Marlborough Common parkrun – Event 36 – 22 June 2019

I was under the impression that, no matter the month, Saturday mornings on Marlborough Common were, by law, grey, cold and miserable. There were rumours of sunny Saturdays but I was always away on those days so I assumed they were urban myths. But yesterday the sun DID shine and the birds DID sing and it was gorgeous!


110 lovely people walked, jogged and ran 5k yesterday morning. We welcomed visitors from local parkruns and some from Southampton. The Marlborough team ended up chatting to our Southampton visitors in the golf club - they are Run Directors at their local event and regaled us with tales of Saturdays with over a thousand runners and two finish tunnels. Quite a contrast from our smaller, cosier event.


Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers - we had three junior volunteers today who handed out tokens, scanned your barcodes and checked your numbers. Thanks to Guy, Alice and Arthur (along with everyone else who gave their time) for helping make this event happen.


Cat Ramsden