Run Report #191 – 25th December 2018 by Louise Dicicco

I really look forward to parkrun every Saturday, and even more so when there is an extra run on Christmas Day.  What better way to start the festivities than to meet up in Welland Park for a run / jog / walk with your friends and like-minded people.  There was a sea of Santa Hats and other festive costumes today.  This was my third time for running at parkrun on Christmas Day, and over the last four years, the numbers attending on Christmas Day have gradually increased, while at the same time the average numbers attending each year have also increased:


Year Average Weekly Attendance Attendance on Christmas Day
2015 144 124
2016 210 151
2017 298 184
2018 334 325


LD RR pic

Today, there were 325 who joined the parkrun, supported by 26 wonderful volunteers.


The most popular runner's name today was Andrew / Andy (11 in total) - this brings us to our first milestone - Andrew Shrive - congratulations on completing your 50th run.  Also joining the 50 club were Becki Shiers-Clarke, Chris Burleigh, Debbie Brown and Kate Flexi.  Rekha Kamat completed her 100th parkrun and Sean McAuliffe completed his 200th parkrun.  Well done to you all.


There were 35 first-timers at Market Harborough parkrun today, and of those, 10 were completely new to parkrun - a perfect day to start your parkrun journey.


My parkrun journey started in May 2015 - I've now completed 158 at Market Harborough, and 161 in total.  If I'm not running then it's usually due to volunteering, holiday or because of illness (although thankfully that's not very often!)


Where will your parkrun journey take you to in 2019 and beyond?  My plan is to complete my 200th parkrun by the end of next year, complete a few more tourist runs to tick some new parkruns off the 'parkrun Alphabet', try and get the last three numbers in 'parkrun seconds bingo' - apparently it would take a runner 281 runs to ensure they have a finish time for every second, so I could be trying to complete my bingo card for a while yet!


Whatever your parkrun goals are, I hope you achieve them.



Louise Dicicco