11th January 2020 – Medina parkrun 444

Hello parkrunners! Today's run saw a continued upward trend in numbers from New Year's Day with 349 parkrunners completing the course, in not the nicest conditions, which is our 12th highest turnout over our 444 runs at Medina (Appley, Los Altos, et al.). This included 20 first timers ever to parkrun, as well as 4 first time visitors to Medina. Welcome to you all!

I wonder how many of these parkrunners have set New Year's Resolutions to take part? Whatever the reason, it is great to see so many people taking part and I hope if it was your first time today that we will see you next week too. My parkrunning buddies today were my Dad and Step-Mum who are both getting back into walking/running parkrun again. I've been thinking about a New Year's Resolution, (particularly following Jo's Christmas report) - I'm normally terrible at achieving them and fail within the first few weeks - but if it is parkrun related then I should definitely be able to do it! I certainly aim to volunteer more, but also take on board Peter Jolliffe's encouragement on the bridge today that "it's your last mile, but not your last smile" and try not to grimace so much when running (mostly in case Peter Billington should be hiding round the corner with his camera!).

We had 33 volunteers - thank you to them all. As usual, you can volunteer in person at each parkrun for the week after by speaking to Joy or Matt, or contact them by email or on the Facebook page. I'm looking forward to the first volunteer takeover of the year which is the Love Running Tuesday Nighters on 15th February. This follows something that was started last year where each running club takes a turn to provide the volunteers for each event, so look out for the takeovers this year, and if you are part of a club, you may look to take part.

There were lots of milestones and congratulations this morning. Happy Birthday to Alison Critchley and Peter Billington. Milestones (significant and t-shirt earning) were achieved by Alex Cooper (350), Steve Gratton (250), Allan Bridges (100), Susanne Bunday (50) and Juniors Finn Stichbury (10) and Henry Wyld (10). A lovely photo was presented to Craig and Kaitlin Wilson which Peter Billington had framed in celebration of their 250th run last week. Kaitlin was already wearing her new green t-shirt - I imagine there was a lot of checking if it was available in the Wilson household this week! Our regular visitor Peter Chiverton completed his 25th parkrun at Medina this week (he has done 398 parkruns in total and volunteered 204 times - well done Peter!).

Juniors were first over the line today: Owen Furmidge for the 4th time and Grace Coc for the 2nd time. 9 runners got an age-grading of over 70% - the highest being Alison Hughes at 75.66%. 20 people got PBs - well done if you got one this morning and this takes us to more than 11,000 PBs achieved at Medina parkrun in total over the 8+ years since it started. If anyone can share their tips on how not to go backwards up the grass slope I'd be very grateful!

See you all next week!