Matt is back….and so was the rain!! #362 and #363

Thank you so much to Matthew Howling for these run reports for Marple parkrun events 362 and 363.....bogs of doom indeed!! High class spa treatments.......

16/03/19 #362
To those who read my run report last week, I can only apologise. The bogs of doom, that were previously rumoured to have been vanquished forever,
are back!...

There is a strange, slightly magical correlation between parkrun beginning and the rain stopping, but today there was no such magic. Waves lapped over some paths on the course and the coast guard were on standby. One of the volunteers wore his boating jacket with a high vis top so that we could be spotted should we need rescuing.

However, I still have faith in this parkrun magic, as, when Brian, a person at the very heart of Marple parkrun as both a long term volunteer and runner, came around the corner, the rain seemed to politely wait until our pre event setter upper had finished.

In less rainy news, we had our 600th volunteer today! The tail walker also showed off their new fox tail.

30/03/19 #363
This week was much drier than my last report, however I don’t dare to make any predictions on the bogs of doom. Today 196 people completed the course with 18 being first timers and 37 getting new personal bests. This week’s high vis heroes were
Brian PLATT • Catherine TOMBS • James KEMP • Helen GRAY • Alexandra MUNRO • Miranda GALLOWAY • Hannah DUNN • Sian GRIFFITHS • Nick CUNLIFFE • John BAILEY • Alan STEVENSON • Patricia RAINSBURY • Rebecca COX • Andrew BROWN • Matthew HOWLING • Richard HEMINGWAY • Michelle PRATT
One of our marshals reported that dogs keep trying to jump into the river, perhaps in preparation for the hotter weather that is soon to come?
Marple parkrun started on 26th May 2012. Since then 6,385 participants have completed 56,327 parkruns covering a total distance of 281,635 km, including 8,364 new Personal Bests. A total of 605 individuals have volunteered 5,857 times.

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