday morning, it's parkrun.

Volunteers and runners gather at Manor Park Sports Complex as they do most Saturdays. The usual greetings appear- "How are you?" "How was your week?" This time they are interspersed with "How was your Christmas?" and "Have you had your baby yet?" Regular runners and visitors are included in the welcoming conversations. For Helen and myself, visiting today from Lincoln, and for tourists from other parkruns, the set-up is very familiar. We don't know the actual course, but we do know the procedures and what to expect. We talk with local runners about events in our home towns, and with other visitors about parkruns we have been to or would like to go to. For some tourists, Mansfield parkrun is a close enough option to go to while visiting family or friends. For Helen and I, it is the closest parkrun to our home that we haven't yet tried.

For three participants, this is the first time they will finish a parkrun and receive the email or text after scanning. Well done, Chris Asher, Laura Palmer and Rebecca Cox. You are at the start of your parkrun journey. Others are further on and have milestones to celebrate: Catherine Woodland gets a cheer at the briefing as today will be her 25th time to volunteer. Riley Richardson gets ready for his 50th run; his email will tell him later that he has a new PB. Volunteers and runners get personal mentions in the briefing for their support and participation throughout the year. The names are new to us visitors, but the sentiments and appreciation are familiar from all parkruns.

Some regulars are very familiar with the course; congratulations and thanks go to Paul Wright who has completed 94 parkruns, all of them in Mansfield. Today he was first finisher as he has been on 39 previous occasions, 24 in 2018 alone. Having got to the end of his own run, he then went on to help scan the other finishers. Again, this is a familiar situation. So many of us get so much out of parkrun, but also like to give back when we can.

Conversations continue after the run. "Did you parkrun on Christmas Day?" gets a positive response and smile from many runners. 67 runners came to Mansfield on that day. Helen and I went to Doncaster. Thank you so much to the volunteers that allowed these and so many other parkruns to take place. It is great to get the chance to have an extra run between Saturdays.

New Year's Day also gives chance for more parkruns. This is the one day of the year that a double is possible. Some of us will get to one run; some will aim to complete two. Some will be happy to wait until next Saturday to continue with what is so familiar and so important. Thank you for your company at Mansfield today. However you choose to spend New Year's Day, I wish you well for 2019.

This week 111 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 7 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part. The event was made possible by 12 volunteers:

Trevor HISCOX • Rachael CHADWICK • Paul WRIGHT • Liam PROBERT • Mick HANCOCK • Chalky WHITE • John KILCOYNE • Catherine WOODLAND • Neil MELTON • Scott COLLIER • Vicki HAIR • Arthur NICOL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mansfield parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 15:15 on 2nd May 2015 (event number 135).
The female record is held by Libby COLEMAN who recorded a time of 17:56 on 3rd December 2016 (event number 218).
The Age Grade course record is held by Val NAYLOR who recorded 100.45% (22:10) on 5th October 2013 (event number 53).
Mansfield parkrun started on 29th September 2012. Since then 4,423 participants have completed 30,029 parkruns covering a total distance of 150,145 km, including 6,096 new Personal Bests. A total of 475 individuals have volunteered 4,589 times.


Christmas Day run!

Thanks to some lovely volunteers Mansfield Parkrun will be hosting a Christmas Day run starting at 10am on Christmas Day. As usual please arrive 30 mins before the start time for the briefing.

Please note that although the car park will be open, the leisure centre will not be so there won’t be any toilet or shower access.

Scott and the volunteers look forward to welcoming everyone.


Run report #313 by Alex Hoggard

Event #313 got underway as the sun rose over Manor Park with conditions looking ideal for running. However, the 105 runners who took to the course this morning were soon greeted by a strong headwind as the route turned away from The Fairways and back towards the finish area for the first of three laps. Of the 105 finishers, 26 were first time runners at Mansfield, including; myself, Rich, and Sara who had made the 80 mile trip from Hull. The field also included 5 first time parkrunners, who I hope had an enjoyable experience and will become regulars to the event.

Despite the strong headwinds, 12 runners managed to record a PB. Congratulations to; Chris KILBURN, Paul ROBERTS, John BUTLER, Richard ADAMS, Joel ROBINSON, William TALBOT, Michael MORRIS, Lucy GILBERT, Amy GILBERT, Paul DAVIES, Melissa KIRK, and Carol WHYKE who all recorded their fastest times at Mansfield.

There were also two runners hitting milestones this week; with William TALBOT completing his 10th run, and Beata WOLOSZYN finishing her 50th run by volunteering as Tail Walker - congratulations to both!

Male Placings:
Chris Kilburn (SM30-34) of Absolute Tri, was first over the line in 17:02.
Alex HOGGARD (SM25-29) of Selby Striders, finished second in 17:47.
Jim BROOMHEAD (VM35-39) (Unattached) finished third in 18:52.

Female Placings:
Joanne KENT (VW50-54) of Barnet & District AC was first (10th overall) in 21:00.
Sara MORROW (VW45-49) of Selby Striders was second (15th overall) in 22:39.
Laura BOULTBY (VW35-39) of Notts AC was third (24th overall) in 24:37.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Joanne KENT (SW50-54) was graded 80.79% for the time 21:00 (10th overall).
Chris KILBURN (SM30-34) was graded 77.01% for the time 17:02 (1st overall).
Richard Christopher HARRISON (SM45-49) was graded 73.29% for the time 19:58 (7th overall).

A big thank you to the volunteers who enabled the event to go ahead;

With a special mention to Scott COLLIER who did a brilliant job on his first time as Run Director. If you fancy a go at volunteering, the roster for the next few weeks is on the website; or you can email

Finally I'd like to thank everyone who welcomed us to the event this morning, and for allowing me to write this Run Report! We hope to see you sometime in the future (hopefully on a day when there isn't the headwind), when we return to attempt to beat the times we set today!


Where to start in a week / weekend where so much has happened and so many things to celebrate!

This week's report has to say a big thank you to the amazing heroes of the NHS, which celebrated it's 70th birthday on Thursday. Let's all hope it's there in another 70 years


Run report #293 by Alex Harvie

The date 16th June 2018

The time 09:00.

The event " Park Run "

Yes Sports fans I'm back for your weekly Run Report.

Leading up to the Saturday fix of running our group of volunteers had agreed their roles so that the run could go ahead. The run director gathered the troops and the pre race briefing was administered . I saw that the sprint funnel conned section wasn't yet set up so I offered my services there and then to place them out correctly. I had a sneaky look around and couldn't see Trevor so I thought " I can get away with it as Trevor the master funneller hadn't arrived yet" However so wrong was I. Having placed two cones on the floor I sensed a presence behind me and it was bl**dy Trev, watching me like a hawk advising me where to precisely put the cones . He's such a gentleman how can you not carry out his requests.

Having looked at the roster I was aware that there was no run report writer so I asked the Run Director if I could do that to which she duly obliged. Result.

Remember " Your local Park Run needs you " This is still a free event, run by volunteers giving up their time and effort for your enjoyment. If you would like to help then please see the Mansfield Woodhouse Park Run website and look at the forth coming weeks.

Remember if you volunteer 25 times you get the chance to order a Park Run purple T shirt free of charge, well a little postage. Well I am pleased to say having received an email from Park Run that I have joined the 25 Club and will be placed on the list to get my bright purple t shirt.

As the park started to come alive with the hustle and bustle of walkers, dog walkers and cyclist the runners took over. In total an impressive 82 decided to flock on Mansfield.

There must have been a good party the night before as the park was littered with rubbish and on the final stretch before the bridge there was a lot of broken bottles which was reported to the run director and Chalky was kind enough to clear the majority of the glass away.

The run director gave her speech which was short and sweet, as runners were eager to get going. Please remember it is important to listen to the briefing it is there for your safety and that of others in the park as we do share it.

There was a plethora of visitors today, however if you were visiting Mansfield then thank you for coming to out Park Run. We hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you again soon.

Three, two, one Trevor shouted GO, and we were off on three laps of the Manor complex.

Leading local lad Paul WRIGHT at PB 17:01 was on a drive to dip under and get in 16 figures today , however Paul did sustain an injury on the run. People are reminded it is not a race however people do set their own personal ambitions and achievements. If you are running with headphones please use only one ear headphone. If you see other faster runners please just move to a side of the path they will then overtake you at the safest place and acknowledge accordingly. We wish you a speedy recovery.

So today we had 13 PB's and 9 First Timers.

PB's on this mornings run were, Stuart Whysall , Bill Netcher, Lauren Bakunowizz, Kerry Pearce, Paul Rodgers, Adrian Walter, Thomas Henry Bacon, Riley Mathews , Isabelle Mathews, Emily Mitchinson, Alex Nicol , Jane Berney and Steve smith Perkins. Well done. Also I noticed a few family affairs here today. Competition next week then the Mathews.

First timers were Richard Harland, Peter Brash, Caroline Brash, Kobi Prince, Linda Meyick , Sue West, Will Burchell and Marianne Burchell finally Glen Bradbury. Also a few family first timers today , welcome and hope to see you soon.

Remember if you want to improve your fitness and speed running there is a Pootle group set up locally, they run Tuesday's and Thursday's meeting at the Manor . It costs £2 per session with qualified coaches. Why not come and give it a go. If you run with this group you can order running kit which is all orange , so when you are out and about and see a fellow Pootler you can give them a wave.

Well I hope you enjoyed the run this morning and have enjoyed the run report.

I certainly enjoyed getting up at 8am having got in from work at 5:30 to run with a great bunch of people with the same goals in life. Have a safe and enjoyable week I hope to see you all next week bright and early weather permitting.

Just remember folks in seven weeks time Mansfield park run will be celebrating their 300th park run so let's have some ideas on what we should do to celebrate. Perhaps a picnic breakfast after the run. I'm open to ideas. It would be great to show Rachael our appreciation in setting up this wonderful park run.


Mansfield parkrun #286

The date 28th April 2018.

The time 09:00.

The event " Park Run "

Yes yes yes, game on sports fans.

The work behind the stage had been set. Our lovely set of volunteers had agreed and volunteered their services. The run director namely Liam PROBERT gathered the troops and the pre race briefing was slowly being administered to all the volunteers. All aspects of training was given.

Now then my fellow runners and helpers. This Park Run thing is massive in the UK and slowly the word is spreading to the rest of the World. I have been fortunate to run a few Park Runs abroad and the same situation crops up each time.

Yes that's right " VOLUNTEERS "

Your local Park Run needs you . This is a free event and run by volunteers giving up their time and effort for your enjoyment. If you would like to help then please see the Mansfield Woodhouse Park Run website and look at the forth coming weeks. See what you fancy and put your name down. Be brave, seriously do not worry about having never done it before all training and help will be provided. On most positions there are back up volunteers. So if you get it wrong there is always a back up plan. Remember if you volunteer 25 times you get the chance to order a Park Run purple T shirt free of charge, well a little postage. I am still digging away to get mine and only need a few more events to get this ticked off. However when I reach my goal it won't stop me helping.

Also you would not believe how many fellow running friends I have made on route to this. It is always a welcoming sight on Saturday to see friends I haven't seen all week.
So 55 fellow runners made the effort today so thank you for that.
It was easy this morning to think " I can't be bothered today " it was fresh and bitter. Some people or should I say the majority were dressed for the occasion still in winter gear and quite rightly so. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will get the weather we have all been waiting for. Sun and warmth to get our muscles working in harmony.
This ultimately will get pooh corner dry.

The run director gave his speech which I felt was short and sweet, please remember that it is important to listen to the briefing it is there for your safety and that of others in the park as we do share it.

There may have been visitors there today however I am sorry I didn't catch the details, however if you were visiting Mansfield then thank you for coming to out Park Run. We hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you again soon.

Well it was that time , 3...2......1 Go.

We were off all 55 of us around the three lap course.
Leading main man was the one and only Paul WRIGHT at 17:45 he was only 13 seconds off his PB. However Paul had to get his skates on as he was doing barcode scanning at the end.

So today we had 3 PB's and 7 First Timers.

PB's Amanda STEVENSON , Stuart NORTH, and my very favourite Abigail GOUCHER. See I told you I would put you in the run report. Didn't think you would get a PB however well done to you all.
First timers Benjamin TOULE, Daniel BRUNNING, Karen LAYTON, Aleksandra BLACOW,
Gemma BLAWCOW, Lauren HARDY-HEMM, and finally Kaycie HARRISON.

A little reminder, if you want to improve your fitness and speed running there is a Pootle group set up locally, they run Tuesday's and Thursday's meeting at the Manor . It costs £2 per session with qualified coaches. Why not come and give it a go. If you run with this group you can order running kit which is all orange , so when you are out and about and see a fellow Pootler you can give them a wave.

Well I hope you enjoyed the run this morning and have enjoyed the run report.

I'm sorry to end on a sad note but well done to all those that completed the London Marathon last week. If you could spare a little of your time to remember our running buddy Mr Matt CAMPBELL he sadly died running London Marathon. As a mark of respect if you could run 3.7 miles in his memory and donate to his giving page that would be great. RIP Matt.


Run Report #285 by George Kowalski!

Run report Saturday 21st of April 2018, George Kowalski

At 9:00am Saturday morning on the 21st of April 2018, 91 runners set off on a lovely morning, back on a drier course after a miserable couple of weeks having to run through some big puddles.
Out of the 91 runners that attended 22 achieved personal best times, well done!! There were 2 people taking part in their first ever park run and visitors coming from Lincoln and Long Eaton who were welcomed to Mansfield parkrun.
Paul WRIGHT was first over the line today with a time of 17:51; he is certainly getting back to his best since his injury. The first female was Freja STROM who came through at 21:23 not far off her PB of 21:18. The first junior to cross the line today was Jude RYAN who finished with a shiny new PB of 19:46, great running everyone!
Please remember these events wouldn’t take place without our volunteers. There were 15 today so a massive thanks to them. If you would like to volunteer at future events please email or see any volunteers on the day.
There were 4 runners with no barcodes, please remember no barcode, no time and here is a quick reminder of the Parkrun Code:-
Please pay attention to the run brief
Respect everyone’s right to participate in their own way
Under 11s always within arms reach of a parent or guardian
One dog maximum, short lead only
Be mindful of our local environment and other users
No barcode, no time, no exceptions
Have fun, it’s only a run
Please thank the volunteers
Thank You to everybody who turned up today and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Run Report #281 by Alex Harvie

9:00 am Saturday 24th March 2018 saw 102 runners arrive at The Manor Park for their regular fix of running activity.
Wahooo the snow has gone, the ice melted and the water drained away. For those that don't run around the Park regularly you would not have recognised it earlier in the last week it was proper wet and DEEP. 
We were nicely met by today's Run Director John Mulholland who briefed his team and gave out the necessary equipment to carry out the roles required for a Park Run to go ahead. 

Earlier in the week it was touch and go if it was going to go ahead as we needed a bar code scanner. Luckily a full plethora of kind willing volunteers were there on hand to help we even had a few volunteers on the day. This is nice but for planning purposes if you fancy a go at volunteering have a look at the future roster and put your name down. Be brave we don't bite! Also if you volunteer 25 times you can claim for a free purple coloured t shirt. There was a lady running in one today and it looked quite nice. 

Well the course signs had be laid by our regular setter upper aka Chalky who does a grand job week in week out. Be warned though if you put the poles away in the trolley incorrectly he will be mad, you have been duly warned. He also checked the course which was surprisingly fit for purpose. The dreaded pooh corner was a little slippy but was passable with concentration. However during the start of the race a dastardly dog decided to leave what could be only described as a tree had left it lying across the path. Quick witted runner Me , decided to prevent any injuries and numerous accident reports by running full pelt crouching down picking said tree up and throwing it away from all runners. Phew job done and still only lost one place.

Anyway I digress , Trevor the house Master ushered all to the start just under the tree. The Run Director gave words of advice, announcements and rules of Park Runs, which appeared to be welcomed by all. Interestingly there were a few mile stones today.
Run number 50 by Graeme Baguley. He also netted a PB.
Top total runs 236 for Arry Nathan and 367 for James Hoppe.
Paul Wright back from injury came in 2nd, still a bit of work to do but glad to see him back running.
The runner who came first today was Rob Waugh, well done to you.
However the position which everyone wanted today was position number 10. Why's that I hear to ask? Well the 10th finisher today was Stefan Wilcockson in 20:48. He was Mansfield Woodhouses 26,500th runner. A great achievement. This has to be down to Mansfield Park Run founder Rachael Pootle Clarke. Without your effort 26,500 people wouldn't have run this event. 
This brings me onto the topic of celebrating Mansfield parkrun #300. 19 weeks away I know but let's have it in the back of our minds. Shall we do something? 
Sadly there were 5 unknown runners today. We miss you and need your names and or barcodes, please don't be a ghost. 
Brilliantly there were 18 First Timers, wow. We were all glad to see you and hope to see you next week.
Bad for me because I like to list them.
Rob Waugh, Mark Evans, Jessica McMullan, David Waugh , Robin Lyall, Chris Guy, Paul Rogers, Jon Kirkland, Claire Byng, Jayne Kirkland, John Storer, Hollie Watson, Katie Allen , Graham Allen , Shona Thrall, Michael Woods and Hannah Mabika.

Even better than that the course allowed 18 Runners to get a Personal Best.
Bad for me again because I like to list these aswell.
Stuart Whysall, Andrew Powers, Daniel Pincott, Ary Nathan , Adam Fines, Matthew Young, Graeme Baguley, Rob Comins, Jonna Wells, Brian Davies, Michael Woods, Kerry Pearce, Neil Savage, Kim Moore, Reece Carver, Jonathan Ilyk, Natasha Carver, Izak Houlden Stopps. 

We also had a few visitors today I'm sure I heard a few ladies from South Africa(!!), Hull and Birmingham. Thanks for visiting. 

Well folks that's it for now. I hope you have enjoyed your running this week and enjoyed the run report. 
Have a great rest of your week, look at the roster and see you Saturday. 



Run Report by Alison Bramley

A cold, bright morning saw 68 runners at the start line this week. After a brief talk through of the course and a warm welcome to some visiting runners, a quick countdown saw everyone on their way. The course was much drier than recent weeks with 'Pooh Corner' mud and water free.

First finisher was Liam Probert with a time of 19.48 and 2nd place to Gary Morley in 20.39. First female home was Danielle Riggot in 23.52 quickly followed by Freya Longmead, who was the first junior to finish in 24.05. A big well done to all of you.

Rachel Martin completed her first ever Parkrun and 8 other runners visited Mansfield for the first time. It was great to see you and hopefully you will be back again soon. There were 8 PBs this week. That's over 10% of the runners!

A big shout out goes to the volunteers: Garry Checklin, Paul Davidson, Vicki Hair, Alison Henderson, Trevor Hiscox, George Kowalski, Steven Little, Karen Marriott, Jude Powers, Gavin Powers, Wayne Staples, Peter Weldon, Chalky White, Ian Wileman and Darren Williams. If you would like to be added to the volunteer roster, please email, pop a message on the facebook page or speak to any of the volunteers wearing the high-vis vests. You will be given brief training on the morning and it's good fun cheering on the runners as they go by.

If you want to improve your running, build up the miles or simply join a group of like-minded people, the Mansfield Woodhouse Pootlers meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm at The Manor Complex. Subs are £2 a session.

See you all next Saturday at 9am!

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