Medina IOW parkrun will be at Appley Park on 16 November 2019

We will not be running at our home venue on 16 November 2019.  The lower Seaclose path is being repaired so we need to move to Appley for one week only (unless the repairs take longer than expected). We will run the fast, flat two lap course so this might be the course for you if you want to have a go at beating your IOW PB. We meet by the Ryde Inshore Lifeboat station.  PO33 1ND is the best postcode to use.  There is a car park behind the lifeboat station, and on-street parking nearby (all paid, sadly). It will be great to see everyone there.  Please don't go to Medina/Seaclose, because we will not be there! John H


9th November 2019 – Medina parkrun 434

Hello fellow parkrunners!

Event 434 had very cold but dry weather, with lots of visitors and first timers to join us for our Remembrance event.

Angela Lock started the Remembrance event by inviting us to bow our heads in a minute's silence to remember those who gave their lives for us in the two world wars. There were lots of red 50 parkrun tops and other red tops, it was like a sea of red. 20191109_090548_resized

Thank you to the people who made the wonderful poppy display along the cyclepath, and arrived early to put it all up...

I hope you all liked Nigel Eldridge's painted Remembrance pebble... 20191109_095758_resized

Of the 246 people today, there were visitors from Stafford and the Cotswolds. There were 19 First Tiimers and 23 achieved a PB! John Newsham, Stacey Flanagan, Sarah Maher and Anthea Burdus all completed their 10th runs. Lucy Wyld ran her 50th. Well done everyone.

Thanks to all the volunteers that made this weekend’s parkrun happen, all the tasks no matter how small make for a smooth parkrun.

Joy's famous Medina pebble was delivered to Higginson parkrun Marlow last Saturday.

The Mountbatten Sunflower Cafe will welcome you afterwards for a coffee. On Saturday 23rd November Mountbatten will be holding a Christmas market/fayre and will not able able to serve a cooked breakfast. They will be providing bacon or sausage sandwiches or baps.

parkrun next week - for 1 week only - will be at Appley Ryde, so please pass the word round!

Happy running everyone,

Sue C.


Medina parkrun #433 – 2nd November 2019

2nd November 2019 Medina IOW parkrun number 433.......Almost Bonfire Night Special !

So a great sporting event was taking place today if you hadn’t already heard ........yes that’s right it was our first year anniversary parkrun ......oh and of course some rugby game which we will say no more on.

So back to the fact we are in to a new month and as the well known saying goes “remember remember the 3rd of November”.  Yes the eagle eyed among you will already have spotted the wrong date but for us it’s a date to remember because it was on this date a year ago that we took part in our first ever parkrun!  It certainly was not anything like today the weather was chilly but no gale force winds or rain to contend with !! Despite the conditions 147 of us still turned out eager to get going in order to get finished.

I think it’s fair to say we were all well behaved this week listening to the run director Aaron McGrath so your rant last week Jo Randall clearly worked.

Milestones for this week were Adam Way who got his 10th parkrun.   We also welcomed  17  New parkrunners, well done for turning out today and we hope you will be back and that the weather may be more genteel next time.

Anyway what an anniversary to remember there were puddles galore with plenty of mud thrown in and avoiding the flying debris of leaves and branches, along with the tree management team who had to wrangle with a fallen tree that was trying to scupper our chances of finishing.  This all happened 5 minutes before we started.   They did a great job of holding back the branches just enough for us all to squeeze by which we all did.  Thanks for keeping us all safe.  Even with all these obstacles  there were still 5 PBs!! Congratulations to Frances Weir, Kerrie  Flippannce, Andrew Richardson, Beth Hughes and John Frederick Porter.

Talking of volunteers a big thank you to all of you today as you dealt with the elements being battered about by winds and rain patiently waiting for us all to finish with smiles and encouragement.  Please consider becoming a volunteer as there are lots of gaps on the future roster for coming weeks so please do take a look and see if you can do any of the roles available.  We have and we can honestly say it’s great fun to do.

So here we are Neil having volunteered us for our first ever run report (thanks hubby) on this momentous occasion. All we can say is one year on and we are still nursing sore legs, trying to keep awake with a roaring fire going and hot choccie whilst writing this report reminiscing about our year of parkrunning and laughing about how we couldn’t even walk after our first run.  We started off very slowly and now we are just a bit quicker and no longer with the tail walkers (who back then were Alan Jacobs and Arielle Rosa Elton-Walters and without them on that day encouraging us to get round we would likely not have come back).   We quite like being in the back crew now and love doing parkrun and the great community spirit it provides and health benefits that we are starting to feel.

Thank you for reading our epic first ever run report we hope you enjoyed it and are now all dry and warm. We will see you all next week for another run “not a race”!!

Neil (always wearing Castleford or IOW speedway tops) and Jo Ferguson

aka the Fergies


26th October 2019 – Medina IOW parkrun 432.. A Hallowe’en Special!

Unusually for me I have a rant I need to get off my chest, and I’m going to get it out of the way immediately. FOR SHAME, MEDINA PARKRUNNERS. There were so many who chatted whilst RD Steve was doing his announcements today, even after calls for silence and frustrated "shushes" from other parkrunners, and I would just like to assure any parkrun tourists, and Islanders new to our parkurn, that we are not normally so rude and disrespectful. It is not easy to address a large group of people, especially outside on a windy day, and the least we can all do is be quiet and make that difficult task a little easier and less stressful. What a bad example to set all our parkrun children as well...

Rant over.

Right, now I can concentrate on all the shenanigans, doings and achievements wrought by today’s spooktacular 432nd Medina IOW Hallowe’en parkrun...

Firstly, I didn’t spot anyone in pyjamas today (as per the Millbrook Beds competition mentioned in the parkrun email) but then I think that setting a pyjama challenge on the last weekend of October was not really the most prudent timing! There was, however, one sight that no-one could have been expecting on this gusty, golden Autumn morning in Seaclose Park... a Tyrannosaurus Rex marshalling! The stiff breeze made it almost impossible for Gethin Hepworth to control his dino costume, but at the same time it really made the creature look properly alive and I have to say that it was one of the funniest things I have seen for a while! Thank you for making my weekend start with 45 minutes of non-stop giggling, Gethin!
Another sight that probably baffled our visitors was Neil Cooper as the “Donkey of Doom”. You may not normally associate donkeys with Hallowe’en, but this is something which has become a Medina parkrun tradition, and Neil does manage to make the DOD look very menacing!
John Timmons became one of the select few Medina parkrunners to reach 300 runs today, so warmest congrats to you, John. Visitor Angela Hiney-Bancroft was earning her lovely black parkrun tee with 100 runs, whilst junior Emily Tickner reached 10 parkruns and her first T-shirt. It was also lovely to see Noah and Jacob – the Patey twins – celebrating 100th parkruns each today. The IWAC kids all waited for each other at the dinosaur on the way back (not a sentence I expected to be typing today!) and ran the final lap together to commemorate the occasion!
Patey twins
There were quite a few brave parkrun tourists joining us today, and they hailed from places as far-flung as Dublin, Dorset, London, Croydon, Bromley, Gloucestershire, Yorkshire, Lowestoft and Portsmouth! There were also 11 parkrun newbies who will hopefully become regulars. A warm welcome to you all.

Well looky here! Petrifying PBs were achieved by just 2 amazing people today, so WHOOP WHOOP to junior runner Eva Barclay and grown-up Oliver Niemiec. How you managed to achieve that in those vicious winds I have no idea, but VERY well done!

Gruesomely gorgeous top age-graded scores were the haunt of parkrun tourists Marianna Sawyer and Michael Wycherley, and Medina regular Alison Hughes, today. Teenager Marianna also managed a spectacular – sorry spooktacular! – run to finish 5th overall, and she tackled that final nasty headwind along the lower Seaclose path as if it was nothing more than a slight breeze!

Hearty cheers go to all the spine-tingling wonders who made today possible; the people who set up the course and those who dismantled it, the stoics who stood for up to 60 minutes marshalling, guiding and funnelling, and the wonderful time-keepers and scanners. Here they all are:

Steve BENNETT, Susanne BUNDAY, Gordon BUSHELL, Jo COX, Thomas DENOON, Stephen DINES, Kevin FRY, Harry FURMIDGE, Owen FURMIDGE, Joy FURMIDGE, Kenny HARRISON, Mandy HASLAM, Gethin HEPWORTH, John HEPWORTH, Matthew JACOBS, Alan JACOBS, Chris JAYNE, Sam KENNEY, John Victor LANGLEY, Marie LAX, Ellen MCVICAR, Lisa Yvette NOLAN, Helen OATLEY, Elaine PARRY, Simon RANDALL, Jo RANDALL, Yvonne SEXTON, Peter SEXTON, Dave SLACK, Eadie SOLLARS, Abigail SOLLARS, Benjamin VAN DER HELSTRAETE, Donna YOUNG, Catherine YOUNG

A special thank you to our eerie Event Director Jittery John Hepworth, our rowdy Run Director slithering Steve Dines and our villainous Volunteer Coordinators Juicy Joy Furmidge and Mouldering Matt Jacobs. Without you Medina IOW parkrun would flounder. I also noticed that our photographer extraordinaire - Peter Billington - was out on the course today, so grateful thanks to this lovely, lovely man x

I would also like to thank John Hepworth for his excellent report last week. Obviously, those of us who spend hours writing these reports would like to think that everyone is interested enough in the day’s event to take the time to read and appreciate it, but we know in our hearts that it is only a small number of you who do. However, that has never stopped any of the hard-working Medina team giving their all and writing from the heart for you - our small but precious audience - and last week was the perfect example of such a report.

I am not aware that any snipers – hidden or otherwise – were required to stop bar-codes being taken away today, so hurrah to that! Mind you, my hubby (a Gothic Knight...who knew there was such a thing?!) was funnel manager today, so I know he could easily have outrun most token snatchers! We did have a few phantom unknown runners though.... woooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! #DFYB


Finally, a special THANK YOU to the lovely ladies (and gents?) of the parkrun “Knit ‘n’ Natter” group, who today yarn-bombed the arboretum and cyclepath for your visual pleasure. I could only see a small amount from the Seaclose spot where I was standing (by the dinosaur!) but I know the effort the ladies go to in making the items, putting them out early in the morning and then retrieving them all again.


If you are as old as me you will remember the BBC children’s comedy show “Rentaghost”. Seeing the fancy-dress costumes at Medina today made me think about that programme, and I then got the theme tune stuck in my head – the ultimate ear-worm! The only way to exorcise an ear-worm is – of course – to share it. Oh lucky, lucky you! So today I offer you a slightly amended parkrun version of the theme tune. For those of you too young to know what I’m, talking about, here’s a YouTube link:

If your parkrun route needs haunting just call... all of us!
We’ve got spooks and ghouls and freaks and fools ...and dinosaurs!
See a donkey and a skeleton,
Along the cycle-path,
Please give hearty cheers to all our volunteers... and lots of fuss.

At this parkrun be a smart one and join ... all of us!
And with scary smiles run 3 spooky miles... with all of us!
You can let our witches pace you,
Or for fun play ghostman’s knock,
There’s no better way to start a Saturday than with... all of us!
There’s no better way to start a Saturday than with... all of us!

JoJo R. xx


Medina parkrun 431 19 October 2019

This week's parkrun report is about parkrun tourism.  I don't imagine that, when Paul Sinton-Hewitt started parkrun just over 15 years ago, he envisaged that visiting other parkruns would be such a popular way of taking part in the event.  It has become, though, a really big part of parkrun for some people.  

Becky and I don't choose where to go on holiday because of parkrun but, as soon as we have decided, we plan our itinerary around the parkruns nearby that we want to visit.  On this basis, we have managed to visit some far-flung places, including San Fransisco (Crissy Field), Vancouver (Richmond Olympic) and Victoria, on Vancouver Island. Our only disappointment was when we tried to take part in Whistler parkrun, only for it to be cancelled the evening before because the Run Director was incapacitated.  We tried to volunteer to be RD ourselves, but to no avail. Did they not know who we are? Have they not heard of The Best parkrun In The World™ ? We have also run over the dunes on Anglesey, in that week's biggest UK parkrun in Southampton, around a country park made from the waste from an old coal mine in Nottinghamshire and around Percy Thrower's garden in Shrewsbury.

We both love visiting other parkruns when we are away from the island.  It is a great way to see how different the parkrun experience can be, and to visit out-of-the-way parks that we would otherwise miss.  

I will make a confession here - of all the wonders of a new parkrun, Becky and I most often concentrate (in far too much detail) on how other parkruns manage their finish funnel.  The main topic of our conversation afterwards includes the following phrases: "How many tokens must they lose every week?"; "How do they stop funnel duckers with no rope?"; and "Where are their snipers hiding, in case someone walks off without handing back the token?"  We have never spotted a single sniper at another event, so they must be very well-hidden.  

The one thing that never changes, though, no matter where we visit, is the friendliness of everyone taking part in parkrun, and the welcome that we receive as visitors, particularly when we pass on Joy's scanner cosies to a grateful Run Director.

If you get the tourism bug, you can take part in one of a number of challenges.  You can, like Chris Amy (our Run Director this week), try to complete the parkrun alphabet by running a parkrun beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  There are only 25 letters in the parkrun alphabet because no parkrun (at the moment) begins with X. I imagine that some enterprising parkrun event wanting to boost its numbers will change its name before too long.

There are a number of other clubs to join, which get progressively sillier:

Regionnaire Club -run all of the events in a particular country.

Cowell Club - run at 100 different events.  You achieve a quarter Cowell at 25, a half Cowell at 50 and a three quarter Cowell at 75.  

The Full Ponty - run Pontefract, Pontypool, Pontypridd and Pont y Bala parkruns

The Compass Club - run a parkrun named after each of the compass points

Pirates! - run seven parkruns beginning with 'C' and one beginning with 'R' (or should that be 'Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'?)

Stayin' Alive - run three parkruns beginning with 'B' and three beginning with 'G'.

In addition to these clubs, there are other initiatives which celebrate people visiting other runs.  There are a number of parkrun travelling pebbles. These go from event to event, being taken 'home' by a visitor from any event that it goes to.  One of the pebbles (which originated in Penalta parkrun (in Hengoed, Caerphilly)) recently visited the Isle of Wight because Alison and Paul Butcher brought it from Greenwich parkrun.  It was, in turn, taken from the island to Lowestoft by Carolyn Gosling and her neighbour. They have recently let us know that it was taken from them to Great Cornard, which fairly close by in Sudbury, Suffolk.  

Also, on Saturday, Chris Amy brought back one of only 15 golden batons which started from Woodhouse Moor parkrun in Leeds on 28 September 2019 as part of parkrun's 15th birthday celebrations, in what is being called the Big Community Relay.  These batons are GPS-enabled, so their route can be tracked. Chris passed her baton to Marie Fairclough from Marple, near Stockport, who became a member of the Cowell Club by running her 100th different event with us. If you want to track where all of the batons are going, this page explains everything.

After all of this introduction about travelling with parkrun, let's come back to home.  Medina IOW parkrun number 431 took place with wet ground underfoot, but blue skies overhead.  We ran on our Winter course to which we have had to move (hopefully temporarily) because the fields around Medina and Seaclose are waterlogged because of the recent rain.  

As always, the first and biggest cheer goes to all of the volunteers, without whom the run simply could not take place.  Steve Bennett, Alan Bridges and Adrian Lax were there nice and early to put all of the posts and signs in the right place and Helen Oatley, Ellen McVicar, Pete Sexton and Ben Van Der Helstraete were there at the end to pack everything away.  In the meantime, people volunteered to act as marshals, timekeepers, scanners, tokens-issuers, funnel managers and finish token supporters. What a fantastic bunch of high-vis heroes they were. This is one club that you can join with no minimum requirement!  All you have to do is send an email to, send a message to us on Facebook or come and see Joy Furmidge or Matt Jacobs on a Saturday morning.  Basically, if you can get the message to us, we will very gratefully accept your offer to help your parkrunning community.  It is the best fun and makes you feel warm and fuzzy for the rest of Saturday.

It really helps our volunteers (who give up their time to keep us all safe) if you remember to wear a sash if you are running with a child under 11.  parkrun HQ insists that each child under 11 has to run with an adult who has agreed to take responsibility for the child.  At our run, we encourage the adult and child both to wear a crocheted sash (available in the pre-run briefing area every week) so that we know who is with whom.  This is really important for the obvious safety reasons.

Mark Roberts, one of our regular parkrunners, took a tumble last week and had to go to A and E.  You will all be glad to know that he just needed patching up and was sent home later that day. He really appreciated the help that he was given by fellow parkrunners after he fell, and wrote a lovely card for us all which was handed over by his mum before the run, together with a big box of chocolates.  

Five people came on Saturday who were experiencing parkrun for the first time.  A big welcome goes to Finley Lansley-Brown, Imogen Brown, Harvey and Theo Cartmell, and Peter Rayner.  I hope that you were all bitten by the parkrun bug, and will be back next week.  

As far as milestone t-shirts are concerned, Joeby Wallis, Danny Delap, Jake Webb, Danny Spooner and Phoebe Heng each ran their 10th parkrun and earned their first, white, t-shirt.  Craig White will get the chance to see if black suits him, because he notched a century of runs.  

In keeping with the parkrun spirit I am not going to list the first finishers because, to be frank, it does not matter in what position people finished.  Everyone who took part either as a runner, walker, run/walker or volunteer is a winner.  

Next week is our Halloween parkrun.  If you don't want to get dressed up, don't worry.  Still come along and enjoy the efforts of people who love doing it!  For everyone else, feel free to wear as much fancy dress as you fancy. I am not sure what dinosaurs have to do with Halloween but I am assured that even one of those will be there next week.  

As always, it was a pleasure to run with you all this week.  See you all next week.

John H

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