Christmas Day 2019 parkrun

We're pleased to announce we will be organising a Christmas Day special parkrun!  This will be in addition to our normal Saturday events, so please make a note in your diaries for Wednesday 25th December 2019 at the usual start time of 9:00 a.m..

Please let us know if you can volunteer well in advance - bring your family (register them first) and they can all help out.

Please note the café in the park will not be open.

We will not be organising a parkrun on New Year’s Day, but there are other parkruns announcing New Year's Day special parkruns - look out for separate parkrun announcements or you can check the Christmas Compendium here.

#loveparkrun  Ho ho ho!


3 August 2019 event cancellation

Dear all,

Please note that the wonderful Market Harborough Food Festival is taking place in Welland Park on the weekend of 3 / 4 August 2019.  For health and safety reasons (the paths being unusable), we are cancelling parkrun on 3 August 2019 (the roster shows 'no event' for this date).

It's a great opportunity to explore some other nearby (maybe your NENYD) or far afield parkruns as a tourist.  We hope you enjoy your travels, enjoy the Food Festival and we look forward to seeing you back at MH parkrun as usual after this one-off cancellation.

Thank you.


Roger, Bev and the Core Team


News for photos and photographers

Well we didn’t have a Run Report Writer for event #201, so here is a little update regarding Market Harborough parkrun photos:

Earlier this year Flickr changed their settings, restricting the number of photos that free accounts can hold.  It’s safe to say that the MH parkrun Flickr photos group holds way more than the limit Flickr have imposed!

Therefore parkrun HQ have moved all event teams onto Google Photos.  This is a little different in that we are now storing all photos for a particular event in its own Google Photos album and then each time we have photos we can share the link to the new album so parkrunners can browse through and download any photos they wish.

The procedure is a little different for photographers also as someone from the Core Team (usually that week’s RD) will need to set up a new album and share the link with you so you can add the photos directly into the Google Photos album and then we will share the link for everyone.

For the time being, Flickr is still holding all the MH parkrun photos and any photographers with a ‘Pro’ account may be able to add their photos onto Flickr, but we are aware that Flickr may close down or remove all the existing photos at any time.

What about all those old photos I hear you ask?!

Well good news, we have downloaded every photo from Flickr and set up Google Photo albums for all the events where photos were previously uploaded.  How do I access these?  Well below are all the links that you will need to any of the events up until event #201.  The photos from the most recent events have yet to be added, but should be there very soon.


We hope you continue to enjoy the lovely photos taken by our parkrun volunteer photographers and if you need any of them to be taken down, you can just contact us at the email address, then we will happily remove any offending photos.


Event #201 – 2 March 2019:


Event #200 – 23 February 2019:


Event #199 – 16 February 2019:


Event #198 – 9 February 2019:


Event #196 – 26 January 2019:


Event #195 – 19 January 2019:


Event #194 – 12 January 2019:


Event #190 – 22 December 2018:


Event #185 – 17 November 2018:


Event #182 – 27 October 2018:


Event #181 – 20 October 2018:


Event #173 – 25 August 2018:


Event #172 – 18 August 2018:


Event #171 – 11 August 2018:


Event #170 – 28 July 2018:


Event #169 – 21 July 2018:


Event #163 – 9 June 2018:


Event #157 – 28 April 2018:


Event #155 – 14 April 2018:


Event #153 – 24 March 2018:


Event #151 – 10 March 2018:


Event #137 – 25 November 2017:


Event #135 – 11 November 2017:


Event #125 – 2 September 2017:


Event #115 – 24 June 2017:


Event #105 – 15 April 2017:


Event #102 – 25 March 2017:


Event #99 – 4 March 2017:


Event #98 – 25 February 2017:


Event #96 – 11 February 2017:


Event #69 – 13 August 2016:


Event #67 – 30 July 2016:


Event #65 – 16 July 2016:


Event #39 – 16 January 2016:


Event #35 – 25 December 2015:


Event #19 – 5 September 2015:


Event #17 – 22 August 2015:


Event #15 – 8 August 2015:


Event #9 – 27 June 2015:


Event #8 – 20 June 2015:


Event #7 – 6 June 2015:


Event #5 – 23 May 2015:


Event #4 – 16 May 2015:


Event #3 – 9 May 2015:


Event #1 – 25 April 2015:


Happy viewing!



Roger and the Core Team


Christmas Day parkrun

We're pleased to announce we will be organising a Christmas Day special parkrun!  This will be in addition to our normal Saturday events, so please make a note in your diaries for Tuesday 25th December 2018 at the usual start time of 9:00 a.m..

A few volunteers are required for the event, but we will be operating a 'parkrun lite' event to keep the volunteers to a minimum.

Please note the café in the park will not be open.

We will not be organising a parkrun on New Year’s Day, but there are other parkruns announcing New Years Day special parkruns - look out for separate parkrun announcements.

See you there!  Ho ho ho!


Market Harborough 3rd Birthday Annual Awards 28th April 2018

MALE parkrunner of the Year


Highly commended:  This goes to one of our quicker parkrunners.  He started with us in 2016 and has run 49 times - all except one at Market Harborough.  He has achieved 8 PBs and knocked off 1 minute and 8 seconds off his best time this year, which when you are already running under 20 minutes is pretty impressive.  He's been our 2nd and 3rd placed finisher, but not quite yet first finisher.  He also volunteers with us, highly commended is:  Jamie McAllister

Winner:  This also goes to one of our quicker parkrunners.  Not quite sub-20, but consistently sub-22.  This is a man who is usually one of the first to arrive, whether he is running or volunteering - and he does lots of both.  If he's not competing later in the weekend, he's usually here volunteering for a range of different roles he's carried out in the year.  He was a parkrunner of the Month back in March 2017, but our Male parkrunner of the year is:  Graeme Rolfe


FEMALE parkrunner of the Year


Highly commended:  I'm just going to keep this simple - 25 PBs in the year - 25 … quite amazing.  She was our parkrunner of the month in November last year - highly commended is:  Lizzie Holtham

Winner:  This is a young lady who first ran with us at event 14.  Since then she has flown past her 50 and 100 run milestones.  What is even more impressive is that even after 100 parkruns, she is still achieving PBs - this is quite rare - 9 PBs since she ran her 100th parkrun.  All her parkruns have been with us at Market Harborough.  She was a parkrunner of the month way back in November 2015.  She is a constantly smiling face when on the course, our Female parkrunner of the year is:  Pam Hilliam


JUNIOR of the Year


Highly commended:  One of our most frequently running juniors, with a very impressive age grade %, with 3 PBs knocking off 43 seconds down to a very impressive PB of 18:26, highly commended is:  Jacob Amies

Winner:  This young man only started with us in July last year.  Since then he has hardly missed a parkrun.  He has picked up 10 PBs, knocking off 5 minutes 31 seconds from his first run.  All his runs have been with us and together with his Dad, he was parkrunner of the month in August last year.  Our junior parkrunner of the year is:  Ben Brant


VOLUNTEER of the Year


Highly commended:  First starting with us in February 2016 and then barely missing a parkrun.  He won parkrunner of the month in July 2016.  He's recently won a Vitality volunteer of the month award.  He is someone everyone knows and can say hello to as they round his very own corner, highly commended is your very own:  Austin Hobbs

Winner:  This man has been one of our most active volunteers, with over 80 parkrun events to his name - and you will also see him volunteering around at other local sporting events.  He is one our first volunteers to arrive on parkrunday.  He knows what goes where and helps with setting up and taking down the course.  Our volunteer of the year is:  Marco Roginski


STORY of the Year


Highly commended:  This time last year we had one or two Duke of Edinburgh volunteers.  At this point we currently have 9 Duke of Edinburgh volunteers working towards either their Bronze, Silver or Gold awards.  It is a delight that parkrun can support our younger community in this way and in recognition of their progress and community support, highly commended are:  The Duke of Edinburgh volunteers

Winner:  This was possibly the easist of all our awards to decide upon.  Last year as part parkrun's PROVE project (Parkrun: Running Or Volunteering for Everyone), the idea of training some of our regular parkrunners as Visually Impaired guides arose.  We were blown away by the interest and enthusiasm that we received.  it so happened that on our 2nd week of trialing VI guiding, a young lady with a visual impairment arrived with her Mum for her first ever parkrun.  Since then this lady has hardly missed a parkrun and run with us.  We've had 4 different VI runners visit Market Harborough as a result of this initiative and some of our guides have also ventured to guide at other parkruns.  Wiki nominated them as did many others, your parkrun story of the year is:  The VI guides - please thank all those who have guided so far:  Simon Poynton, Graeme Rolfe, Jo Howell, (Roger Pangbourne), (Jo Raine), Clare Tector, Katie Carnell and James Butler.  (Nicky Garratt) and Martin Hazlewood have also guided in training mode.




Run Directors Meeting 11/09/17

Summary of RD's meeting 11/9/17

Our latest RD meeting took place and it was suggested that some of you may be interested in what was discussed and decisions that were made. So here you are in no particular order...

1)      Welcome to Team Pangbourne and thanks to everyone else for attending.

2)     "Pacing Pairs" trial will be extended. It was thought that pairs appear to be hitting times more consistently and that it's a good way to support runners that may not be as experienced.

3)      VI Guide Runner - Roger will do some exploratory work to see whether it is something that can be done at MH, what opportunities exist for training etc

4)      Christmas day run will be on but no run at New Year (as usual)

5)      A "Naked Run" (no watches) will be done for the nearest Saturday to when the clocks change in October.

6)      A new recording system will be used to help address issues surrounding under 11's running alone. One of the Funnel Managers will record the finish position of any children running alone that they suspect are under 11. If it is confirmed afterwards that they are under 11, the time will be removed from the results. This includes children doing a sprint finish between the playground and finish line.

7)      Sign support at briefing - Lisa Campbell has kindly offered her support. We will begin by trialling it at the First Timers and Main briefings. We will encourage other signers to come forward and investigate avenues to promote the service.

8)      Milestones celebrations - It was agreed that the milestones that are officially recognised by parkrun t-shirts will remain the focus. We reserve the right to celebrate anything else that we like too!

9)      Roster - Finish Token Support role will be replaced by a second Finish Token. This is to acknowledge the way that token distribution now operates. Token Sorter will be reinstated on the roster. One person can receive credit for this role. To encourage new faces to have a go, no one can do the role more than once in a 6 week period. First Timers Briefing role is now opened up to anyone, there will be a script provided.

10)  Basic CPR refresher training to be investigated.

11)  Handheld radios trial has proved to be a success. They are issued to RD, FM and marshals at Turnaround and Playground.


12 weeks to a Christmas PB

Here is the training plan that we promised. First of all we wanted to thank all of you for your commitment to the sessions, for having a great attitude and being so supportive to fellow runners during them.

A few bits of must read information. This plan is mainly designed for people that are relatively new to the sport and is a generic plan. It should continue the work that we have already done by introducing some variety and structure to training. It is personalised to some extent using something called the vdot formula to calculate training paces.

It covers 5 sessions a week. If you run twice a week at the moment, then continue to do so. Suddenly starting to run 5 times a week will most likely lead to injury. There is an old rule of thumb called the 10% rule. It's probably never been proved so considered to be a bit of a runners myth but the general principle is valid. Don't increase your weekly mileage by more than 10%.

That said, if you are enjoying running and are coping well with the plan, feel free to introduce more runs per week but do it gradually. If you run twice a week, then do the first two sessions in the plan. One of them is likely to be a parkrun. If so, build parkrun into one of those sessions. e.g. if you are doing the long/slow run, complete parkrun and then continue for an extra few miles and then come back for scanning etc. You could also make parkrun one of your steady runs. Volunteering to be a pacer will help you to focus on sticking to your target pace.

We want to try to get you to make gradual progress over the 12 week period. Running hard too often will put too much load on your body. That is why we are suggesting only running parkrun hard at the end of each 4 week block. Hopefully you will see gains in these sessions. If not, the gains will come over a longer period. We're all different and we all adapt differently.

Some of the sessions are run at slower/steadier paces. To give your body the right mixture of intensities and distances, it is important that you stick to the prescribed paces. Smashing out a hard run because you feel strong, when you should be doing a steady or easy run is counterproductive. Save your hard efforts for the hard sessions. It'll help prevent getting over tired and injured.

Every 4 weeks, you should re-enter you current parkrun time into the calculator to get your training paces for the month. It is not designed to be used with aspirational times. Put in what you know is your current performance, not what you'd like it to be. However, if you ran a hard parkrun and know for whatever reason that you didn't perform well, use whatever time reflects your fitness level at the time.

During the sessions, we've tried to emphasis just how important the warm up is. A minimum of 10 minutes of light jogging, leading into faster paced running with some dynamic exercises/running drills is required. It'll make you more injury resistant and if you are consistent with the drills, a better technical runner.

Some drills to use include: High knees/heel to bum/bounding/skipping fast/skipping high/straight leg running/marching/reverse skipping/carioca/fast arms/fast feet etc

Use the internet to find your own and read a few articles about why they are beneficial. Don't neglect your general fitness either. Yoga, pilates and more vigorous classes such as circuit training etc will all contribute to making you a happier, healthier runner. Find something that you enjoy and attend regularly.

The sessions will continue in the New Year. Let us know how you are getting on with the plan. We'll be looking for your times anyway!

Remember that there are a number of excellent local running and triathlon clubs that can also support your running. Go along and try a few sessions, they all cater for runners of all abilities.


Copy and paste this link into a new window. It probably won't work very well on phones!


Announcing the start of Market Harborough parkrun

Market Harborough parkrun starts 25 April 2015

We are delighted to announce the launch of Market Harborough parkrun on 25th April 2015, 9:00 am at Welland Park, Market Harborough. We hope you'll be able to join us for the launch and a coffee afterwards.

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