Run Report May 4th 2019 – Star Wars Day

Well the "4th/force" was definitely with Marple parkrunners today! The weather couldn't have been better: bright sunshine, blue skies and a lovely "fresh" wind.

Clearly the weather had a positive impact on the Marple parkrunning community - 228 runners turned out for their usual Saturday morning fix, of whom 19 were first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part.. There were also a few amazing milestones to celebrate:
- Gina Hitchen's 100th run;
- Elsie Evan's 250th run; and
- Graham Peak's 300th run!!!
A fabulous turnout and everyone was certainly in a cheery mood.

Walking the course bright and early to set up confirmed good conditions - a bit of morning dew but nothing else to worry about. Here's hoping the weather holds as we march into May.....

Oscar Fahy


Run Report # 365 13th April 2019

It was a cold but sunny morning in the park by the 100acre wood. Owl had retreated to his tree. Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore and the Roos had scarpered to the local café for breakfast before the parkrunners arrived.
228 walkers/joggers/runners and 18 volunteers gathered, excited for the morning that promised CAKE and celebrations. Expectations were high that they would get to witness milestone runs. 100 each for Sue Thorpe and Mags Bradbury (visiting from Bramhall) and 250 for Tigger.
Tigger had been known to say that Life was not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.
Well, Fastrunner Tobin disagreed and ran and ran and ran all the way to his first, first finish and a sparkly bright new PB. 50 others also disagreed and there were a lot of happy pb parkrunners at Marple.
But we need to remember that the wonderful thing about Tigger is Tigger’s a wonderful ED! His top is made out of rubber, his legsis are made out of springs!
He’s bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.
But the most wonderful thing about Tigger is Jezza’s the only one (in Marple)
Tigger is a cuddly fella, Tigger is awfully sweet. Ev'ryone el-us is jealous, that's why I repeat... and repeat
The wonderful thing about Tigger is Tigger’s a marvelous chap!
He’s loaded with cake and beers and loves to run round 2 laps!
He’s jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
But the most wonderful thing about Tigger is Jezza’s the only one.
He’s, the only... oof! Ouch! Hey! Who put that spiky shrub there….who pushed me over…wha!?


Matt is back….and so was the rain!! #362 and #363

Thank you so much to Matthew Howling for these run reports for Marple parkrun events 362 and 363.....bogs of doom indeed!! High class spa treatments.......

16/03/19 #362
To those who read my run report last week, I can only apologise. The bogs of doom, that were previously rumoured to have been vanquished forever,
are back!...

There is a strange, slightly magical correlation between parkrun beginning and the rain stopping, but today there was no such magic. Waves lapped over some paths on the course and the coast guard were on standby. One of the volunteers wore his boating jacket with a high vis top so that we could be spotted should we need rescuing.

However, I still have faith in this parkrun magic, as, when Brian, a person at the very heart of Marple parkrun as both a long term volunteer and runner, came around the corner, the rain seemed to politely wait until our pre event setter upper had finished.

In less rainy news, we had our 600th volunteer today! The tail walker also showed off their new fox tail.

30/03/19 #363
This week was much drier than my last report, however I don’t dare to make any predictions on the bogs of doom. Today 196 people completed the course with 18 being first timers and 37 getting new personal bests. This week’s high vis heroes were
Brian PLATT • Catherine TOMBS • James KEMP • Helen GRAY • Alexandra MUNRO • Miranda GALLOWAY • Hannah DUNN • Sian GRIFFITHS • Nick CUNLIFFE • John BAILEY • Alan STEVENSON • Patricia RAINSBURY • Rebecca COX • Andrew BROWN • Matthew HOWLING • Richard HEMINGWAY • Michelle PRATT
One of our marshals reported that dogs keep trying to jump into the river, perhaps in preparation for the hotter weather that is soon to come?
Marple parkrun started on 26th May 2012. Since then 6,385 participants have completed 56,327 parkruns covering a total distance of 281,635 km, including 8,364 new Personal Bests. A total of 605 individuals have volunteered 5,857 times.

If you'd like to contribute a runreport one week, or volunteer in any capacity, plese contact us at


Marple parkrun #360 A run Report by Matthew Howling……

Today began drizzly and wet, but undaunted, 142 people from 11 different clubs turned out to run, jog and walk the course, 8 of whom were first timers! The bogs of doom have still not come this year, and there is talk of them being gone permanently. Despite the slippyness of the course, 7 people recorded a new personal best time. This will have been helped by the boost in morale as the rain stopped just before the run and kindly waited until everyone was finished to begin again.
The high vis heroes this week were; Brian PLATT • Marion LESTER • James KEMP • Catherine HARRIS • Miranda GALLOWAY • Jeremy WOODHAM • Hannah DUNN • Angela MOORE • Patricia RAINSBURY • Linda AMOS • Rebecca COX • Esther HARRIS • Andrea ROWSON • Matthew HOWLING • Richard HEMINGWAY • James MANUEL.

These roles extended further this week as James Kemp tested out a new volunteer role for parkrun UK, and was our first ever course checker. There was also a daring rescue of a small orange cone that fell into the river.
If you would like to be Marple's 600th volunteer, then update your parkrun profile to opt in to receive alerts, or simply email us at

The male record continues to be held by Andi JONES who recorded a time of 15:29 on 12th July 2014 (event number 110).
The female record is held by Elizabeth APSLEY who recorded a time of 18:41 on 8th April 2017 (event number 256).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 93.21% (22:05) on 26th May 2018 (event number 317).
Marple parkrun started on 26th May 2012. Since then 6,349 participants have completed 55,839 parkruns covering a total distance of 279,195 km, including 8,302 new Personal Bests. A total of 599 individuals have volunteered 5,806 times.


Thanks to Matt for reprising his role as Run Report writer. If you fancy a go at this, or any other regular volunteering role at Marple parkrun please do update your parkrun profile to receive alerts, or simply contact us at


Run Report #359 – or should it be called Molehill parkrun

Thank you to Dennis Thomas for this week's run report....

An overcast but mild morning awaited the 206 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done to all.
This was my first visit to Marple parkrun and despite the recent rain and the having checked the course description which contained a few sections of grass, I was bracing myself for mud. However, the course was in good condition and pretty much mud free with just one or two puddles on the sections of path. The main obstacles were the molehills that appeared on all the grass sections.

The event was made possible by 15 friendly volunteers: Brian PLATT • James KEMP • David SHOESMITH • James BANKS • Judith Mary WILSHAW • Hannah DUNN • Paul ADSHEAD • Nick CUNLIFFE • Christopher CARRE • John BATES • Rebecca COX • Kathryn OGDEN • Matthew HOWLING • Richard HEMINGWAY • Shirley SKINNER

I did chuckle running round at the enthusiasm of the marshal at the bridge crossing with his energetic directing of runners coming from both ways. (Mr Shoesmith, you know that's you!! GR)

A few milestones to mention from today: Peter Bradley ran his 50th parkrun: Claire Bradley ran her 200th Marple parkrun making 221 in total: Susannah Williams and Sarah Stutchfield both completed their 200th parkruns, although not all at Marple: Josh Stutchfield ran his 50th parkrun at Marple, his 98th in total.

However, they all have some way to go to catch Brian Platt who completed his 531st today.


Marple parkrun RUN REPORT EVENT #358

This week's Run Report is brought to you by Victoria Birrane. Thanks Victoria. If you want to write future Run Reports for us, please let us know.

We were treated to a beautiful morning this week for our 358th event.

There were 226 runners, joggers and walkers this week, and amongst them were people celebrating their parkrun milestones. Well done to Daniel GIANFERRARI who completed his 50th parkrun, Mark LYNCH who completed his 100th parkrun, and Lynn MCCOMBE and Maria RUSHTON who ran their 250 th parkrun. Nice work guys!

The lovely spring weather must have provided the perfect conditions for the 33 people who
achieved a new PB this week. Congratulations to you!

There were 27 first timers this week, of which 6 of them were taking part in their first ever parkrun.

So we would like to give a special warm welcome to Andrew THOMSON, Andy TAYLOR, Harriet THOMSON, Jean JENKINSON, Joseph DEIGHTON and Natasha ADDISON. We hope you all enjoyed your first parkrun and we look forward to you joining us again soon.
There were plenty of tourists, and lots of running clubs were represented. It’s great to see people joining us from far and wide. Thanks for coming along!

Thank you to the amazing volunteers who make our parkrun dreams come true. They were: Angela MOORE, Brian PLATT, Emily BAMFORD, Ian N TAYLOR, James KEMP, Jill HALLAS, John BAILEY, John BATES, Julia CLEMENTS, Miranda GALLOWAY, Patricia RAINSBURY, Philip ROSE, Richard FURNISS, Richard HEMINGWAY, Steve MCCOMBE, Susannah WILLIAMS and Victoria BIRRANE.
Also, a special thanks to the wonderful Patricia RAINSBURY who was volunteering for the 150th time. You are a super star!

It was a fabulous morning and we hope you all had a great time. See you again soon, and
remember… DFYB (Don't Forget Your Barcode).



Mass Migration to Marple

This week's Run Report is brought to you by Ben Smithers. If you would like to write a run report please let us know at

This weekend saw multiple parkruns cancelled across the UK as snow and ice brought chaos to many a parkrunner's Saturday morning routine. Luckily we have teams of volunteers dedicated enough to rise from their beds in sub zero temperatures so to all those wonderful people a HUGE thank you for sacrificing your potential lie-in and making sure we all stayed safe.

Marple was no different as James Kemp and the team were out at the crack of dawn
assessing the course to be sure that we were good to be bounding through the snow on
a crisp February morning. I actually visited two parkruns on Saturday as I dropped my
girlfriend at Cheadle Hulme (a parkrun she hadn’t done) and I continued on to join you
lovely lot at Marple! Just to clarify we didn’t do this because we don’t like running
together, or were sick of looking at each other after an hour in the car, but rather to add
to our list of North West parkruns completed and move one step closer to Regionnaire
For the uninitiated a regionnaire is someone who has completed all the parkruns in a
particular region. For me this was 50/63 on the North West Region (and also my 10th
Run Report :-) )

On arrival I had my doubts as to my wisdom in leaving the house that morning. My word
it was cold! I took my time getting from the car park down to the start (I am an utter
wuss when it comes to ice and/or downhills!) and having successfully arrived at the start
line was greeted by our Run Director for the day, John Bailey. As I assumed there was expected to be deluge of tourists at Marple and in that regard there was certainly no disappointment.

A total of 20 people (including myself) were travelling from elsewhere to Marple to make
they got their fix of parkrun for the first week in February with two people braving the
freezing conditions to complete their first parkrun. A MASSIVE WELL DONE TO YOU

After babbling on about my own achievements (both on Saturday morning and as I write
this report) it is important that I mention the epic achievements of some of you. In
particular we had Andrew Bridson completing his 100th parkrun and earning the iconic
black t-shirt on a day that would have kept most people at home! Strangely we had also
both been at Macclesfield the week before! Just goes to prove that no matter where you
go in the parkrun world you’re almost guaranteed to see a familiar face. Heck even if
you don’t see any familiar faces you’re still bound to see some friendly ones and Marple
certainly had these in spades!
On that note, while not an official milestone James Kemp was also at Marple completing
his 400th run. THAT'S NEARLY 8 YEARS WORTH OF PARKRUN! James we salute
you! Only another two years to the big 500!!!

Before getting going we had a first timers brief with one such friendly gentleman who informed us we would be completing two laps of the beautiful snow covered park which would involve a good combination of grass, tarmac and trail.

Having been briefed on the course it was our Run Director's turn to deliver the
full run brief and there was one key message to take away. This was NOT a day for
PBs! This was a day to get round and just enjoy being out and about. Also of course we
had to thank our wonderful volunteers before setting off (though trust me they deserved
every thank you they got on the two laps of the park!)

Starting out across the field toward one we headed along parallel with Marple's very
own parkrun tree and down a slight incline . Carrying on along the grass we started to
head around the field underneath taking in the beautiful whited out scenery before
spotting our first hi-viz hero who sent us off along a slightly trailish path toward the
centre of the field and toward another amazing marshal who turned us back onto the
field and some slightly more sure-footing on the grass. We then headed over a bridge
and out onto the second field of parkrun. I almost couldn’t believe we were only at the
1k mark so clearly I had been spending too much time admiring the beauty of Marple!


Soon we took another turn and were turning alongside the river complete with cordons to avoid anyone taking an early bath during parkrun. Of course the marshals were also there to cheer us on and get us round the hairpin which was to come! (I discovered later that this was actually something to do with lock keeping! Let it not be said that parkrun is not stimulating for both body and mind!)

A little bit further along and having gone over a slight up and down which certainly felt
runnable with the momentum we had built despite the slippery conditions and after a
little bit more trail we could see the finish line not far away! Waiting there were the
Marple parkrun funnel team still clapping and cheering everyone like the true legends they are.
Honestly to stand around while watching other people keep warm in potentially sub zero
temperatures is a truly LEGENDARY undertaking.
After a quick wave hello we set off to do it all again before heading back to these
freezing heroes to finish. I normally try and aim at 25 minutes but having taken the Run
Director's advice and to avoid a broken leg I finished with 26:19 and a definite smile on
my face. Also finishing with smiles on their faces will have been the phenomenal 16
parkrunners who managed to achieve PBs on this frozen February morning! JUST

However, every single person completing Marple this week should have been doing so
with a smile. We are so lucky to be able to run in beautiful places just like yours even
when Mother nature does her best to disrupt our usual Saturday morning routine!
Thanks again for having me guys and I will hopefully see you all again soon.

Ben Smithers


Lumps and Bumps

Big thanks, as ever to our fabulous volunteers for making Marple parkrun happen again, including Geoff Thorpe for the Run Report. Wondering about having a go? Come and have a chat one day, no pressure but we would love to see you in Yellow.

Lumps and Bumps - 5th Jan 2019

After a horde of New Year's Day Doublers had helped Marple to a record shattering 455 parkrunners, enabled by 22 volunteers, today's attendance was bound to be more modest. Even so a gratifying turnout of 222 runners and 21 priceless volunteers met up at Brabyn's Park, despite what the Met Office describe as "Anticyclonic Gloom", and what the rest of us describe as "Murky, but at least it's not raining!"

Thirty participants were lining up at Marple for the first time, including the 16 of these making their parkrun debut (especially 4 members of the Charlesworth family, so a special shout-out to them). Visitors were welcomed from Wythenshawe, Warrington, Preston, Cuerden Valley, Newcastle, Bramhall, Stretford and Bolton. Twenty three different clubs were represented in today's field.

Congratulations go to Steve McCombe and Alan Stevenson, both starting their 250th parkrun, and very special congratulations to Edith Rose on her 100th (in addition to her 41 junior parkruns) at the age of just 10!

In what may be the clearest evidence yet of Climate Change the infamous Marple Mud still hasn't made any meaningful appearance; one visitor actually expressed disappointment at missing out on this widely reported experience (and therapeutic properties)! However, we were able to provide a worthy replacement "feature".

Welcome to the Marple Molehills! Hundreds of them, spread throughout the first half of each lap, ready to trip up the carelessly placed foot or turn the unprepared ankle.

Thankfully, the title of this report refers to the underfoot conditions and not the participants. No significant mishaps were reported as a result of these (or any other) hazards, and all starters completed the course safely, registering 19 new PBs in the process.

Some rain is forecast for the next few days so the much missed mud may make its delayed reappearance by Saturday morning. Whether that will deter the moles ... ??

Hint from one who knows- the further back you are in the field, the more molehills will have been flattened by the time you get there!


Additional.....we do love our volunteers, and it's mainly through the Friends of Brabyns Park that the park stays as beautiful and clean as it does - they need help too.....If your resolutions involve turning over a new leaf, there are plenty in the park needing attention, so why not come along and join the monthly activity days, every 3rd Saturday morning, 10am till noon. Just a couple of hours a month can make a difference to the park, as well as boosting your fresh air intake and promoting the feelgood factor of doing something environmentally friendly. Family and friends welcome, under-16s require an accompanying adult.

Diary date - next activity day is Sat Jan 19.
Hope to see you there.


Welcome to 2019

First, foremost and most importantly, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of the people who have volunteered and helped make Marple parkrun what it is. We cannot put the event on without your support and, every week, come sun/rain/snow/mud/heat/cold – whatever the weather, you come forward and help make this happen.
Simply put, you are fantastic, THANK YOU.

If you’ve not tried this parkrun volunteering lark before and are still looking for a New Year resolution, then sign up for the emails through your profile and come and play. It’s fun.

So, 2019, the one where Matt RDd a record breaking parkrun at Marple......
Now, we knew that we’d get a few extra participants today, our previous top 4 attendances have been on NYD, but you came out in force – 455 lovely parkrunners supported by 22 volunteers – and smashed it. Almost 20% increase (always rounding up before you get all purist on me) from 382 last year and many doing a double with either Glossop or Lyme.
Personal records, goals and milestones were achieved (just making it out of bed amongst them!!) with 9 new parkrunners – first time anywhere; another 124 visiting Marple for the first time – including more than 12 from Red Rose Road Runners, Preston; 42 Marple personal best times; Tracy Gregory and Ben Bradley reaching 100 runs; Emily Bamford and Chris Yates reaching 50 runs with Emily also achieving her 25th Volunteering stint!

With a full complement of brilliant volunteers, the whole event ran smoothly and the back up stickers and printed barcodes got brought into play for the final 8 finishers. All of our volunteers are outstanding (often out standing in a field) and all of our fabulous DoE volunteers are given the opportunity to RD…..they’ve been amazing in the role - but the DoE - RD – NYD convergence is new!

Matthew Howling, you did a fantastic job, be proud.

Have a healthy, happy 2019 everyone, keep chasing those dreams.
See you next week and DFYB.
G xx


New Year’s Day – travel and Parking

New Year's Day at Marple parkrun - 10.30 start.
We have enough fabulous volunteers to go ahead (although more are always welcome).
If you can, please think about walking or cycling to the event and, if coming from another local parkrun, please take care and stay within speed limits.......!!
PARKING - please remember that there are limited spaces in Brabyns carparks but PLEASE park safely and only in proper spaces NOT on the verges and roads in the park.
There are free carparks across the road (next to the Midland), at the Station, next to the Purple Pakora and then also in roads both in Marple and in Marple Bridge.
We won't be rushing the RD briefing so please don't panic - travel safe, run/jog/walk safe.

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