Run Report for Marple parkrun #380

Huge thanks to Simeon for our run report today. If you fancy putting pen to paper after the run one week please let us know, it comes with a volunteer credit.....

After the recent barmy hot weather, things had cooled off a little for
Marple parkrun 380. Indeed there had been a bit of wet stuff from the
sky, although the weather had got that out of the way before the runners
arrived in Brabyns Park. This made conditions today pretty good. The
ground was still firm and it wasn't quite as toasty on the course as it
was a week ago.

A very enthusiastic introduction from the RD had 218 people shout
'YOU'RE AMAZING' to today's wonderful volunteers - so thanks again John
BAILEY, Rebecca COX, Harry DUTSON, Oscar FAHY, Miranda GALLOWAY, Richard
PLATT, Michelle PRATT, Gordon ROGAN, Sue THORPE, Hannah TOMLINSON, Anwen

As the RD commented, over the summer months we do struggle for
volunteers as people go away en masse so, if you can spare an hour of
your Saturday morning, please get in touch with the team at Be a hi-viz hero and help keep things running
smoothly. It's a lot of fun!

Anyway, what can we say about today's parkrun?

218 people finished although 13 people misplaced their barcodes
somewhere between the front door and the finish line! They do say 13 is

It was a close finish between Paul Armstrong and Tobin Rose, with Paul
finishing 1 second ahead of Tobin. Matt Hughes was 3rd across the finish
line with a new PB, taking 20 seconds off his previous attempt and
joining that very exclusive sub-19 club.

Jayne Lawton was first lady home with a huge 81% age grading, and the
only runner above 80% today. Jasmin Reed and Faye Waterhouse were second
and third ladies.

Speaking of age gradings 18 runners today managed to get an age-grading
above 70% - amazing!

Before we set off, by a show of hands we had 1 tourist and 1 person
doing their first ever parkrun. Looking at the results there were
actually 14 people making their first visit to Marple, and apparently 5
of these were doing their first ever parkrun. So congratuations to Olly
Freeman, David Peach, Adam Meadowcroft, Amy Evans and Hannah Noble!

No parkrun milestones today. Perhaps we've had too much cake recently......!

In total there were 33 PBs today - all this warm-weather training is
paying off now!

With so many I thought I'd highlight a few results that stood out.
Andrew Hodson has managed a PB 3 times in July 2019 coming in at 22:16!
Several runners improved their PBs by around a minute which is amazing -
Eve O'Reilly, Alan Barker, Louise Ewbank, Neil Cameron and Alex
Ehergatner. Then there's Matt Thomas knocking off over 2 minutes to get
26:55 and Ellie Rangley producing a whopping 2.5 minute PB to run 28:58.
But I think the biggest PB today goes to Bruce Smith knocking nearly 10
minutes off his best to finish in 26:05!

Well done everybody.

Simeon A45120