Run Report 16.10.21

Once again we had a bright and sunny start to this Weeks Parkrun, Which I hope everyone enjoyed. Today we had 101 runners complete the parkrun, of which Liam Lambert was first through the finishing funnel with a time of 20:46, with Grant Lenton and Louis Fairfax finishing in 2nd and 3rd respectively. In fourth we have our first female Michelle Brett finishing in just 21:47. The First junior to finish was Serge Lambert with a time of 23:30. The best age grading was Graham Pearce Who completed today’s race in 25:31 with an impressive age grading of 70.87%.

This week we had two first timers Gemma Leszczyszyn and Gilly Batten so well done to them. We also had lots of people that managed to get a PB! To make things even better we had lots of juniors this week Including Serge Lambert, Sasha Bland, Kai Stoner, Oakley Hall and Max Arnold So Congratulations to all of them. We also had one lovely dog run too.

Thanks to everyone who came whether that’s running or volunteering we’re very grateful. If you do want to volunteer it would be much appreciated as the parkrun needs volunteers in order to run. I hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to seeing you next week,



September Spectacular

A very bright and sunny start to parkrun this week. A couple of last minute changes to the roster saw James Conroy take on the role of Run Director for the first time, Julie Bonnet taking up barcode scanning duties and Andrew Slowey who joined Julie after completing the course and achieving a PB. I am not one to get embarrassed easily but being mentioned in Stephen’s public address this week was humbling which brings me on to an important announcement……Your parkrun needs you!!!
Volunteers are the foundation to keep parkrun going each week so please do think about putting yourself forward for a role. It is really rewarding, you get to cheer everyone along and it’s great fun.
124 participants took to the starting line and made their way around the course in a dazzling array of running gear. I am always amazed by the fortitude of each one you as I cheer you on from the embankment.
First through the finish funnel this week was Grant Lenton in a time of 20:42 followed by Mark Godfrey and Henrik Stoner who both earned themselves a PB!!. First lady was Alex Goude with a shiny new March parkrun PB in a time of 22:58…….I wish we could bring back the bell as it would have been in high demand this morning!
Highlights for me in the timekeeping position this week were definitely Danny Cook’s storming finish, Rowan’s incredible PB, big sister Maisie giving it her all to achieve a superb PB and my favourite “Runner 100 award” was taken by the incredible Roger Jones!!
Special mention to the adorable Coco who despite not qualifying for a barcode would have surely scored her own PB this week too with her own sprint finish!!
It isn’t all about getting PB’s though. This event is inclusive to everyone. Whether you walk, run or even do a bit of both it is an amazing start to a Saturday and sets you up for the day.
Until next time parkrunners!!


March parkrun #218 11/09/21

So, the Fovargue-Funnell RD Team met at 8am to drag the kit out of the shed, put the table in the bandstand, and hope we’d put the finish in the right place. We then awaited the arrival of the volunteers.
Lots and lots of familiar faces volunteering this week, the downside of that is I wonder if some volunteers are missing out on opportunities to run themselves because they do more than their fair share, the upside is a wealth of experienced volunteers working like a well-oiled machine makes the RD role really rather easy. All I had to do was stand on the bench like a rabbit in headlights, get the date wrong, congratulate Hannah Daniel on accomplishing her 100th parkrun attendance, and wonder how so many Three Counties tourists found a way under our perimeter fence to find their way into March.
Three Counties is a Leverington based running club, and I’m a big fan of its Easter run which takes place in Wisbech. It’s not free like parkrun, but you do get a medal, a donut, and some rabbit ears, so it’s money very well spent in my opinion.
Anyway, with the runners on their way my work was pretty much done. With the Brown-Sparrow barcode scanning partnership in place at the bandstand, and the Oakerbee-Reed timing team at the funnel I knew things would run smoothly, and they did.
Four first timers covered their first 5km today, well done to you. Our most accomplished parkrunner was Malcolm Hunt who completed his 277th. That’s a great achievement, anyone starting out now with the aim of matching that might just achieve it if they run every single parkrun between now and 2027!
The first runner in today was March AC’s Niall Jackson, who finished in 18:43, kept honest by Three Counties’ Lee Johnson who finished just 5 seconds behind him. Megan Stacey was the first female finisher in a time of 22:24 with a pb to boot. Congratulations to the 17 runners who achieved pbs today, especially Three Counties’ Victoria May and Steve Whitelam who were running their 89th and 84th parkruns respectively. To still be finding improvement after so many parkruns is no mean feat. What’s your secret?
A big well done too to Mike Boxall, who is the first parkrunner I’ve ever seen cross the finish line carrying a dog, and respect to Keith Saward who completed the course in the 85-89 age category. Inspirational. I really need to blow the dust off my own trainers and run one of these myself sometime, you’re all putting me to shame!
Well done and thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered.


March Parkrun #217

March Parkrun #217 was slightly overcast but muggy as 169 excited runners turned up to take part in their weekly ritual of running 5K on a Saturday morning.

On a personal note this weekend marked 4 years since my first parkrun in March on 02/09/17 and I can safely say since then running in general has gone from something that was a fitness stop gap to probably the 2nd most important thing in my life during those 4 years. (my wife is proofreading this so amendments have been made)

Coming home in first place was tourist Kieran Fuller who stood out in his funky colours before we even started and ran a storming time in 18:59 looking comfortable throughout. 2nd was Liam Lambert at 20:20 & Will Gladwin came 3rd in 20:24.

First lady home was Kanina Oneil in 21:02 with Alec Goude and Jessica Ward coming in respectively in 2nd & 3rd with times of 23:11 & 23:27.

We had 28 PB's this week and 4 first timers

Steve Starr hit the magnificent 150 parkruns this week which is amazing and Jonathan Quail, Andrew Cherlin and Ruth Barrett all completed their 50th Parkrun so will all be sporting a nice fancy red shirt soon. Well done to all 3.

Well done to everyone who took part.

As ever thank you to all the volunteers and if you fancy giving back one week please speak to one of them or make contact through Facebook or the March Parkrun website

Until next Saturday stay safe and DFYB!!!


March parkrun #216

I've been asked to write the run report again this week, which is really quite surprising after the drivel I wrote last week. However, I'll do my best to capture what happened at March parkrun's 216th event. I'm very conscious of writing a thoughtful and encapsulating report, ensuring correct spelling and grammar are used throughout, so I always make sure I proof reed what I right before its made public.

Some of the more vigilant runners would have noticed a rather dodgy looking character taking photographs and barcode scanning each week on a mobility scooter. Unfortunately during lockdown I was diagnosed with a very rare brain disorder (I'm not even going to try to spell it, you'd never have heard of it anyway) which has meant a lot of physical and mental disabilities have stopped me from doing many of the things I used to love (none more so than running and walking). Even though this horrible disorder has completely changed my life, I'm still thankful for the tasks I can complete and volunteering at MPR is one way I can keep some sense of normality in a very different life I now lead. Due to the rarity of the condition no one knows the long-term prognosis, but my goal is to be standing with you all on the start line again ready to tackle the 3.1 miles with a big smile (grimace) on my face one day. We shall see!

Today we welcomed 154 budding runners / walkers to West End Park, ready to tackle the March parkrun course. This included no less than 20 first timers, and many tourists from Surrey, South London, Leeds….and Manea (can they really be classed as a tourist)?????

27 PBs were awarded today, one of which went to the fastest finisher Callum Young in a time of 19:38. Mollie Allen (one of the first timers) romped home in a time of 21:17 making her the first female to obtain her finishing token today. Top of the age-grade league was Graham Pearce, with a phenomenal scoring of 71.57%. The ‘Tikiboo’ ladies were out in force again today sporting their multicoloured outfits, and I was informed in the week there are several internet retail establishments already selling similar vivid garments for the men to wear as well, so I’m sure it’s a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ we see them at MPR.

All in all, another very successful event. Please feel free to look over the photos from today on the March parkrun Facebook (Community) page, and tag away to your heart’s content.

As always, we’d welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer on the odd occasion to give it a go, so if you fancy helping out one Saturday please just get in touch with one of the regular volunteers and they’ll point you in the right direction.

The wife has just text me to say she’s baked a nice Apple and Raisin loaf since I’ve been at the parkrun, so instead of going to one of the local coffee shops for refreshments, today I shall be going straight home to enjoy a slice of cake with a Latte. You’re all welcome to join me!!

Until next week, stay safe, train hard and of course DFYB!!!

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