Marlborough Common parkrun – Event 77 – 25 September 2021

So now we are 3! Well, 2 really as nuthin much happened last year, let's face it. In those 3 (or 2) years you have collectively notched up nearly 50,000km which is a breathtaking distance; well over the circumference of the Earth.

Thank you to everyone who turned up to celebrate our 3rd birthday. We had 119 walk, jog, or runners, including fancy dress, babies, buggies, dogs, cake, and a prodigal token.

Thank you to Eddy for the great pictures that capture the event so beautifully. The time lapse is genius, but - sorry Eddy - I have the Benny Hill chase tune in my head while watching it (just me, huh).

We had 31 first timers who must all have been wondering "whaaaat?" - it's not always like this guys (don't tell 'em, regulars!) - and a crazy 21 PBs which is impressive for our hilly course.

We love running this event for you guys and it's always rewarding, especially from my vantage point on the sharp left-hander at Rugby. It was lovely to see everyone speeding, breezing, or ambling by. Sorry if I may have mentioned it's all downhill from there, OK it wasn't.

As well as seeing our regular friends and the 31 newcomers, an unexpected birthday present was being reunited with a long lost token... the token must have been on a world trip as it was pre-covid. We brought it up to speed with the token bucket, pandemics, plus Joe Wickes and it seemed to settle back with its erstwhile friends very quickly. Please remember to drop your tokens into the bucket or the other tokens will worry about it, pining for its return.

See you all next week




Marlborough Common parkrun – Event 76 – 18 September 2021

My what a foggy parkrun day today!

As a tourist to Marlborough Common parkrun today, I wasn't familiar with the route, and the fog was thick, so thank you to all the marshals who not only provided some necessary clear visual guidance but also much needed encouragement! Fog is a cloud that reaches ground level, so myself and the other 75 people who ran, jogged and walked the course can really say we were striding through clouds today!

It was fantastic to see a full roster of 26 volunteers to help out today. Thank you to every one of them.

We welcomed 17 first timers today and 8 people recorded new Personal Bests (PB)

Congratulations to Gina Cooke who not only got a new PB but also had the highest age grading percentage of all the participants today, at 78%.  

Hats off to Rajiv Ratan who ran the course with two children in a double buggy.

Clare Kellar, who was the Run Director today, brought a delicious birthday cake to share with those who went to the Golf Club afterwards for a post parkrun drink. It was yummy.

Lastly, it is Marlborough Common's third anniversary next week! Well done to all those who've worked behind the scenes to make it all happen. Apparently there will be cake as part of the celebration; so if you need a reason to come next week, there's a pretty good one!






Marlborough Common parkrun – Event 75 – 11 September 2021

Life sometimes has a funny habit of going full circle. It was injury that motivated me to start parkrun back at the inaugural run on Marlborough Common in September 2018, when I wanted to get back into shape following a nasty leg injury in December 2017. And nearly three years on, it was injury that motivated me again today.

Two weeks ago, I badly sprained my ankle whilst out running in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, doing my final bits of training for a 10k which is taking place this weekend. So my 10k was out of the window. And parkrun was out of the question too. Or was it?

People take part in parkrun for so many different reasons. It may be that you’re doing it for physical, mental, social or community reasons (or it could even be you simply love running!). But there are two key ingredients needed for every parkrun event - runners and volunteers. And without those wonderful volunteers, there would simply be no parkrun. They get out of bed every Saturday morning just to support the runners and help them on their way.

So this weekend, after 60 parkruns including 52 at Marlborough Common, I was a first timer once again. As I couldn’t run myself, I thought I would try to give something back. I volunteered to be a marshal. Injury had once again inspired me, but this time it was to help inspire other people.

So hopefully I provided at least some degree of motivation to the runners and didn’t annoy you all too much. I was the VERY vocal marshal just before the final turn to the finish btw. That’s exactly the time when I need that extra bit of encouragement to drive me to the finish line. Huge congratulations to all those runners who completed their 5k run, no  matter the time. But even more congratulations to those volunteers who make it all happen. And perhaps every now and again you might consider taking a break from the run and volunteering yourself? Believe me, it’s just as inspiring!

Nigel Crunden

2021-09-11 09.33.23


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We are cancelled next Saturday, 4th September.

This was to make way for the annual visit of the circus. Sadly it won’t now be happening, but we need plan cancellations a few weeks ahead and once the decision is made we need to stick to it, to keep things simple and clear.

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Marlborough Common parkrun – Event 74 – 28 August 2021

On an overcast morning, we arrived to find 4 racing pigeon trucks blocking the path and we had to break the golden rule of PLEASE DON'T DRIVE ON THE GRASS. Despite the obstacles, 114 walkers, joggers and runners turned up including 30 first timers to the course. We welcome all of them and especially the nine doing their first ever parkrun! Marlborough Common is a challenging course for seasoned parkrun participants, so hats off to anyone doing their first event with us.

Parkrun brings people of all ages and abilities. Today’s event saw nine under ten’s and two over 75’s along with a few of our four legged friends. Unfortunately, the dogs forgot their bar(k)codes so they don’t show in the results.

First finisher, Sam Todd, clearly had his Weetabix this morning, running a very strong time of 18:12 and one of the first timers at Marlborough. Having a fast hare often pulls the rest of the chasing pack along and though it was a grey day with a cool breeze there was a total of 32 personal bests. First female finisher, Amy Clewley, finished in new PB of 22.27.

Just as important as these impressive times, were the smiles on the faces of the finishers and especially those just starting out on their parkrun journey. A lot of under tens have joined our number since the resumption but are already recording very respectable times. We look forward to seeing how they improve as they grow.

As always, the event wouldn’t happen without the team of volunteers. We thank each and every one for giving up their time to allow us to run. If you think you would look good in the new “Hot Pink Hi Vis” then email

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the pigeons were still there when we left. Apparently, they need it to be sunny before they will race. Clearly not as hardy as the parkrun community.

Colin and Guy Sainsbury

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