Medina parkrun report – 4th September 2021

Medina IoW parkrun #459 was on tour again this morning back at Appley with a somewhat overcast start. I also had an overcast start trying to submit this report with no pesky broadband! (Please note, ‘pesky’ is absolutely not a word in my vocabulary but when I wrote in the expression I really wanted to use, Word put a big red line under it. I was expecting a ‘See me!!’ in red pen in the margin too.) In a nutshell, if you’re reading this well after the event and have already lost interest, apologies. Blame technology.

242 of you uber fit runners turned out today with Chris de Mouilpied the first to get his token scanned! Chris also achieved a parkrun PB today so off to the pub to celebrate that one later, well done Chris.

Joining Chris in the PB Hall of Fame were another 4 runners today so I can only assume that the school holidays nearing an end means parents, grandparents, childminders and anyone who has associated with a small person for the last 6 weeks just wants to lie down. It’s like getting to the 26 mile point of a marathon with absolutely nothing in the tank and realising there’s still 0.2 miles to go. Officially the longest distance on earth.

Warm welcomes to 33 of you joining the only Isle of Wight parkrun ever to exist, your RD today was Mr Grenville Tuck (if you’ve never heard of the Tucks are you even a runner?!) who is most definitely not to be confused with your First Timers Briefer Kevin Fry. Thank you to you both and all the other volunteers today for making the magic happen!

Patience Fleming achieved her 10th milestone, Mark Knowles achieved his 50th, whilst not an official milestone Bridget Lewis hit 300 and a special mention to Paul Killick with a whopping 693 parkruns under his belt (a very small belt I imagine after running well over 2000 parkrun miles).

Don’t forget, if you’re feeling pretty smug after your performances today you can still sign up for the Ryde Harriers Isle of Wight Marathon on 10th October, closing date for entries is the weekend before so you may as well as you’ve just had payday! Not much of a jump from a parkrun to a marathon and this one is a particularly easy one, not undulating at all, promise! (I made that bit up btw) It’s also an opportunity to run it in its phenomenal 65th year making it the UK’s longest running marathon. Pretty impressive to add your running CV, yes?

That wraps up my tenth anniversary of parkrun reports (I know, it seems longer, right?), so if you’ll excuse me, today’s bad decisions aren’t going to make themselves! Happy weekend!

Sarah xx