Run Report 14 Sept 2019

This weeks run report comes from one of our favourite four legged parkrunners: Lulu

“I love a good barkrun I do.
I don’t know why the humans always spell it wrong.

I had a great time this morning. I watched Mummy do the barkrun and did my bestest puppy eyes in the hope I’d get some of the treats that were available to celebrate Tom and Matt Howlings 100th barkrun and 25th volunteering. Howling, that’s my favourite human name this week.

I thought I’d cracked it when a kindly faced lady smiled at me and patted my head but no, she wandered straight over to another human to talk about something called a PB.
Unless that stands for Provide Bacon (to me) don’t pat me again Sista.

Anyway then I heard people talk about breakfast and going to The Norfolk. My knowledge of dogrophy is quite good so I thought it would be a long trip but no! They meant the pub!
So we all went to the Norfolk Arms, the smells were lovely; sausage, bacon and veggie options.
I did my best puppy eyes again but no-one was caving. Not Sarah, not Mummy. Humans can be soooo selfish sometimes.
Anyway on a positive note, cos there were other dogs allowed in I noticed a Cavapoo, he was definitely giving me the eye.
I’ll be looking out for him next week when they’re open for breakfast from 9.30am.
I will play it cool though, some of these boys are all bark and no gravy bones.
Right I’m off now, those lampposts aren’t going to sniff themselves”