Medina IOW parkrun 454

Well, here we are again! Another parkrun day and another report from Yours Truly! It’s lovely to be back, I think my last journalistic effort was February last year, same as Jo, so hopefully I’ve not forgotten how to string a sentence together!

346 of you beautiful people turned out to run and support Medina parkrun number 454 on a morning where the weather graciously held out for our flawless RD, Becky Hepworth and her cohort of 36 selfless volunteers who all gave their time today so we could run (I say ‘we’ but I wimped out again as I saw a fleeting glimpse of that dreaded orange fireball in the sky and thought “Nope”). If you’d like to give something back to your local parkrun then please do check out the website for information on how to volunteer, even if you only do it once, it’s a pretty unique experience. Some of the roles mean you can still run too, and others are an excuse to watch everyone else exert themselves whilst you still stay fragrant and sweat free, win-win!!

Ok, results rundown… shout outs today go to:
Dan Celani who crossed the finish line first in a time of 18:16 which was also a PB for him, joining Dan with PB’s were another 32 of you, so congratulations! Not only was Vladimir Kralik one of those 32 but he also achieved today’s highest age grade of 82.39%.

A behemothic 73Green Leafers’ joined us today too (took me a while to work this out from the results table out but you are the people who keep our running community growing, the Medina parkrun newcomers), if you’re here on holiday or if you’re running this event for the first time ever, welcome! Hopefully you found us a friendly and approachable bunch! Joy sorts out the ones that aren’t (love you Mrs F!).

parkrun briefing

Special mentions for Ian Wall and Theresa McNamara who achieved their 50th parkrun milestones today, looking at the list, quite a few of you are very close to tshirt territory too!

If I’ve forgotten any of your achievements today, please forgive me, I’ve spent the last year talking to plants and Googling if slugs have feelings, so probably not quite ready to be released back into the wild just yet! Although I did do a jigsaw puzzle in just one day and it said ‘2-4 years’ on the box so who’s laughing now?!

On that note, I shall bid you all a fond farewell and wish you a very happy weekend. Whatever you’re doing, remember to give 100% (unless you’re donating blood).

Sarah xx


Medina IOW parkrun Number 453

The last parkrun report I started to write was for the event on 10th February 2020, which my running group (the Love Running Tuesday Nighters) was all set to organise... until it got cancelled because of naughty Storm Desmond! I never imagined for one moment that it would be 18 months before I’d write another one....

To say “what a year” would surely be the biggest understatement in the history of understatements. 18 months of isolation, fear, bewilderment, confusion and loss for many... and yet also of more family time, new activities & hobbies, more creativity, unexpected accomplishments (and mastering of “Zoom”) for others! It is a joy to be back at parkrun, but at the same time today has been an emotional roller-coaster for many of us because we had to face – properly and irrevocably – the knowledge that 4 wonderful members of the Medina volunteer team are lost to us forever.

You all know the stories, and I will not repeat them all here. Let me just say that Lorraine, Peter, Ray and Cath have been missed so much today that my heart could burst with the pain of it. Ray’s daughter and Grandson (Claire & Simon) came along to offer their support today, as did Cath’s amazing family, with her niece Zan even running her first ever parkrun! I also had a lovely message from Brian Billington – Peter’s son - wishing Medina parkrun good luck from the mainland. Brian feels sure his dad would be watching over us today and shouting his usual encouragement (abuse!!) on those trickier bits of the course where he always used to lurk! John’s tribute this morning was just lovely. Thank you, John.

These wonderful people all loved parkrun, and everything it stood for, passionately. As John pointed out, it is thanks to Ray that we even HAVE parkrun here, so let us pledge now to continue the work he started. Please join me in sending a little whispered (or shouted – either is fine!) “thank you” to the clouds today for the gift Ray has left us, and let’s all pledge to do our fair share of volunteering, and keep this wonderful event alive. How we will miss your always accurate weather-updates, dear Ray...

It is hard for us all to imagine the work John Hepworth and Neil Cooper – our fabulous Event Directors – have put in to make today happy and safe for us all. A BIG thank you to them, to our volunteer Coordinators Joy & Matt, and to every volunteer who made today happen. I would especially like to mention the amazing team of volunteers who were the first to use the new phone apps to gather those all-important results – what a responsibility! The brave time-keepers were Charlotte & Angela, and your lovely, wavy, smiley scanning team (who I had the honour of working with) comprised Mark, Sue, Chris, Liz and Lizzi.

So are you suffering from “lockdown pounds” and really out of practice, or have you become Mo Farah since last February? A look at the results table tells me that today’s first parkrun for 18 months yielded over 40 PBS, so a massive well done if you are one of them!

We didn’t know what to expect today number-wise, but it turned out to be 343 runners. There were lots of visitors (and 17 parkrun newbies) and one of our tourists achieved the highest age-graded score of the day (a whopping 83.96%), so congrats to teenager Isaac Rothwell. The highest age-score for the ladies was achieved by our very own Trish Train (79.29%).

Jackson Hill and Karen Mayo share the honour of being the only t-shirt earning runners today – Jackson notching up his 100th run, whilst Karen completed number 250! Stu Ferguson was delighted to finish parkrun #300 today after waiting patiently for 18 months, but he used that time wisely and completed a massive 328 (not)parkruns in that intervening time!!! I’m struggling to navigate the new parkrun results tables, but feel sure that Stu must be the most prolific (not)parkrun runner on the IOW? Does anyone know for sure?

The postponement of the IOW Festival means that we should be able to stay at Medina until the end of August, but as always please keep your eyes on this newspage and the Facebook page every week to make sure you go to the right venue.

I am honoured to be the first report writer of 2021, and if any of you would like to join the small team of Report Writing volunteers please email me at: and I will be delighted to add you.

See you all next week, and I’ll leave you all with this very silly joke (which will elicit a groan rather than a laugh!) in honour of our much missed "Weather-wizard" Ray:

Running shoes these days are more and more technologically advanced. I found one company who told me their new model of running shoes can even predict the weather!

I asked how and the rep told me: "Leave your shoes outside the window for a little while: if they are wet it's raining, if they are dry it's sunny, if you cannot see them it's foggy."

Jo R. xx



14th March 2020 – Medina parkrun 452

View from the Rear

While I am sifting through today’s results for comment, here is something you can get on with while you wait for this week’s epic story: “What has only four letters, and sometimes nine letters yet never has five letters?” (Answer will be found at the end of this report.)

Right, back to the Report. folks. Today we saw 323 finishers through that distant funnel which was in contrast to last week’s 354. There may be some reason for that perhaps!
For the current position regarding COVID-19(Coronavirus) and implications for parkrun events, see this banner on the Medina parkrun pages.

Breaking the tape was that speedy Archie Pearson with a new PB of 18m 16sec. We have yet to discover just how many Shredded Wheats he gobbles for breakfast but they seem to be working! Our Archie was hotly followed by Sean Williams at 18m 58secs and Graham Stent at 19m 16secs. Not to be outdone were the ladies close behind represented by Freya Poppy Taylor with a PB of 21m 56secs, Grace Coc at 22m 21secs and Claire Grace at 22m 43secs. Well done to you all.

Champion % Age Grade Peep was young Archie with a phenomenal 83.76%. Great effort, young chap.

We welcomed a total of 27 First Timers to Seaclose Park today. Of these were 9 genuine never-before-parkrunners taking out their surprised legs around our Springtime course. We hope your experience was joyful and will make you determined to earn a coveted red 50 tee-shirt by this time next year? 18 other First Timers were new to the Island but had experienced lots of other parkruns elsewhere across the globe. Nice to see you all.

Overall, there were 35 individual PBs today.

We all enjoy reading (I hope?) about First Timers but I believe that we should also mention Old Timers equally. This age category seems to lack a good PR agent so to redress the balance here is a mention for all of you Peeps of advancing years:

In the VW 70-74 class were Jeannie, Sue and Jenny.

In a special class of her very own was Joy Furmidge running her magnificent 400th parkrun to cheers from all of us

In the VM70-74 class were Ian, Alan, Peter H, Peter R, Mick and David.

In the VM75-79 class were Bruce and Robin Anthony.

In the VM80-84 class hiding under an Unknown title was JV who had left his barcode at home! (Jo the ED is shaking her head and tutting!)

Just goes to show, once a runner, always a runner…

Once again, parkrun only happened today thanks to all of our gallant Volunteers in all activities that are crucial our being able to keep our runners happy each weekend. Hopefully they will have received your thanks as you pass them all around the course. Not forgetting the background admin team and all those who set up the course and close down when the run is done – we couldn’t do it if you were not there. A list of these selfless types will be found below this week’s results.

In writing these notes, I like to prepare a few days ahead with general observational jottings to be filled in after the event with the actual names and times, etc. I guess this is true for the rest of the Report Writing Press Gang as well. Part of our stock-in-trade is access to information from the Latest Results page which can be found on the Medina website next to the Volunteer column. And it is this section that causes Matt Jacobs and Joy Furmidge sleepless nights. Two days before today’s parkrun there were only 4 Marshals listed and one of those was Matt himself! I expect that later on there would be more names appearing on the roster, with a bit of luck. Looking at the list for 21st March there was not a single Volunteer down for marshalling duties yet on March 28th the entire column is filled to bursting point with eager Peeps rushing to volunteer their services. Strange! Is there going to be a special medal awarded to all volunteers on that day, I wonder? Maybe it is all down to the lovely Jo Randall on that date giving Kevin Fry a well-earned break in briefing the First-Timers. The last time she did it, not a single F-T awaited her oration! She will probably let us know in her Report that week how she gets on…

Thanks for reading this ramble and now for the Answer which is quite clear - What does have only 4 letters, Sometimes has 9 and Never has 5 letters. Groan!

JV (AKA ‘Unknown’ at position 323!)

PS Did you hear about the IW Spoonerism Society’s recent fancy-dress party where the theme was to be Togas? Several guests came as goaTs!


7th March 2020 – Medina parkrun 451 (West Wight Runners Takeover!)

Unlike most Saturdays this year, it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t windy for the impressive number of 354 finishers in parkrun 451. In a future report I’ll follow up the seasonal variation in parkrun numbers, explored by me and by Neil Cooper in our previous reports, but this weekend there are two more topical matters to discuss.

First, I declare a conflict of interest here but huge thanks and congratulations are due to West Wight Road Runners for supplying (almost) all the volunteers today, for the second time. The total membership of WWRR is 29, and only a few of them are parkrun regulars, but they still managed to provide 19 volunteers – thanks also to the ‘honorary members’ for the day, who filled a few gaps. Special thanks are due to Chris Amy, self-confessed parkrun and dressing-up addict, and member of the ‘Run Director’ team. Without her enthusiasm and commitment, today’s ‘takeover’ wouldn’t have happened. What a woman, which leads me on to ...

... tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and today has been designated International Women’s parkrun (always lower case) Day. Again Chris Amy led the way in dressing-up and providing music, to celebrate. Fun was had by many, but I’d like to make a serious point too. The theme of International Women’s Day 2020 is equality, and it seems to me that parkrun is a shining example of equality. Everyone who turns out to run, walk or volunteer is equal, regardless of gender (or indeed age, race, size, shape or speed). The only cloud on the horizon is that nearly every week the number of female finishers is fewer than the number of male finishers (149 against 192 today). Data supplied to me by Neil Cooper shows that in only 9 of our 451 parkruns have the female finishers outnumbered the males, and 3 of those were the first 3 Medina parkruns, back in 2011.

Running illustrates how unenlightened society was with regard to equality when I started, and how things have changed. What has happened since then is remarkable. Although there is still more to do, I think that parkrun is well ahead of the game. Looking at the history of (in)equality in running, in 1960, when I’d have been running school cross-country races, the Olympics included a women’s 800m for the first time since 1928 – until then it was deemed by the sports administrators to be too dangerous to let ‘frail’ women run that far. In the 1960s Ryde Harriers pioneered the inclusion of women in marathon races. Officially this was not possible until 1976, but by separating the handful of women from the men on the start line and pretending that two different events (only one officially sanctioned) were coincidentally happening at the same time, they got away with it. In 1964 Dale Greig set a ‘World Record’ on the Ryde course.

Until 1980 running was mostly limited to fairly serious ‘club runners’, with a regular calendar of races, mostly catering for teams of men under 40. I would argue that there were two main things that changed this dramatically in the UK, widening participation with an increasing proportion of women taking part. The first was the London marathon in 1981, which encouraged ‘ordinary’ runners of both sexes, and created an explosion of running events. I went abroad for a year soon after the first ‘London’ and when I came back the running scene was almost unrecognisable. There have been a number of things that have changed since then, such as the increased use of runs to raise money for charities, and more ‘commercially organised’ races, but I believe that the second major factor boosting wider, including female, participation has been parkrun. So, on International Women’s Day let’s celebrate the contribution of parkrun to equality, and aim for equality in numbers of participants before too long.

After that digression, what about today’s results? First home, for the third consecutive week and fourth time overall, was youngster Maisey Kent in 21.35, followed by Leela Dilkes-Hoffman (22.16) and Grace Coc (22.48). Maisey’s age-graded score (73.98%) was bettered by Alison Hughes (76.23%).

Oh yes, there were some blokes running too. The fastest of those was Callum Tanner of Hardley Runners, in 18.55. Interestingly (well it is to me), Callum has run exactly half of his 74 parkruns on one of our Medina courses, and half at other mainland parkruns. He was followed by Sean Williams (19.04), with an Unknown runner next. Sean had the second best age-graded score among the men (76.75%), just below David Waller (77.12%)

We had visitors from Andover, Bury St. Edmunds, Crane Park, Grantham, Guildford, Market Harborough, Wimbledon, Winchester and Yeovil. A warm welcome to you all.

Milestone t-shirts were earned today by our esteemed Event Director, John Hepworth (250), Mark Holbrooke (100), Chris Reddecliff (50), Alexandra Bright (50) and Maia Uren (10). Another milestone (300) was achieved by Julie Ray.

There were 18 first-timers to parkrun today. Too many to name you individually, but we very much hope to see you all again soon. A magnificent 48 parkrunners achieved pbs today, the most notable being Gareth Driscoll and Paul Seagrove, still improving after 55 and 38 parkruns

Ian J


22 Feb 2020 – Medina parkrun 449

Still a little breezy today for parkrun #449 on a day with lots of two’s! 22022020!

335 of you turned out brandishing your barcodes having no doubt spent the last 24 hours refreshing your weather apps with much trepidation! Surely another storm can’t be due?? What are we up to now? E? Storm Eternal-Dismay seems to fit the bill? I digress however… Those 15 of you who came up as ‘Unknown’ in the results unfortunately can’t use the excuse “The storm blew my barcode away!” Sorry!

We welcomed 39 new faces at Seaclose this morning and I’m sure RD, Steve Dines, made you all feel very welcome! Thank you Steve for your comprehensive compèring! The added sound effects of the wind in the mic must have made you sound like a beat-boxing lion with a sore throat! You also achieved 43 PB’s between you! That’s jolly impressive! First to finish was Archie Pearson from IWAC. Well done Archie! A great run!

Milestones went to William Edwards (10), David Harry (50), Kev Winchcombe (50), and Eli Edwards (10). Superb achievements all of you! Now to work out the process of ordering your t-shirts! More complex than Churchill’s War Room it seems.

Visitors from Nuneaton, Lincoln, Blackheath and Orpington to name a few joined us as well for #449. Nice to see you, thank you for supporting our local parkrun!

Finally, a huge thank you to the 29 volunteers that facilitated today’s event for you all. Your dedication and commitment in the inclement and unpredictable weather is most definitely not to be sniffed at!!

I’d like to finish today by taking a leaf out of Jo’s book and penning a masterpiece poem for you all…

February 2020
Wind, rain, wind, rain, wind, rain, storm
Wind rain, wind, rain, wind, rain, Coronavirus.
The End.

You’re welcome! Happy Saturday!

Sarah xx


1 February 2020 – Medina IOW parkrun number 447

View from the Rear

Before we begin, may I remind my faithful readers that I was in the Run Reporter’s chair last year at this very weekend and noted that it was then Groundhog Day.  This year GD is tomorrow on Feb 2nd but for the sake of simplicity just remember this:

Groundhog Day is celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. 

The religious holiday of Candlemas Day started on the day when Christians would take their candles to the church to have them blessed. This, they felt, would bring blessings to their household for the remaining winter. As time rolled on the day evolved into another form. The following English folk song highlights the transition to weather prognostication.

If Candlemas be fair and bright,
Come, Winter, have another flight;
If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
Go Winter, and come not again.

This “interpretation” of Candlemas Day became the norm for most of Europe. However, there is no mention of an animal of any kind in the song. It wasn't until this traditional belief was introduced to Germany that an animal was introduced into the lore, hence another evolution of February 2nd. If, according to German lore, the hedgehog saw his shadow on Candlemas Day there would be a “Second Winter” or 6 more weeks of bad weather. As German settlers went to what is now the United States, so too went their traditions and folklore. With the absence of hedgehogs in the United States, a groundhog was chosen. This led to yet another evolution in the legend and to present day Punxsutawney. If groundhog Phil sees his shadow on February 2nd, winter will continue, it is reputed.  If the shadow is missing, then winter is surely over.  (Phil became famous globally from the movie Groundhog Day where time stood still and the day continually repeated itself.                                       

Back here in Newport, the weather turned out sunny and tomorrow looks likewise so winter may not decide to go away!

Now that REDJanuary has finished, let’s hope that parkrun’s swelled numbers continue to thrive and prosper throughout the coming year.  Today we saw 353 finishers pass through the funnel. Well done to all achieving a finish. First three Gents were First Timer Alex Wall-Clarke in 17m:45s;  JM11-14 Archie Pearson in 18m:37s in second place and James Windley lying in 5th position overall in 19m:54s.  An Unknown filled the overall 3rd place, followed by the First Lady (and 1st Timer) Sarah Kingston in overall 4th place  in 19m:23s.  Next two Ladies were JW11-14 Naomi Holdsworth in 22m:22s at overall 27th place, followed by Grace Coc in the 35th slot overall in 22m:54s.  The outstanding % age grade title went to none other than Archie Pearson with a blistering 82.18%. Well done. We must keep a watchful eye out for these juniors, they are potentially future elite athletes.

Milestone events owned up to were, 50 parkruns for Ross Andrew, Kieran Leahy and Neil Ferguson. A certain old geezer got his 250 club place as well but sadly he would have gained it last week but having forgotten his barcode a few weeks earlier, his punishment was having to hang on a little longer.  Serves him right! (DNFYB Peeps)  

To all our real First Timers today a big thank you for taking your first steps along your parkrun journey, Your new family welcomes you with open arms.  To see your full details look at the Results page and click on the top right-hand box labelled Compact then click on the dropdown sectioned labelled Detailed and all will be revealed.  Thanks, too, to all of our visitors today – some First Timers to Medina, some old friends.  And of course many thanks to all of today’s Volunteers and to our brave new Run Director Benjamin Van der Helstraete who confidently did his bit towards getting his DofE Award.

Remember that parkrun depends entirely of the efforts of all our Volunteers both visible around the course or hiding out of sight behind the scenes.  If all appeared to go smoothly today, why not consider giving the occasional hand in volunteering just three times a year? It truly is fun and you will start to earn points towards a magical purple T- shirt as a parkrun thankyou.

Finally, a little song for you in the style of The Proclaimers

“I would run 500 miles, and I would walk two fifty more,

Going round our parkrun course

Braving winds of hurricane force,

In Seaclose Park or along Ryde's shore

My legs are fine, my feet don't hurt,

The things we do for a green T-shirt!

And we all can run 500 miles, and we all can go two fifty more,

So you should love your parkrun days

Let's do it, Peeps, as JV says!”

Bye for now -  JV


25th January 2020 – Medina parkrun Number 446

Each of the last two reports has noted the upturn in our parkrun’s numbers this month/year/decade. The trend has continued with today’s number of finishers being 400. Because of this I thought it would be interesting to see whether or not there has been a New Year boost/bounce in previous years. The average numbers of finishers in December and the following January were as follows, going backwards in time:

Dec19/Jan20: 255 -> 363
Dec18/Jan19: 198 -> 304
Dec17/Jan18: 243-> 283
Dec16/Jan17: 266-> 298
Dec15/Jan16: 199->247
Dec14/Jan15: 167->170
Dec13/Jan14: 141->109
Dec12/Jan13: 74->77
Dec11/Jan12: 92->100

The figures show the steady increase in numbers over the years, but also seem to show that the January jump is a fairly consistent phenomenon, becoming more pronounced in later years. The one occasion on which January had a smaller average was unusual – only 2 runs took place in January 2014, suggesting that the weather or conditions underfoot were particularly bad that month. In fact, according to my records, this was comfortably the wettest month my raingauge has experienced since it was installed in 2004. It recorded 213mm, compared to an average monthly total of around 60-70mm. For comparison, although we have just endured an exceptionally wet four-month period (September – December, each over 100mm), none of the individual months exceeded 144mm.

What causes the New Year boost? The most obvious explanation is the ‘New Year resolution’ effect, increased recently by RED January, coupled with the ‘being much too busy for parkrun’ effect in December. But feel free to speculate on other causes in your comments.

Turning to the results, the first three finishers were Russell Arnold on his first visit to Medina, Steph Boyd and Mark Walkey, timed at 18.48, 19.17 and 19.22 respectively. First female home, in 9th place overall was youngster Mabel Lewis from the JW15-17 age group in 20.27. Next was the even younger Maisie Kent (JW11-15) in a pb of 21.32 on her 86th parkrun, followed closely by Leela Dilkes-Hoffman (21.36). Steph Boyd achieved the highest age-graded score today 76.49%, with David Waller (76.22%) and Alison Hughes (75.25%) only slightly lower.

It was a double t-shirt day for the Eldridge family today with Rosie finishing her 100th parkrun and Nigel his 50th. Other ’50-achievers’ were Tom Forster, Gareth Driscoll and Helen Hopper, with youngster Aniela Niemiec finishing her 10th parkrun in a pb.

We were pleased to welcome 31 first-timers today. I hope you all enjoyed it and will be back many times in the future. An incredible 51 pbs were achieved – well done all. In addition to those already mentioned, the continuing improvements of Lisa Nolan, Andy Tickner, Louis Forster and Benita Cox after 85, 81, 62 and 59 parkruns respectively are noteworthy. With the new(ish) results format it is less easy to spot visitors, but those today included individuals from Lawley, Fairlands Valley, Hardley, Netley Abbey, and Blackwater Valley.

Finally, as well as it being Chinese (Lunar) New Year today, Robert (Rabbie) Burns was born on this day in 1759, so tonight is, of course, Burns Night. I hope that those of you celebrating have used parkrun to work up an appetite for your haggis, neeps and tatties this evening. You don’t have to speak Scots to appreciate that Burns wrote some wonderful poetry (and songs). Although Burns was writing a wee while before parkrun came on the scene, the following verse from one of his lesser known works, though a bit depressing, suggests that Burns would have appreciated being in the great outdoors on those winter days when the weather is not kind to parkrunners.

"The sweeping blast, the sky o'ercast,
The joyless winter day
Let others fear, to me more dear
Than all the pride of May:
The tempest's howl, it soothes my soul,
My griefs it seems to join;
The leafless trees my fancy please,
Their fate resembles mine!”

Ian J


18 January 2020 – Medina IOW parkrun number 445

Hello people of the Medina parkrun.  I would say all the names but still can't believe how many people go to parkrun each week as I never used to go regularly, unlike my friend Gethin who is always there.  Between us, I think that he is forced by his dad, John, each week otherwise he will have to wash the dishes.  

 As I am sure you are aware there are currently a few people volunteering at parkrun for their Duke of Edinburgh awards. I am currently doing my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award along with Jackson Hill, trying to catch up to my sister, who is doing her silver Duke of Edinburgh award. I have been doing all the different roles at parkrun and I hope Joy will let me do more in the future. So far, my favourite must have been timekeeping (hint hint Joy). On days that I felt like running I have been doing either set up or close-down as this allows me to run and volunteer. Through this experience I have realised how much hard work and effort goes into setting up and running parkrun and may I say how lucky we are that people will give up their spare time so we can run.  I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has volunteered. It is crazy how we have such a friendly and caring community.

Well done to the 30 people who got pbs today and I will say how happy I am to see how popular parkrun is as today 404 people turned up.  That's the 3rd highest ever at this event. Also, a huge thank you to the 29 people who volunteered.  It wouldn't be possible without you.

Hopefully I will see you all next week and I hope that the numbers keep rising.

Benjamin Van der Helstraete


11th January 2020 – Medina parkrun 444

Hello parkrunners! Today's run saw a continued upward trend in numbers from New Year's Day with 349 parkrunners completing the course, in not the nicest conditions, which is our 12th highest turnout over our 444 runs at Medina (Appley, Los Altos, et al.). This included 20 first timers ever to parkrun, as well as 4 first time visitors to Medina. Welcome to you all!

I wonder how many of these parkrunners have set New Year's Resolutions to take part? Whatever the reason, it is great to see so many people taking part and I hope if it was your first time today that we will see you next week too. My parkrunning buddies today were my Dad and Step-Mum who are both getting back into walking/running parkrun again. I've been thinking about a New Year's Resolution, (particularly following Jo's Christmas report) - I'm normally terrible at achieving them and fail within the first few weeks - but if it is parkrun related then I should definitely be able to do it! I certainly aim to volunteer more, but also take on board Peter Jolliffe's encouragement on the bridge today that "it's your last mile, but not your last smile" and try not to grimace so much when running (mostly in case Peter Billington should be hiding round the corner with his camera!).

We had 33 volunteers - thank you to them all. As usual, you can volunteer in person at each parkrun for the week after by speaking to Joy or Matt, or contact them by email or on the Facebook page. I'm looking forward to the first volunteer takeover of the year which is the Love Running Tuesday Nighters on 15th February. This follows something that was started last year where each running club takes a turn to provide the volunteers for each event, so look out for the takeovers this year, and if you are part of a club, you may look to take part.

There were lots of milestones and congratulations this morning. Happy Birthday to Alison Critchley and Peter Billington. Milestones (significant and t-shirt earning) were achieved by Alex Cooper (350), Steve Gratton (250), Allan Bridges (100), Susanne Bunday (50) and Juniors Finn Stichbury (10) and Henry Wyld (10). A lovely photo was presented to Craig and Kaitlin Wilson which Peter Billington had framed in celebration of their 250th run last week. Kaitlin was already wearing her new green t-shirt - I imagine there was a lot of checking if it was available in the Wilson household this week! Our regular visitor Peter Chiverton completed his 25th parkrun at Medina this week (he has done 398 parkruns in total and volunteered 204 times - well done Peter!).

Juniors were first over the line today: Owen Furmidge for the 4th time and Grace Coc for the 2nd time. 9 runners got an age-grading of over 70% - the highest being Alison Hughes at 75.66%. 20 people got PBs - well done if you got one this morning and this takes us to more than 11,000 PBs achieved at Medina parkrun in total over the 8+ years since it started. If anyone can share their tips on how not to go backwards up the grass slope I'd be very grateful!

See you all next week!


4th January 2020 – Medina parkrun 443

Hello parkrunners, I hope you all had a good time at this morning’s event.

This is my first time writing the report and I am doing so as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award. Over the course of three months I have been / will continue to volunteer and try as many of the different roles as possible. So far I have tried finish tokens, barcode scanning, time keeping, tail walking, post-run close down, pre-run setup and marshalling. I will be helping out to do the Run Director role in a few weeks.

Having tried most of the roles doing time keeping was the one I was most worried about. I was scared I was going to mess it up and that somebody wouldn’t get an accurate time. However, it was not as difficult as I had anticipated and everyone received their correct time. One of the roles I enjoy doing is marshalling, as you can support all the participants on their way round and give them the motivation they need to get PB’S.

If this has tempted you to help out and start volunteering in any way or just try a role that is new to you make it your New Year’s resolution. It’s very easy, you can either e-mail Matt and Joy at or post on the Medina parkrun Facebook page.

To finish off this report I will hand over to Abigail who will give you some more specific details from today’s parkrun.

Eadie S.


This morning saw 333 of us making our way around the Medina course (and all sticking to the path I hope!), 2 more than on New Year’s Day. I wonder how many were doing it for the second time this week as we were? I for one certainly found today’s run easier than Wednesday’s!

25 of today’s runners were doing their first run at Medina, and an impressive 21 their first ever parkrun. Welcome to you all, I hope you enjoyed it and will be back to join us again soon.

Gary Marshall collected the first finish token today, and Lucy Wells was the first lady home, well done to them both.

Congratulations to Mandy Womak on completing her 100th run, and to Craig and Kaitlin Wilson on running their 250th together (Craig has been spotted in a variety of volunteering roles recently waiting for Kaitlin to catch up!).

Finally thank-you to today’s Run Director Aaron McGrath and all the other volunteers who made it possible for us to run today. As Eadie has already told you it’s a rewarding job and not as scary as it may at first seem (always lots of people to help and support you in any new roles). So, if you haven’t done it before why not give it a go, or be brave and try out a new role!

Abigail S.

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