Virtual parkrun #6 – 25.04.2020

We are 6 weeks in and the PBs are STILL ramping up!

Week 2: 39 PBs

Week 3: 57 PBs

Week 4: 61 PBs

Week 5: 63 PBs

Week 6: 75 (SEVENTY FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!) PBs

Not sure what you are all doing, but it's working! A massive welcome to all of our 31 First Timers (including my parents from Donegal, Republic of Ireland)!

Today, Emily Hollis set the new Female Virtual parkrun record in a time of 20.24. The female course record for the actual event is 18.24 and was set by Chloe Richardson EXACTLY 5 years ago, TODAY! April 25th is obviously a good day for the female runners (I've not worked out the percentage share of PBs by gender...)

As ever, some results may be different to the times submitted on Strava posts. This is down to adjustments being made where people have ran slightly/massively over 5k (3.1 miles), and have been done using average pace for the whole run.

Thank you all so much for making this event what it is. It truly is keeping the spirit of parkrun going during these strange and difficult times. So many people are messaging to say that it is giving them focus and meaning each week, and that was always the intention. As a thank you for your kind words, I've included some extra stats at the end of the results!

We would also like to say a huge welcome to the Virtual parkrun world to our "neighbours" at Perrigo parkrun in Washington State who are starting their first virtual run today. Hopefully they will see the same effect on the community that we have here.

Look after yourselves, and your families. We will return.