March parkrun #201. All is quiet, on New Years Day.

The 201st March parkrun is brought to you, in part, by Fenland District Council. Wednesday morning, or as it’s known in certain circles, New Year’s Day parkrun dawned, and the parkrun family consisting of old friends and new, gathered in the amphitheatre of Westend Park to enjoy some well supervised exercise, whether it be to run, walk, or just generally have some fun.

Our 201st parkrun dawned on a bright and crisp New Years Day, and after several days without rain, the course is beginning to dry out and not cut up so badly. The work on the skate park is still continuing to affect the course. Many off our attendees had already ran one parkrun today, and those wishing to double dip came to March to give us a decent turn-out. Proceedings began with the important and must be listened to briefing. Can we please emphasise that during the briefing we ask you to remain silent whilst the brief is delivered, we don’t do this for fun, we do it for your safety, so respect the briefing and stay quiet. If you’re chatting through it, then it’s unfair to your fellow runners and information can be missed as was today by several runners who either didn’t attend the NRB or were too busy chatting during the brief. Some of our RD’s don’t have the loudest voices and amplification can muffle voices, hence why we don’t have one, so please stay quiet just for five minutes of your time while this is delivered.

June Daniels became an inductee into the black 100 t-shirt club, congratulations from the March parkrun team. Our tourists were brightly welcomed, and always we include everyone in our meritorious dispatches section that turn up to run and volunteer regardless of the weather because parkrun is for life and not just for New Years Day. We welcomed our fellow local runners from Bodymode, Ely, Ramsey and Three Counties. The core team also wish to give a huge thank you to all the volunteers, without whom, park run could not happen every week. If you wish to volunteer, please see the March parkrun volunteers Facebook page or email

This weeks brave and fluffy and splendid hi-viz heroes were :-

Megan AYLING, James CONROY, Amy DODSON, Justin ELVIDGE, Raymond FEW, Nina MARKILLIE, Victoria MAY, Patricia NORRIS, Teilo PEARCE, Emma REED, Kate SALMONS, Mark SALMONS, Natalie SZULC, Chris UDEN, Emma UDEN, Samantha WOOL, Andrew WOOL, Jan WOOL, Laura YARNELL

A list of this weeks runners and riders can be found at

This week there were 183 runners, of which 23 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different athletics clubs took part.
March parkrun started on 23rd January 2016, and since then 3,597 different runners, including participants from 263 athletics clubs, have completed 30,562 runs covering a total distance of 152,810km, and there have been 6,001 new Personal Bests

The female record is held by Lisa MARRIOTT who ran in a time of 19:08 on 21st May 2016 (event number 18).
The male record is held by Glen WATTS who ran in a time of 16:12 on 1st October 2016 (event number 36).
The Age Grade course record is held by Joan CLARKE who recorded a 83.07% run (23:02) on 26th March 2016 (event number 10).
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the March parkrun Results Page.

See you next weekend for general fun and frolics.