15 June 2019 – Medina IOW parkrun number 413

I am not 'a runner'.  Those ' 's are important.  I mean, I run (and occasionally enjoy it) but I am not 'a runner'.  Being 'a runner' means taking it seriously; means wanting to get PBs and Strava KOMs (whatever they are); means taking care about what you eat (eeurggh).

I am, though, very proud to be a parkrunner.  parkrun is the opposite of 'running'. It exists to give an opportunity to people to run, walk or run/walk 5km for free, and without any pressure.  Everyone is welcome, and everyone is welcomed. Everyone is free to take part in whatever way they want.

I mention this at the beginning of this week's report because the same philosophy runs through the 'Love Running Tuesday Nighters' running group, which is facilitated by Jo and Simon Randall.  The LRTNs took over parkrun this week, and filled (almost) all of the volunteer slots. In particular, Jo gave the first-timers briefing, and Simon was the Run Director.

The LRTNs running group meet in the car park by the helipad at St Mary's Hospital at 6pm every Tuesday.  After an initial briefing by Jo, the group splits into three. The beginners' group runs for about 1.5 miles; the intermediate group covers around 3 to 3.5 miles and the advanced group runs a course of around 4.5 miles.  The courses change regularly and are always interesting and fun. The running group, like parkrun, welcomes everyone, no matter how fast or slow.

If you fancy running with a friendly, supportive social running group, just go along on a Tuesday evening.  It is completely free and you don't need to book in advance. You will see lots of fellow parkrunners there!

Medina IOW parkrun (on tour) number 413 was run under dry skies (thank goodness).  There must have been a few people nursing sore heads from the first night of the Isle of Wight Festival because numbers were a little down on the usual.  I hope, though, that the 234 runners and walkers found that parkrun was an ideal way to get ready for another massive music-and-whatever-else session which lasted the rest of the weekend.  I only hope that everyone walked on tiptoe whenever they crossed the usual parkrun course - we want to get back home before November.

As always, the biggest and loudest "thank you"s go to our 34 volunteers, without whom parkrun simply could not take place.  Each one of them performed brilliantly this weekend - parkrun went off without a single hitch. Even the stopwatches and tokens matched!

We had 6 people taking part this week who are brand new to parkrun.  Welcome to the family Zoe McAndrew, Grace Eaglen, Ella Cooke, Abby Godfrey, Isabella Spry and Melody Allman.  

I am not sure how anyone achieves it on our undulating course by the seaside, but 16 people managed to get a PB this week - well done to each of them.  

A few people earned some bling this week.  Congratulations to the t-shirt-earners Nicholas Belfitt (50 runs) and Phil Brown and Mark Roberts (100).  Mark and his mum (whose birthday it was) were given a little present from Joy to mark the occasion. Another landmark (which we are not allowed to mention) was that Dave Slack ran his 300th run.  Please don't tell him that I told you. Dave is an island parkrun stalwart - he is one of your regular course setters-up. If the signs marking the course are pointing in the right direction, that is because of him.  This week, he even needed to make a last-minute dash at about 8.45am to re-unlock the gate at the foot of Tourette's Hill because an overzealous Island Roads employee had locked it!

Next Saturday, Appley Day takes place in Appley Park after our run.  The organisers have kindly agreed to fit their setting-up around our run, so please feel free to hang around after the run to take part in the festivities.  

Well done to everyone who took part today.  It was a pleasure to watch you all run. See you all next week, back at Appley.

John H


Medina IOW parkrun will still be on tour on IOW Festival weekend, 15 June 2019

Just a reminder that we will still be on tour at Appley Park on Saturday 15 June 2019, because the festival is on our usual site.

We are running at Appley Park, Ryde.  We meet on the green above the car park behind Ryde Rowing Club.  PO33 1ND is the best postcode to use.

If you are at the festival and want to come and join us, the number 9 bus runs from Newport Bus Station to its terminus at Ryde Esplanade.  If you then walk, keeping the sea on your left, you will reach Appley Park in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

It will be great to see you all there!



8th June 2019 – Medina parkrun 412 (on tour!)

Changeable weather didn’t stop 234 of you joining us for the 412th Medina, IoW parkrun (which, I’m sure you’re all aware by now, is currently on tour at Appley, in case you were wondering why it’s called ‘Medina parkrun’!). Today was a Pacer Run and 18 of our 49 volunteers ran at varying speeds to allow you to either push yourselves that little bit further, maintain your consistency or to just have someone in your sights to focus on. Well done to you all for your own personal goals and achievements and to those who paced or volunteered in other ways to allow this unique community event to remain free for everyone. Thank you!

Your Run Director today was the beautiful Becky Hepworth, proving that she has far better crowd control than her male RD counterparts and championing the Women in Power movement! Thanks Becky!

A quick reminder that next weekend is the Isle of Wight Festival so you may want to leave home a little earlier to make the start in case of traffic issues. (Says the person who doesn’t drive and actually has no idea what the traffic will be like on the roads, but it sounds efficient!).

Stats for today then…

A huge warm and fuzzy hug to all you 28 first timers! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to support our local parkrun, we hope you’ll come again!

33 outstanding PB’s including a couple from established Island clubs which is always great to see!

Parkrun milestones were achieved today by Ben Taylor who completed his 10th! Good job Ben! Out of today’s runners, Arielle Elton-Walters has taken part in the most parkruns with an unbelievable 376 under her belt! I’m on 10 currently so only another 367 to get in by next Saturday to rival her fantastic achievement! Arielle, you are inspiring!

So that’s all from parkrun this week, no more pearls of wisdom from me so I shall bid you all an uplifting weekend wherever you are!

Sarah P.

PS: Don't forget we will remain at Appley for the next few months!


Medina IOW parkrun will still be on tour on 8 June 2019!

Just a reminder that we will still be on tour at Appley Park on 8 June 2019.  We meet on the green above the car park behind Ryde Rowing Club.  PO33 1ND is the best postcode to use.  Just look for the flag!  As an added bonus, we have a pacer run this weekend.  We have pacers running at 19 minutes, then at minute intervals from 21 to 38 minutes.  We might also have a 40 minute pacer.  See you all there!


1st June 2019 – Medina parkrun 411

My reports generally start with a comment about the weather and this one is no different. Today confirmed that summer is definitely here with the sun shining and a lovely view of the sea. I can only imagine this to be true, as I was too busy chatting (about cake, but you probably could have guessed that if you know me!).

There were 308 participants in today's run and 34 volunteers, so thanks to:

James ADSETT, Simon ATTRILL, Steve BENNETT, Denise BLACKMAN, Scott BRADLEY, Philip BROWN, Susanne BUNDAY, Alison BUTCHER, Nicholas DOUGLAS, Arielle Rosa ELTON-WALTERS, Joanne FERGUSON, Neil FERGUSON, Ann FERGUSON, Kevin FRY, David John FURMIDGE, Joy FURMIDGE, John HEPWORTH, Becky HEPWORTH, Matthew JACOBS, Anna JAGER, Peter Charles JOLLIFFE, Cathy LITRIZZA, Angela LOCK, Catherine LOVE, Ellen MCVICAR, Dyan NORTHARD, Natalie ROSE, Yvonne SEXTON, Dave SLACK, Charlotte SNOWDON, Carolyn WARD, Gracie WHITING, Craig WILSON, Frankie WITTY

Out of the 308, there were 9 first timers to parkrun, 50 first time visitors to Medina parkrun and 21 new PBs. The abundance of first timers and visitors got to enjoy our summer course and I expect that some of them were down for the Festival of Running, so good luck to everyone taking part in that today and tomorrow, and I will see some of you there. There was quite the range of locations that people had travelled from, so thank you all for visiting and we hope to see you again.

Poppy Short ran her first parkrun, having been pushed around by dad Jeremy on numerous occasions before - well done Poppy! One of our visitors was Kirsty Bangham running her 583rd parkrun and wearing one of the lovely blue t-shirts. Keith Stanley from Eye Community Runners ran his 100th and Brian Warren ran his 50th.

Keith was not the only Eye Community Runner this morning - there were 13 others on the results. Coincidentally, I was the report writer on this weekend last year when many of the Eye Community Runners were visiting for the Festival of Sport then - welcome back and good luck this weekend. Looking back at last year, it was our last run at Medina before we moved for the Festival, given that the Festival was later then. I had also provided some pictures for the report which I'm afraid I haven't done this time, so thanks if you are still reading at this point!

The first three ladies over the line today were all visitors: Faye Johnson, Rebecca Barnett and Agata Kasprzyk. For the men, Steph Boyd was the first finisher (for the second time), Adam Tuck was second and visitor Dan Celani was third. Steph Boyd also achieved the highest age-grading of 77.09%, followed by Janet Cobby with 74.34% and Chris Hughes with 74.24%.

Next week is one of our regular pacer runs. There are already quite a number of volunteers at various times, but there are some spaces to fit so if you are interested in helping out (you get to run and get a volunteer credit) then please let John know on medina@parkrun.com or on Facebook.

There were a few people on today's run who got exactly on - or very close to - a round number, such as regular visitor Brian Billington who got exactly 24 minutes and Neil Ferguson, one of our tail walkers, who finished in exactly 54 minutes. A good effort and something I hope to emulate next week. I will be trying to pace 35 minutes, so please join me if that is what you are aiming for! We will have runners at most minutes so there should be something for most people!

Thank you for another lovely morning and see you all next week, where I will try not to stare at my watch for too much of the run!


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