25.06.2022 #414 Margate parkrun

Well done the 144 of you out there today, running, jogging and walking Margate parkrun with loads of fabulous volunteers.  We had lots of visitors, our fantastic regulars and also two (that we know of) joining the parkrun community for the first time!  Well done Simon Rose and Toby Skinner, welcome to the parkrun family.

IMG_20220625_085956 IMG_20220625_085932 (2) IMG_20220625_085916 (2) IMG_20220625_085913 (2)

IMG_20220625_114246 (2)

95858A8E-1067-4717-BC6E-2989EB5A1FF3 (2) 379BE056-746F-4775-979B-DF2B1AABB7CA (2) IMG_20220625_094225 (2)

Loving seeing several milestones today with two of our regulars achieving their 50th. Congratulations Margaret Ovenden, pictured below.

IMG_20220625_085808  BE70563A-0D0A-4F1C-BE24-B2A942E69646 (2)

Also, congratulations to Andy Malt on his 50th (we’ve had you on the list for a few weeks, but missed that today)!

Chris Harrison, from Great Lines parkrun, back for his 2nd parkrun with us and his 100th, captured in action below…

42B545C7-B2D6-47D4-A280-65878BD1AC88 (2)

Andrew Yandell, also got his 100th and joined us with friends from Banstead Woods parkrun.


As is allowed (just a reminder for some of you, if worried!) Andrew chose not to wear a banner.  He hopefully got a picture with our Margate sign and laminated numbers, to mark the occasion! (Just another reminder for those that may want to remain anonymous on the day but still mark the occasion – well till the news report comes out)!

Well done to the 6 of you that got PBs today.  We hope you have that buzz and inner (or outer) smile that comes with it!

Great Lines (Medway) parkrun was closed today (due to an event there), so lovely to see so many join us. They were out in force with the Rebel Runners!  Thought we should include both photos including our first “sit down” star jumps!  (If you see previous reports/ FB posts, you’ll know star jumps are popular for our photo collection)!

 IMG_20220625_084937     IMG_20220625_085001

Also thanks for taking the time to send the following message...

 Hi team,  We joined you this morning as part of the Rebel group. We had a great time and the volunteers were fantastic.  See you again.  Dan and Gary, Joint Event Directors, Great lines, Medway

Lovely to have two visitors celebrating birthdays with us, Amanda Link and Max Lehane, from Rebel Runners, with Max below.


Plus, our first male home was a visitor from Ealing Eagles running club, Firas Alhawat. Our first female home was Ellie Maggs (we are keeping an eye on you for the 200th amazing run banner)!  To find results click on the link: Margate parkrun Results Page

Once again thank you to all the lovely high viz heroes.  We had lots of you helping out today - and Gemma Hawkins kindly provided some photos too at the top of the grass from Brian’s bench – you can just spot Doreen volunteering in the background in a few.   Jay BAILEYDennis Arthur BRANDRICKNigel CARTWRIGHTCarole DAVENPORTSusanne FRIBBANCENoreen GILHESPYGemma GIRDLERSamuel GRAVELLEJohn HALESAnna HARRISONPaul HARRISONGemma HAWKINSSteven HAWKINSRobin MARTINDoreen PARRYRob PUGHTed TEMPLEAlison WILCOXJohn WILCOX

IMG_20220625_095003 (2)

Several of you we know are doing the Sandwich 10K on Sunday, so good luck!

We do hope you will sign up to volunteer – without volunteers there is no parkrun!   To sign up, or find out more, please go to the parkrun website. Gaps in the roster are noted on herefuture roster page and you can email margate@parkrun.comto put your name down, and/or seek advice!


Sharing of runner magazines by parkrunner Paula (not an advert) LOL

After the parkrun do join us at Palm Bay Cafe, where it is more about the meeting up than the refreshments! (Please note it is outdoors only and there are no toilet facilities – you’d need to pop in the Walpole Bay Hotel to use theirs).  

A200E292-278B-4E48-A781-7116B7C63787 (2)

So it's a wave from me (thanks Gemma) and to note I'm having a news report break next week – anyone who wants to write something is more than welcome (just email in about it). Hopefully the Facebook page will be opened up for you to add photos - perhaps Robert Hume and Michelle Tuck at least for their 50th?!  The banners will be there!

I will be visiting another parkrun community with hubby.  So have a lovely time, we will see you on the 9th with friends visiting! Anna Harrison, (a.k.a Anna the banner)!


18.06.2022 #413 Margate parkrun

What a beautiful warm day to run, jog, walk or volunteer at parkrun!  As ever such a fabulous bunch – word must be getting out about Margate  - as WOW what a lot of visitors – as seen below!!

IMG_20220618_085342  IMG_20220618_085335 (2)

I didn't quite master the photography of such a big group - hence the two pictures to get you all in!  There were so many visitors, there wasn’t time to ask all of you where you were from.  Here are a few I did get.

Jan Go from London (another Lonely Goat RC)!

Jan Go from London (another Lonely Goat RC)!

Ronnie Haydon from Catford

Ronnie Haydon from Catford

Martin Thorpe, Oundle

Martin Thorpe, Oundle

Julie and Charlotte Olson, who along with Phil Olson do a different parkrun each week.  Great to see them at the cafe after too.

Julie and Charlotte Olson, who along with Phil Olson do a different parkrun each week. Great to see them at the cafe after too.

Perhaps it is fair to say that South Africa was the furthest today?  Thank you for the photo and message Wayne and Caroline Selkirk.  A quick check shows you have an impressive 415 and 408 parkruns – and some great names for places you have done them!  Glad, that you, like our other visitors, joined us and enjoyed it!


We made it despite a delayed bus. What a lovely setting and great volunteers. Thank you. Our home parkrun is Sunrise on sea, East London South Africa”.

We had three great milestones today – Spencer Hoult on his 50th, Dave Burdon, who joined us from Leeds on his 100th, both below and Rosie Wardman on her 25th. Congratulations!  Also well done to Scot Haggarty for 150 amazing runs.  To be honest doing any run is amazing, but we can’t afford that many banners – so we mark the big numbers between the milestones!


Lots of first timers, including Stacey and Mark Wilson who joined us from Ramsgate.  We also loved the fact Dawn Bertram that you did your first one today, having seen your son and daughter do parkruns where they live and many a one by our regular Andy.  You wanted to do under an hour and you certainly smashed that!


Lovely photo of Dawn and Andy.  You may not recognise Andy (normally sitting on the bench by the timers after) without a jacket and gloves – summer must be here!

Congratulations to the 5 of you that got PBs today.  In that heat too!  Hope you are buzzing from it!

Thank you to Ugen again for sending the extra photos below (if we get anymore sent in by others they can be added).

IMG-20220618-WA0010 IMG-20220618-WA0009 IMG-20220618-WA0007 IMG-20220618-WA0000

To find results (or find out more about where people do their parkrun) click on the link: Margate parkrun Results Page

Whatever time you do, taking part is what counts, going round, of which there were 147 of you today, or volunteering.   Maybe you don’t feel like going round (maybe too hot, injured, got a sport event the next day). How about signing up, or offering on the day to volunteer.  It may take a little bit longer of your time one week, but advice can be given, appreciation is in abundance and fun (should/could) be had!!  All welcome!


To sign up to volunteer, or find out more, go to the parkrun website. Gaps in the roster are noted on herefuture roster page and you can email margate@parkrun.comto put your name down! (Please see below re a question from a parkrunner).

Once again thank you to all the lovely high viz heroes.  Tom ADAMSTracy BOYESDennis Arthur BRANDRICKStephen CAPSAileen CHRISTODOULOUNoreen GILHESPYSamuel GRAVELLEAllison HALESJohn HALESAnna HARRISONRobin MARTINDoreen PARRYRob PUGHTed TEMPLEAlison WILCOXJohn WILCOX

Not so many photos of the volunteers today, but here is one of Noreen in action.


After the parkrun do join us at Palm Bay Cafe, where it is more about the meeting up than the refreshments! (Please note it is outdoors only and there are no toilet facilities – you’d need to pop in the Walpole Bay Hotel to use theirs).  

Request for help;

Many of you will know our regular Holly - who volunteers as well as goes round parkrun.  She is wondering if anyone goes her way can help with a lift to parkrun from the bus stop outside the 19th Hole pub, Botany way, (lifts back are sorted).  It could be a lift once a month, so it is divided out between a few.  Whatever anyone could do, she would be very grateful.  I won't share her number on here, but maybe you can email in to margate@parkrun.com and we can sort it out.  Or you can message her - she will add a note to FB - or catch up with her if at parkrun next week. Thanks in advance.

Anna Harrison, (a.k.a Anna the banner)!


11.06.2022 #412 Margate parkrun

What a hot day today – with a very, very, gentle breeze for the way back for parkrun!  You were all marvelous and as ever friendly, welcoming and up for it!!

What a crowd as ever!!

IMG_20220611_090236 IMG_20220611_090243 IMG_20220611_090249 IMG_20220611_090254 IMG_20220611_090303

Thank you to the fabulous volunteers – remember all you lovely people who walk run and jog it – we need volunteers to make it happen!  Please, please join the rota to make sure we don’t need to grovel last minute – you will enjoy it – just look at these three!!

IMG_20220611_085751 (3)

Along with 3 people doing their first ever park run – welcome to the parkrun family Thomas, Lana and John - we had some lovely celebrations today for our regulars!

Damian and Rob (74 young) – no idea on Damian’s age - but so chuffed he wore our latest banner to celebrate.  Love this photo!


Then there is Rob Pugh.  250 what a milestone and to hear that his first run was at Margate with the lovely John Hales all that time ago!  So great to capture them below!

IMG_20220611_085733 (2)


John Mahoney, well done you on your 50th parkrun today too!

Thank you to Jacqui Darg who provided so many fabulous photos below and Ugen Padiachey – it really helps (and saves me running round with a camera)!  They are in no particular order below, but do capture some of our lovely visitors (at least 14) and regulars – including first male, female and dog finisher!

IMG-20220611-WA0013 (3)

IMG-20220611-WA0022 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0021 (2)  

IMG-20220611-WA0017 (2)

IMG-20220611-WA0048 (2)


IMG_20220611_094556 (2)

Esther Tout visiting from Herne Bay, (3rd on left)

IMG-20220611-WA0047 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0046 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0044 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0039 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0040 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0038 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0037 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0036 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0035 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0049 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0033 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0032 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0031 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0030 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0029 (3) IMG-20220611-WA0027 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0026 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0025 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0024 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0023 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0022 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0021 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0020 IMG-20220611-WA0019 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0017 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0016 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0014 (2) IMG-20220611-WA0013 (3) IMG-20220611-WA0010 IMG-20220611-WA0008

Whatever time you do, taking part is what counts (volunteering or going round).  To those people who encourage us as we all go round, thank you, it really helps!

Sometimes we may worry if we will get round, don’t worry about our time, or be striving to do better, just get that bit nearer someone who is usually in front.  To top it all you may get a PB!   So congratulations to those 10 that got a PB. I know Richard Harrison, (below far right), was super chuffed (as I am for him) to get a PB today – knocking 54 seconds off his last one in 2019!  Just a second off would be enough!

IMG-20220611-WA0043 (3)

Just noticed of the 10 finishers home, 5 were visitors! Hope all our visitors will be back – and if you send any photos in still they can be added - or do add them to our FB page.  To find results click on the link: Margate parkrun Results Page

Thank you to all the high viz heroes – without you there is no parkrun! Holly ANSELLNicky BIDDALLRobert DARGSarah ELLARDSamuel GRAVELLEAllison HALESJohn HALESAnna HARRISONKate HARTLorna MUNDAYDoreen PARRYDenise SPELLERSteve VILLETTEAlison WILCOXJohn WILCOX


Jacqui our photographer with Rob timing

IMG-20220611-WA0011 IMG-20220611-WA0003 (2)

To sign up to volunteer, or find out more, go to the parkrun website. Gaps in the roster are noted on here future roster page and you can email margate@parkrun.comto put your name down!


After the parkrun do join us at Palm Bay Cafe, where it is more about the meeting up than the refreshments! (Please note it is outdoors only and there are no toilet facilities – you’d need to pop in the Walpole Bay Hotel to use theirs).  

Anna Harrison


04.06.2022 #411 Margate parkrun


We hope you enjoyed running, walking, jogging or volunteering at the parkrun today.  To our visitors we loved that you joined us from Surrey, Bedford, Brighton, Suffolk, Norfolk, Worcester, Wiltshire and more places (sorry, bit windy to write all down)!  Also, great to see many returning for more fun with us!  To the first timers congratulations!


IMG_20220604_085845   IMG_20220604_085835 IMG_20220604_085852

IMG-20220604-WA0011 IMG-20220604-WA0006 IMG-20220604-WA0005 IMG-20220604-WA0012 IMG-20220604-WA0001

Well done to Douglas Knight below and Ellie Williams who both achieved thier 25th milestone and all those that got a PB! Marvelous stuff!


You can find results for the 169 of you by clicking on the link:Margate parkrun Results Page

We loved seeing those that participated in the red, white and blue theme for the weekend celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee.  You looked fabulous!

IMG-20220604-WA0013 IMG-20220604-WA0044IMG-20220604-WA0014IMG-20220604-WA0046IMG-20220604-WA0016IMG-20220604-WA0019IMG-20220604-WA0047 IMG-20220604-WA0020IMG-20220604-WA0015  IMG-20220604-WA0050  IMG-20220604-WA0056 IMG-20220604-WA0055 (3) IMG-20220604-WA0057IMG-20220604-WA0048 IMG-20220604-WA0045 IMG-20220604-WA0041

Thank you to all the high viz heroes – without you there is no parkrun! Nicky BIDDALLDennis Arthur BRANDRICKLes BROWNSally COOKKylie DOWSamuel GRAVELLEAllison HALESJohn HALESAnna HARRISONDoreen PARRYRoyston ROBERTSONMichelle TUCKSteve VILLETTEAlison WILCOXJohn WILCOXNathan WILSON.  Also thank you to Ugen and Sarahabove (as well as Les and Allison) for the additional photos in this report!

IMG-20220604-WA0000  IMG-20220604-WA0003  IMG-20220604-WA0065

If you haven’t volunteered for a while, or before, please sign up – all help is appreciated and comes with enjoyment too!Take a look at the volunteer page for more information and you can email margate@parkrun.comto put your name down!

Today, for an added bonus, we had a picnic together.   


IMG-20220604-WA0031 IMG-20220604-WA0029

Next week we are back at the Palm Bay Cafe, where it is more about the meeting up than the refreshments! (Please note it is outdoors only and no toilet facilities). 

Sorry no time to edit photos or add more detail (and website was playing up) but hopefully parkrun is captured!  Anna Harrison

 Just one last thing - a reminder that our regular Joe Eddington is doing his 25K Pilgrims Way challenge for Pilgrims Hospice on the 11th June.  Sponsorship details below – any money is appreciated.  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/joe-eddington?utm_source=Sharethis&utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=joe-eddington&utm_campaign=pfp-email&utm_term=41bf3d78fa594998a40807ee80f6c7b0IMG_20220521_103350.


28.05.2022 #410 Margate parkrun

Well done to all the parkrunners and volunteers attending our lovely parkrun.  Another sunny day welcomed us.  Whether you ran, walked or jogged, we know 137 of you got round the course, with lots of friendly visitors joining us for the first time too.  Visitors included Cambridge, Southampton, Tunbridge Wells, Herne Bay, Petts Wood, Alexandra Park, Bexley Heath, Pegwell Bay – and Beirut!!

IMG_20220528_090033 IMG_20220528_085853 (2) IMG_20220528_090244

Congratulations to Suzanne Boon and Daniel Wise on your first parkrun and to those 14 that got PBs.  Margaret Ovenden - you said you dreamt you came first and Jay second, well that might not quite of happened – but you did get a PB!  We also had a “secret” milestone.  Well done to Matthew Kynsaston, who hasn’t done a parkrun since September 19, he joined us from Beirut and did his 25th parkrun, also finishing 3rd (yellow T-shirt on right)!

IMG_20220528_090524 (2)

Just to note, results were a bit later in emails and have been corrected on the website, if you looked earlier. You can find results by clicking on the link: Margate parkrun Results Page

Whatever time it takes you to get round, as we know, it is the taking part that counts!  For Leah Martin, pictured below, this was an amazing achievement today.  Leah shared she has a fear of heights and agoraphobia.  Today she went along our cliff top parkrun, she looked over the cliffs, she got round (with great support from Vincent Benedict).  Not only that, she enjoyed it and is coming back next week!  Fantastic!  Leah you should be proud!

IMG_20220528_095847_1 (2)

So below are some pictures I hope capture the essence of parkrun!  Many were taken as I ran round, so are a little blurred (and there were some so bad I couldn't enter them)!  If we get any sent in after this news report, I can still add them!

IMG_20220528_090505 (3) IMG_20220528_090503 (2) IMG_20220528_090500 (2) IMG_20220528_090455 (3)

IMG_20220528_090518 (2) IMG_20220528_090723 (2) IMG_20220528_091828 (2) IMG_20220528_091838 (2)  IMG_20220528_092257 IMG_20220528_092306 (2)

Great to find some regular visitors were back, including from York below:



Vincent, far right back from France!

Some of you may have spotted our regular Callum going round – this tine with a rucksack on his back! He is preparing for his Queen’s Scout award hike. Well done!

IMG_20220528_094142 (2)

Good luck Dhesh Padiachey as you head to New York to study – we hope you enjoy the parkrun there next Saturday!


To the volunteers who made the event possible, thank you!  The fabulous high viz heroes this week were: Holly ANSELL, Les BROWN, Nigel COOK, Carole DAVENPORT, Susanne FRIBBANCE, Noreen GILHESPY, Samuel GRAVELLE, Allison HALES, John HALES, Anna HARRISON, Paul HARRISON, Gary PAGE, Sorcha PAGE, Doreen PARRY, Malcolm TAIT, Alison WILCOX, John WILCOX

IMG_20220528_090934 (2)  IMG_20220528_091647 (2)

IMG_20220528_093335 (2) IMG_20220528_092610

I was chuffed to get my 25 milestone today for volunteering – rather red windswept photo of me below (and that was before I ran)!!  I was told today about Kelly Holmes attending her local parkrun at Tunbridge Wells and practically running it backwards as she takes photos on her way round – and still ends up finishing somewhere in the first 10.  That won’t be me but if anyone wants to give it a go……


flag NEWS FLASH: next week we thought we’d get in the spirit of the jubilee celebrations. Whether you wear a flag, tiara, red, white and blue in some way, we don’t mind! Just have some fun!   Also please then  send your photos to margate@parkrun.com  I'll be on timing so won't be taking them...


We are now back at the Palm Bay Cafe (please note it is outdoors only and no toilet facilities).  It's more about the meeting up than the refreshments!


Please take a look at the volunteer page and we hope you can sign up via the future roster page or email margate@parkrun.com.We hear people say they worry about making a mistake, but support and advice is available before and on the day and remember, this is a free fun event so any help is appreciated!

Anna Harrison – right I’m off to find my blue wig and flags!!  See you next week!



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