Run Report #210 – 4th May by George Lucas??

A long time ago

[well last Saturday actually],

in a galaxy

[hmm, it’s a park]

far, far away

[I suppose it depends upon where you live, but it’s pretty central to Market Harborough]...

It is a period of civil war

[what? - oh, people battling against their own PBs – I get it!].

Rebel spaceships

[Yes, look out for Roy’s van at the Start Corner],

striking from a hidden base

[The café’s in the middle bit – it’s quite easy to see],

have won their first victory

[it’s not a race!]

against the evil Galactic Empire

[everyone has a ‘nemisis’ they chase!].

During the battle

[let’s settle for 'parkrun' shall we?],

Rebel spies

[they’re called Marshals thank you very much]

managed to steal secret plans

[The Run Director’s briefing notes are indeed top secret]

to the Empire's ultimate weapon

[a PB?],

the Death Star

[oh wait! – a what?!],

an armoured space station

[ah! The bowls pavilion! – true, nobody has ever been able to penetrate its walls]

with enough power to destroy an entire planet

[I think they’re quite a friendly bunch in the bowls club, they just don’t wake up very early on weekends].

Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents

[those pesky pacers are everywhere!],

Princess Leia

[Jo was RD last week]


[see above!]

home aboard her starship

[it’s true, she does have some shiny new wheels!],

custodian of the stolen plans

[kept securely within her waterproof flipchart]

that can save her people

[we prefer ‘parkrunners’]

and restore freedom to the galaxy

[that’s a little bit over the top, we’re just putting on a free, weekly, timed 5k walk, jog or run in the park]....


So yes, it was parkrun #210 on May the Fourth, a.k.a. ‘Star Wars Day’.  Jo was our RD, sorry, 'R2-D2' for the day and began by announcing the parkrunner of the month for April:  Lydia Hayden.  With 5 PBs in the last 2 months and a superb all-time improvement of over 21 minutes, we say a hearty congratulations.  Lydia, your medal is ready for you next time you’re at parkrun.


Several other Star Wars characters were visible in the park, including one stupid pacer wearing a dressing gown, sorry, a Jedi robe!


So onto the results:

A fine first finish from the Padawan (Jedi trainee), young Ben WOODING in a super 18:25.  In fact junior parkrunners made up 3 of our first 5 finishers on Saturday with Jacob AMIES and Hal EASTWOOD also setting impressive times.

Imogen HAYNES was our first female finisher, for the fifth time!  123 parkruns and 3 PBs this year – great running Imogen!


Thank you to the amazing 40 volunteers who made parkrun #210 happen.  There was quite some excitement in the funnel towards the end of parkrun as the number of parkrunners clocked up.  With our record of 439 set in March, when 430 was passed, we wondered if a record was about to be set!

431, 432, 433, 434, that ties the second highest turnout … then 435, 436, 437 and 438.  One short of a record, but another fine turnout from everyone.


Within those 438 were an impressive 86 new PBs and 47 first timers, of whom 25 were tourists and 22 were completely new to parkrun – welcome one and all.


With lightsabers safely stowed away for another year, it was time to wrap up parkrun #210 and look forward to event #211.

Until then remember:

The Force will be with you.  Always.



George Lucas


(with a little help from Roger Pangbourne)