Virtual parkrun #8 – 09.05.2020

Not sure if anyone noticed, but it was a bit warm out there! The heat did have an impact on both our overall numbers and the performances of those who did take part.

Last week we had an overall Virtual attendance record of 205 runners, this week we dropped to a still respectable 176 (including 9 first timers - a big welcome to you all).

Our PB totals have been creeping up week on week with an impressive 89 runners recording Personal Best times last week, but this week it dropped to 48 (still not to be sniffed at!)

A shout out to the Bridgeman family where Grant was pleased and proud to record a new personal best which was helped by his new "Melton Mowbray Virtual parkrun" apricot t-shirt and home-made battenburg(??!!!) - a feat which was matched by wife Louise. Grant then had the privilege of watching both his sons achieve a PB too - one of them beating his time by 21 seconds! Don't you just love it when family members find a rivalry???

We have had our second QE2 Flight Deck parkrun PB from Max Leah, another South African PB from Peter Shirtcliffe, and our resident tail-walker, Charlotte Coltman, took a huge 6 minutes from her best time in her first failure to get everyone around safely!

Og Ster was named and shamed for his tail-walking fail last week so he made sure he made amends this week as he works his way back from injury. Mark Weston had claimed to be our tailwalker this week, but our first 11 finishers could have finished their parkruns before the tailwalker if they had started when Mark crossed the finish line.

As ever, a huge thank you to our flamboyant Run Director, Dan Moult. The only person who loves a spreadsheet more than I do (Dan, if you're reading this, could you post a zoomed out screenshot of your parkrun spreadsheet - people need to see this thing of wonder!!) He has toured to 80 different parkrun venues, so with the theme of today's brief, is it fair to call him a Lost Boy?

I had indeed intended on touring with him to Peter Pan parkrun in Hull this morning. Afterall, I still need a P for my Alphabet challenge after Peterborough changed its name! It was Dan who told me that it would mark J. M. Barrie's 160th birthday (I thought he was only 150!?)

We will have another guest RD next week and I can't even give you a teaser line here (like I did last week) as I have no idea what they are going to say/do.

Until next week...