Run Report #218 – 28th June 2019 by Roger Pangbourne

Well it’s the half year point everyone, so time for a few statistics!! (immediately loses half the people who have clicked this far!  :) )


First a little review of parkrun number 218:

I had a lovely little walk / jog / run guiding young Alice around and trying to stay in the shade wherever possible.  It certainly was a hot one!

It was great to see so many parkrunners then enjoying the yoga with Paul after parkrun.


In total 6,946 unique parkrunners have now completed Market Harborough parkrun.

Among the 331 who completed parkrun event 218, we had:

- 331 parkrunners completing the course of whom:

  • 171 were male parkrunners;
  • 147 were female parkrunners; and
  • 13 were naughty unknown parkrunners who forgot their barcodes #DFYB!

From the 318 parkrunners obtaining times:

-32 achieved new PBs;

-17 were First Timers; of whom:

  • 10 were tourists from other parkruns
  • 7 started their parkrun journeys with us

Your event was kindly brought to you by 26 volunteers, of whom 5 also parkran (is that a new word?!).

Or if I put all that in another way…

RR 218


Now it’s July, the time is right to share some stats on the first half of 2019.  First up are those who have completed the most MH parkruns so far this year.  Congratulations to Alishia READ who only missed the first parkrun this year and is on a roll of 25 consecutive parkruns with us.

RR 218 most runs


Most PBs – and this time it’s Linda BENNETT out in front improving her PB from 39:51 down to 33:06.

RR 218 most PBs


It’s a familiar name topping the maximum age grade ratings!  Congratulations to Bernie OWEN whose 22:18 parkrun in June earned her a fantastic age grade of 89.54%.

RR 218 max age grade


Congratulations to our VI twins Lydia and Alice HAYDEN who are 1stand 3rdin our ‘most improved’ table, separated by Helen CRANE.  Congrats all.

RR 218 time improvement


Where would we be without Austin?  He’s only missed on parkrun this year, closely followed by our joint Junior parkrunner of the year (no longer a junior!), Matt PRIESTLEY.  Thank you to everyone who appears on this table, we couldn’t do it without you.

RR 218 volunteers


Sometimes people don’t realise, but every parkrun has a ‘fastest 500’ list and the following shows those MH parkrunners who have entered or moved up the fastest 500 set of times in the first half of this year.  Great running all!  Wayne, your PB the other day of 20:27 was agonisingly one second off the list!

RR 218 - fastest 500


Well that’ll do for this Run Report.


As a reminder, you don’t have to be a stats nerd to write a Run Report, your style, your length, photos, no photos – it’s entirely up to you, just let us know in advance that you’d like to have a go.

Many thanks



Roger Pangbourne


Run Report #210 – 4th May by George Lucas??

A long time ago

[well last Saturday actually],

in a galaxy

[hmm, it’s a park]

far, far away

[I suppose it depends upon where you live, but it’s pretty central to Market Harborough]...

It is a period of civil war

[what? - oh, people battling against their own PBs – I get it!].

Rebel spaceships

[Yes, look out for Roy’s van at the Start Corner],

striking from a hidden base

[The café’s in the middle bit – it’s quite easy to see],

have won their first victory

[it’s not a race!]

against the evil Galactic Empire

[everyone has a ‘nemisis’ they chase!].

During the battle

[let’s settle for 'parkrun' shall we?],

Rebel spies

[they’re called Marshals thank you very much]

managed to steal secret plans

[The Run Director’s briefing notes are indeed top secret]

to the Empire's ultimate weapon

[a PB?],

the Death Star

[oh wait! – a what?!],

an armoured space station

[ah! The bowls pavilion! – true, nobody has ever been able to penetrate its walls]

with enough power to destroy an entire planet

[I think they’re quite a friendly bunch in the bowls club, they just don’t wake up very early on weekends].

Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents

[those pesky pacers are everywhere!],

Princess Leia

[Jo was RD last week]


[see above!]

home aboard her starship

[it’s true, she does have some shiny new wheels!],

custodian of the stolen plans

[kept securely within her waterproof flipchart]

that can save her people

[we prefer ‘parkrunners’]

and restore freedom to the galaxy

[that’s a little bit over the top, we’re just putting on a free, weekly, timed 5k walk, jog or run in the park]....


So yes, it was parkrun #210 on May the Fourth, a.k.a. ‘Star Wars Day’.  Jo was our RD, sorry, 'R2-D2' for the day and began by announcing the parkrunner of the month for April:  Lydia Hayden.  With 5 PBs in the last 2 months and a superb all-time improvement of over 21 minutes, we say a hearty congratulations.  Lydia, your medal is ready for you next time you’re at parkrun.


Several other Star Wars characters were visible in the park, including one stupid pacer wearing a dressing gown, sorry, a Jedi robe!


So onto the results:

A fine first finish from the Padawan (Jedi trainee), young Ben WOODING in a super 18:25.  In fact junior parkrunners made up 3 of our first 5 finishers on Saturday with Jacob AMIES and Hal EASTWOOD also setting impressive times.

Imogen HAYNES was our first female finisher, for the fifth time!  123 parkruns and 3 PBs this year – great running Imogen!


Thank you to the amazing 40 volunteers who made parkrun #210 happen.  There was quite some excitement in the funnel towards the end of parkrun as the number of parkrunners clocked up.  With our record of 439 set in March, when 430 was passed, we wondered if a record was about to be set!

431, 432, 433, 434, that ties the second highest turnout … then 435, 436, 437 and 438.  One short of a record, but another fine turnout from everyone.


Within those 438 were an impressive 86 new PBs and 47 first timers, of whom 25 were tourists and 22 were completely new to parkrun – welcome one and all.


With lightsabers safely stowed away for another year, it was time to wrap up parkrun #210 and look forward to event #211.

Until then remember:

The Force will be with you.  Always.



George Lucas


(with a little help from Roger Pangbourne)




Run Report #202 – 9th March 2019 by Roger Pangbourne

Just a quick little Run Report for today – not even many stats!!


The day started early – a good pilot friend and I were due to fly from Leicester to Henstridge Airfield parkrun.  Last week was postponed due to low cloudbase and this morning at stupid o’clock we had to call it of again due to gusting winds (a decision that we were very happy about when we experienced these at Welland Park later in the day!)


So plan B was a ‘home’ trip to lovely Welland Park and a chance to catch up with friends all round, with of course one of the best breakfasts you’ll find at any parkrun.


A busy morning at the bowls pavilion as 50 (yes 50! – the second highest we’ve ever had) volunteers all queued up with Jo (RD in charge today) to announce their presence (loads of Duke of Edinburgh students, many of whom are near to completing their relevant awards – congrats).  A huge thank you to all the volunteers – after we only had one Marshal earlier in the week, we were bowled over by how many volunteers rallied to Jo’s cry for assistance.  Thank you all.


Jo gave a lovely briefing at the start, with everyone agreeing to a ‘deal’ with Jo to only overtake on the right, keep to the left and single file at all the narrowest parts and the bit I particularly liked:  If you start with a dog, we want you to finish with the dog (not hand it to some unsuspecting volunteer) and if you start with a child, it’s generally a good idea to finish with a child! J


A postponed parkrunner of the month medal award for Sylvia (great running recently Sylvia!) and we were off.

Sylvia protm

Due to my unexpected appearance at MH today, I wasn’t due to fill any other volunteer roles – no VI guiding or pacing, so I was ‘just’ parkrunning.  It’s a while since that happened and I was unsure whether I was just going to drift around casually or set off like a man possessed.  Well when I hear “3-2-1-parkrun!” something inside me clicks so I was off like a shot (well, and unfit, overweight shot) and settling into a pace that I knew wouldn’t last:

1stkm:  4:17 (too quick)

2ndkm: 4:26 (o.k. ish)

3rdkm: 4:25 (that surprised me)

4thkm:  4:38 (here we go!)

5thkm: 4:37 (could have pushed it a bit more, but good enough)


Later on parkrun time completed in 22:39 (not even a bingo number :( !)


On the way around I was able to observe our lovely parkrun and I couldn’t spot any ‘incidents’, so well done everyone and thank you for sticking to Jo’s ‘deal’.


One of our parkrun Ambassadors was visiting today (Mark), so after collecting my finish token I trot across the field to run the final lap with him – he’s on a good run of form at the moment, so I ‘encourage’ (if that’s the correct word?) him around the last 300m. Later on a time of 25:22 is confirmed – result! – an MH PB for him by 22 seconds and his quickest parkrun time since 2015 – well done Mark!


After scanning, I wander down the straight helping ensure all the other parkrunners who have finished are still keeping left to the left so as not to block anyone still running.  I decide to pick on someone else to ‘encourage’ their finish.  From 450m out, Allyson duly creates a 20 second gap from the position she was in – well done Allyson, there’s more in the tank!


As the winds blow in a shower-and-a-half, it’s time to start helping tidy up the kit ready for next week and soon I find myself sat outside the café having breakfast with Mark in the sunshine!  We pass the time contemplating how parkrun does amazing things for so many people, before stepping inside for some obligatory cake and check in with Jo and Clive who are finishing off today’s results.


So there we go.  Another little Run Report dashed off.  There are plenty of gaps in the volunteer roster for the Run Report Writer role – one of the few volunteer roles that can be done whilst also parkrunning the course.  If you have a story to share and would like to have a go for this role, just let us know and we’d love to hear from you in future.


For now, well done to all 387 parkrunners and 50 volunteers who all made today happen.  Congratulations to Mark and the other 60 of you who recorded PBs today – great stuff.  We welcomed 24 first timers, of whom 8 were completely new to parkrun.  We hope you return again and again and grow to love parkrun as we all do.


Have a great week everyone.



Roger Pangbourne


News for photos and photographers

Well we didn’t have a Run Report Writer for event #201, so here is a little update regarding Market Harborough parkrun photos:

Earlier this year Flickr changed their settings, restricting the number of photos that free accounts can hold.  It’s safe to say that the MH parkrun Flickr photos group holds way more than the limit Flickr have imposed!

Therefore parkrun HQ have moved all event teams onto Google Photos.  This is a little different in that we are now storing all photos for a particular event in its own Google Photos album and then each time we have photos we can share the link to the new album so parkrunners can browse through and download any photos they wish.

The procedure is a little different for photographers also as someone from the Core Team (usually that week’s RD) will need to set up a new album and share the link with you so you can add the photos directly into the Google Photos album and then we will share the link for everyone.

For the time being, Flickr is still holding all the MH parkrun photos and any photographers with a ‘Pro’ account may be able to add their photos onto Flickr, but we are aware that Flickr may close down or remove all the existing photos at any time.

What about all those old photos I hear you ask?!

Well good news, we have downloaded every photo from Flickr and set up Google Photo albums for all the events where photos were previously uploaded.  How do I access these?  Well below are all the links that you will need to any of the events up until event #201.  The photos from the most recent events have yet to be added, but should be there very soon.


We hope you continue to enjoy the lovely photos taken by our parkrun volunteer photographers and if you need any of them to be taken down, you can just contact us at the email address, then we will happily remove any offending photos.


Event #201 – 2 March 2019:


Event #200 – 23 February 2019:


Event #199 – 16 February 2019:


Event #198 – 9 February 2019:


Event #196 – 26 January 2019:


Event #195 – 19 January 2019:


Event #194 – 12 January 2019:


Event #190 – 22 December 2018:


Event #185 – 17 November 2018:


Event #182 – 27 October 2018:


Event #181 – 20 October 2018:


Event #173 – 25 August 2018:


Event #172 – 18 August 2018:


Event #171 – 11 August 2018:


Event #170 – 28 July 2018:


Event #169 – 21 July 2018:


Event #163 – 9 June 2018:


Event #157 – 28 April 2018:


Event #155 – 14 April 2018:


Event #153 – 24 March 2018:


Event #151 – 10 March 2018:


Event #137 – 25 November 2017:


Event #135 – 11 November 2017:


Event #125 – 2 September 2017:


Event #115 – 24 June 2017:


Event #105 – 15 April 2017:


Event #102 – 25 March 2017:


Event #99 – 4 March 2017:


Event #98 – 25 February 2017:


Event #96 – 11 February 2017:


Event #69 – 13 August 2016:


Event #67 – 30 July 2016:


Event #65 – 16 July 2016:


Event #39 – 16 January 2016:


Event #35 – 25 December 2015:


Event #19 – 5 September 2015:


Event #17 – 22 August 2015:


Event #15 – 8 August 2015:


Event #9 – 27 June 2015:


Event #8 – 20 June 2015:


Event #7 – 6 June 2015:


Event #5 – 23 May 2015:


Event #4 – 16 May 2015:


Event #3 – 9 May 2015:


Event #1 – 25 April 2015:


Happy viewing!



Roger and the Core Team


Run Report #198 – 9th February 2019 by Roger Pangbourne


I didn’t used to know anyone who was blind.

Or even anyone with any kind of what you would call a ‘visual impairment’.  But I still remember my first Run Director meeting when Brian (our original Event Director) raised the topic of ‘PROVE’ (parkrun; Running or Volunteering for Everyone) and whether anyone wanted to help investigate some training as a Visually Impaired (VI) Guide.

I’ve thought about it and I don’t really know why guiding a blind or visually impaired runner interested me, but it did.  Perhaps it was fascination.  Perhaps it was admiration.  Perhaps it was because I was used to pacing and this seemed something else new to try? It certainly wasn’t any thought that it could be such a rewarding activity.

Roll forward around 15 months and this weekend I was guiding for the 10th time.  In that time I’ve guided 4 different VI parkrunners, some completely blind and others with different visual impairments.  Three of these are now regulars at MH (Wiki, Vanessa and Jan) and the other was Haseeb, the blindfold ironman triathlon world record holder (thankfully he was coming back after an injury when we ran together as Haseeb is quiiiiick!).  2 of those 10 guiding experiences have been with First Timers (Haseeb and Jan) and I’ve hopefully had a hand in 4 PBs (Wiki x 2, Vanessa and Jan) – certainly more PBs than I’ve achieved on my own of late!!

Now pacing is rewarding and the thanks that those who finish just before or just after you is wonderful – all I’ve usually done is shouted at people (maybe not at them!) all the way around the course, but VI guiding is something else…

Guiding has delivered probably my most emotional parkrun experience:  I was guiding young Jan for her first parkrun experience.  Jan is in the ‘VW 65-69’ age category and following her instructions, we were fast-walking around the course.  It was our last lap and on the return from the Turnaround Trees I asked if she fancied a little jog.  We jogged for around 50 metres above the river stretch.  We returned to a walking pace before saying ‘hi’ to Austin again and Jan said to me:  “That’s the first time I’ve run … since school.”  !!!  Wow! It makes me well-up every time I tell the story.  We also jogged down the finish straight that day on our way to a time of 56:38.

Today should have been Jan’s 10th parkrun, but she had forgotten her barcode!  After a little period of illness Jan had once again given me the instruction to only walk, but this time we probably managed 6 or 7 jogs before finishing in 55:25.  A way off Jan’s current PB of 46:21, but she was delighted to still be quicker than her first outing – even if she won’t receive the run credit for today.  (#DFYB!)

Since our first VI guiding trials with blindfolded parkrunners, we have now welcomed 8 different VI runners and have a wonderful team of VI Guides.  Some have attended official training events (there’s an excellent ‘Sight Loss Awareness and Guide Running Workshop’ run by England Athletics) or we have trained many of our own local parkrunners.  Essentially once you have donned a blindfold yourself and run a few laps around Welland Park with a VI Guide, you are very well prepared to be a VI Guide yourself.  A number of our regular RDs are also trained VI guides so can answer any queries people may have and the VI Guide team is currently led by Jo Raine.

VI Guiding now, compared to my first time at MH is a wonderful thing.  Not only for all of the stuff I’ve mentioned above, but also because you wonderful parkrunners know only to overtake us on the right-hand side and it’s great when we hear a shout out of ‘passing on the right’ or something similar when you’re overtaking (we’re often too busy nattering to hear you coming otherwise!).  Market Harborough parkrun has truly embraced VI running and we thank all of you for helping make this happen.

My VI workshop was also attended by a blind runner called Netty.  She told us that she used to be casual runner and when she lost her sight, the biggest thing she missed was running.  So finding some people with whom she could run and act as VI Guides was life-changing for her.  I’d add it can not only be so rewarding for VI runners, but also for the VI Guides.

If you’re interested in joining our team of VI Guides, we’d love to hear from you – just pop us a note on Facebook, an email or come and chat to us at parkrun one day.

I now know several blind people and others who are visually impaired.  My life is warmer and fuller as a result.


Roger Pangbourne



Run Report #193 – 5th January 2019 by Roger Pangbourne

A Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to the first Run Report of 2019.

After last week’s bumper-filled stats edition, a somewhat slimmer Run Report this weekend!  But any statistician cannot ignore when a record is set, so let’s start off with that:  On Saturday, with a chill in the air, but no signs of any rain or snow, a record attendance of 415 parkrunners completed Market Harborough parkrun.

It’s nearly a full year since the previous attendance record was set:  The first weekend of 2018 didn’t quite set a record (361), but the second weekend did at 394.  This record stayed in place throughout 2018, the second and third highest attendances being in May (381) and June (378).  So 415 is a great way to start 2019 and we look forward to many similar sized attendances through the year.  Here’s a little chart of our record attendances at MH parkrun:

Attendance records


Starting with event number 1 (111).  After dropping to the lowest ever attendance for event 2 (92), we then had 5 record attendances in a row, growing from 118 to 179.  A month later, saw the 200 mark exceeded for the first time (203 in July 2015) and then a break until January 2016 (209).  April 2016 saw the record broken twice, once at the start of the month (227) and then on the 4thSaturday of April, MH parkrun’s first birthday (a massive 295).  The first weekend of 2017 was the next record (342), nudged up in March to 375.  Then came the above mentioned 394 in January 2018, which stayed on until this past weekend.  So the big question is:  Will 415 be our attendance record for the rest of 2019 and if not, how many weeks until this is broken again?!

Records apart, we welcomed 39 First Timers to MH parkrun this weekend, 23 of whom were completely new to parkrun.  And we congratulated 48 parkrunners achieving PBs to start 2019 in fine style.

Up front, it was a close battle between Steve TURVEY and David STAFF all the way around.  Steve kept trying to drop David, but David determinedly stuck on and then kicked on past Steve in the last km, picking up his 4th ever First Finisher at MH, this one by some 10 seconds.

First junior through the finish was Ben WOODING, 7thoverall in a cracking 19:34.  First Female Finisher was Erin BILLINGTON, setting a PB at 21:04.

Congratulations again to Anne DAWKINS for her 50 parkrun milestone – please be patient with the T-shirt order Anne! :)

Otherwise congratulations to Julie LAKE who became our record breaker yesterday in position 395 and our Tail Walkers in positions 414 and 415 – along with all the team of 37 volunteers.  We couldn’t do it without you, so thank you once again.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and week ahead and here’s an idea:  Why don’t we all do it all over again next week?!

Happy parkrunning.


Roger Pangbourne


Run Report #192 – 29th December 2018 by Roger Pangbourne

Well that was 2018 folks, another year over and new one just about to begin.  So pop the kettle on, grab something nice to nibble and huddle up for a (largely statistical!) review of 2018 at Market Harborough parkrun!

But first, it is a Run Report, so let’s hear about event number 192 from Saturday:


Jo was up the RD stepladder and overall a silky-smooth event ensued.  Thank you to our wonderful 34 volunteers who made the event happen.  It was a windy at first 9 degrees and the dry skies brought out 353 people to run, jog and walk the course.

We welcomed a large number of First Timers (36) – of whom 19 were tourists and 17 were completely new to parkrun (obviously feeling the effects of too much Christmas chocolate!).  We hope to see you again and again through 2019.

Despite the headwind into the Bowls Pavilion straight, 45 of you managed new PBs – congrats to you all.  Particular congratulations to the PBs from:

  • David STAFF, who knocked 5 seconds off his PB to record a fantastic 17:50 on his 114thparkrun (110that MH), but was pipped to be the first finisher by one second by Benjamin HAINES, a tourist from Burnham and Highbridge.  That must have been an exciting finish sprint!
  • Paul GRANGER, another PB after 135 parkruns (all at MH) – great to be still hitting PBs after so many parkruns!
  • Patsy WILSON and Wiki SOLLY, both of whom recorded PBs on their 50thmilestone PBs – Well done!

Otherwise on the day, up front was a good three-way tussle with David and Benjamin mentioned above and young Adam BARBER.  From what I saw Adam did much of the hard work towing the other two around for most of the 5k until wisdom took over and David and Benjamin fought in out for First Finisher.

The top 10 all finished under 20 minutes; you have to run under 25 minutes now if you want to appear in the top 100; around 29 minutes may see you into the top 200 and depending on the turnout, around 35 minutes will see you into the top 300.  Everyone completed this weekend’s parkrun in under an hour and the kit was soon stashed away, with thanks again to the volunteers who help with this essential end of event task.

In the café, much talk about the previous fabulous Christmas Day event and the forthcoming ‘New Year’s Day Double’.  Market Harborough parkrun chooses to participate in the Christmas Day event, but not the NYD event, meaning there are plenty of tourist opportunities for those wishing to try out a couple of new parkrun courses.  But we’ll hopefully see you back in the New Year on 5thJanuary for event number 193!


Now, what about that 2018 review?...


Well due to some bad weather in the first couple of months and an August Food Fair in the park, we had 2 fewer events than in 2017.

2018 RR1


But overall you wonderful parkrunners completed 1,200 (7.7%) more parkruns this year than last.

2018 RR2


There were 201 more unique parkrunners to Market Harborough in 2018 (+7.3%)

2018 RR3


Here is a little table showing our most frequent parkrunners through 2018:

2018 RR4 Most Frequent


And a fabulous 264 more total volunteers (+16.0%)

2018 RR5


Provided by 62 more unique volunteers through the year (+17.9%)

2018 RR6


We love our volunteers and thank them for helping deliver this wonderful event every week – a special ‘heart’ to all those who have volunteered on at least 10 occasions this year:

2018 RR7 Heart


Combining parkruns completed with volunteering credits, gives us some interesting stats on who has attended the most consecutive events in 2018.

2018 RR8 Consecutive


We still had plenty of PBs, although the more events parkrunners complete, the more difficult it becomes to reach out for PBs, so we did see a drop in the overall number of PBs (-7.8%):

2018 RR9


And here’s the roll of honour for the most PBs in 2018:

2018 RR10 PB


We had a few fewer First Timers in 2018 – still plenty each week to fully occupy our First Timers Briefing volunteer, but overall down 119 (-7.3%)

2018 RR11


All of this meant we had a great average of 334 parkrunners at each event (up 36 +12.1%), supported by an average of 38 volunteers (up 6 +18.8%):

2018 RR12

2018 RR13


You may be aware that parkrun HQ have a stated aim to gradually increase the average time at parkrun each year.  This isn’t as odd as it sounds.  As many PBs continue to be recorded, we also continue to reach out to the community and welcome more and more people to participate in a safe, free, weekly timed 5k walk, jog or run.  This inclusivity is great to see nationwide and Market Harborough has continued to support this trend, this year increasing our average time by 35 seconds:

2018 RR14


That said, there have been some great time improvements this year, take a look through this little lot! (minimum of 5 completed parkruns in 2018 to qualify for this table):

2018 RR15 Time


Some of our Age Grade % records have also been beaten this year – here are the top 2018 performances, shown in amber if they set a new MH record in 2018:

2018 RR16 Age


On our website the top 1,000 Age Grade performances are shown  (   To qualify for this list, you’ll currently have to achieve an Age Grade rating of around 66%.  To give you an idea, these are the approximate times for each Age Grade category you’ll have to hit to make this list:

2018 RR17 Age target


There is also an overall ‘Fastest 500’ list ( Those quickies up front now need to beat 20:39 to appear on that list!


Finally on the stats report (are you still awake?!) we have had plenty of milestones achieved and announced each week at the RD briefings. It’s a little difficult to extract this data, but I reckon we have had:

  • 31 junior 10 milestones achieved (white T-shirt) – congratulations those below:

2018 RR18 jnr10

  • 137 50 milestones achieved (red T-shirt)
  • 43 100 milestones achieved (black T-shirt)
  • And 22 V25 volunteer milestones achieved (aubergine T-shirt) – congratulations to those below:

2018 RR19 V25


Well I think that about wraps up the statistical review of 2018.  Looking at other happenings through the year, we had:

  • Ice, a flood and a food fair leading to 3 cancellations.
  • A record turnout (394) on the second event of the year.
  • A first first finisher who was female (Chloe FINLAY in March with 18:58).
  • A new female Course Record in July (17:36).
  • A few fallers, but thankfully nothing too serious - thank you to everyone who helps out anyone who is ever in any trouble at parkrun.
  • An amazing response to our fundraising appeal – thank you again, allowing us to supplement the first aid supplies, buy radios, pacer bibs and a few other essentials that keep the wheels turning.
  • A record number of volunteers at an event in December (51).
  • We’ve had a hen do, a few parkrun romances (I won’t embarrass anyone by mentioning names), a few weddings are due in 2019 and we’ve had a few babies and returning mums.


What a year!  On behalf of the whole Core Team, it has been our pleasure to look after the wonderful thing that is Market Harborough parkrun.


Happy New Year to one and all.



Roger Pangbourne


Run Report #175 – 8th September 2018 by Roger Pangbourne


In Harborough something’s begun,

Every weekend it’s always done,

Wake up and feel fine?

Then turn up by nine,

And join in our lovely parkrun!


There was an RD name of Kenny,

Reputation for saving a penny,

Pants lined with gilt?

Right under his kilt?

No - He wasn’t wearing any!


Welcome number one seven five!

(The late parkrunners arrive),

The briefing is loud,

Booming out to the crowd,

You listening Leanne Shrive?!


Big claps for each volunteer,

Certainly not insincere,

Then 3-2-1-go!

Some fast and some slow,

But soon they all disappear.


The Marshals we are sure to thank,

By the river, along the bank,

Feel like singing the blues,

As last night, on the booze,

Now wish it was water I drank.


To the left and then to the right,

(My face feels incredibly white!)

Lap two and lap three,

No time for a wee!

The finish at last is in sight!


Side by side – I will not be beat!

As we fly down the last few feet,

I dip for the line,

“What was my time?”

A PB would be such a treat!


A PB! – or, am I fibbing?

No PB (who am I kidding?!)

Whilst it’s a pain,

I must go and train,

And end some of this good living!


Now every last woman and man,

Is happy they woke up and ran,

Doesn’t matter the pace,

They’ve smiles on their face,

As we queue for barcodes to scan.


At the café:  Coffees and teas,

And discussions of missed PBs,

What’s Roy’s latest bake?

It’s black forest cake!

Just one slice, oh go on - two please!


Then Kenny lets out a big shriek,

As results are looking quite bleak,

With frown and a pout,

He sorts them all out,

Then it’s over, until next week.


Would you like to be a good sport?

And give us some welcome support?

Just pick up a pen,

Some paper and then,

Help us write this damn Run Report! :)



Roger Pangbourne


Run Report #174 – 1st September 2018 by Roger Pangbourne

Another super sunny day; another super-dooper parkrun!  (Should I end this Run Report here?!!) :)


Well in case you weren’t there, what else happened?


Another 25 wonderful volunteers brought their magic to Welland Park to help 360 parkrunners complete parkrun number 174 – That’s our 14thhighest attendance and knowing that only one parkrun in 2017 had a higher attendance (11thMarch) gives you an idea of how Market Harborough parkrun has, year on year, continued to grow in strength.


As (despite the weather), we move into Autumn, it’s a chance to look back on our Summer, where every single attendance through the season was higher than the same week’s parkrun last year, with an overall Summer average of 335, compared to last Summer’s 299.


We had an average 9:00 a.m. temperature of 16.4 degrees C, compared to 15.7, 15.6 and 15.5 in 2017, 2016 and 2015 respectively – perhaps a small reason for the increase? - But I’m sure it’s down to the numbers of both loyal MH parkrunner supporters and First Timers / tourists who continue to be attracted to the general parkrun ethos and of course our little parkrun at Welland Park.


So what happened this week?

  • Michael was in Run Director blue after a week of celebrating his 100thparkrun and it fell to Mr Brown to present Claire’s choice of parkrunner of the month to Jordan Smith – congrats again Jordan and for your medal-inspired PB this week, knocking off another 6 seconds.  Michael soon had us on our way, so what happened next?
  • Well Bruce RAESIDE was in town for the following day’s triathlon (where he won the ‘Bridge’ event).  In the last leg of his triathlon he ran 7.5k in 23:45 – that’s 7.5k, so a pro-rata parkrun time of 15:50!  Clearly he was only warming up at parkrun with a steady 16:24 for First Finisher.
  • Matt DRIVER missed out on a PB by 2 seconds with an impressive 16:31 and he remains second on the list of all time Market Harborough First Finishers with a total of 40 (plenty more to come methinks).
  • Elsewhere in the top 10 young Adam BARBER had a super tussle with ‘not so young’ Brian CORCORAN, who returned to the parkrun he set up and despite being pipped by Adam (18:06), Brian still smashed his MH PB by 33 seconds and his ‘all parkrun’ PB by 23 seconds for an excellent 18:10.
  • Sarah WARD was the First Female Finisher in a terrific 19:34, gaining her a 25 second PB in the process.
  • Personally, I was aiming for my ‘Groundhog Day’ badge (running the same time, on the same course, in consecutive weeks!) – just missed out by 5 seconds, but at least knocked off another bingo number! :)
  • 50-up for Laura DICKINSON – Well done Laura – just missing out on a PB by 12 seconds – maybe you should run with a balloon every week?!
  • 100-up for Dean CREESE – Well done Dean – look forward to seeing you proudly wearing your new black 100 T-shirt in the near future.
  • We welcomed 15 tourists running their first Market Harborough parkrun and 23 complete First Timers to parkrun – a few of whom laid down some highly impressive first parkrun times – Joe HORSPOOL, Tim CHAMBERS and John STEPTOE, I’m looking at you – all of whom ran under 22 minutes – looking forward to what you can do when you have the hang of this parkrun thing!
  • Elsewhere a ma-hoo-sive PB for young Euan ANDERSON, knocking off 1 min 45 seconds off his PB on his 25thMH parkrun.
  • Great PBs of some 5 to 10 minutes by several parkrunners returning for ‘that difficult’ 2nd parkrun – well done Nicola LANGFORD, Heather HUGHES, Catherine HUGHES, Hanna FENWICK and Alison BOSTON – great improvements!
  • 58 PBs in all across the field – great efforts – looking forward to the slightly cooler months when PBs are often even more frequent.


The sun continued to shine on those outside the Café in the Park and as ‘Bake Off’ has started, the first offering from Roy was for sale – shortbread rolled in chocolate and hazelnuts!  I’m looking forward to this coming weekend as it’s ‘cake week’!


Until next weekend fellow parkrunners – keep running, jogging, walking and volunteering.



Roger Pangbourne


Run Report #168 – 14th July by Roger Pangbourne

What a morning!:

  • The sun shone down on us (again!);
  • We had a new female course record;
  • Unfortunately we had a hospital casualty; and
  • A record number for the yoga!

More of all that later, but first as we reach the summer holidays, many our regular volunteers, especially our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers are taking well-earned holidays with their loved ones, so the volunteer roster provides an opportunity to show some different names in lights.

The overriding message is that there’s nothing to worry about as we will always provide full training, so here is a little run down of each of our volunteer roles to help you determine which you’d like to try out:

Run Director / Results Processor / Equipment Storage:  No need to worry about these as they are always done by someone from the Core Team of RDs.

First Timers Briefing x1: An important role to brief tourists or people completely new to parkrun about the key rules and the course route. A script is provided, but the role is usually reserved for more experienced runners / volunteers.

Funnel Manager x2 (a 3rd is often useful):  One ensures people are moving, in order through the finish to collect a finish token and beyond and the other keeps a little backup record to help in case there is a results problem by jotting down the times and runner details for approximately every 20th runner or so.

Timekeeper x2:  A focused, but straightforward role - pressing the stopwatch for every runner that crosses the finish.

Finish Tokens x2:  Handing out the finish tokens to all the finishers - ensuring they are given out in order.

Barcode Scanning x3: After runners have finished and collected their tokens, they queue for the scanners who scan the runner's personal barcode (returning this) and then their finish token and dropping the finish token into a bucket.  Any unscannables are sent to the ...

Volunteer Co-ordinator / Number Checker x1:  The Number Checker role is to jot down the details of any barcodes that will not scan. If people have forgotten their barcode or only have it on their phone, I'm afraid the rule is "No barcode; no time" (because it's so important for the smooth running of the event and also holds important emergency information) - there are usually only a handful of barcodes that don't scan.  The Volunteer Co-ordinator part of the role is to move up and down the barcode queues / chat to other finishers and ask if anyone would like to volunteer to fill gaps in the future roster.  Asking before we start is also a good opportunity to take down a few names.

Token Sorter x1:  A lovely little role for after the parkrun - usually reserved for people newer to parkrun and often for people who don't initially see themselves as runners, but want to see some of the social side of parkrun - simply sorting the tokens after the event back into the correct numeric order ready for the next event and flagging any apparent missing tokens - takes around 20-30 minutes after the event.

Marshal x 4 (we never turn away extra marshals):  Four are the minimum to meet our H&S requirements, but you'll have probably seen many more Marshal points around the course.  An important role to help the spirit of parkrun by encouraging runners, but also understanding what to do in the event of any incident – a mobile phone is required so the RD can be quickly contacted if necessary.

Sign Language Support x1: Optional if you have BSL skills to assist by signing with the RD briefing.

VI Guide:  Supports our visually impaired runners - we have several trained VI guides – email us or ask one of the RDs if you would like to become a VI guide.

Tail Walker x2 (can be more occasionally):  Walk at the rear of the parkrun to ensure that 'nobody is last'.  Informs the Marshals when they are on their last lap so the Marshals can pack up and return any items to the start (e.g. all will have hi-viz tops to return).  If the last runner / walker drops out, the Tail Walkers should be capable (where possible) to catch up the next last runner / walker.  Usually the tail walker comes in around 50-60 minutes.

Pacers x4-8:  We normally aim to have 4 times run each week, separated by around 4-minute intervals - and if there is demand, we usually try to pair up pacers, so one can run steadily and the other perhaps run a little ahead to incentivise quicker runners or drop back to encourage those to catch up who may have dropped back a little.

Run Report Writer x1: Fancy popping a few words down about: Your run; your volunteering experience; your touristing experience; a statistical drill down of the results; what parkrun has meant to you and your life or any related topic?  Long or short; personal or generic - we don't mind, just send us your Run Report within a few days of parkrun and we’ll publish it onto the website and add a Facebook link.

Now you know the roles, please email us or drop us a comment on Facebook and let us know which role and when you’d like to help out.  Thanks in advance.


Back to this weekend’s parkrun:  Congratulations to all 325 parkrunners and our 30 volunteers without whom the magic just wouldn't happen.

Huge congratulations to our new female course record holder tumbling the record from 18:26 to 17:36.  Quite a few established athletes choose not to record every one of their parkrun times as they show their form to other competitors in the track racing world, so we respect your right to not be scanned and the record holder will be shown as ‘Unknown ATHLETE (F)’ until it’s broken again!

We’ve already mentioned the casualty from this weekend – we’re pleased that the casualty is on the mend and understand the parkrunner who bumped into the casualty (who did stop at the time) has asked to be put in touch with the casualty to check on her wellbeing – thank you.  As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus used to say in Hill Street Blues:  “Let’s be careful out there”!

More congratulations to:

  • 12 completely new parkrunners – Welcome to parkrun – hope to see you again and again.
  • 19 tourist first timers – Hope you enjoyed our little run in Welland Park.
  • 46 of you who achieved PBs – How you did that in the heat, I’m not quite sure!
  • 60+ people who joined the ‘Yoga in the Park’ after parkrun – I may have to join in myself soon!  Paul will be running the Yoga for the remaining 2 Saturdays of July.
  • Everyone else I haven’t mentioned – look forward to seeing you again next weekend if possible.

Until next time.



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