Marlborough Common parkrun – Event 38 – 6 July 2019

What better way to start a July Saturday than a run on Marlborough common through the long grass, the flitting butterflies, and listening to the crickets singing just out of sight.

And what a glorious day it was for the 38th parkrun on Marlborough common. Although the mercury was a little lower than last week it still reached a scorching 20 degrees meaning the cooling breeze was gratefully received.

The sun was out, and so were 150 runners and walkers who had laced up their shoes and were raring to go. The heat never dampens the enthusiasm.

Things were a little bit different today as it was the first of the summer runs where the course is reversed. The course will be run this way until September 21.

Running the course this way clearly worked for some, as there were 21 new PBs. Well done all!

Of the 150 runners there were parkrun tourists from Bracknell, Bristol, Southampton and Windermere.

The only milestone being celebrated was Catherine Murphy, who reached the milestone of 25 volunteering roles. Good work Catherine!!

Our first men's finisher was Simon Rawlins in a spectacular 19:20 and the first women's finisher, Amber Eden completed in 22:12.

Another first at Marlborough today was the visually impaired runner, Ian Cooke who finished in 27:44. He was tethered to Will Sandison, one of the core Marlborough team.

Thanks to all the runners who chose to start their weekend at parkrun, and to the 27 wonderful volunteers, without whom parkrun wouldn’t be possible.

Hope to see everyone again next week, to smash more PBs, and reach new milestones.

The results are up, you can find them here.

Charlotte Booth