Run Report #200 – 23rd February 2019 by Catherine Jeffs

Run number 200

We’re all raring to go

Don’t start off too quickly

Don’t finish too slow


We listen intently

To the do’s, don’ts and please

Keep left unless overtaking

Dogs kept on short leads


The countdown to signal

We’ll soon start to run

It’s not cold or icy

We’re here to have fun!


We’re into our running

We’re off on our way

We’ll soon reach the finish

And get on with the day


But it’s not always easy

We don’t all fly round

One foot before the other

Keeps hitting the ground


Lap 1 now is over

Just 2 left to go

More runners go past us

We go with the flow


Lots now have finished

Today they have cake

But some still keep going

More steps left to take


And now it’s gone quiet

I feel all alone

Into the last lap

The last km home


But one thing about parkrun

You’re never alone

The marshals, the tail walkers,

They’ll see you get home


In a flash it is over

Just a jog in the park

It’s over till next week

It will all again start

The pacers, the timekeepers

The guides and the boss

Without them it won’t happen

We’d all be so lost


So thank you to everyone

Who helped us today

The 50 runs t-shirt –

Will soon come my way.


A few more to go yet

But I know I’ll be back

To Harborough or Corby

(my passport I’ll pack)


There’s nothing like parkrun

To kickstart your day

And we’ll all keep on running

Our own speeds, our own way