14th March 2020 – Medina parkrun 452

View from the Rear

While I am sifting through today’s results for comment, here is something you can get on with while you wait for this week’s epic story: “What has only four letters, and sometimes nine letters yet never has five letters?” (Answer will be found at the end of this report.)

Right, back to the Report. folks. Today we saw 323 finishers through that distant funnel which was in contrast to last week’s 354. There may be some reason for that perhaps!
For the current position regarding COVID-19(Coronavirus) and implications for parkrun events, see this banner on the Medina parkrun pages.

Breaking the tape was that speedy Archie Pearson with a new PB of 18m 16sec. We have yet to discover just how many Shredded Wheats he gobbles for breakfast but they seem to be working! Our Archie was hotly followed by Sean Williams at 18m 58secs and Graham Stent at 19m 16secs. Not to be outdone were the ladies close behind represented by Freya Poppy Taylor with a PB of 21m 56secs, Grace Coc at 22m 21secs and Claire Grace at 22m 43secs. Well done to you all.

Champion % Age Grade Peep was young Archie with a phenomenal 83.76%. Great effort, young chap.

We welcomed a total of 27 First Timers to Seaclose Park today. Of these were 9 genuine never-before-parkrunners taking out their surprised legs around our Springtime course. We hope your experience was joyful and will make you determined to earn a coveted red 50 tee-shirt by this time next year? 18 other First Timers were new to the Island but had experienced lots of other parkruns elsewhere across the globe. Nice to see you all.

Overall, there were 35 individual PBs today.

We all enjoy reading (I hope?) about First Timers but I believe that we should also mention Old Timers equally. This age category seems to lack a good PR agent so to redress the balance here is a mention for all of you Peeps of advancing years:

In the VW 70-74 class were Jeannie, Sue and Jenny.

In a special class of her very own was Joy Furmidge running her magnificent 400th parkrun to cheers from all of us

In the VM70-74 class were Ian, Alan, Peter H, Peter R, Mick and David.

In the VM75-79 class were Bruce and Robin Anthony.

In the VM80-84 class hiding under an Unknown title was JV who had left his barcode at home! (Jo the ED is shaking her head and tutting!)

Just goes to show, once a runner, always a runner…

Once again, parkrun only happened today thanks to all of our gallant Volunteers in all activities that are crucial our being able to keep our runners happy each weekend. Hopefully they will have received your thanks as you pass them all around the course. Not forgetting the background admin team and all those who set up the course and close down when the run is done – we couldn’t do it if you were not there. A list of these selfless types will be found below this week’s results.

In writing these notes, I like to prepare a few days ahead with general observational jottings to be filled in after the event with the actual names and times, etc. I guess this is true for the rest of the Report Writing Press Gang as well. Part of our stock-in-trade is access to information from the Latest Results page which can be found on the Medina website next to the Volunteer column. And it is this section that causes Matt Jacobs and Joy Furmidge sleepless nights. Two days before today’s parkrun there were only 4 Marshals listed and one of those was Matt himself! I expect that later on there would be more names appearing on the roster, with a bit of luck. Looking at the list for 21st March there was not a single Volunteer down for marshalling duties yet on March 28th the entire column is filled to bursting point with eager Peeps rushing to volunteer their services. Strange! Is there going to be a special medal awarded to all volunteers on that day, I wonder? Maybe it is all down to the lovely Jo Randall on that date giving Kevin Fry a well-earned break in briefing the First-Timers. The last time she did it, not a single F-T awaited her oration! She will probably let us know in her Report that week how she gets on…

Thanks for reading this ramble and now for the Answer which is quite clear - What does have only 4 letters, Sometimes has 9 and Never has 5 letters. Groan!

JV (AKA ‘Unknown’ at position 323!)

PS Did you hear about the IW Spoonerism Society’s recent fancy-dress party where the theme was to be Togas? Several guests came as goaTs!

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