22 Feb 2020 – Medina parkrun 449

Still a little breezy today for parkrun #449 on a day with lots of two’s! 22022020!

335 of you turned out brandishing your barcodes having no doubt spent the last 24 hours refreshing your weather apps with much trepidation! Surely another storm can’t be due?? What are we up to now? E? Storm Eternal-Dismay seems to fit the bill? I digress however… Those 15 of you who came up as ‘Unknown’ in the results unfortunately can’t use the excuse “The storm blew my barcode away!” Sorry!

We welcomed 39 new faces at Seaclose this morning and I’m sure RD, Steve Dines, made you all feel very welcome! Thank you Steve for your comprehensive compèring! The added sound effects of the wind in the mic must have made you sound like a beat-boxing lion with a sore throat! You also achieved 43 PB’s between you! That’s jolly impressive! First to finish was Archie Pearson from IWAC. Well done Archie! A great run!

Milestones went to William Edwards (10), David Harry (50), Kev Winchcombe (50), and Eli Edwards (10). Superb achievements all of you! Now to work out the process of ordering your t-shirts! More complex than Churchill’s War Room it seems.

Visitors from Nuneaton, Lincoln, Blackheath and Orpington to name a few joined us as well for #449. Nice to see you, thank you for supporting our local parkrun!

Finally, a huge thank you to the 29 volunteers that facilitated today’s event for you all. Your dedication and commitment in the inclement and unpredictable weather is most definitely not to be sniffed at!!

I’d like to finish today by taking a leaf out of Jo’s book and penning a masterpiece poem for you all…

February 2020
Wind, rain, wind, rain, wind, rain, storm
Wind rain, wind, rain, wind, rain, Coronavirus.
The End.

You’re welcome! Happy Saturday!

Sarah xx