Say this very carefully……Funnel Duckers!!

“Funnel Ducking” and why we mention it.

You might not be familiar with this phrase, particularly if you’re new to parkrun, so we thought we’d explain it and the reasons why we ask you not to do it.

‘Funnel ducking’ is where a person crosses the finish line but then ducks out of the finish funnel without taking a position token.
This will mean that they have been timed but, if we don’t spot it, what should have been their token will go to the next person across the line.
This then means that every single runner and walker behind them will be allocated the wrong time.
It also means a lot of extra technical work for the Run Director in trying to correct the results and, in addition, they can only do it if they know at which point it happened.

We had four Funnel Duckers yesterday so we thought it might be a good opportunity to explain what impact this has.

We understand there might be a couple of situations that might tempt you to duck so here are some Questions and Answers to help:

Q: What if I’ve crossed the line and realise I’ve left my barcode in my car/coat?
A: Take a position token, go and retrieve your barcode then come back and get both scanned.

Q: I don't have a barcode OR I’m not bothered about having an official time but I’d still like to run. What should I do?
A: You’re still welcome to take part but please leave the flow of runners/walkers well before* the finish line
cross the line, take a token and just hand it in to the person scanning. This also allows you to know what sort of time you ran from looking at the positions ahead and behind yours in the results.
*We’ve had people stop suddenly at the line, it’s both dangerous and causes confusion for our volunteers.

If you’re unsure about any aspect of parkrun please just ask the Run Director or a member of the core team - we’re happy to answer your questions!

We hope this explanation and information is useful, see you on parkrunday!