29 Feb 2020 – Medina parkrun 450

Medina parkrun #450 Leaping into March

Sorry for the delay in getting this report out, and as ever, thank you to those behind the scenes who are there to upload (and check) the report for me. Today Neil is uploading it as I missed the opportunity to send it to Jo due to being on another run this afternoon.

Despite the weather of the preceding week and the forecast for this morning, there was a small weather window which allowed some of the speedier runners to finish before the short rain shower. I got a drizzled on during my 4th kilometre but was happy it stopped quite soon after.  The course was also less puddly than it had been during the week allowing the longer legged to leap over the puddles. We have also been reminded, again, to ensure we stay on the path so we do not jeopardise our use of the park by damaging the path, so please heed this advice!

Today was a very rare Saturday, as the 29th February this was the first parkrun ever on a Leap Day.  There won't be another until 2048, but don't worry as Grenville has already volunteered to be our RD then as well!  Happy Birthday to the Leaplings that were running today, including Leela who was celebrating her 7th birthday! It was also Hats for the Hospice Day, so thank you to everyone who wore a hat and donated at the cafe/one of the shops or online.

Compared to the previous weeks and since New Year, the total number of finishers this week was down at 264 finishers. However, we did have 12 new people register this week (at the time of writing) and now have 5551 people who call Medina parkrun their home run! It was interesting for me to see something that reinforces my affinity with parkrun: my current and previous postal areas are in the top 20 postal areas for Medina parkrun registrations!

Welcome to the 5 first timers today: Josh Parsons, Andy Hookey, Asiya Mohamed, Ali Aila and Jen Ilgunas, as well as the four people on their second run who came back for more! There were also 9 people visiting Medina for the first time from other parkruns, as well as regular visitor from Basingstoke, Peter Chiverton, and also former Medina parkrunner, Jay Tuck who was on a visit home. 21 people got a new PB and the highest age-grade was achieved by Junior Archie Pearson with 82.18%. Milestones were achieved by: Max Sharp (10 runs), Jack Slade-Carter (10 runs for one of our tail walkers), Rio Walker (10 runs) and Rio's Mum Sian doing her 50th run - Rio and Sian were doing it in style in matching outfits! Ellen McVicar achieved her 200th run this week. Well done to you all.

Globally and nationally there have been many cancellations in recent weeks due to meteorological and biological hazards.  Thank you to our Event Team for their ongoing checks of our course throughout the week and on the morning of every event to deem if it is safe for us to run.  Please look out in future weeks for news if there are any changes to the normal state of play.  Our hi-vis heroes this week are: Abigail SOLLARS  •  Amanda COYLE  •  Andrew STARNES  •  Angela ELDRIDGE  •  Angela LOCK  •  Arielle Rosa ELTON-WALTERS  •  Bruce MAYO  •  Cheryl FRAMPTON  •  Chris JAYNE  •  Chris POWELL  •  Claire GRACE  •  Dave SLACK  •  David BLAKE  •  David ELDRIDGE  •  David John FURMIDGE  •  Denise BLACKMAN  •  Eadie SOLLARS  •  Grenville TUCK  •  Harry FURMIDGE  •  Helen OATLEY  •  Ian BROADSMITH  •  Ian JOLLIFFE  •  Ivan WARD  •  Jack SLADE-CARTER  •  Joy FURMIDGE  •  Justine SALTER  •  Kevin FRY  •  Matthew JACOBS  •  Neil FERGUSON  •  Nicola FROHNSDORFF  •  Noel FINN  •  Sarah JACKMAN READ  •  Steve BENNETT

Next week is a takeover by West Wight Road Runners which coincides with International Women's Day and everyone is encouraged to wear purple/a dress/a skirt/a tut, or if you've got a friend who hasn't done parkrun before, why not bring them along?

Finally - can the person who took him token 220 please return it!

See you all next week,