March Parkrun #2 – The parkrun Code

The parkrun code As a new parkrun and with many first timers in the last couple of weeks, we thought it was a good time to mention the parkrun code that has been developed to help every parkrunner understand a little more about what they can do to help the events run smoothly every week.

1. Please pay attention to the pre-run brief: The grass is very wet and slippery and cones have been put in place to help you avoid the very soggy areas. Where one line of cones have been used, please run to the left of them. Where two lines of cones have been used, please run in the middle. This is the kind of safety information we need to share during the pre-run briefing, as well as making announcements about milestone celebrations, welcoming visitors (this week from Milton Keynes) and reminding everyone of parkrun rules about running with children and dogs (see below). We want to make sure no one misses out on important information, so please respect your fellow parkrunners and the volunteer team by staying quiet for just a few minutes before the run each week. Please make sure you complete your warmup before the brief too; it will also prevent you from missing the start (like 3 runners did this week) as we like to start the run on time.  If you have something you’d like us to announce, please speak to the Run Director before the run.

2. Respect everyone’s right to participate in their own way: One of the beauty's of parkrun is that everyone has different reason to participate; sometimes it is to achieve a PB, sometimes to come back from injury and sometimes to run/jog/ walk a 5km for the very first time. Everyone completes a 5km whether they run, jog or walk. This week we welcomed 130 runners of which 57 runners ran their first parkrun in March. Our first finishers were Paul Barnes from Redway runners (19:50) and Sophie Fenner from March AC (25:30).  Because of the nature of the course, there is a good chance you’ll be overtaken by faster runners or be the one overtaking - please look out for other runners and do your best not to block the path by running on the LEFT. Try and avoid running in a group and if you do so, please always leave room on the path for other runners or park users

  3. Under 11s must be within arm's reach of a responsible adult:  Juniors are an integral part of parkrun and it was great to see 10 juniors running this week. If juniors are “under 11”, they need to be accompanied throughout their run. This is a condition for the continuing involvement of juniors at parkrun. All March parkrunners have embraced this rule and we thank you all for this. If you are struggling to keep up with your “under 11” or you have more than one and they run at different paces, it is your responsibility to find someone else to run with them. Not many sporting events encourage children and family members to take part together, so please do not let children run off on their own or we will have to take the difficult decision to refuse to hand you in a finish token which means your time will not be recorded officially.

Daisy's first parkrun - one dog per runner on a short leash please.

4. One dog maximum, short lead only: Each runner is able to run with one dog only and a short lead must be used. This week, it was Daisy’s first parkrun and she did very well once she calmed down after the first straight!  Be mindful of other park users: In general there is plenty of space for all users of the park. If you need to slow down for pedestrians or cyclists, please do and give them a “hello” and give them way.

5. No barcode, no time, no exception: If you forget your printed barcode, you are always welcome to take part in the parkrun, but you won’t get an official time. Take a finish token as you cross the line and then simply hand it back to one of the volunteers on scanning (if you make a note of your position, you will be able to get an approximate time from the result table). Please please do not leave the park with a finish token, we need them every week!

6. Have fun, it is only a run! It is good to challenge yourself to improve but be mindful of the conditions and other users. If you do not get the time you are aiming for, you can always try again next week!!!

7. Please thank the volunteers:  We are very grateful to everyone who volunteers at March parkrun. Thanks to a large number of volunteers this week, we were able to have extra Marshals out on the course to help us keep you safe with their vocal reminders about mud, rabit holes etc. We also have a tail runner - do get in touch if you would like that (or any Volunteer) role in the future. This week, we would like to give a special thank you to Rose Biddle from Milton Keynes whom offered her help in the morning as she could no longer run due to an injury. This is such a lovely thought and proves volunteering is open to everyone! You can email us to let us know when you can help out (mail us at:, have a chat after your run or write your name down on our volunteer board that is kept on the bench where the Run Director gives their pre-run brief each week.

This week statistics: This week there were 130 runners, of whom 57 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different athletics clubs took part. The first female, Sophie Fenner, ran in a time of 25:30 (there is mistake in the result table as William Martin in position 22 is registered as female; William, if you read this you may want to update your profile), the 2nd female was Lois Russell in 28:07 and the third female was Katie Leach who finished in 28:22. The first male, Paul Barnes, ran in a time of 00:19:50, second was Peter Ward in 19:58 and third was Tony Daglish in 20:24. The highest Age Grade (74.46%) this week was achieved by Peter Ward.