Marlborough Common parkrun – Event 23 – 23 March 2019

“Can you tell me where the course goes?” said Mr. Dog Man, an early arrival runner. I explained as best I could, but finished with my usual “Just follow the person in front of you”. “Mmm. But just in case?” he replied. So I explained again in more detail, adding “unless you’re going to run it in 19 minutes, ha ha, you’ll be fine”. “Mmm. But just in case?” he asked again.

Hi, I’m Simon from Hungerford Hares running club and among the great things about this morning’s Volunteer Takeover was the fact that many of the regular Marlborough Common volunteers actually got to run their own course. Presumably they didn’t need directions.

Weather was sunnyish and a bit chilly but probably not for the runners. There were 184 runners taking part, just a few short of the 188 record attendance. There were an incredible 72 PBs, which is possibly itself a Personal Best for Marlborough Common parkrun? I don’t know. Among the runners was a large visiting contingent from Slinn Allstars in Swindon, accompanying Mike WAKEFIELD who chose Marlborough Common to run his 250th parkrun event. Thanks for the chocolate biscuits Mike, they went down well. More shout-outs to Richard PALMER, completing his 50th event here today, and the nineteen, yes nineteen, runners taking part in parkrun for the very first time. I’m sure I only saw one or two hands go up when we asked at the run briefing.

Talking of which - many thanks to everyone who has donated to the Marlborough Common parkrun mini PA system which has now reached the magic £200.

If you’ve any money left, you could invest just £13 and race the forthcoming Hungerford Hares Harey 8 race on June 23rd at Hungerford. As I said at the briefing I’m afraid that it’s miles not kilometres but it’s only two-and-a-bit parkruns and it’s not as hilly as the course you ran today! Full details here.

Does Marlborough Common have the best post-event café in the country, at the Golf Club? Possibly. Does it have the best bacon rolls in the country? Absolutely.

Oh yes. Mr. Dog Man ran today’s event in a lot less than 19 minutes and was first home. Well done James THOMAS. It was also great to see some of the young children from Hungerford Primary School running today, must be all that quality training at the weekly after-school club you attend. Last big shout-out is to the lady runner who crossed the line at around 32 minutes but kept running her race all the way to the end of the finish tunnel until we thrust a finish token at her. Great effort!

Simon Hodkin
Hungerford Hares Running Club